Sexy Shots (daphne)

Chapter 15

Secretary Daphne

For years now, she had done what she had done due to the fact that she had no love for the opposite gender due to her father abandoning her mother. For that unforgivable act, she hated all men, but hating them wouldn't avenge the pain that her mother felt.

To achieve what she wanted, she had to make herself desirable. She had to make every part of her body irresistible to anyone. Her breasts had blossomed at an early age so she didn't have to work on them.

Her legs, her longest asset, were kept smooth looking and well toned from years of exercising. She made sure that her feet, which filled size 13 shoes, were kept clean. Had she been vane enough, she would have painted her toe nails to make her feet less ugly to her, but her vanity was focused on her hair.

She loved her black curtain of hair that flowed down to the base of her spine when she let it down. She would always spend at least two hours on her hair to make it look perfect.

She had decided that being a secretary would put her in the position to ruin the lives of men in high positions. And, for a while, her plans worked. She would flirt for a few weeks, then send an incriminating photo to her boss's wife and the destruction of her victims life began. This would end up with her needing to find more work due to the fact that the company she was working for would go belly up, but she considered it work satisfaction.

However, things changed when she was hired by the most powerful business man in Europe, Harry James Potter. At first, she thought she had found the perfect victim, but it came as a shock to her that he wasn't married. This had highly annoyed her because there wasn't a way to ruin him.

She then had got it into her head to get close to him, then get close enough to him to where he'd be in love with her and then crush him like the bug he was.

However, that didn't go according to plan either. He, like the other men she had destroyed, noticed her assets, but he was willing and enjoyed engaging her in conversation. For the first time in her life, she was falling for someone.

Harry had inherited the company from his father, and turned it into an international conglomerate. She had witnessed personally Harry destroying his enemies, making them cry right in front of him or over the phone.

Her green eyed boss also had political enemies. These enemies didn't like the fact that he was against the whole European Union concept because national pride meant more to him than having a giant one world government. Plus, Germany was the strongest country in the EU and he had a personal grudge against that country because the one that had ran it back during the Second World War had tried to kill off his grandmother and her family. For that, the Potters had wanted to dissolve Germany as a country, but none of the family at that time had been in a position of power to get that done after the war had ended.

Daphne's thoughts were brought into the present as lunch was being delivered. Paying the the delivery boy, she walked in to his office to hear that he was on the phone. Quietly setting out the food, she smiled, hearing the indignant voice on the other end.

"The way I see it, you have two choices. Either you go belly up and have no job, or sell to me and maybe, just maybe still have a job. You have until the end of the week to give me your answer," he said and hung up.

"I see you've got him right where you want him," Daphne said with a grin.

"He'll call me back before five this afternoon and give me what I want," he replied and dug in to the take out Chinese. "Glad to know they got the order right this time."

"I told them the order three times and had them read me back the order twice," Daphne replied with a grin.

"You're picking up some of my habits," Harry teased with a grin.

"Nope, I'm just as bad as you are."

"Mmmm, I'd like to see how bad you are," he said with a smirk and she blushed. He grinned, enjoying that he could may such a tall, elegant looking woman blush. The two finished their lunches and Daphne disposed of the containers. Coming back over, she saw that he was now sitting in the chair that she'd been sitting in. Before she could question him, he grabbed her and pulled her into his lap. She squeaked in protest and tried to stop him, but he tickled her sides, making it harder for her to resist his pull on her.

'How long have you been working for me?"

"Six months now," she answered.

"And how long did it take me before I had you working overtime almost every day?"

"A week."

"Should I be sorry that I'm not wearing a wedding band?"


"If a bunch of medium and a couple of large fries went under, do you not think I would' know that?"


"I researched you extensively. I know everything about you."


"I know that your mother and you were abandoned by your father and that's why you've done what you've done."

She gulped, "what."

"I wanted to be the one to show you that we all aren't arse holes," Harry said amid his running a hand up her stocking covered leg.


"And now, for the first time, you've developed feelings for someone, haven't you?"


"You've been taking care of me and my needs more like a wife and less like a secretary. Now, all I've got to ask is if you are still a virgin."

"What? You mean...? Here? Now?"

"I do have an inflatable mattress and we've got the time," he purred and then kissed her. She melted into the kiss and his arms.

No more than five minutes passed before she found herself lying on her back, harry lying between her legs, lapping at her pussy. She gripped his scalp as his experienced tongued went to town on her. Harry was used to this sort of treatment to his scalp.

'Damn, she tastes so sweet,' he thought before taking her clit into his mouth and started sucking.


Harry smirked and drank up her liquid discharge. Once he was finished, he slid up her body and then ground his cock into her cunt. Her eyes widened, feeling how thick he was.

"Last chance," he warned. She reached down and aligned him with her cunt and Harry pushed in, breaking the stretched hymen. He lifted her left leg onto his shoulder and began to thrust into her body.

She gasped in shock, feeling his lips on her foot as he pounded into her cunt.

'He likes feet...why didn't I know that?' Daphne thought before her orgasm hit. She came back down to Earth, only to feel Harry starting back up again.

"God, more! Don't stop!" She cried out and Harry grinned. He lifted her right foot up to his face and started kissing first the sole and then sucking on her toes, enjoying the taste of her soft flesh.

She sees the look of euphoria in his eyes as she felt his pace picking up.

"Fuck, I'm cumming again! Shit!" she shouted and came harder than she had the last two times. Harry, unable to take it anymore, came, pouring his seed into her welcoming body.

He laid there, his head on her breasts as she held him close to her body.

"My last girl didn't like that I like to worship feet" it turned her off," Harry explained.

"You can have my feet and the rest of my body any time you want," she said with a smile and Harry smiled back.

'Maybe I've found myself a wife and hopefully, my mother will quit riding my ass over it," he thought before they got up and redressed to face the rest of the day.

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