Sexy Shots

Chapter 1

Harry felt so many things upon finding out that Ginny was cheating on him that he really didn't know where to begin processing any of them. He thought things had been fine with his fiance, that she loved him and that everything was going well. They had taken a bit longer than all their friends to get married, but that wasn't too unreasonable; she had a busy, thriving Quidditch career taking off and he was happy to take things a bit slow while he worked at his own career too, rising up through the ranks of the auror's office with a speed that was nigh unprecedented. The result was spending a lot of time apart, unfortunately; Ginny had her stretches of time spent with her team through long practice sessions that went on for weeks of training, while Harry would sometimes spend a whole week or two somewhere off in the furthest reaches of the world hunting escaped warlocks and criminals who had decided to flee Britain to avoid capture.

But that all fell apart when Harry found himself coming home far earlier than expected; the day after a letter arrived saying he'd probably be another week, Harry found himself already coming home, ready to surprise Ginny and have a few days of time together before she went off to Wales for her next extended practice session. But it was a messy arrival, one that he could not have been less prepared for as he burst into the bedroom with gifts in hand, only to find Ginny bouncing on the lap of her team's owner, while two more of her teammates were all over him. Just like that, everything had come crashing down in an instant, Harry appalled by what he saw and a fair amount of percussive, noisy magic being thrown around as Harry acted with all the anger and aggression bubbling up inside of him.

He'd later found out that the owner of the Holyhead Harpies used the fact he owned an all-women Quidditch team to his advantage, and Ginny had gotten involved in it all. He didn't care what the reason was, didn't particularly care about the excuses or Ginny's insistence it was for her career or going to help them in the long run, or that she still loved him, or even that Harry was so much better in bed. He didn't care about any of it. Harry wanted no part of Ginny anymore, and gave her a day to get her things together and move back in with her parents until she could find somewhere more permanent to live.

A whole flood of negative emotions festered inside of Harry. The engagement was off, for one, but there was more for him to deal with than that, after a years-long, live-in relationship went up in smoke as it did. Something inside of him felt angry, felt vengeful, felt like it had to act out on this somehow in the raw anger it spiked through him. He wasn't a violent man, and had no desire to hit Ginny or take this out on her through some horrible destruction of her life, but as he bubbled up in anger that night he felt himself needing direction, needing some way to fight back against all of this, and it didn't take long for his attention to settle on a harsh, cruel idea.

He wouldn't act out against Ginny for this, he'd just rail against the entire idea of marriage in general.

"Looking a little glum there. Perk up, we landed the Pickingil case so fast we're probably in line for promotions." Tonks looked up at Harry with a smile as he shuffled into the office, slightly teasing but also very serious about it as she watched him come in. Tonks had trained Harry after he enlisted to become an auror, and once he had become certified she took the place as his partner, a bit young for a senior auror, but Tonks had been through some shit and her role in the Second Wizarding War gave her plenty of recognition to work with.

But Harry didn't perk up much at all as he slumped down into the seat at his desk, groaning as he leaned back in his seat. "I'll do my best," he groaned, getting into as comfortable a position as he could only to end up going completely still once he'd settled into it.

Tonks's smile soured a bit as she watched him slump in his seat, leaning in a bit closer. "Something is actually wrong then," she noted with a low sigh. "You want to talk about? We've got all day to write out paperwork and I'm in no hurry for that, so lay your problems on me."

Harry took his time answering, eyes closed as he remained slumped in the chair and saying nothing. He tried to think about how to angle this, because in some ways he wasn't coming in quite as glum as he seemed; he had a plan, and his plan had centered itself onto Tonks as the first shot he was going to take. "Do you remember what happened my fifth year?" he asked, opening his eyes slowly and shifting over toward her. He watched as she stiffened up in response, immediately knowing what he was talking about and surprised enough that she didn't have the sharpness of mind to dance around the issue very much.

