Sexy Shots (Pansy)

Chapter 1

A/N: In Harry's 7th year...

All things considered, Harry was taking the prospect of 'repeating' seventh year all over again fairly well. Virtually the entire school had to, due to the fact that very little teaching had actually occurred, the disciplinary reigns of terror and the indoctrinating propaganda all necessitating delaying the lives of everybody by a whole year so that they were actually taught the curriculum intended for them. There were many reason why Harry ought to have insisted that after that he, Ron, and Hermione had just accomplished that they should have had pretty clear shots right through graduation, but there was something different offered up by the chance to repeat a year, something almost like an opportunity for him. The six years he'd spent at Hogwarts before dropping out had been rife with the kind of madness and constant worry that maybe kept him from enjoying things like a normal boy ought to have, and with Voldemort dead for good it seemed like a newly turned eighteen year old Harry would be getting the sensible, sane school year he always deserved.

And for the most part, it was. Hogwarts wasn't the same as it used to be, between the familiar faces of those who'd died and a general shakiness about the student body, but just as Harry had once led the school to war, he now tried his best to lead them through happier times, and as the first weeks of school rolled on, he was starting to break through some of the unhappiness and terror that had befallen people who had watched Hogwarts become an unsafe place and for many of them, seen death firsthand for the very first time.

But for some, there was no helping. And there wasn't even a particularly great amount of desire to help them. The hatred he could feel practically radiating off of Draco Malfoy wasn't exactly a new feeling for Harry, but never had it been quite as fierce as it had become in the wake of the war. There were more than a few Slytherins whose parents had died or been arrested in the wake of the attack, Death Eaters given what they likely deserved, and Draco had quickly become the the foremost of those. Which was perhaps unfair, given his father had once again avoided jail time in exchange for his exile in France, but the Malfoy family was hardly in ruin now, hardly destitute because of that. And yet, with each passing day, the hatred seemed to swell up, growing hotter and hotter as Draco found himself truly loathing Harry. Doing his best to just brush it all off, Harry went on with his classes.

Over maybe the past year, Harry had come to look a lot different than he used to. Coming into maturity had done wonders for him, and it had come to a head over the summer of his eighteenth birthday. He returned to Hogwarts broad shouldered, muscular, and a little scruffier. His head of messy black hair was now accompanied by a bit of facial hair he'd stopped keeping meticulously shaven clean somewhere around when he'd ended up living in a tent. And he was turning heads now more than ever, a war hero and grown into quite the burly hunk in the eyes of the girls of Hogwarts.

It was one fairly mild autumn evening, on his way back from tea with Hagrid, when Harry found himself accosted by Draco, smug and insufferable as ever. "Potter," the platinum blond snarled, robes wide open and flaunting the wand sank into his pants, flaunted by the way it lay over his shirt. Beside him, his girlfriend Pansy Parkinson stood in an peculiar outfit resembling the cheerleader uniforms of Quidditch teams, which were very similar to muggle outfits in their general skimpiness, but which proved much, much gaudier. In this case, the Slytherin colours of green and silver formed a mismatched series of swirling stripes, stars, and speckles all across each other. An absolute nightmare of design that even Harry in all of his general lack of a fashion sense could tell was simply absurd. But, at least it flaunted her shapely legs and her taut midriff with its short skirt and her crop top.

"What do you want?" Harry asked, groaning as he tried to walk right past Draco, brushing him off entirely. There was no place for him to bother with the bitter Slytherin. There were days when Harry found delight in humiliating and showing up Draco, but mostly he just wanted to get back up to his room and relax.

"To prove who the greatest wizard in Hogwarts is," Draco said proudly as if it could have ever been him. "Harry Potter, I challenge you to a duel!'

"That's nice." Harry walked right past Draco and Pansy, although not without admiring the way her long, taut legs looked in her pleated short skirt. In his mind, smug dismissal of Draco was better than bothering to play along, as the spoiled brat longed for nothing more than attention and the 'respect' he felt owed.

