Sexy Shots (daphne)

Chapter 3

Harry was in Honeydukes with Ron, both of them having slipped out with Harry's invisibility cloak to enjoy an unofficial Hogsmead weekend. Hermione had passed on joining them, refusing to break rules for frivolous reasons and reminding Ron that as a Prefect, he shouldn't either. Ignoring her glare they had left the common room and taking the long way around had come to the humpback witch statue.

Emerging at the other end covered in Harrys cloak and making their way out from behind the counter they slipped out behind an old warlock clutching a brightly coloured bag in his liver spotted hands. After looking around they ducked around the corner, whipped off the cloak and returned to the sweet shop.

Back inside they proceeded to load up on sweets for themselves and presents for a few upcoming birthdays, if they lasted that long. Looking through a display of sugar quills and flavoured ink sets Harry saw a group of three girls walking out of Magical Maladies the apothecary across the street. Leaning forward and brushing one of the quills out of the way he could clearly see Tracey Davis, Daphne Greengrass and Laura MacLeay walking down the street towards the post office, clearly he and Ron where not the only ones to sneak out this weekend.

"Phew." Ron said over Harrys shoulder as he followed Harrys gaze down the street "Why don't they make them like that in our house?" He asked looking at the two Slytherins and Ravenclaw step into the post office.

"Don't let any of the girls hear you say that." Harry said turning around now the girls had gone from view.

"True enough." Ron replied picking up a set of false teeth made of peppermint candy. "Still, shame they are Slytherins, Fred and George would never let me live it down!" He added wistfully dropping the teeth back onto the pile they came from.

"I'm sure even they would make an exception for one of them." Harry said his eyes straying to a small display of shelf Crystallised Pineapple.

It was double potions the following Tuesday and they were working on an anti-sensory cream, to make the user undetectable and untraceable by scent, a notoriously tricky cream as it had to be perfectly balanced or it would actually enhance the scent of the wearer.

Putting his cream on a low simmer Harry walked over to the equipment rack on the wall and grabbed four pipets for their table. Coming back he passed behind the table the Slytherins were working at and seemed catch his foot on the edge of the table causing him to stumble into Draco Malfoy. Malfoy pitched forward and knocked his cauldron off its cradle, spilling it's still very watery cream over the table causing the fires under the other three cauldrons on the table to hiss and flicker as they were swamped by the spill.

"Watch where you're going scar head." Malfoy spat jumping back from the table as his now ruined cream started dripping over the edge.

Harry was about to respond when Professor Slughorn waddled over "What's going on here, what's this!" He exclaimed looking at the ruinous mess spreading over the table.

"Potter pushed me sir!" Malfoy exclaimed waving at the tipped cauldron.

"I tripped." Harry defended looking at Professor Slughorn, knowing he wouldn't be able to help smiling if he glanced at the mess.

"Harry my boy, you must be more careful, this is a potions lab not a dance floor. I'm afraid you're going to have to serve detention with me tonight." He said "Now, now, don't give that look my boy; it might help you remember to take special care next time." With a wave of his wand the spilled potion cleared and the other fires returned to their normal settings.

At 8pm that night Harry made his way out of the common room, Ron giving him a sympathetic pat on the arm but saying it was worth it to see Draco's work ruined.

Arriving at Professor Slughorns office he knocked on the door and heard the old professors' voice welcome him in. Slughorn was sitting at his desk, a pile of parchments on the table in front of him next to a red box.

"Harry, hope I haven't ruined your evening." He said with a wink as he reached into the box and pulled out a cube of crystallised pineapple. He was about to say something more when another knock on the door sounded.

At Slughorns prompting the door opened again and Daphne Greengrass entered.

"Ahh Miss Greengrass, glad you could join us, Mr Potter will me assisting us this evening as well, he had a bit of an accident in Potions class today." Turning back to Harry "Miss Greengrass here took a weekend stroll with a few of her friends last weekend but was unlucky enough to be seen coming back my Filch, her friends are helping Professor Sprout in the greenhouse while you two will be assisting me in preparing for my OWL students lesson tomorrow." He explained packing away his papers and rising from behind his desk.