"That was a long time ago Harry," Tonks said, a little flustered, eyes darting off to the side as she squirmed a bit in her seat. "A very, very long time ago." Her fingers pressed against her seat a little bit as she tried to think about how to respond to it, her head filling up with all manner of thoughts and frustrations as he dug up some old memories. But not quite as much digging as he expected to have to do, as she slipped right into recollection of what he was talking about. Not the Order, not her cousin's death, not any of what she did in the war. But what they did together.

Tonks was Harry's first. It happened in the summer before his fifth year, a few nights of scattered, writhing passion that had her amazed by his prowess even a virgin. When she picked him up during his Christmas break, they found time to sneak off and fuck again. Then again in the wake of the battle at the Department of Mysteries, where they both needed someone close. It was only ever scattered flings, but once she found herself smitten with Lupin, everything had to stop, and Harry accepted it, moved on from it and remaining friends through it all, close and trusted enough to be her son's godfather, and ultimately to end up working together as aurors, never bringing up that past again. For years it had been left to lie, until now.

"It was, but don't you think about it sometimes?" Harry shifted out of his seat, shedding some of his mopiness as he went, drawing closer to Tonks as he eyed her up and down. She really didn't look a day older than she was when he first met her, even though he was now much closer to that age than she was.

"I'm a married woman now, Harry. With a son." She didn't shirk away from him, eyes shifting off to the side as she shivered a little bit. The sudden turnaround of everything he'd said and done was a bit startling, throwing Tonks off considerably, but she didn't make any kind of retreat in the process. She remained in place, nervous and tense, but not putting a stop to this. "And you're engaged to Ginny."

"That's not an answer to the question." Harry kept a bit of distance, not closing in too quickly or too close, not wanting to immediately scare her off. "Do you think about it sometimes? About how good it felt, or wonder what maturity and years of experience would do for making it even better?"

Tonks tightened up even more in response, Harry's words digging in a little more than she was comfortable with, lip quivering as she looked at him a bit nervous and very fidgety. "It's..." Her eyes veered off to the side again, fingers tightening. "It's complicated, Harry."

"So you have." Harry drew in closer. 'Because I know I have too. I've always been curious about what it would feel like if we did it again. Even just for one day."

"Harry..." This wasn't easy for Tonks, and she felt like that was entirely his goal. She shivered in her chair. She knew he was overstepping some lines, but she also felt like he would have backed away if told, and she wasn't telling him to. Within her ached something embarrassing, and there was little chance of bringing it into focus as she let herself become overwhelmed by it all. "You're... I want to know what's bothering you, that you're like this. Did something happen with Ginny?"

"You're not being straight with me," Harry replied, avoiding it again. "Give in to the curiosity, Tonks. Just this once time again, with me. Don't you want to find out for yourself?" He leaned in closer, slipping in front of her and staring down at her, watching her shiver and squirm a bit as he enjoyed the sight of her nervously fidgeting in her seat. He sat right against her desk, only a little bit of space and relative heights in a chair and on a desk top keeping them apart now as she looked up at him. There was something in his eyes. Something alluring, something curious, something that made Tonks tighten up.

Slowly rising up, her lip quivered as she eased higher, grasping Harry tightly and leaning in for a kiss, really having no idea what she was doing or why. She accepted the hand on her cheek and the other hand on the small of her back as Harry eased her in and she happily pressed her lips to Harry. It had been years, and she was surprised by what she felt, by the much more firm and experienced lips pushing against hers affectionately. Harry was indeed much more capable now than he was before, his hands confident, his touch firm, his affections focused on her. "When I touch myself," she said shakily as she pulled back.

"What was that?" Harry asked, keeping her in close as he kissed her. After his rough revelations the day before, he needed this. Tonks was warm and soft, and everything he craved in the heat of his newly found loneliness.

