Sexy Shots (daphne)

Chapter 4

A/N: Harry here is a Slytherin.

In the dead of night Hogwarts' library was pitch black, and eerily silent. The darkness was broken only by a single candle, floating in the air, casting long shadows over the desks and bookcases.

Had anyone been watching, they might have shrugged it off as one of Hogwarts' quirks, or maybe Peeves up to his usual mischief. No one would have suspected Harry, the quiet Slytherin boy, to be breaking curfew.

Harry often came to the library at night, pouring over the dusty volumes, absorbing their precious knowledge. In 5th year he had discovered how to use the Restricted Section without alarms flaring, and in the year since he had thoroughly explored the section of forbidden magic. Tonight, however, he wasn't browsing.

Tonight he had a purpose.

Tonight was the night. The night he had been waiting for - longing for. He had found his way around Hogwarts wards, constantly monitoring the students. He had found the charm he needed.

It was a simple thing, he thought has he leafed through the ancient tome. An obscuring charm. It was obvious, really. He didn't have to counteract the power of the entire Hogwart's spell system. No. All he had to do was to make it pass over him, for but a while.

It was time.

He reached into his invisible robes, pulling out his wand. He held it in the air in front of him.

"Hominem concello!" he though. Only non-verbal magic would do. Speaking would destroy the spell, and then the castle would catch on that there was something trying to evade it. Harry didn't want to imagine what would happen then.

Hoping that the spell worked, he put the book away and started heading back to the Slytherin dorm rooms.

"Tempus!" he thought, flicking his wand.


Harry hoped she'd still be awake.

He had to break into the Slytherin dorms with a spell, as he couldn't speak the password, but no matter. It was a door designed to keep children out. There were no serious protections upon it.

The common room was empty; the fire burnt out long ago.


Harry tapped his wand to his head, making himself visible again. It wouldn't do to turn up invisible, after all.

He turned to the stairs leading to the girls dorms.

No time like the present.

Taking a breath he took a firm stride onto the stairs, and waited. Nothing happened. No alarms, no slide. It had worked.

Harry allowed himself a grin.

He took the stairs two at a time. It didn't matter if someone heard him now: they'd just assume he was a girl. The sixth year room was near the top of the stairs. Harry entered without hesitation.

The room was dark, but one of the five beds was lit with a soft glow from within. One of the girls was still up. Daphne.

Harry walked over to the curtain and ripped it open.

Reclining on the bed was a beautiful blonde girl, petite and wearing a sheer, white negligee. She looked up at him, her rich brown eyes locking with his. A perfectly plucked eyebrow rose. A slow smile crept across her face, crinkling her cute nose, and she shut her book.

The movement as she sat up made her hair fall to the side, and Harry felt his eyes drawn downwards. He could see the tips of her full breasts outlined through the silk, the curve of her hip, and long, long legs, smooth and tan. Were she standing up, the thin gown would have barely covered her bum.

She moved to kneel on the bed, and Harry held a finger to his lips in a hushing motion. He wouldn't want to wake the others.

Daphne reached over to him and started fiddling with the buttons on his robes while nuzzling his neck, laying light lingering kisses over and over again. He could feel the softness of her lips, the way they parted ever so slightly on his skin, the cool wetness left behind as she moved on for yet another.

She was setting the pace, and it was set to tease.

Harry hadn't come for teasing.

He kicked off his shoes and socks and climbed onto the bed, letting the curtains shut behind him. He took a moment to admire Daphne's form again before hugging her, crushing his lips against hers, lips fighting lips as each tried to devour the other, raw need coursing through them. He could feel her breasts against him, warm and soft. Their hips started to grind together.

Hands scrabbled, buttons were undone, and before Harry knew what was happening she was pulling his robes off his shoulders. In proper wizarding fashion, he was wearing nothing underneath. Daphne looked down at his hard cock and a hungry look crossed her face, unusual on her perfect features.

Harry had never seen anything quite so hot in his life. He went to resume their kiss but Daphne pushed him back onto the bed, his head landing on the pillows. She kept her eyes on his as she lowered one thin strap of her gown and then the other, letting it fall to her waist.

Her breasts were glorious. A good handful, perky yet visibly soft, peaked with small pink tips, they rocked with a mesmerising rhythm as she crawled over him, planting a slow sensual kiss on his lips. Before he could respond, she moved downwards, planting a kiss on his chin, and then again on his neck, and again and again, moving ever downwards, her nipples running along his body as she did, somehow both soft and hard, making a trail down his abdomen.