He led them out of his office and down the hall into the potions classroom. When he opened the door and ushered them in both Harry and Daphne rocked back on their heels as a wave of heat rushed out of the room and into the cool hallway. Stepping into the room Harry reflexively reached up to undo the top button on his shirt as the hot humid air made him almost instantly start to sweat. Behind him Daphne pulled her long blond her behind her and slipped a band over it placing it in a loose ponytail.

"We are starting mind altering potions so I am preparing several samples for the class, The Draught of Relaxation, Elixir of Euphoria and of course Amortentia a powerful love potion." He said passing over the final Cauldron inhaling deeply and smiling.

"The brewing process is just about complete on the lot, the Euphoria needs to be kept at temperature for another two hours, the Drought of Relaxation needs to reduce by half stirring alternatively every half ounce of reduction and the Amortentia needs essence of male and female and then be left to cool to room temperature no faster than two degrees every fifteen minutes." He said waving his wand and causing the instructions to appear on the board. "There are four cauldrons of each and I will need all of them, the simmering and cooling process for each is vital, when you are finished around midnight please seal the door behind you, I'll be in my chambers if you need me but do let an old man have his rest." He said with a chuckle opening the classroom door once more and waddled out closing them in.

The room was swelteringly hot; the heat of a dozen fires mixed with the humid air made the room a veritable sauna. Looking over at Daphne who still was yet to say a word, he could see her usually smooth wavy blond hair was starting to frizz and her face going red in the heat. The room was saturated with the scent of the potions, the subtle freshness of the Euphoria, the heady musk of the Relaxation, and bellow it all, subtle but unmistakeable, the Amortentia, Harry could smell treacle tart, the scent of his firebolt and now the heady rich musk that took him back to broom cupboards and potions labs.

"You want to keep an eye on the Amortentia and I'll cover the Draught of Relaxation, the Euphoria should take care of itself?" Harry asked unbuttoning another button on his shirt leaving his collar gaping.

Daphne looked up at him from where she had been looking into the rich golden coloured Euphoria "Sure" She said tossing her pony tail over her shoulder and unbuttoning the top button of her blouse as well "But you'll still need to add to the Amortentia." She gestured at the four cauldrons.

Stepping over to the four cauldrons in the middle of the classroom Harry pointed his wand at his eye and twisted it slowly in the air. Instantly he could feel his eyes water and several tears run down his cheek and splashed into the potion.

"If only I had a camera, the Chosen One crying." Daphne mocked from behind him.

"It will just add to my image, crying for all the innocents I couldn't save, the press will love it." Harry replied leaning over the second cauldron and cried into it.

Daphne was over the first cauldron and a few tears dripped into it, as they hit the surface the potion almost instantly turned into a light periwinkle.

Bent over the potions as they were the heady aroma of the world's strongest love potion was all encompassing. Harry looked over at Daphne who had paused over the second cauldron, her long blond hair hanging down almost dipping into the potion as she breathed deeply, her eyes closed and a look of pure contented bliss appeared on her face. She had an almost flawless pale complexion, not a freckle to be seen and only a small mole next to her right eye, even with the wet trails left by the tears her skin looked smooth, unblemished by the typical signs of puberty. Her eyes slowly opened, long dark lashes rising to show deep blue eyes, her pupils dilated but focused on nothing as the scent of the potion sent her mind wondering.

Finishing up his part Harry walked over to the other potions and checking their volume with the measuring spell reduced the fire under them by a fraction, realising that this would likely take quite a while at the rate it was reducing.

Looking over at Daphne he saw she was leaning against the stone wall of the classroom in an effort to cool down in the sweltering hot room.

