Sexy Shots (daphne)

Chapter 2

Harry swirled away in the flames, bouncing through so many openings until he landed hard at the three broom sticks.

"Fancy seeing you here tonight, Mr. Potter. Butterbeer for you, perhaps? Or are you want something harder?" He looked up and saw a gorgeous woman behind the bar who wasn't Madame Rosmerta.

"I know you, don't I?"

"Possibly. I'm Daphne Greengrass. I was in Slytherin your year. I think we shared a few classes together over the years."

"Ah, yes. I remember now. You were the one who Neville said was smuggling vital information to Dumbledore's Army the year of the coup. You were the one who helped shield the younger students and kept some of the other ambitious Slytherin students from committing murder."

She shrugged. "I did what I could under the circumstances. I'd not wish it on anyone. My dad, Healer Duncan Greengrass, taught me that doing the right thing was always worth it. I took a bit of a beating for my choices, especially from those who I thought were my friends."

Harry felt the knot in his chest loosening slightly and the monster inside his chest humming a particular ditty while looking at Daphne. "So what are you doing working here? I'd expect you to be studying to be a Healer, like your father."

"Well, I will, come September. All of the Healer slots this year were filled and Dad pulled some strings to get me into the next class. I took a year off after Hogwarts and travelled some, getting away for a while and learning to enjoy life. So for now, I'm working, saving up some galleons and dealing with drunken patrons at the close of business." She smiled and it was warm and caring. "So what would you have?"

"I'd like a nice tall glass of mead. That would be nice on a cold night."

"I can do that. So are waiting for anyone. Ginny is her name. Yes is not she is your girlfriend."

"Oh, we're broke up in a month ago!, I think." He took a deep breath. "Between her schedule and mine, it's not working right. She's busy flying for the Harpies and the English Quidditch team so she's entirely too busy for me. Besides, I mostly was off working out of the country so we broke up."

Daphne pushed over the mead and Harry took a long pull from it. "Oh, that hits the spot."

"Did you eat tonight?"

"I did earlier but a plate of chips wouldn't be remiss?"

"How about I plate some cottage pie? I made it myself and you do look peckish."

"Sure, why not? I've got a few galleons to spend tonight."

"Be right back."

Harry took another pull from his mead and felt the warmth cascading down his throat and burning away the anger boiling in his stomach. He sat there looking off into nothing and didn't notice that Daphne had returned with his late evening snack. "Here you are. Hope you like it."

Harry took an enormous sniff and groaned in delight before tucking in. "It's delicious and almost as good as Mrs. Weasley makes. And that's saying something!"

"I'll take the compliment." She smiled and he couldn't help but smile back. She moved off to tend to other patrons at the bar and left Harry to finish his meal in peace. Daphne looked quite different from Ginny and that wasn't necessarily a bad thing tonight. She was tall, dark haired, with a warm smile and very nice to talk with. Unlike Ginny, she was slightly thin but also quite buxom. She was pretty in her own way.

She eventually returned and refilled his glass of mead before taking his plates away. "Want to talk? I know that look. I've seen it enough in the year I've been working here."

Harry looked up and saw her blue eyes. They looked like a winter's pond, clear and blue like frost on a patch of ice. "Are you sure you want to hear my issues about another woman? It seems rude."

"It normally is." She smiled again and he felt like he had a shot of Firewhiskey. "You look like you could use a sympathetic ear tonight."

Harry talked, for what felt like hours. He'd stop when she wandered off to refill a glass for another customer but eventually he was able to share everything. The load in his mind was finally gone, sharing it with someone he'd probably not see again for a while. A kind ear not named Weasley was what he needed.

"It's late and I'm about to close up."

"Really?" He looked around and saw the pub was emptied. He checked his watch and saw it was half one in the morning. "Blimey. I reckon I talked a lot tonight."

"You did," she smiled and finished putting away the rest of the mugs up on the rack above her head. Then she pointed her wand behind him and stacked all of the chairs onto the tables and set the mop to clean the floor. "Um, I have a question for you."