Draco, shocked that Harry would not accept such a challenge on his honour, but he had come prepared for that possibility. "If you win, you get Pansy for the night."

Harry's eyes went wide, and he turned on his heel in a second, smiling in delight as he looked at Draco. "Really? Okay, now I'm listening."

"I know I won't lose, so I'm willing to put up my own girlfriend for this. She matters more to me than anybody now, and of course you'd love to fuck a gorgeous pureblooded witch, wouldn't you?"

"Hey, for once you're right about something." Harry bit his lip as he looked Pansy up and down. Garish clothes aside, she really had grown into quite the looker herself, a very fit and svelte girl with remarkably perky everything. Her breasts weren't massive, but they never seemed to have anything but the utmost of life in them, and her ass was quite the treat as well. Even her dark brown hair in a bob cut looked quite remarkable framing her face, which had matured into something with a certain amount of smug refinement to it. "Okay sure, if you win you get to be the smug prat you're used to being. But if I win, I get to bring your girl up to my dorm room and fuck her all night. And you have to wait outside and listen to your girl scream as I give her the kind of fuck she's clearly not getting from you."

There was an intense satisfaction in outright feeling the way they shifted nervously about, Harry's remarks lewd and a little biting, but Pansy shook her head. "Look, Draco, he's just a trashy blood traitor after all. He must have picked up all that talk from those muggles and mudbloods he keeps around."

"Well now, you've gone and made this a matter of honour, Potter." Draco whipped out wand. "Now I don't have only my own reputation on the line, but the honour of the woman I love. Draw your wand and show me how long you can stand up to me before I defeat you."

Harry rolled his eyes and drew his wand.

"It was a fluke!" Draco shouted, standing outside of the seventh year Gryffindor boy's dorm, as Harry leaned in the doorway, his hand firmly cupping and fondling the ass of his spoils of war. Pansy squirmed fitfully, disgusted and frustrated by the ways in which she was about to be used. "You only beat me because I wasn't ready. No Malfoy has ever lost a fair duel in one spell before."

Harry rolled his eyes as he felt up Draco's girl in full view of him, lingering by the doorway with a wicked smirk on his face. "Uh-huh, keep telling yourself when I'm fucking your girl so hard she forgets your name."

"That won't happen." Pansy spoke through gritted teeth as he felt her up. His touch was strange and altogether worrying, so strong and intense as it worked over her rear end that she couldn't help but get a little damp from the way he manhandled her. "There's no way that a cocky half-blood like you could ever fuck me like Draco can. When this is all over, every girl in school is going to know that Harry Potter is a tiny dicked loser who blows his load in thirty seconds. But Draco? Draco's hung like a stallion!" She shook her head adamantly, even as his grip crept between her legs and a strong middle finger dragged up and down her slit, handling her with a strength and aggression that she hadn't expected out of him.

"Don't worry Pansy, once you're done washing away the taint of a blood traitor's hands, I'll give you the fucking only a real, pureblooded man can give you." Draco was furious about the fact that Harry was about to fuck his girlfriend, but keeping up the rhetoric of pureblood superiority at least let him brush off that it was happening. "And Potter, if I hear you try to pull some crazy deviant bullshit on my girlfriend, I'll kill you myself."

Harry rolled his eyes, one hand grabbing Pansy by the collar of her top and dragging her into the room, while the other slammed the door in Draco's face. "I'd make you watch me breaking your girlfriend in if I didn't think your presence would annoy me too much to get hard," he shouted from the other end of the door as he looked at Pansy, eyes hungrily adoring her body one last time. "Get down on your knees," he said sternly, and suddenly everything about his broad musculature seemed much more intimidating. He discarded his robes and let the burliness of his frame become much more apparent.

Dropping down reluctantly to her knees, Pansy wasn't stopping. "You cheated somehow! I've seen the way you look at me, hungering after an innocent pureblood like that, jealous of Draco for being worthy of a woman like me. Well once this is done, I promise you, you crazy, mudblood-loving pervert, I'm going to--what?" Her hateful screed had been interrupted unceremoniously by something rather brutal and intense; Harry's soft cock slapping against her face. She was left speechless, not only because of the brazen disrespect that came from being cockslapped, but because she could not believe what she was looking at.

