Chapter 3

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When it came time to finally go and pick out his wand, his mum had told him that it was something that they would do together. She knew that Draco could sometimes feel a little bit jealous about all the attention that she gave the muggleborns. Not only that, but she felt that it was good for the muggleborns to get comfortable in Diagon Alley without their parents.

But, Draco didn't have to think twice about asking his mum to invite Hermione along. He wanted his good friend to experience this moment with him, so excited for her to feel real magic for the first time.

His mum graciously agreed before inviting Harry and Alphard to come along as well, to Draco's utter disappointment.

It wasn't as though he didn't like his two friends, but he was a bit worried about what they would make of Hermione. He knew that it was probably better to get it out of the way before Hogwarts, as all of his social circles were eventually going to come crashing in to one another.

They met the Potters and Uncle Sirius's family in Diagon Alley one Saturday morning, with Draco coaching Hermione on how to use the Floo. When he followed her through the fireplace to the Three Broomsticks, he saw that she was already chatting with his two friends.

Lily Potter was there, with her red hair shining in the sunlight, telling Hermione not to worry about anything. "I'm a muggleborn witch, too," she said, kindly. "I know that Narcissa has really given you a lot of assistance, but if you ever have any questions, I'd be happy to answer."

Hermione seemed relieved by the offer, and Draco felt upset that there was something that he wasn't able to help Hermione out with. He thought that he'd done a wonderful job of explaining everything to her so far, but he supposed there were some things that Lily was probably better suited to going over.

As soon as he reached Hermione's side, her small hand shot out to grab his own. Although her face was poised and confident, Draco could tell by the way that she twined her fingers with his that Hermione was exceedingly nervous. "Ollivander's first?" he asked his two friends, seeing as they'd already been introduced to Hermione.

Harry and Alphard were eager to agree, and started off in the direction of the store. Draco and Hermione followed behind, hanging back a bit so that they could speak with one another privately. "Alphard is almost like my cousin," Draco explained quietly, eyeing the other boy's wavy black hair. "He is my mother's cousin's son."

"Sirius?" Hermione asked, causing the both of them look back at the rather famous Auror Black. The older man had his silvery grey eyes trained on their clasped hands.

Draco nodded. "Yeah. He's an auror. That's the wizard police," he said, though he was sure she remembered that from her lessons. "He helped take down You-Know-Who."

Hermione nodded solemnly. You-Know-Who had been a needed, but uncomfortable, lesson, one that Draco had wanted to skip. He was not blind to the fact that You-Know-Who was the reason that his father was in Azkaban, and he'd hoped that Hermione wouldn't think any differently of him because it. His mother had promised that Hermione wasn't like that, but he hadn't been sure until she'd found him after and wrapped him in a comforting hug.

"Harry and Alphard's parents are really close," Draco added. "So we hang out a lot. But we aren't related...I don't think."

"Your family trees are so confusing," Hermione said, scrunching her nose. "It seems hard to keep track of everyone you are related to."

"I'm just well positioned," Draco said with a huff. His grandfather Abraxas always mentioned that it was good to have those kind of alliances, to get ahead in life.

Before they could talk anymore, they were at Ollivander's. Hermione stopped at the door, too nervous to go inside. "What if none of the wands work for me?" she asked, worrying her lower lip between her teeth. "And I'm not a real witch and they won't let me into Hogwarts?"

Draco rolled his eyes at her. "You are a real witch, Hermione. You got your Hogwarts letter, didn't you?" he probed gently. Seeing her nod, her tried to assuage her fears. "We can definitely find you a wand then. And Ollivander's is the best - he will definitely be able to find one for you."

She didn't seem convinced, but went into the shop, with her chin held high. Hermione even volunteered to go first, and Draco was amazed by her courage. In the end, her fears were unfounded, seeing as she produced a tremendous amount of magic on her first go. It took several tries, but eventually, Ollivander helped her find the perfect wand. Vinewood with dragon heartstring.

"Wow! My Aunt Hermione has a vinewood wand, too," Alphard said, his grey eyes lighting up when he saw the wand that had selected Hermione. "Isn't that right, pops?" he asked, looking up at Sirius Black.

Sirius was looking at Hermione with a confused look on his face, before nodding. "Yes, she does have a wand just like that. It must be something about Hermiones," he said with a laugh, before excusing himself to go and speak with Narcissa.

"Did your Aunt Hermione get her wand from Ollivander as well?" Hermione asked Alphard brightly, curious about this mysterious other woman she had heard so much about, but hadn't had the opportunity to meet in person.

Alphard shook his curly head back and forth. "No, she was educated on the continent, so I'm sure she got her wand from another maker. Gregorovich, maybe?"

Draco could practically see the wheels turning in Hermione's head when she realized there was more than just one wandmaker. She was certainly going to want to research all of this.

There was no more discussion of wands or wayward Aunts, though. His mother swept over in her pale lavender robes. "Children, shall we go for some ice cream at Fortsecue's?" she asked, a serene smile on her face.