Harry looked down at his pint and looked up at Daphne. Her cheeks were barely blushing.

"Ask away."

Daphne took a deep breath before exhaling. "Do you want to go home tonight?"

"Not particularly," he said quietly. "It's been quite a while since I had good company."

She stepped around the bar and walked up to him. "I'm not normally inclined to take a customer home but you are not a normal customer, are you?"

She was taller than Ginny, by a few inches, and she smelled of cinnamon, and lemons, and whiskey and so many heady aromas that he normally didn't notice. He could see the small darker blue flecks in the irises of her eyes. Her smile was enchanting.

"I'm far from normal, really. But then I think you knew that."

"Would you be fine with coming to my flat upstairs? It's not much but it's comfortable and warm and the bed is big enough for two." She held her hand out to him and he reached for hers, feeling the callouses on her fingers and the slight soap smell on her skin. He saw that her hands were wrinkled, probably from washing too many things while working.

"That sounds wonderful."

Daphne smiled. "Let me lock up then we can go upstairs." She turned and pointed her wand at the two doors and they both heard them latch. "It's not like anyone breaks into the place but Rosmerta is a creature of habit and I am too." She turned to lead Harry to a hidden set of stairs to the upstairs flats. "Four of them are for rent but the fifth, over the back kitchen, is mine. Rosmerta has her own cottage outside of the town." They went up the last bit of stairs and turned to the right and stood before the door. Daphne turned around and smiled. "Are you sure about this? You might have some regrets because you've had mead and – "

Harry stepped right up to her and threaded his hands through her hair. "Oh I'm quite sure," he said before kissing her deeply. He pulled back slightly to watch her face and her reaction. She kept her eyes closed for moments before taking a deep breath. Daphne opened her eyes and looked up at Harry. "Am I just a temporary thrill?" Her smile faltered. "Will I wake in the morning to find you gone?"

"No, but I will have to head home 'round noon tomorrow. I have business to deal with but I will be back in the evening if you like."

Daphne turned and tapped her wand on the doorknob. It opened and she brought Harry in with her before turning back to lock the door. "Since you're an Auror, I know you can leave anytime. These are normal locking spells." She pointed her wand at the fireplace, starting it up along with a candle on the bedside table. She turned back to Harry and smiled. "It seemed a bit nippy in here."

Harry stepped back into her personal space, pressing her body into the smoke stained wood of her room. "I can but I don't think that will be an issue tonight, will it? And the fire does help."

Daphne pulled him to her and threaded her hands behind his neck while feeling the soft hairs on the edge of his neck. "Oh, I don't think so, at least not tonight. Maybe later on, it will be, but tonight will be wonderful." She stood on her toes to kiss him, feeling the warmth trickling through her body. She pulled him close and felt his growing ardour through his robes.

She broke the kiss, panting to catch her breath. "Wow," she spoke across his face. "That is – "

He pulled her to him, kissing her like a man finding water in an oasis and drinking in to bursting. His lips left hers and trailed down her neck, nipping at the soft skin. He found the crux of her neck and collarbone and kissed her again, and again, trailing his hands under her frock and opening the top button of her blouse.

She stepped back and he stopped what he was doing. Instead of the expected recrimination, she discarded the apron she wore and worked the delicate buttons of her blouse open. Daphne stood before Harry in her blouse, open for his appreciation.

"Wow," he said aloud and she blushed. "You're beautiful."

Daphne reached up and removed the elastic holding her hair up in a bun, letting her tangled hair flow down her back. It fell with the grace of a newborn giraffe. Her hair stood out everywhere, framing her face in the low candlelight.

"Come here," she said and he took two steps to her. "I'm not going to bite unless you want me to."

Harry gulped but reached for her once again, running his hands through her unkempt hair and over her shoulders. He pushed her blouse off which she helped discard to the floor. Daphne shook a little but Harry pulled her close. "Are you cold? I can start a fire in the fireplace for you."

"I'm not cold. I'm a bit nervous."


Daphne blushed. "I've not dated in a long time. It's probably been 3 years now. Few purebloods will have anything to do with me, on account of my father."