Even mostly flaccid, Harry's cock put Draco's to shame. It hung lower and was considerably fatter than her boyfriend's, the supposedly stallion-esque endowment that had been talked up. And Harry knew it too; he could see the shock in her eyes, the way that she attempted to rationalize it to herself. "You were saying?" he crooned, holding the base of his cock as he gave her a few more strikes across the cheek for good measure with his dick, letting her feel the way it got harder and harder, filling with blood until it was standing rock hard at full mast, even bigger still. Longer, fatter, pressing against her face and leaving her whimpering, eyes wide in shock.

"It's the biggest cock I've ever seen," she sighed, bottom lip trembling as her tongue slipped out of her mouth to lick slowly up the underside of the magnificent dick. "N-no," she gasped, shaking her head and trying to push herself out of the daze she was slipping into, struggling not to drool at the sight of it. "Draco still has the better physique! A-a-and size isn't everything!" Trembling fingers reached up for the shaft, wrapping around it as she took a lick at his tip, which throbbed against her touch and sent some pre splattering down onto her lips. "Draco tastes better than you do, too! Pureblood cum is so much better than--glurk glurk glurk glurk."

Rather than let her keep talking Harry decided to just slam his cock all the way down into her throat, silencing her with a steady facefucking. Brutal slams forward left Pansy shivering as she gagged on his mammoth cock. "Shut up," he said quite simply, holding tightly onto her shoulders as he pushed further and deeper with each quick, rapid thrust down her gullet. "I love you much better when you're not talking about purebloods. Or really at all. Just stop talking and let me fuck you."

The blatant disrespect that she felt as Harry violated her should have been enough to shake her from the haze of sudden, inexplicable lust that the sight of his swollen dick in front of her stirred, but as he violated her mouth and her throat, she found herself unable to think about anything but the cock between her lips. Her eyes closed a little, gaze softening as her body shook, bubbling with sudden lust that she wished she didn't have to endure but which she really couldn't help. The sensations were upon her quickly and brutally, almost overwhelming in how powerful it was. Harry showed off a side she'd never seen before, one of raw, intense dominance and masculinity. It made her pussy dampen as her thighs rubbed together beneath her skimpy skirt.

Back and forth her head began to drag, moving to join the brutal thrusts with a complimentary motion of her own. "I knew you'd come around," Harry said, smug as could be as he watched her go at it. "Come on Pansy, there's no shame in admitting that I'm bigger than Draco. Or that I can probably fuck you better than he can, too. Just have fun tonight, and don't worry about your boyfriend. You're my bitch, and it's all his fault, isn't it?" There was nothing but delight for Harry; not only did he have a gorgeous, svelte Slytherin to break in with his cock, but he was cucking Draco in the process, the thorn in his side just on the other side of the wall and listening to all of it. "Gag a little louder for him, let him hear just how much you're choking on my cock." He had no idea if Draco really could hear from the other side of the wall, but if he could, then surely he would be in for quite the auditory treat of his beloved Pansy struggling to take Harry's massive dick down her throat.

The softening of Pansy's eyes lidding slowly, half-closed in lust as she surrendered with ease to Harry's aggression and to his amazing cock. All of the fight she should have showed left her, as evidenced by when Harry stopped thrusting altogether, and she seemed to not even notice thanks to the pace of her head moving faster, voluntarily facefucking herself. She was a mess, and not only was she drooling all over his cock, she was drooling all over herself; as she bobbed back and forth, continuing to gag aggressively, saliva spilled from her lips, throat plugged and keeping her being able to swallow, so everything leaked down her lips, running down her chin and onto her top and her lap. She was making a mess of herself, but she seemed so hungry for Harry's dick that she didn't even fully care.