"When I touch myself, I think about it. About you." Tonks's hands pressed against Harry's chest, firm and tight, ready to give in to the feelings bubbling up inside of her, more frustrated and ignited than she really knew what to do with. There was something about being in this position that she wasn't the least bit ready for, and the more that she gave in to it, the more confident her hands became. They slowly ran down as she pressed in tighter, breath racing quicker. "I'm a married woman, and yet whenever I'm alone, I don't imagine my husband with me. I imagine you. Maybe it was the danger of what we did together, how risky and crazy it was, but I haven't been as excited by sex since, and I return to it."

"It's still dangerous now," Harry groaned. 'You're married and have a child, remember? And if you want danger, I can give it to you." He smiled, hands reaching up to caress her hair and push down against her shoulder a little bit. "I can bring all that experience here now, and we can make it even riskier. Let's do it right here in our office, Tonks. Forget everything else."

Tonks knew this was insane and wrong and a bad idea in so many ways it was almost dizzying to count them all. But she found herself sinking down to her knees so happily it felt like she was going to lose her fucking mind. "Harry," she whined softly, and any other sentiment died before she could think of one. She couldn't believe she was doing this, and yet all Tonks could do now was happily give in to it, feeling the aches throb up through her hotter than she knew what to do with. There was so much happening that she didn't even know where to start dealing with, and with all those things in mind Tonks was ready to just go with the instincts, which guided her hands down to Harry's pants, nervousness making her tighten up as she began to undress him slowly, eagerly.

"Just once," she said, but even she didn't sound entirely convinced as she began to pull at his pants and his drawers, getting him bottomless as he sat on her desk, ready for her. She gripped his cock, already half hard with excitement, and her strokes were so quick and eager she felt like she was giving a bit too much away as far as the sensations tugging up at her from within. Tonks couldn't deny that this was something she had been curious about, to her absolute shame, but now she was riding something much worse still than any of that before.

Quick strokes brought Harry's cock to full hardness and size, and Tonks was embarrassed by how much attention she paid to his well endowed shaft, quickly leaning forward to lick against it as she hastily said, "One rule. You don't mention Remus at all while we're doing this, and you don't ask me anything about him in the bedroom." She spoke with a stumbling insecurity, and knew on some level she was offering up to Harry all the confirmation he needed about her appetites and the truth behind them. Harry could gleam everything from her reaction, but he gave a respectful nod nonetheless, accepting her terms and knowing he could have his fun without overstepping those boundaries.

With his acceptance, Tonks began to lick more of his cock, tongue dragging along it as she went, eyes staring up at him with a glimmer of hope and frustrations. Her hand worked in steady strokes back and forth along the shaft, and everything bubbling up inside of Tonks seemed just the faintest bit completely out of control, owing to just how much she was in over her head in the process of what she was doing. This was not where Tonks had expected her day to go, but she took it in stride.

"I'm bigger than last time," Harry said confidently, though he could tell she was noticing it as her hand and tongue worked in concert along his shaft. His fingers ran through her hair, caressing the pink pixie cut she wore that day, Harry knew his touch had to be steady and caring, knew Tonks needed to be eased into this even if she seemed so excited and worked up in the face of it all. He had to take his time with her if he wanted this to work out, and oh how he wanted this to work out.

"You are," she admitted, licking her way up to his head, tense and frustrated as she leaned in and began to wrap her lips around his cock. She didn't know what else she could say, especially without trampling all over her own ground rules, so she decided not to say anything at all, not to do anything but focus on what she said she would do and on sinking forward, letting her attention paid to Harry be all that mattered to her. She sank forward, moaning softly as she got her head to begin rocking back and forth along his shaft in a steady cadence driven by her need to just let the pleasures follow.