Harry watched her face turn away and he put a finger under her chin to turn her back to him.

"I'm thankful for your father. He saved so many lives, more than I ever did."

"That's not true, Harry. I'm alive because of you. My sister is alive because of you. Thousands are alive because of you."

"I could have saved more," bitterness dripped with each word. "I should have been able to keep everyone alive. I see the ones I failed often. I feel their judging gazes in my dreams."

"Nonsense," Daphne said before pulling him to her and proceeding to snog his lips off. Her hands were tugging and his jumper and shirt while his hands were in her hair, holding her while kissing her deeply. She pulled his shirt free from his jeans and ran her hands up and down his back. She broke the kiss and helped him out of his jumper and shirt before kissing him again. Deft hands worked over his body while his hands drifted to her back to unfasten her bra. A quick twist of his wrists and the bra opened.

She broke the kiss and watched his face while she shrugged out of her bra. Little puffs of air buffered his face. He, though, never broke his attention from her face.

"You can look."

He lifted his hand from her hip to her collarbone, barely touching her skin. "Why rush when we have the rest of the night?" He kept his eyes on her face but put his hand forward, shaking slightly, touching a lock of hair at her shoulder. Her hand covered his and she pulled it down across pebbled flesh to cover her breast. She took another deep breath and flushed, flooding her skin into a rosy hue. She let his hand go and he kept his hand on her breast, rubbing ever so softly up and down on her pebbled skin. Daphne closed her eyes and leaned her head back.

Harry bent down to kiss the soft skin of her throat while palming her breasts. He ran his calloused fingers over the nipples and felt the tightening under his touch. Delightful moans welcomed his touch even more.

"Harry," she turned in his embrace and sat him down on the front edge of her bed and kicked off her shoes. Daphne shrunk two inches and sighed happily. "Wow. You're amazing." She knelt in front of him, brushing her breasts on the fabric of his jeans. Harry gulped at the image before him and so many thoughts racing through his head. "Now, let's see about your boots." She worked easily, taking off his black boots and the socks underneath. "Really? White socks?"

Harry laughed. "I do my own shopping in Muggle London. I can't be arsed about socks. They're socks and few people will see them, mostly the free elf in my employment. I didn't even know until I was 19 that there was more than one kind of sock. But these," he lifted his foot and wiggled the toes, "are the same kind as the black ones I have at home. I don't have to think about which pair to wear, only the next one in the drawer. Now if I have to dress up, that's where the black socks come in: the same style, just in black. See? Easy."

Daphne ran her hands up his black trousers and down again. "I'm absolute rubbish at this, you realize."

"Rubbish at what? I thought you took my boots off rather well."

Daphne laughed.

"I'm joking. I get it. I'm a bit nervous too. But would you like for me to finish undressing us?"

She scrambled to stand before him as he got up from the edge of the bed. "How about I do the same before I lose my nerve?"

Harry stopped. He opened his arms and enveloped her in a hug. "Look, we won't go any further. I will kip on the couch you have. I've done that plenty of times. I don't – I mean to say…"

Daphne put a finger to his lips, quieting his stammering. "I'm fine, Harry. I'm nervous because it's been a while for me."

Harry reached for her hands and brought them to his mouth before kissing both of them. "Let me, then." He stepped up to Daphne and found the button of her jeans, opening it. He worked slowly, glancing at her every few seconds to make sure what he was doing was OK. He pulled the zipper down and gently nudged down her jeans. Daphne wiggled her hips to let the denim fabric slide down further.

"I see this is not a planned evening, then?" He saw her smiling at fact that her bra – a functional white one with little bits of lace and scalloping - did not match her knickers.

"Hardly but then it's not every month that Harry Potter comes into the bar needing a friendly ear and a warm bed." She shoved her jeans down the rest of length of her legs and stepped out, leaving her only wearing a pair of red hip hugging knickers. The front sat below her navel, showing a little bit of a belly on her.

Harry smiled and inadvertently palmed his confined erection, looking her up and down.