Once certain that Pansy was as gone as could be, Harry began to fuck her face again, balls swinging forward to slap at her chin as he pressed onward, giving the pretty Slytherin the mouthfuck of a lifetime. Steady thrusts forward shoved cock deep into her mouth, and he showed no signs of letting up as he hammered her relentlessly, groaning and twisting in delight as he did so. Everything about this felt amazing, especially that it was Pansy of all people; one of Draco's posse from the beginning, slurping his cock down hungrily. It felt too good to resist, and he had no problem at all with how this was going, as he drew his hips aggressively back, cock slipping all of the way out of her mouth as he grabbed hold of the slimy cock, covered in strands of spit that connected his head to her lips still.

Before Pansy could ask he'd pulled it away, he was smacking it down once more upon her face, leaving stretches of her face slimy spit-covered as he wound up toward release, stroking his wonderful cock right in her face and forcing her to stare at it as it twitched before her eyes, making her face light up as he came all over it. Thick, gooey strands of molten hot cum splattered down onto her pretty and delightedly twisted features, which left her trembling and moaning as she took it all, welcoming the facial from the man she'd just moments earlier been insulting as much as he could. "So, what was that about how I had a tiny cock?" he asked smugly.

Out of breath and shuddering in the wake of what she had just done, clarity began to seep back for Pansy, as she realized what she had just done, how utterly she had given in to everything Harry had wanted from her. She couldn't find the words to even begin to express what she felt, torn between lust, shock, guilt, and the utter shaking of her world. "I... I don't... How are you so big?"

All Harry could do was smile as he reached down for Pansy, slowly pulling her up to her feet, the girl stumbling on her way onto a steady base, before he pushed her back, left her spilling onto his bed as he advanced hungrily upon her. She yelped as her head hit the mattress, the forceful impact leaving her already rattled body a little shaken as Harry dropped down to his knees in front of the ted and reaching up to grab her panties from beneath her pleated skirt. Tugging them down, he couldn't help but notice the lacy black underwear she'd put on. "Were these for me?" he asked, showing the fancy panties to Pansy. "Did you want to look sexy in case you had to impress me?"

Embarrassment burned as Pansy shivered, biting her lip as he reached down to massage her inner thighs. "They were for Draco. I wanted to look sexy for him when we fucked to celebrate him beating you." Gone was the bravado and bluster of the impassioned pureblood, replaced with someone torn between carnal lust and everything sensible and normal for her. Her devotion to Draco, her claims for years that she would never let someone other than a pureblooded stud fuck her, all gone out the window as she trembled there, wanting Harry to fuck her but utterly refusing to admit that that was the case.

And Harry knew it. He could see it clear as day upon her face, and he was going to make sure he got the most out of that as he pushed forward, giving a perverted smirk toward her as he pulled her skirt up, exposing her cleanly shaven pussy, and dove in. It was sudden, without warning and so quick that Pansy was gasping and pushing up against his touch before she even realized what was going on, her hips rocking up off the bed and pressing against his face. All according to plan, of course, and letting Harry really go to town on her snatch as he devoured her while she was too surprised to push him back. Not that she could, given that she was still his for the night.

Pansy writhed on the bed, and her moans came far too freely, far too quickly. She was easily surrendering to Harry's touch, to the affection of his lips and tongue working against her entrance, where he could feel just how wet sucking his cock had gotten her. Where he could taste it. Pure, naked arousal caught by each stroke of his tongue against her puffy mound. She was losing her mind, and she knew that something dark and destructive was on the way, an inevitability that she could not truly fight against. It felt good. Too good to believe, and as she looked down at Harry, whose hands pushed her skirt up out of the way and left a clear line of sight to keep eye contact heavy, she could see the smugness in his gaze, the way he delighted in being able to make her feel so good. Pansy knew what he wanted, and it bubbled up within her. She didn't fight against it at all, gasping his name with a quivering moan as her shoulders tightened.