Turning his back to her on the pretext of checking another one of the potions Harry undid all the clasps on his robe. Shrugging it off his shoulders he caught it in his hands before it hit the ground and flung it over the back of chair, being winter he like most of the males wore the standard heavy white cotton shirt and simple black cotton trousers.

"Please Potter, make yourself at home." Daphne said from her position by the wall.

"Thanks I will." He replied rolling up the sleeves of his shirt, the white material was already so soaked in his sweat in some places that it was mildly transparent.

After a few more minutes in which Harry considered how to play this, Daphne spoke up as she was checking the temperature of the Euphoria "So what exactly did you do to earn detention, I thought you were one of Slughorns pets?"

"Draco didn't complain about it in the common room?" Harry asked curiously.

"How would I know?" Daphne asked undoing one of the clasps on her robe seemingly without noticing.

"Well you are in his year; I figured you all gossiped about how much you can't stand us Gryffindor's."

"I got sick of Draco's bitching after our second year when his Daddy was thrown out of the board of governors, and honestly Potter, you're not that interesting." She smiled.

"Ah but you hardly know me, only Charms class twice a week." He said trying not to stare as she undid the last few clasps of her own robe, the slid it off her shoulders and carefully folding it over in her arms she placed it on the side table. Like all the girls, she wore the standard high collared blouse that was standard uniform, unlike the males though, the girls had no standard lowers, she had on a pair of very short cotton shorts, the kind Harry sometimes saw joggers wear back on private drive. Her legs were the same pale complexion as the rest of her, smooth and flawless without a mark or blemish on them, the knee high white socks blending smoothly into her natural complexion.

"Well as you said, you are a Gryffindor, I can hardly be seen associating with the likes of you."

"Well considering the lack of options in your own house, maybe you need to broaden your horizons."

"Oh I do, but I would rather a Ravenclaw than Gryffindor, at least with them you don't need to keep reminding them of their own name."

Harry laughed out loud having read something similar scrawled onto the walls of the fourth floor boys restroom.

"I think you might be getting us confused with the Hufflepuffs." He said

"Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, whats the difference?" Daphne taunted, the white cotton of her blouse now damp with sweet was just beginning to show the dark material of her bra under it.

The combination of the heat and the heady aroma of the potions was making Harry feel more than a little groggy, a kind of pleasant drunkenness "Gryffindors don't lose." He replied his gaze still well below what was appropriate.

Daphne saw Harrys gaze and looking down at herself saw her blouse damp with sweet and her bra showing through, the heat of the room causing a line of sweet to run down from her head down her back and soak into the band of her shorts.

Looking up at Harry she had no noticeable expression on her face, she didn't mind his eyes on her, Harry wasn't a troll like so many of the boys in her house, or tools like the rest, so self-assured. It was mainly due to the disdain she held her housemates in that lead her to have exclusively female friends, only hanging out with the occasional Ravenclaw boy if they were brought along by someone else.

Her hand strayed up to the collar of her blouse and feeling the little silver pin she wore there she smiled, remembering last summer when she had spent a week at Tracey's holiday home in the Pyrenes. Tracey gave her the pin after there last day there when they had snuck out and skinny dipped in the lake outback before laying down on the cool grass together to dry. Tracey's gaze had strayed down her body as she had lain naked on the grass with the same look Harry had now. Remembering that afternoon by the Mountain Lake Daphne looked up at Harry, her hand unconsciously undoing another button of her blouse.

Seeing her hand undo another button, causing her blouse to gape open at the neck, he looked up and saw her looking him right in the eyes. Knowing she had caught him steering and with no readable expression on her face Harry let his gaze slide down her one last time, her dark bra showing through her top clearly now, the light material of her shorts darkening with sweat and pale legs glistening with sweet. Meeting her gaze again he glanced down at her open blouse before looking up at her again "Please make yourself at home." He said with a small smile.