After what seemed like forever, her mouth reached his cock. Taking it in her hand, she kissed down one side of the shaft then the other. The heat of her tongue was intense, and then - oh! - she'd formed her lips into an "O" and slid her mouth down his cock, taking his head inside her mouth, sucking and running her tongue around and around.

Harry couldn't help it - he bucked his hips slightly, and Daphne took the hint. She started using her hand too, stoking him as she moved her mouth up and down, perfectly in time. Harry couldn't take his eyes off her, and she seemed to feel his stare.

Their eyes met and Harry felt a surge of arousal: Daphne, the most beautiful girl in Hogwarts, had her lips wrapped around his cock, her cheeks hollowed in as she sucked, her hair rocking this way and that as she vigorously bounced her head up and down, trying to bring him to completion.

If he let her go on any longer, she would.

He stroked the line of her jaw with his finger and she stopped. His cock left her mouth with a small pop, the air cool after the warmth of her mouth. He put his hands on her shoulders and she got the hint, making her way back up his body. As she did, her negligee slid down further, and Harry could see all the way down her taught stomach and beyond, admiring the rise of her hairless pubic bone, fascinated by the "V" made by her thighs and body.

He suddenly very much wanted to explore her. She was now straddling his lap and he sat up, kissing her neck in turn, trying to tease her as she teased him. She sighed happily and moved her head to one side, giving him better access. Her hands roved around his back, her nails scratching ever so slightly. Harry moved his lips from the soft skin of her neck to her collar, and then further down to the rise of her breast. She leaned back and for a moment Harry just wanted to stick his head in her cleavage, but restrained himself.

Instead he kissed gently to the side, following the tear-drop curve of the skin, around underneath before moving up and running his tongue over her nipples, wetting them. Daphne gasped and Harry could see her nipple tighten further at his ministrations. Her hips began to rock again, and he was suddenly aware of her heat, resting against his cock. He rocked his hips a bit too and revelled in the feeling as his shaft ran along the groove in her skin, soft and smooth.

Licking a finger, he slowly ran it around the lips of her cunt, pausing at the top to run a smaller circle round her clit. Daphne seemed to approve: she went back to work on his neck, kissing and sucking now, her breasts pushed up against him, her hair draped over his shoulders and back. A sensory overload.

He dipped a finger inside her and was shocked at how wet she was. Keeping his thumb running around her clit he moved his finger in and out, spreading her wetness, studying - almost academically - the way she felt inside, the soft, sticky, warmth; the texture of her folds as his finger glided over them, its travel eased by her slippery wetness.

He was startled out of his study by a long, low moan. He stopped what he was doing. Daphne whispered in his ear, her breath tickling.

"Fuck me."

That was all the invitation Harry needed. Using his weight, he rolled over, trapping her underneath him. She spread her legs wide, and for the first time Harry got a proper view of her pussy, perfectly neat and pink, glistening and inviting. He positioned himself and savoured the moment, the head of his cock just parting her inner lips ever so slightly, before he slowly pushed himself in.

She was everything he expected; everything he dreamed. He was tight and soft and warm and as she moved to reposition herself he felt as if he could feel her every muscle, every breath. It was magical.

He leant over Daphne and kissed her, moving almost all the way out of her cunt before pushing back in again, keeping it slow, loving the feel of her pushing against him, adjusting to him. Each time he pushed in she was sticker, easier to penetrate. Soon her hips began to move with his and he slid in deeper, as deep as he could go. She seemed to like that, as she let out one of her small gasps, and increased the pace of her hips, almost frantic now, pushing up against him, slightly clumsy.

Harry moved his head from the cradle of her shoulder and looked down, watching himself as he entered her over and over, admiring the bouncing of her breasts, tasting a drop of sweat in the valley between them; listening to the repetitive slapping as they moved together, over and over again.

She was close to the edge now, Harry could tell. Her eyes were closed, a look very much like concentration on her face; she was pulling him against her in a death grip, gasping every time he moved into her. Her legs wrapped around his waist and suddenly he was even deeper than before, on automatic pilot, his own climax building up, and-

"Oh!" Daphne cried, completely forgetting where they were, completely forgetting everything. Her body trembled, Harry could feel her undulating beneath him, completely out of breath and out of her mind, and it was the final straw.

Completely silent, he felt that release passing the point of no-return, all he could feel was her glorious tightness around him, against him; he was losing control of his movements, jerking erratically, and with a final thrust he was tensing up, over and over, spurting within her.

They lay there in silence for a moment, catching their breath, coming back to their senses as the fog of extreme pleasure left them. Sated, Harry pulled out from Daphne with a slight squelch. Neither of them seemed to mind.

He rolled over and lay next to her.

"Wow," she said, and giggled.

"Wow," Harry agreed.