A smirking Harry pulled back in delight, wanting his lips free for what came next as he stuffed two thick, strong fingers into her and began to fingerfuck her rapidly. "Say it again, Pansy," he taunted, licking his lips. "Say my name, scream it for Draco. He's right on the other side of the wall, and I want him to hear how much his girlfriend is loving just having my fingers in her. How horny you got from sucking my cock. Come on Pansy, say it." His deft, quick fingering, with the digits pressing up against her g-spot, was the surefire way to heat her up; he didn't want to fuck her until she was begging, and there was a great power in being able to control her like this, in having her totally at his mercy.

And say it she did. "Harry!" Pansy screamed, biting her lip as her hips rocked up against his touch, pushing frantically against his pumping digits as she gave in with almost terrifyingly deep hunger to what he was doing to her. "Don't stop fingering me, this is great!" She didn't want to admit it, but even that brief period of him eating her out had been more amazing than anything Draco had ever done with his own tongue, his oral technique so half-hearted and sloppy, needing a demanding insistence to even get him to do it only to find him disappointingly careless and just wanting his dick wet. But Harry wasn't doing that, and it was challenging her notions of who the better lover was, leaving her unsure if she was truly right to not be with Harry instead of Draco. Such thoughts were insane and had no place in her mind, but she couldn't stop the lingering doubts from creeping up on her.

Pansy had more to worry about than doubts as the rapid fingerfucking brought her efficiently to orgasm. She screamed as her body trembled, the cries of bliss almost certainly loud enough to be heard on the other side of the door by Draco, if he was still around, and her body twisted fitfully about on the bed as she kicked and writhed and her head rolled back. The reaction was so blatant, so utterly reckless and lusty, and she didn't try to hide any of it from Harry, even if his leery eyes were soaking it all in smugly, watching as she dropped all of her pureblood rhetoric, all of her hatred and venom to embrace something within her that couldn't be beaten.

Harry got up to his feet and climbed onto the bed, straddling Pansy and letting the massive, pre-leaking tip of his cock drag up and down her now primed, sopping wet slit. "I heard a rumour that you decided you were only ever going to let pureblooded boys fuck you. That you were proud and loyal to wizardkind, and that only men without a drop of muggle in them could ever fuck you. But my mom was a muggleborn, and I'm wondering if you've had a little bit of a change of heart now." He smiled wide as he looked down at Pansy. It was one thing to let Draco hear her screaming her name, and he was sure that the words, "Fuck me, Harry," would have stung even deeper, but the Gryffindor thought about blows even lower than that. The kind of low that involved knowing that his girlfriend was a filthy blood traitor too.

"I... I'll let you fuck me," Pansy said, whining as her fingers curled against the bedding, her biting hard on her lower lip. She shivered, a little thrown off and left trembling by everything befalling her. Even her words were shaky and uncertain, as if she was the one 'letting' Harry do anything. As if she wasn't his bitch for the night. As if her entire body wasn't aching for him to pound her raw.

"Not good enough," Harry groaned lowly, his cock twitching and spewing a few strands of pre onto her mound, which his cock tip rubbed into her puffy labia as he kept his hand steady on the shaft, working it over to tease her. His head motioned toward the door and smile grew wider. "The deeper you cut, the harder I'll fuck you."

A humiliated whine trembled its way up Pansy's throat as he taunted her like this, made sure that she was absolutely given to the words she was about to say. Screaming as loudly as she could to make sure not only Draco but anyone nearby heard, Pansy proclaimed, "I want to get fucked by that massive blood traitor cock!"

Harry could not have felt better about slamming forward into Pansy if he tried, groaning as he buried himself within her and got right down to fucking her savagely. The thrill of hearing her words, of knowing that he was now hitting Draco where it counted as she proclaimed how much she wanted him to fuck her not by begging for his cock but begging for the sin of her 'betrayal', made it all the sweeter. Given her reaction to his cock even when flaccid, he was sure that he dwarfed Draco easily, but now he had conclusive proof of that, as he felt her incredibly tight cunt stretching out around his dick as he drove deep into her. She was almost virginal given her tightness, and Harry was reaping all the benefits of that fact as he drove forward and pounded her as raw as he could.

