Sexy Shots

Chapter 2

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Warning: May be Some Explicit Scenes..

Life was good for Harry Potter. No more Dark Lord to contend with, just relaxation. His first few months after the defeat of Voldemort had been difficult to say the least. Harry had spent most of his time in Grimmauld Place, remembering those he lost as well dealing with his own personal issues. The war had hurt him, in more ways than one. It took time to move past that.

Eventually he returned to the public eye. What a day that was. He apparated into Diagon alley and was immediately swarmed by the public. Fans and reporters alike all clambered over him. With a flick of his wand, Harry had apparated away from the scene. He needed to leave the country.

He wasn't quite sure where he should go, so he went to the Weasley family for advice. As it turned out, Fleur Delacour was there as well. She had been collecting her things from the Weasley home that day. Harry had been surprised to hear that she and Bill had parted ways, they had always seemed so good together. Harry told her his plans to leave the country for a while and she invited him to come with her to France. He could stay with her until he decided what he wanted to do.

France was an amazing experience. Fleur had bought a large house for herself in the magical part of Nice. The house was built right on the coast and it came with a sizable amount of land. A large private beach surrounded the home, magic kept everyone away. It was relaxing.

Harry felt himself growing closer to Fleur over time, and soon he decided to forget his idea of looking for somewhere else to go. He loved all of the mundane things he did with Fleur. They explored Nice together, both the magical and muggle parts of it. They went grocery shopping together each week, cooked together most nights without the aid of Fleur's House-Elf Gippy. He loved living there and Fleur seemed to enjoy his company as well.

After a time, Harry knew that he loved Fleur. He confessed his feelings one night over dinner and he was ecstatic to hear that she felt the same. They started dating but their relationship quickly evolved beyond that. Nearly two years later and they were still living happily together in their large beach house. They had friends and family visit regularly but this week was all for themselves.

Harry looked up from his book. He was seated comfortably in a white lounger in the sand of the private beach in his swim trunks. He had been reading peacefully for a while but a sound had caught his attention. Fleur had yelped loudly and was swimming over to him. Harry put down his book and walked over to the shoreline to meet her. Nearing the shoreline, Fleur let her feet touch the water and she slowly began to walk towards him. She was a beautiful sight. Her nude body was slowly revealed to Harry as she inched ever closer to him.

Fleur was absolutely gorgeous. She had a nice pair of firm breasts, just bigger than a handful, which didn't sag a bit. Her taunt stomach and lithe form made her incredibly graceful and attractive. Fleur had a very feminine figure. In reality she was very strong, much more so than she looked, but her Veela blood masked much of this on her body. She looked very fit but without a strong presence of muscle.

Harry's eyes rested on her breasts until her legs came out from the water. Immediately Harry pulled out his wand from his wrist holster, Fleur's leg was bleeding. "It's nothing," Fleur said with her musical voice, "just a quick fix and I'll be fine."

Even a small cut on her made Harry worried. He had seen much during the war, death, destruction, and the severe injuries that came along with it. It annoyed him to no end that he overreacted whenever Fleur got even a small cut but he couldn't help it. He cared about her deeply and didn't want to ever see her hurt. With a quick wave of his wand, Harry fixed up her leg. It looked good as new.

"My hero." Fleur smiled at Harry. As Harry stood back up, Fleur wrapped her arms around his and kissed him deeply, pressing her nude body against him. She pulled back with a grin. "It seems like someone needs a bit of a reward," Fleur said, rubbing Harry's crotch.

Quickly, his penis engorged in his shorts. Fleur pressed herself against him again, rubbing his penis in her hand. "Take off you shorts, Harry," she whispered with hot breath into his ear.

Not needing to be told twice, Harry removed his shorts. His penis was hard for her. It was decently sized, a little longer than average, and thick enough to give Fleur all the pleasure she needed. Fleur dropped to her knees in the sand and she kissed the tip of his penis. Harry shivered in anticipation.

Without pause, Fleur took Harry into her mouth, sucking gently on the tip of his penis. Harry moaned audibly at the pleasure which elicited a stifled giggle from Fleur.

Fleur wrapped one of her hands around Harry's penis and began stroking it as she bobbed her head back and forth on his penis. Even after nearly two years of being together, Harry was always blown away by Fleur's sexual ability. "Oh gods," Harry moaned.

"Do you like this, Harry?" Fleur asked as she pulled her head back from his penis. She was stroking his penis slowly all the way from the base of his shaft to the tip. "Is this not what you've always dreamed about? A beautiful girl on her knees in front of you, giving you so much more pleasure than you could have experienced from anyone else."

Without warning, Fleur took him back into her mouth. She took his entire penis into her mouth until her nose was pressed up tightly against his pubic hair. Her tongue was swirling around his penis, licking every inch. Harry instinctively grabbed the back of her head and held her in place.

One of Fleur's hands reached for her breast and she began tweaking her nipple. She emitted a sound of pleasure which vibrated through Harry's penis. He released the back of her head and Fleur slowly pulled back. "Do you want me Harry?" Fleur asked with a sultry smile.

"You know damn well I do," Harry said with a husky voice.

