Sexy Shots (Pansy)

Chapter 3

"FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" Pansy screamed.

Behind her was Harry ramming his cock in and out of Pansy's abused cunt. He had been fucking Pansy for the passed couple hours and the bitch wanted more. She always wanted more since their time together was always far and in between.

Right now they were in the potions classroom. Pansy was on Snape's desk on her back with her skirt flipped up, her panties gone. Her heels were pressing against the side of the drawers bracing herself. Her robe was gone and her blouse open revealing her bra less breasts jigging by the force of Harry's pumping. Harry was at the edge of the desk fucking Pansy as hard as he could and loving it.

"Fuck!" Harry swore as he released another load into the Slytherin.

Pansy was panting heavily as she was coming down from her high. Her face was red from exertion and there was a sheen of sweat also.

"Alright there Parkinson?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, just give me a few moments and then we can continue" Pansy said panting still.

Harry sighed and shook his head. The snake bitch just couldn't get enough of his cock and they usually fucked one another for hours whenever they had the chance. It was lucky for them that the school was on a break and most students who stayed behind sleep in late and don't do much at all. That gave both Harry and Pansy ample time to fuck to their heart's content, well, Pansy's.

"Alright, but this time you fuck me from behind" Pansy said.

Harry nodded as he watched Pansy move. She rolled over and presented her ass to Harry along with her dripping abused cunt to him. Harry wasted no time and shoved back in. Pansy howled in pleasure as Harry was sheathed back inside her. She would never get tired of Harry's cock being inside her. If only was there a way for it to remain in her forever, then she'd be one happy girl.

Harry began sawing in and out of Pansy slowly at first, but it didn't take long for him to speed up and fuck the snake at a fast, brutal pace.

Pansy had to grip the edge of the desk hard as she was getting a royal rutting. Her knuckles were turning white from how hard her grip was.

"Yes Potter, fuck me. Fuck my slut like pussy. Fuck good" Pansy wailed.

Harry grunted as he pushed on.

"Spank my ass, spank it" Pansy ordered through her pleasure.

Harry blinked when he heard this request. They had never done that before in all of the times they've done it.

"Well, what are you fucking waiting for. I want my ass red and raw" Pansy barked.

Harry sighed and began spanking Pansy. He started it light at first, but when Pansy ordered him to go harder he did. He alternated between Pansy's twin cheeks so each would be crimson red by the time he was done with them.


They were so lucky they sound proofed the room before their little session began or they'd have quite the audience. With how loud Pansy could get the whole school would be here along with maybe half of Scotland too, magical and non.

Soon Pansy let out a loud screech, which signaled she had come. Her juices were running down her legs and dripping down to the floor with some on Harry's pelvis. Harry had come too and pulled out and then plopped down in the chair right behind him wiping the sweat from his brow.

Pansy laid there on the desk breathing hard. She couldn't really move since her whole body was tired. But she somehow manage to roll til she was length wise on the desk and looking at Harry. She had a shit eating grin on her face that pretty much said, 'I just got my brains fucked out and I can't wait for more'.

"Damn Parkinson, doesn't your libido ever quit?" Harry asked.

"Not til I am satisfied and you know that will be never" Pansy said with the grin never leaving her face.

Harry sighed.

"Yeah, just give me a bit" he said.

Pansy pouted, She wanted more now, but knew that even though Harry had almost god like stamina that even he need to recoup. But she needed to do something, so she got off the desk and got on her knees before Harry. She took his limp soaked organ and licked it. Harry shivered at the feeling. Pansy smirked and kept up her licking then soon took the organ in her mouth and began sucking it.

Harry groaned as he rested his head back, eyes closed. He was gripping the armrests of the chair. Pansy was such a fucking horny girl and she just couldn't leave his member well enough alone. She wanted it whether in her cunt or mouth. Wherever she could put it.

Pansy sucked and swirled her tongue around Harry slowly hardening cock. She did it lazily since she wanted Harry back up to full, but didn't want it too fast or else he wouldn't be able to fuck her the way she wanted him to. So for several minutes she suckled and licked Harry's member even when it was at full mast. She didn't want him to come in her mouth. No, she want one more shot in her pussy then she'd have her dose of come orally.

Harry sighed as he felt himself ready to go. He lifted Pansy's head and smiled.

"Ready for one more?" he asked.

"Fuck yeah, stick it in me" Pansy said excitedly.

She then hopped on to the desk and spread her legs to reveal her cunt to Harry. Harry got up and with one fluid motion filled her up once again. Pansy sighed as she was full once again. Harry then proceed to bang her as hard as he could with Pansy urging him on through moans, groans, screams, and what-not. She held onto Harry tight with her short nails digging into his clothed back with her legs locked around his waist. Harry held Pansy in his arms as he rammed in and out of her.

Soon they both came and Harry once again sat down. Pansy got back on her knees and began sucking Harry once again. But this time she wanted a belly full. She licked and sucked as she bobbed her head. Once Harry was fully hard she really got to work and placed her hands on Harry's muscled thighs. She felt Harry's hands run through her short black hair and groaned. He could be so gently and yet so rough. She loved it.

It didn't take long and soon she had a mouthful of Harry's seed. She swirl it around in her mouth like a fine wine then swallowed. They both got dressed and with a parting kiss they left the potions classroom going in their own direction without turning back.