Not looking away from his eyes for a moment, or letting any expression show on her face she brought her hand down the front of her blouse and let it fall open, the damp material sticking to her damp skin. Still not looking away from him she pulled the blouse off herself, and carefully folding it across her arm she finally looked away from him as she laid it neatly on top of her robe.

As much as he tried to play it cool Harry couldn't help the smile that was tugging at the corners of his mouth. As Daphne held his gaze he could see her pale flawless figure revealed to him, in stark contrast to the mat black bra she had on, plane and unadorned it was simple, dark, the perfect complement to her figure.

As she turned to store the top he let his eyes roam across her, the black bra in stark contrast to her milky white skin, not a hint of a tan line of freckle anywhere on her. Her bra while simple, was cupping her breasts, smooth flawless skin, pressed together slightly and glistening with sweet, while not close to the size of Hannah's or even Rita's, Daphne's breasts, with their light glean of sweat seemed to almost pulse of sensuality, their black support seemed to almost enhance their sensuality, as if they didn't need lace or silk to detract from their femininity.

Pleased that his plan seemed to be working perfectly so far he was thinking what to do next when Daphne, her back turned, as she placed her folded blouse on top of her robe reached back with a hand and without any hesitation unclasped her bra. Rolling it off her shoulders she again folded it into itself and placed it next to her blouse then reaching down to her waste she seemed to pull at something bellow her naval before hooking the fingers of both hands on the hem of her shorts, and with a small jiggle pulled her shorts and panties down in one smooth motion.

Leaning down to pick them up off the floor Daphne picked them up, removing the panties she folds both and added them to her neatly folded pile.

Harry watched in shock as Daphne unclasped her bra, wondering briefly if she was just teasing him before doing it back up and telling him he was delusional, before she placed it on the table and proceeded to strip out of her shorts, her bum jiggling slightly as she rocked her hips free of them. As she bent down to pick them up off the floor, one of her long legs, still half covered in her knee high socks stretched out behind her for balance. Her arse, the same pale white as the rest of her, a perfectly formed curve at the top of her glistening wet legs, tensed as she stood up and folded the shorts and panties.

As she turned around she meet Harrys eyes as it had travelled up from her legs, to her sex, a small neatly trimmed triangle of pale blond hair seemingly pointing down to her pussy, its lips just visible between her thighs. Her breasts now free of their restraint seemed to hardly of shifted at all, two pale mounds of flesh, pick nipples hardly any darker than the skin they rested on were pointing at him as she turned around, the breasts hardly moving at all with her movement. Taking a deep breath of the humid air, the scent of the Amortentia, and the unmistakable musk that took him back to broom closets and changing rooms filled his senses.

"I wa-" Harry started.

"Don't" Daphne cut across him.

Looking at her, his eyes for once staying locked onto hers he raised an eyebrow at her "Alr-"

"I said "Don't" Daphne said with emphases stepping towards him, each step causing the orange and red light from the numerous fires to shift across her body, making her damp flesh glisten in the warm light. Her breasts hardly quivering with each step were starting to glisten themselves now free of their confinement.

Reaching Harry she pushed him back until he bumped into the table behind him, not letting up the pressure of her hand on his chest she forced him back until he was laying back on the bench his back arched painfully. Slapping his hands down on the bench he pulled himself up slightly so that only his lower legs were hanging off the edge while he sat up, a cauldron of Eupohria behind him, the heat of it radiating against his back and the rich scent of it overpowering the rest of the fumes in the sweltering lab.

Not stopping Daphne placed a single hand on the bench beside Harry's leg and hopped onto it, kneeling, straddling him, her legs either side of Harrys. The large jump onto the table causing her breasts to jump in place before settling after a small aftershock, the largest movement Harry had seen out of them yet.

Grabbing Harry's wand from where he had placed it on the table, she slashed it in front of her momentarily making Harrys eyes widen before he heard the cauldron behind him crash to the floor. Turning his head he saw it lying on its side, the rich golden potion spreading across the stone floor, ribbons of steam rising off it over powering any other scent in the room and making his head spin. The sound of it and its cradle cashing to the floor reverberated around the lab.

