Chapter 30

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"Would it really kill us if one of our children looked like me?" Hermione asked, not sounding as upset as her words let on. How could she really be mad when she had her newborn son cradled to her chest, hand cupping the back of his head, which was covered in fine blond hair. At least his hair looked a bit darker blond than Draco's, so maybe there was still hope that Scorpius might end up with her shade of hair.

"You love it," Draco teased back, kissing the top of her head, far too enthralled in their child to be too arrogant about his family's good looks. "And you know that they take after you in their features."

"Some of their features," Hermione countered. While their daughter, Lyra, admittedly had inherited her mother's cute button nose, it seemed as if all three of their children inherited the angular facial structure of the Malfoy family, something Hermione though Draco might be keen to ignore.

Cygnus Alphard at four years old was a little bit of a mini Draco, named after his great-grandfather who had been so instrumental in Draco's young life. He loved animals, brussel sprouts and staying outside as long as his parents would let him. He hated potions (to Draco's absolute disappointment) and the Chudley Canons. He was outgoing and noisy and the perfect little ambassador to the new muggleborn students that Narissa still took on, though he hadn't started formal instruction just yet.

Lyra Narcissa, with her long, wavy blonde hair imagined herself quite the princess at age three. She loved to spend time with her namesake grandmother, having teas and coloring in the parlor. She detested being dirty and ice cream of all things, but loved being doted on. Hermione was amused to learn that their daughter enjoyed riding her training broom, and Draco privately mused that she would be the best Quidditch player out of the two of them. More reserved, Lyra was content to spend time on her own.

Scorpius Harry was the newest addition to their brood, and they had decided, their last. Merlin, Hermione still wondered how she'd let Draco convince her to name their son Scorpius, but she blamed it on late pregnancy hormones. She supposed it did fit. It wasn't as if you could name him something ordinary with all the unusual family names around him.

The littlest Malfoy's personality was yet to be determined, Hermione supposed. However, at only a few weeks old, he was already very noisy and demanding, waking the young parents up multiple times in the middle of the night with a hungry tummy. He was curious, too, Hermione decided, with his little grey eyes searching the room, even if he couldn't make out much more than vague shapes this early in his development.

Draco reached out his finger and tickled the little boy on his stomach, making the baby smile. He grabbed at the finger, holding it tightly with his tiny hand. "Oi, he's got a good little grip," Draco said, sounding immensely proud of his son. "Maybe he'll be a seeker," he added with hopeful wonder.

Hermione rolled her eyes at her husband. "Draco, he's a baby," she deadpanned. "He doesn't even know what Quidditch is yet."

Before she could tease him any more, Alphard was bursting into the room with a giggling Lyra on his shoulders. When he got inside, he kneeled down so that she could hop off gracefully. "Go on, Lyra, tell your parents what Uncle Harry asked you," he prompted her.

"Uncle Harry wants me to be flower girl!" the overly enthusiastic girl said, spinning around in a circle twice, before falling in a heap on the floor. "Can I?"

Somehow, Harry had convinced Cassiopeia Black to marry him. They had been adamant that they were not dating, but somehow, not dating for nearly eight years had taken an interesting turn when Harry surprised himself and Cassiopeia by asking her to marry him in (what Hermione understood) was a moment of passion. It had taken an intense conversation, but the fiercely independent girl eventually agreed, putting a name to their relationship. From what she could tell, Regulus was upset about his little girl growing up, but Hermione Black was adamant that Harry Potter was a good man.

"Uh oh, has Uncle Alphard been feeding you pepper imps again?" Hermione asked, thinking her little girl was far too giggly to not be on a sugar rush.

"Of course you can be a flower girl, princess," Draco said, pulling Lyra into his arms, pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

Cygnus burst into the room next, with Harry hot on his heels. "Come on!" Cygnus said with a shout. "Let's go to the game, let's go to the game! I wanna watch Quidditch," he said jumping around.

Hermione stood up, balancing baby Scorpius in her arms. "Oh, honestly, this is the last time that I ask either of you to watch the kids," she said, rolling her eyes. Really, was it too much to ask two thirty year old men to watch them for thirty minutes so she could make sure the baby was ready.

Harry at least had the decency to look a little sheepish, but Alphard didn't care. "Oh, that's an empty threat, Granger," he teased. "Cyg and Lyra love spending time with their uncles, don't they?" he pressed the kids, who of course started agreeing wildly. Why shouldn't they agree with the man who gave them sweets whenever they asked for them?

"Alright, well, we had better get a move on if we are going to make the game," Draco agreed, knowing that it was time to go if they didn't want to be late. After all, it wasn't every day that you got box tickets to watch the Quidditch World Cup. And, if he had his way, Draco hoped that France would trounce Bulgaria. It might have had a little bit to do with the fact that Viktor Krum stilled played for his national team, but he wouldn't admit that he still got very jealous where Hermione was concerned.

She was the love of his life, after all.