Her mouth formed a tight seal around his shaft as she pushed down, patient and ready to do what she had to do, what she felt the aching need to do. There was nothing about this that sounded the least bit sane now to Tonks, but she felt like she had to do what she could to make this work, had to give in to her curiosities. If she could sate them here and finally do to Harry what she had always been curious about revisiting, she hoped that she could do away with it all from there, that the questions could be answered and she could finally pull away from all of them for good. It was the only thing she felt comfortable with now, the only hope she really had left for bringing her thoughts into any sense of normalcy or restraint.

But normalcy and restraint were two things Harry was not showing very much of as his fingers began to caress her hair more aggressively, or which Tonks was really feeling as she sucked his cock deeper down, getting into the groove of fellating him and letting her own appetites get the better of her. Moans bubbled up hotly, vibrating through her mouth as the overwhelming thrills really began to hit her, making her twist hotter as she accepted what this was doing to her. She felt herself getting wetter, getting needier, driven wild with excitement, and that excitement in turn kept her head moving quickly.

The danger was as obvious as it was exciting. Harry wasn't even cheating anymore but even he could feel the forbidden thrills of this all doing remarkable things to him, while for Tonks this was nothing short of an adrenaline, rush, pushing her further down, down so low she had to pull back in sudden surprise as she went further than she trusted herself to be able to. This was pleasure unparalleled, and these sensations bubbling away within her were driving her absolutely wild. Danger was getting Tonks hot, and the hotter she got, the more she threw herself happily into sucking Harry off, a groaning mess relishing in the excitement and shamelessness of what she was doing.

It had been so easy that Harry's cynicism was almost galvanized by it all. Tonks was a married woman with a son, and not only was she now giving him wet, sloppy head, but she hadn't even put up a single moment of resistance or told him to back off. She wanted him to do this, even confessed that she had thought about him and not her husband before. For a man suddenly faced with infidelity and feeling himself sliding into a cynical kind of vengeance quest to ruin marriages in his path, this was far more than he was ready to handle, something twisted and wrong that he couldn't even pretend not to be deeply pleased by. If he were Lupin he would have been furious, but given that Harry was looking for the satisfaction he could find here, his delight over this surrender was almost as good as the pleasure he found in her mouth.

Tonks sucked happily along, opening up her jeans and pushing them down, getting her hand into her panties and rubbing quickly along her dripping pussy as she moaned around his dick. The sensations of pure wrongness and danger were becoming hotter with each passing moment, too much for her to be able to deny herself as she welcomed utter debauchery. Nothing could have felt as good as this did, and with that in mind she kept going, racing along quickly as her eyes stared up at Harry, delighted by him and his size. This was justifying all her fantasies, making her feel like she had been in the right to think about rekindling this with her colleague again, and with that in mind she could go nowhere but up.

"I want you to swallow it," Harry groaned, hands holding onto Tonks's head and keeping it down, a firm and dominant insistence that Tonks Tonks to with a low moan, loving something about the way he said it. She kept sucking on his cock, knowing he was close and happily pushing onward until finally, with a deep groan, Harry came inside of her mouth. The flood of salty cum flooding into her mouth almost made her climax right there amid her fingering, but she was able to hold back relish in the pleasure all the same, moaning as she appreciated the heat and the volume of his seed. She gulped it all down, delighted to indulge like she did before finally she drew back with a soft moan. "That was great."

"I need you to fuck me now," Tonks said in no uncertain terms, shivering as she stared up at Harry, watched a smile creep wider across his face. She was frustrated, a little frayed, and very needy, aching for this and for him in ways that she had absolutely no idea what to do about. Tonks had no illusions that she was in the deep end now, but she couldn't do anything to stop herself as she clutched him tightly, aching for him like she couldn't handle. "Please, Harry. Show me everything you've learned. Show me you're even better than I've imagined you've grown to be."