Harry felt her hand on his chest again as she forced him down, his back slapping against the bench and his head and shoulders hitting the hot table top where the cauldrons cradle had been sitting moments before.

Harry looked up at Daphne straddling him, his wand still in her hand, her pale skin glistening with the sweat and vapour of the lab, she crawled forward over him. The small blond triangle of hair above her pussy, hardly visible against the smooth white skin of her torso, pointed towards her sex, its pink lips clearly visible from his positon underneath her.

As her legs passed over his arms laying by his sides he let them slide up the outside of her legs and cradle her arse, smooth and firm and flawless, his fingers slid across it smoothly his sweat mixing with hers.

She stopped when her knees were either side of his head and not hesitating lowered herself onto his face. With barely a moments hesitation she felt his hands tighten on her arse and pull her down harder as she felt his tongue run across her.

She let Harry work her pussy, at first he seemed content to just taste her lips, every so often she would feel his tongue press into her clit before diving lower. Eventually she felt him part her flesh with his tongue, and with one slow powerful motion, starting from bellow her opening, he brought his tongue along her, briefly pausing to do a circuit of her opening, he continued up under she felt the hot soft flesh of his tongue press onto her clit.

Daphne dropped one of her hands onto the top of his head, digging her fingers into his messy hair while the other rested on the back of her own neck. Her back arching back slightly as she felt Harrys tongue once more dive into her, his nose seeming to rest on her clit.

After a while of letting him taste her she starting to slowly rock herself on him, hardly enough to notice, his nose rubbing small circles around her clit and his tongue ran along her, exploring inside and circling her. Softly at first, hardly to be noticed but eventually getting faster and harder she ground her pussy into his face, feeling his lips press into her, his nose against her wet flesh. Her back aching back further to the point when Harry looked up from between her legs all he could see was he breasts standing out hard and firm from her chest as her head and shoulders had fallen back, her arm seemingly stopping her from collapsing back against him completely.

Harry felt her press herself hard onto his face, her taste and musk mixing unmistakably with the amortentia over powering the other potions. He could hear her breath which had been coming in shorter and shorter gasps stop for a moment before being let out in a long sigh, the pressure of her on his face lessened a bit. His hands still on her arse tried to lift her off but it seemed as if she was quite happy to stay there. Running his hands up from her arse, along her side until they cupped her sweat drenched breasts, the small pink nipples standing out hard against the firm soft flesh. He could fit his hands fully around each breast, as he tried to grasp them his fingers slick with sweat slid across them until his fingers slid across her nipples. Taking his time to explore her body as she rode out the end of her orgasm he felt her shifting her pussy across his mouth again in almost imperceptibly small motions. Running his tongue along her one last time, tasting her musk, he dropped his hands to her side and half lifted her off his face until she sat on his torso. The wetness of her pussy pressed firmly into him.

Looking up at her he could see her rising and falling slightly as he breathed in and out, the vapours of the potion lab now more noticeable over Daphne's musk. She slowly opened her eyes, her hand still grasping the back of her neck, the muted red and orange light of the room playing across her body, as she looked down at him he meet her eyes as he licked the last of her wetness of his lips.

Still not saying a word Daphne shuffled back across him, her pussy soaking into his white shirt he still had on, mixing with his own sweat.

Harry could feel her shift down him, the weight of her shifting off his chest onto his stomach. His cock which had been hard from the moment she had straddled him was poking up through his trousers. He felt his cock press into her arse as she pressed back, sliding over it she reached down and with one hard pull popped the button above his fly and pulled his trousers open. Reaching in she slid her hand under the band of his boxer shorts and pulled him free. His cock was hot and hard and slapped against his stomach, the sweat soaked white shirt muting the sound of flesh on flesh.

Without a moment's hesitation, Daphne took Harrys cock in hand, positioning it before her pussy and lowered herself onto it.