From the first moment of penetration onward, Pansy was a mess. The cock shunting into her pussy left her suddenly feeling the kind of fucking that she didn't know she needed, the kind that put to shame even the exaggerated vision of what Draco could do, and she writhed on the bed as he got to work at hammering her, his powerful and muscular frame leaving her wowed by his dominance and by the way that he easily played her and dragged her down deep into the reaches of lust. "Fuck me," she whined, rolling her head back hard against the bed, her shoulders lifting up as she lay there, a face covered in cum and a pussy stuffed to the brim with cock. it was more than she could fathom, more than she cold have ever hoped for or wanted, but now that she had a taste, it was consuming her.

The high of stealing Draco's girl from him, as was blatant by the way she begged and moaned, clearly never having been fucked anywhere near this good in her life, was a more potent thrill than Harry could have hoped for. All of the haughtiness of her callous words had melted away, replaced with the frantic cries of someone surrendering all too eagerly to her hungers, and he was ready to savour every sweet moment of taking her as he slammed her full, stretched her open to fit his cock. "After this, you're going to be ruined for Draco. He won't fit inside you anymore, will he?"

"No," Pansy gasped, lip trembling as her hands reached up to grab at his body, tugging at his shirt and holding onto his muscular arms and his chest as she tried to find a way to handle all of this. "No, you're too big, I'm not going to be able to anymore. No guy I've ever fucked is as hung as you are, Harry. I don't know what I'm going to do."

Harry knew what she was going to do, but he didn't say it yet, taking things slow as he just focused on this time. He'd make short work of her and the Slytherin would be coming back for more time after time, and he would adore every moment of pounding the lithe girl with her perky ass and her slick, desperate pussy into submission, but there was plenty to do before he got there, like making sure she was as broken in and addicted to him as possible. "You're really tight. Draco isn't hung like a stallion at all, is he?" His voice rang out clearly, and he hoped Draco was sticking around. Maybe he should have paid off Dean and Seamus to act as muscle to make sure that Draco couldn't leave until he was done with Pansy. Which, granted, could have taken until morning, but he wasn't yet sure if the girl could handle getting fucked for that long. Few women could.

Shaking her head, Pansy felt the swell of guilt that came from admitting this, but she also couldn't find the reasoning not to admit it. "Four inches," she confessed. "Draco has a four inch cock. I talked him up because it was the right thing to do, but he's never fucked me like this. You're so big, and so strong, Harry!" She whined, and the guilt felt much less powerful than it should have, almost like she felt guilty more for not feeling guiltier about her confessions. She was a wreck, and Harry was playing her life a fiddle.

Bringing her to orgasm was almost too easy. He was surprised by just how quickly she got off even with the savage pace he was fucking her to. Pansy howled in delight as the orgasm tore through her weary body, the rapid shaking of her inflamed and needy body an absolute treat to the eyes as she bucked. "Oh, yes! He never actually got me off! I've faked every orgasm with him, but this is so good! I'm actually cumming from getting fucked, and it's amazing!" Legs wrapped around Harry's waist and she bucked madly forward as the tightness clamped down around Harry's shaft. It was an incredible sensation, the unbelievable tightness only growing harsher, and Harry held nothing back as he came, flooding her pussy with even more cum that he'd pumped all over her face as he groaned, cock twitching and aching as each throb brought another jet of burning cum to fill her up. The heat within her of the thick seed splashing against her inner walls, filling her womb, left her shaking. She was burning up with desire.

Harry didn't rest on his laurels, though. The second that he'd finished cumming in Pansy and the girl went limp in the shuddering afterglow, he rolled her quickly over onto all fours and brought his cock up to the tip of her ass. She had an amazing backside, and seeing it bare only confirmed that fact; it was smooth, taut, and toned to perfection. "Has Draco ever fucked you here?" he asked, smirking as he gave it a quick slap.

There were many things Pansy could have said to drive Harry wild, but there was no answer that he could have possibly found hotter than the one she gave him. "Draco who?"