Harry knew that was his cue, and he responded eagerly, grabbing hold of Tonks as he slipped off of the desk and then bent her over it instead, grabbing her panties and not pulling them down, but simply pulling them aside, exposing her dripping pink snatch in the most indecent of ways as he pushed forward and teased his cock up and down along her slick folds. "You need it so badly," he groaned, "But you're a married woman, Tonks." He didn't mention Remus out loud, sticking to her terms, but he danced around the issue, taunted her with it as he rubbed his dick up and down her dripping slit, made her whine and ache in ways that she really didn't know how to process.

It was an obvious move, but Tonks was so deep now into her frustrations and her madness that she couldn't fight it, tension bubbling up inside of her as she felt his aching, thick cock head rub along her slit until she could take no more. "And you're better than he is. Fuck, you were better as a teenager than he is, Harry, but now... Now I need you, and I'm ready to admit it. Fuck me. Show me what I need. I've fantasized about you because you were something different. N-no, someone different. Someone better than Remus, someone who could fuck me like I need to be fucked." She wiggled her hips, aching as she tried to press against him, bent over her desk and filled with need so blatant she was admitting it out loud. "I've always thought about rekindling this Harry. Show me that I wasn't wrong to."

That was all he'd needed to hear. Harry gave Tonks what he wanted, pushing eagerly forward and savouring the way she began to gasp in raw elation at the feeling of him starting to fill her. Eager thrusts back and forth sank his cock into her deeper and deeper with each push, savouring the chance to lay into Tonks with everything he could, everything bubbling up inside of him. She was his first, and he was happy to revisit this with such gusto. "You're tight," he groaned, and it spoke for itself. She wasn't fucking Remus very much, it seemed. He didn't dwell on it, keeping to the promise he made. "But I can fix that."

Tonks held tightly onto the desk as he fucked her from behind. Everything was exciting her about this. Having her panties pulled to the side, being fucked over a desk, fucked in her office, at work, by her partner. This was all so wrong in ways so right and so sorely needed by Tonks, and with the thick, aching cock pushing into her this all came together perfectly. She needed this, and to finally feel it upon her was pure ecstasy. "I should have done this years ago," she moaned, voice rising up in volume and heat as she let herself become overwhelmed by all the bubbling sensations she felt, by the prospect of pure excitement that began to overtake her.

Harry had something to prove now, and he wanted to show Tonks that time had only made him better, made him more experienced, made him ready to blow her mind. Eager back and forth thrusts guided his cock deep into the moaning woman as he took great, shameless glee in fucking her steadily, making her whine and squirm against his waiting touch. The slick heat of her needy hole embraced his cock just like he wanted it to, and his hips were happy to keep up the pace as he shoved into her, fucking her with an eagerness that felt absolutely out of control, driven by a need and intensity everything inside of him just ached for. His sex life was not nearly as barren as Tonks's, but the pure wrongness of fucking a married woman and attaining the harsh kind of vengeance he'd been coming for was far too good for her to deny. He needed this more than he could bear, and nothing was going to stop him now from getting what he wanted, what he needed. What he absolutely ached for.

"Fuck me, Harry!" Tonks cried out, struggling to contain herself as she felt the raw pleasure overwhelming her, too hot to bear. The sensations were maddening, and she was so happy to give in to all of them, even if she was at work. A hand over her mouth helped contain her, as Harry grabbed hold of her, dominant and aggressive as he made his case as hard and as firm as he could. She felt herself burning up with a powerful need to just give in to it all, and the more that Tonks got fucked the more she was ready to welcome it, all while his cock filled her up even more. She hadn't felt this full in an eternity, and to feel the thick shaft filling her, opening her up and giving her the kind of warmth and sensation that she couldn't get at home, only served to push Tonks deeper into his embrace.

Harry's thrusts were quick, hard, intense. There was nothing he did that showed even the faintest bit of restraint, because no part of him cared now about anything of the sort. He wanted to prove himself now, wanted to come in hard and hot, fucking Tonks into such creamy, gooey elation that she couldn't hold back anymore. He was going to prove his point no matter what, and he took it all out on Tonks's pussy so effortlessly that she could hardly believe this was all happening. Right there in the office, Harry indulged in the forbidden treat and held nothing back, a groaning and bucking mess happily making the woman who had taught him everything about sex and hunting dark wizards spin out of control with such bliss that she could barely think about it all.