"Let me," she said to him and reached for the buckle of his belt. Her fingers worked efficiently, shoving down the zipper on his jeans and being careful of his erection. His jeans fell down his legs, leaving him in a snug pair of black trunks. His pants twitched.

"So how – "

Harry shoved the trunks down his legs, freeing his cock below a nest of coarse black hair. He pulled her to him and he sat down on the edge of the bed, bringing her knees to the sides of his hips. She gasped at the contact his cock made on her clothed clit. "Oh God, that's – "

He interrupted her again by kissing her. Daphne responded with enthusiasm and used her tongue to beg entrance. Harry acquiesced, letting her run her tongue along his teeth and tongue. He reciprocated gladly while rubbing her breasts with both of his calloused hands.

"Harry, more, please."

He rolled them onto her unmade bed and helped her up towards the pillows. Once she was settled, he pressed her into the rumpled bedclothes, kissing her along her neck and chest, earning appreciative moans.

Fingernail scrapes down his back spurred him on further, working his way down her chest to her breasts. He fondled the left while kissing and sucking on the right one, then alternating back and forth. He was rewarded with nail scrapes through his scalp.

"Too much," Daphne said aloud and pulled Harry back up to her face to kiss him with reckless abandon.

"Too much?" Harry stopped and shifted, kneeling before her to wait.

"And not enough," Daphne blushed and gulped, almost like a hiccup. "You – you can take them - them off." She glanced down her body to her knickers and gave him a nod that he could take her sodden knickers off.

Harry looped his fingers under the material at her hips and Daphne lifted her bum to let him remove the final piece of fabric between them. He slid them down her long legs and threw them over his shoulder towards the remaining pile. He kept his attention on her face and nowhere else, waiting yet again.

Daphne shifted a little on the bed, raising up on her elbows and shifting her knees wider, giving him a silent invitation. Harry finally smiled before letting his gaze wander down her body. Her breasts were more endowed than Ginny and they were as responsive to his attention and his touch, from what he felt a few minutes ago. Her skin was slightly tanned, unlike the porcelain white speckled with ginger freckles he was accustomed to. He gazed down her body to the thatch of brown hair between her legs, hiding her delicate flesh. They crowned the long legs that stretched out to him.

"Would you put these on the table, please?" He took of his glasses and handed them to her. She did as he asked and then rolled back into the vulnerable position she was in.

"What do you have in mind?" Her voice came out raspy, like she had forgotten how to talk.

"Well, you said it had been years, and want this to be as good for you as it is for me."

"Really? You mean that? You're offering," she waved her hand over her bits and he nodded, "to do that for me, first?"

"I assume you were waving your hand towards your bits, right? I can't see a thing without my glasses." Harry leaned over Daphne and kissed her gently, running his tongue across her lips. "But yes, that is what I have in mind if you want."

"Yes, I would," Daphne whispered across his lips. "Please," she asked. "My former never offered me such a pleasure."

Harry lay down on his belly, wincing slightly at the awkward pressure on his cock, and spread her knees wider. With one hand, he reached up her body to her breasts, gazing approximately where her face should be, and lifted his palm up. She brought her left hand up to his and turned it over, pressing down on her left breast.

With his other hand, he opened up her rosy red lips and tasted her. She shuddered at his touch. He probed with his tongue along her sodden slit and found her clit immediately. She lifted up from the bedclothes and he held her down with his arms over her hips, feeling her back arching under his ministrations. He lapped at her swollen flesh while pressing her hips wider, giving him better access.

"Oh God Yes!" She shuddered under his lips.

Harry sucked on her clit and rubbed two fingers up and down her slit, using his callouses to find where she was most sensitive. With another shudder, he prodded her opening with one finger, being gentle with her while pressing on the nerves at the top of her vaginal walls. Her muscles gripped his finger and he added a second one while using his thumb to prod her clit under his tongue. She thrashed and he kept going, sucking gently on her clit while using another finger on her.

"Ayeeeee!" She screamed before thrashing on the bed while her legs quivered. Her legs kicked out from where he was holding her, flailing on his shoulders and back.