Harry could feel her hand, hot and wet grasp him and with hardly a second to think, felt her pussy lips against his knob, then his cock had parted them and was slipping into her. His cock was almost a third in her before he felt resistance, she paused briefly, rising slightly, the fleeing of her pussy, hot and tight around him grasping him as she pulled up caused Harry to lift his hips off the table, instinctively not wanting to slide out of her even for a moment, before he felt her press onto him again, slipping further down him. With one final try she had taken him fully inside her, her short blond brush pressed into his dark.

As she had been taking him inside her, her hand had been pressed against his chest and her eyes closed, her loose pony tail falling forward and hanging a few inches above him as her head dropped forward.

Both of them seemed to stop for a moment, savouring the experience in their own way, Harry's hand resting on her thighs, hers on his chest. Without warning Harry felt her hands press down on him and her pussy slide across his cock until hardly the tip of his cock was held by her lips before she dropped back down on him. Her pussy so hot and tight around him he could feel every part of her slide along his cock inside her. The sound of her thighs slapping against him was loud in the room, echoing off the walls.

Without any hesitation this time she picked herself up, again letting him slide almost all the way out before dropping back down on him even harder than before. Each time she slid out she seemed to drop down harder and faster than before, their bodies beating out a rhythm that echoed around the sweltering room, adding their scent to the aroma of the room.

After maybe two dozen motions Harry thought he wasn't going to last much longer, the feeling of her riding him, her tight pussy sliding along him and her nude glistening body writhing above him was quickly bringing him to climax. On the next motion however right when his cock was almost all the way out of her she rose off him, letting his cock slide free and slapping into his stomach.

Raising one leg up she somehow managed to swing around so both legs were on one side before raising the other one and straddling him the other way so he was steering at her arse as she faced away from him.

She planted her knees either side of his shoulder, and taking his cock in hand brought her mouth down to it.

Harry looked down, between her thighs and saw Daphne, her blond ponytail resting on his side as she licked first down one side of his cock, then the other. Licking her own juice off him, before in one smooth motion taking his cock in her mouth and letting her lips and tongue play across its length.

Harry dropped his head back to savour the experience, grateful for the moments respite as she switched position so he would last at least a little longer. With his eyes closed he didn't see her drop her pussy onto his face, only felt the hot wet flesh of her as it slapped into his mouth once more.

Not needing another hint, he once more grabbed her arse, and this time feeling her sucking his cock he pushed his tongue past her lips and into her pussy.

His motions got harder and faster, matching her pace as he felt his end coming, he lifted his hips off the table and was meeting her motions down his cock with small thrusts.

When he felt himself cum Daphne seemed to drop her head low onto him, her lips half way down his cock and he spilled his load into her mouth, his cock pulsing as it throbbed out his cum.

As he was cumming in her mouth, her pussy was grinding harder into his mouth. She kept a firm grip on his cock until he felt himself start to go soft and she let his cock slide out of her mouth. Her lips and lounge tight against him until his knob slipped between her lips.

As she let his cock free she repositioned herself slightly, sitting up a bit with her hands on his stomach she continued to grind herself into his mouth.

It wasn't long before Harry, his hands on her arse and his mouth full of her pussy felt her press down on him again, his jaw actually hurting a bit before after a long moment he felt her let up slightly.

Rocking back slightly she knelt just above his head, his hair messed in with her pussy and his gaze looking up past her breasts and into her face which was looking down at him with absolutely no expression.

Without a word she swung her leg up and over him, the knee high white socks still the only thing she had on, and jumped off the table.

Walking over to her pile of cloths she dressed herself without a word and walking over to the door looked over at Harry who was still lying on the table where she had left him, fully clothed, with his cock hanging out of his trousers and laying on his stomach.

"Finish the rest of this up will you Potter." She said with a dismissive wave of her hand at the eleven remaining cauldrons and one ruined one before closing the door behind her.

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