The door finally opened to the seventh year boy's dorm room, and Harry wore nothing but an open robe. His massive cock hung down between his legs, still rigid but subject to the pull of gravity more than a little. Cum dripped from the end of it, and the whole thing glistened with the spit and quim of Pansy Parkinson. "Oh wow," Harry remarked, "You're still here."

With his head in his hands, Draco sat at the wall opposite the door, having heard his girlfriend moan and scream as Harry fucked her for two hours without pause. Every gag, every plea for more, every confession about the size of Draco's cock or that he'd never gotten her off properly had rung out clear in his ears, and dejection shook him as he sat there. He couldn't leave without her, couldn't stumble back into the Slytherin common room admitting he'd lost the bet and that Harry Potter was balls deep in his girlfriend. There was too much shame involved in that, and it didn't help that the one-two punch of losing the duel and then having to hear all of that was the most crushing thing he could have ever experienced. "Fuck you, Potter," he said, ready to swear bloody vengeance on the wizard, but in practice... Every step of the way, he'd been beaten. Harry's actions had taken everything from him, and it had finally reached a point where he couldn't muster up the strength of will needed to shit him down. "Where's Pansy? We're leaving."

"Oh no," Harry said, smirking wide. "Pansy is actually going to stay right here tonight, with me. She's having the time of her life getting fucked, and she doesn't want to go back."

Draco's eyes went wide, and he shuddered as he rose to his feet, peering past Harry's broad shouldered frame to find the appalling sight himself. Pansy lay bent over the desk, face a mess with cum, even more of it settled into her stomach, and enough semen to likely impregnate every girl on school grounds was leaking out of her gaping ass and pussy as she shivered and twitched. "You... You..." he couldn't speak, couldn't even begin to form his rage into words as he watched in terror.

"Mmm, come on Harry," Pansy whined, looking over her shoulder. "Make him go away, I want you to fuck my face again."

Harry clicked his tongue. "Sorry Draco, duty calls. But don't worry, I'm sure there's some other girl out there who'll decide that blood purity is better than actually having orgasms." On that note, he slammed the door for a second time into Draco's face, but this time, he didn't even have to shove Pansy down on her knees; she was already there and swallowing his cock by the time he'd turned around.

Harry really should have been careful about how he fucked Pansy. After all, sneaking into the Slytherin dorms with his invisibility cloak was a must, as even with the war over Harry was not the most popular boy to the Slytherins, which seemed totally fair considering how many of them had relatives who'd either perished in the war or were now on trial for their crimes. And that was when they fucked in the dorms, which wasn't always, because Pansy didn't always have the guarantee her friends would be off doing something else for sometimes hours at a time, as the insatiable Gryffindor pounded her raw and flaunted his sexual prowess sometimes for whole evenings and right through until morning. There was a measure of decency involved in her roommates being willing to give her some time, but not whole nights. And Pansy was loud about it, too.

They fucked in every corner of the school they could find. As Slytherin's Head Girl, she had access to virtually every corner of the castle, and Harry lavished in every attempt he could go indulge in those sinful delights, fucking her across every inch of the prefect's bathroom, sometimes escaping to the room of requirement for a shag. Any part of the castle they could get to and isolate themselves in for some utterly depraved and feral sex. But sometimes, there weren't any options other than to go into their dorm rooms, and they just accepted it as fact and moved on with the process, hoping that her roommates wouldn't walk in on them. It was a stupidly risky move and Harry was right in the middle of Slytherin hell with his pants down, but he wanted to fuck and that was all there was to it.

The burly, scruffy Gryffindor was methodically and quite calmly breaking Pansy in two, her legs up over his shoulder and her back on the bed as he railed her hard and fast, But didn't seem like he was breaking a sweat in the process. Even if he had Pansy screaming like she was having her mind blown. And she very likely was, given each time Harry's mighty hips pulled back, his absolutely massive cock was exposed to her eager, desiring eyes. At last one should call it "FUCK"

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