"Then take me."

With unusual swiftness, Harry dropped to knees and grabbed Fleur's shoulders. He roughly spun her around. Fleur barely managed to stay up by bracing herself with her hands, her knees still in the dirt. With her bent over in front of him, Harry lined himself up and thrust himself completely into the tight wetness of Fleur from behind. Fleur gasped at the sudden intrusion but almost instantly it turned into a low moan.

Harry thrust his hips forwards, bouncing off of Fleur's perfect ass. He grabbed one of her cheeks in his hand and kneaded it roughly. "Harder!" Fleur cried out in pleasure.

Not one to deny her, Harry redoubled his efforts. Fleur's pussy was incredibly tight. It stretched out just enough to accommodate his girth. Fleur moaned louder at his hard thrusts into her. She leaned forwards and Harry followed her body, staying as close to her as possible.

Deciding to try something new, Harry reached forward and grasped Fleur's arms. He pulled them to have them stretched out behind Fleur like reins. "Fuck me Harry!" Fleur yelled as Harry pounded hard into her. Fleur's head was bouncing around wildly as Harry fucked her, pulled on her arms so that she didn't fall to the ground in front of her. Fleur didn't seem to mind the fact that her head was bouncing, she seemed enthralled in the pleasure.

"God you feel amazing," Harry grunted as he continued to thrust into her wildly.

Abruptly, Harry let go of Fleur's arms and she fell forward to the ground roughly. Her face was planted on its side in the sand and Harry pulled out of her to readjust himself. Fleur was quite a sight, face planted in the ground with a lewd expression on her face, one of her hand massaging her breasts, the other focused on her clit. Her ass was still stuck up in the air so Harry crouched down over it and lined up his penis again.

"Ah, yes!" Fleur cried out. "Fuck me into the ground, Harry!" Fleur screamed in pleasure as Harry returned to pounding fiercely into her pussy. Harry could see Fleur's face, her mouth was parted in bliss and her eyes were glazed over.

Raising one of his hands, he roughly smacked one of her ass cheeks. Fleur gasped at the stinging pain and moaned. "God I love you, Harry," she cried out. Fleur's back arched, her flat stomach pressing against the sand beneath her. Fleur's sweet tightness seemed to grip him even more as Harry continued to smack her firm ass.

Fleur emitted a long moan, her wet folds trembled around him. Her legs gave out and she completely collapsed to the sandy floor with Harry still inside of her. Harry laughed. "Had enough?" He asked playfully with a wink. He wasn't even sure she was coherent at this point.

Taking a moment to recover, Fleur placed her arms beneath her head. She sighed contently as she rested her head down. "I love you so much, Harry."

"And I love you too, Fleur." Harry pulled out of her and then gently lied down beside her. His leg wrapped over hers and he held her back close to his chest. He gently kissed her neck with a tenderness that seemed wildly misplaced after the rough sex they had just had.

"Mmmm," Fleur sighed in pleasure. She rolled over and continued to kiss Harry deeply. The two pressed themselves against one another as they kissed, hands running over the other's body.

Eventually, Fleur broke the kiss. "You still haven't finished yet, we'll have to do something about that."

The pair stood up and Fleur took Harry's hand, leading him over to the white lounger he had been in earlier. "Lie down," she ordered him. Harry lied down on his back on the lounger. Fleur mounted him and trapped his penis between his stomach and her pussy. She began grinding against him as she leaned down to kiss him. Her breasts brushed across his chest.

Without breaking the kiss, Fleur raised her hips and grasped Harry's penis. She directed it towards her pussy and slowly took Harry's penis inside of her. Harry grasped her ass cheeks as she slowly began to ride him, moving only her hips up and down. Harry moaned into her mouth at the pleasurable feeling.

Fleur broke apart the kiss and lifted her head up. Without missing a beat, Harry snaked his head forward and latched his mouth onto one of her breasts. He nibbled and sucked as one his hands left Fleur's delectable cheeks to start playing with her clit. Fleur picked up the pace with her hips.

"Are you going to cum in me, Harry?" Fleur asked with a smirk on her face.

"Your pussy feels so good," Harry moaned.

Fleur leaned forward again and sped up the movements of her hips. In turn, Harry increased his ministrations on Fleur's clit. "Cum with me, Harry," Fleur moaned in his ear.

It only took a few more moments before Harry groaned deeply as his seed exploded into Fleur's pussy. Fleur moaned as Harry's fingers danced over her clit and she arched her back forward, pressing her breasts onto Harry's chest. "Fleur," Harry moaned, the sound muted in Fleur's ears. The two of them were lost in a moment of bliss, a sensation of pure pleasure passed through their bodies.

They were both panting heavily afterwards. Fleur collapsed onto Harry, her face nestled in the crook of his neck. Harry was still inside of her and his semen was leaking out, dripping down onto him and the seat below him from Fleur's wet pussy. Fleur wrapped her arms around Harry's neck and took his mouth into a deep kiss.

"That was amazing," Fleur managed to say after a few moments.

Harry moaned his agreement and wrapped his arms around Fleur's body. Neither of them were going anywhere for a while.

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