Sexy Shots (Pansy)

Chapter 2

Harry decided to start in the dungeons this time. He walked through keeping an eye out for anyone out of bed.


Harry stopped and turned to find Pansy Parkinson standing there.

"Parkinson, what are you doing out of bed?" Harry asked as his hand neared his wand. Can't be too careful now.

Pansy stalked forward and when she got close enough she leaned into Harry.

"I know that you fucked Greengrass" she said in a whisper.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked playing dumb.

"Oh can it, Potter. I know you fucked Greengrass. She came back walking wobbly and with a shit eating grin on her face. I then heard her talking in her sleep"arry Pansy said.

"Okay, why are you telling me?" Harry asked not sure where this was going.

"I want a piece" Pansy growled.

Harry arched an eyebrow.

"What about Malfoy, I thought you two were doing it?" he asked.

"Draco, that piece of shit's dick is so small that I barely feel it. Not to mention he rather stroke Crabbe and Goyle instead of me" Pansy said.

Harry shuddered at the mental image Pansy had given him with Malfoy getting intimate with Crabbe and Goyle.

"Sorry for the image Potter" Pansy apologized.

"You are going to have do better than an apology to make me forget what I just saw" Harry said.

Pansy smirked. She looked around and found an alcove. She led Harry to it and pushed him against the stone wall. She unbuckled his pants and yanked them down. His boxers followed and she engulfed his whole limp organ.

Harry groaned as Pansy began blowing him. Fucking hell, the snake knew how to suck a guy.

Pansy bobbed her head as she felt Harry's member grow and harden in her mouth. It was too much and she had to pull back a bit to be able to still breath. She pulled back and admired the fully erect organ. It was so big and thick. Damn, how this thing going to fit in her?

"What are you waiting for?" Harry hissed.

Pansy flipped her skirt up and then peeled off her emerald green panties with her initials off. She stuffed them in Harry's pocket.

"A souvenir" she said then jumped onto Harry wrapping her legs and arms around him.

Harry had to aim his cock by feel. It took a few tries, but Pansy gasped then let out a drawn out moan as she sank down on Harry's wand. Harry muttered a few curse words as he felt Pansy's super tight cunt surround him. Shitty, shitty, fuck, fuck she was tight. Once Pansy was fully down on Harry she was gasping for breath. She never felt so full before and it felt so amazing.

"Fuck me Potter, fuck my pureblood pussy raw" she growled.

Harry spun them around and pushed Pansy against the wall and began to fuck her long and hard.

Pansy mewled as she raked her short nails into Harry's clothed back. Harry was sure that is he hadn't had his back covered she'd have drawn blood.

"Oh fuck Potter, that's it. Shit, fucking coming" Pansy whined.

Harry felt Pansy's cunt grip him so tightly he was afraid that he'd rip his cock off he kept moving. So he stopped and let Pansy's orgasm subside. Once that happened he went back to fucking her at the same pace as before. He kept going stopping when Pansy peaked then starting all over again after she calmed down.

"Fucking Merlin, you haven't come yet" Pansy exclaimed.

She was shocked how long Harry was going. The boys in the snake pit who liked girls only lasted mere seconds then fired their load. Harry was going for a world record of some kind.

Harry finally felt that he couldn't hold back anymore.

"Close to coming, where you want it?" he grunted.

"In me Potter, I want your seed swimming inside me" Pansy purred.

Harry thrusted in and out a few more time before releasing his load deep within Pansy with one final powerful thrust. Pansy came too, which only sweeten the whole thing.

Once they regained their breath Pansy pulled out and got down on her knees and cleaned Harry's cock. She licked off all of her juices as well as a bit of Harry's come. Once fully clean she got up and pulled another pair of panties she had in her pocket. She put them on and Harry gave her a look.

"What, I don't waste good come" she said.

Harry shook his head and then pulled his pants and boxers up.

"It was a pleasure Potter" Pansy said.

"Yeah, a pleasure" Harry said.

Pansy walked away walking funny.

Harry shook his head as he waited for Pansy to disappear from his sight. Once she had he went on his way whistling as he went.

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