Harry let go and sat up on his knees. He stroked his cock a few time, awaiting her to give him the go-ahead.

She opened her eyes with an appreciative smile on her face. "Come here," she asked and he crawled over the top of her and pressed her down into the bedclothes. Daphne reached up for his face and kissed him. "That was incredible." She looped her knees on his hips and twisted her feet on his ass. "I'm ready for more."

"You sure?" He asked one last time while balancing on his elbow off of her glistening body.

She pushed her feet on his ass to help him decide. He understood and nudged her slit open enough for him to poke her at her entrance. "Fast or slow, since it's been a while?"

"You're terribly considerate, you know. Umm, fast. It'll come back to me quick enough." She sighed. "My first and only wasn't tender or considerate. He was only interested in his pleasure. You though are amazing." Her smile showed up easily to his myopic eyes.

Harry did as she asked, burying himself balls deep on the first stroke. She gasped again, and Harry froze, seeing her wince while taking a deep breath. "Just tell me when."

She exhaled dramatically. 'Oh God!' Daphne said to herself. "I had forgotten." She shifted her hips slightly and Harry went deeper, feeling her inner walls flexing up and down his shaft. "Now," she barely spoke and Harry pulled out slowly before thrusting back in fast. Slow and fast was his favorite for a first fuck, trying to draw his impatient orgasm out as long as possible.

"I'm not going to last long," Harry complained. "But I figure round 2 won't be far behind."

Daphne nodded before throwing her head back. Her back arched, pressing her breasts up into his chest. Each movement by Harry brushed her sensitive nipples, making her thrash her head. He brushed them again before pulling out of her.

She opened her eyes and saw him back on his knees, pulling her to him. He slipped back into her waiting body and sighed at the renewed contact. "How's that?"

"Oh, that's nice too."

Harry went back to fucking her how she wanted. He fought the thought in his head about Ginny and shoved it aside, focusing on the witch riding his cock, moaning in appreciation. She didn't ask for much, just a through shagging. He would give it gladly because she fulfilled his needs this lonely March night. He released her hip and wet his fingers before finding her clit. He rubbed softly while thrusting into her, trying to hold back the spring in his bollocks. As he figured, she was sensitive to his touch, thrashing her head and moaning like a ghoul. But he wasn't going to finish without her, at least not at first.

He slowed his hips while rubbing harder, using his fingers to thread through her lips while he pressed a thumb into her clit in random with his cock.

"Yes, Yes, oh yes, please more yes!" She screamed and clamped down on him a few moments before he exploded.

He thrust a half dozen more times, intending to milk her second orgasm as long as possible before he fell out.

She moaned again and clamped down before relenting. Harry pulled away from her damp warmth and slid next to Daphne in the bedclothes. The flat grew dark.

Harry opened his eyes to blurry vision and one lone candle lighting the room. He was warm but not stifling. He rolled over to sit up and find his glasses, shoving them onto his face. "Hi," he said.

"Glad you woke," Daphne moved onto Harry's hips. He felt coarse damp hairs brushing his cock before she sat back further. "I was trying to be patient."

"How long was I asleep?" Harry budged up some on the headboard, sitting up to regard the beautiful woman with him. Her skin was still flushed from earlier and it added to her beauty.

"Not long, maybe twenty minutes. It was enough for me to use the women's and freshen up a touch. I also had a chance to get some butterbeers from downstairs for us." Daphne handed over one to Harry and he took a long pull from it, wiping his face with the back of his hand. Even with his glasses, everything felt different tonight. He could feel and touch her, as well as smell her, like a musky perfume of both of them, along with sandalwood and fresh soap. The lemon and whiskey and beef tallow wafted together in the room with the rest, making the room seem heady.

"Ready for round two, are you?" He cheeked. He took another pull before putting the bottle on the side table.

She grinned at him. "Oh I am," Daphne rose up onto her knees and slid forward to slide back down on his cock, getting seated. "I'm ready to go as long as you hold out." She ground down and Harry closed his eyes, enjoying the moment.

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