There was no desire to actually destroy marriages with this. Harry wanted to entice women into cheating, wanted to vent his frustrations out on the world and everyone else, but he didn't want to break up Tonks and Remus. He wanted to test it, wanted to drive this woman mad with forbidden pleasures and make her ache with the filthy rush of sneaking around behind his back, but at no point did Harry care at all about pulling them apart. Just the temptation, just about fucking another man's woman after he'd found his own fiance bouncing on some other man's dick. This was about taking control back and expressing his cynical new views on love and faithfulness.

Tonks didn't know any of that. All she knew was that she was getting fucked so well and stuffed with cock so much that she couldn't hold anything back. Moans rose up hotter still, spinning madly out of control as she was taken as hard as she could have ever wanted, pushed up to the edge and almost flaunted with how far there was to fall. This was like nothing she had ever felt before, a deep and shameless pounding right there in the office, a hand over her mouth to make sure nobody passing by their office heard them, all while a man who was not her husband fucked her better than she ever could have wanted. This depraved, filthy sort of bliss was just too much for Tonks to handle, and she crashed into orgasm feeling better than she ever should have, shameless and happy to give in like she did to all the burning pleasure.

"Harry!" she moaned into his mouth, slamming her perky butt back against his lap as she lost herself. Tonks came, and she came powerfully, body shivering as she felt the waves of crashing pleasure overtake and overwhelm her, hitting her with more raw sensation than she knew what to do with. It was so satisfying and so searing that she nearly lost control, holding so tightly onto the desk that her knuckles went bone white from how thinly the strained skin stretched over them. She was done, fucked to her satisfied peak and left an aching mess. A mess whose greedy pussy clamped down hungrily around Harry's cock and happily begged for his cum.

Cum that Harry provided with a hard groan and a satisfied smirk, burying himself balls deep into Tonks and cumming into her hot twat, groaning, "You've been missing out this whole time," as he did so. His cock erupted, wave after wave of cum pumping into the metamorphmagus, making her shiver and whine even harder, until finally he drew still, hips stopping as he panted heavily, groaning and keeping flush up against her as she whined and shivered, before finally he drew back,.

"Fuck, Harry," she moaned as she felt the cock pull out of her. She felt empty now, hollow and wanting, but the warmth and satisfaction creeping through her helped mitigate that. "You're so much better than you were back then," she moaned, biting her lip as she went limp on her desk. "I want more."

Harry turned her around quickly, pinning her wrists down to the desk and bringing his cock up against her slick hole. "I can give you more."

"Nngh, not just now," she moaned, biting her lip as she stared up at Harry. At his control and his dominance. "Although we really should deal with all of our paperwork. But no, I mean... More. Regularly. This. Us. We spend so long overseas together, away from ours, and... No, I can't ask you for that. I need it, and I'm ready to make that choice even if it betrays my vows, but you aren't that unhappy with Ginny. I can't ask you to make this regular."

"Ginny is gone," Harry groaned, finally spilling the beans. "I came home yesterday to her in a foursome with two teammates and her team's owner. She's been fucking him behind my back for the sake of her career, and now she's back with her parents, and I'm never speaking to her again."

All the pleasure drained out of Tonks's face. "Oh! Oh, no, Harry... I'm so sorry. You don't deserve that." Yes, she was currently getting fucked by him in turn, but there was a 'difference', she told herself. What difference? She couldn't exactly think that clearly right now. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"No." Harry shook his head adamantly. 'But there is something else I want to do to take care of my stresses." With that, he shoved his cock back into Tonks, snapping forward to seize her lips and getting right back to work. He liked the sound of this being a regular thing. He liked it a lot.