Sexy Shots

Chapter 3

The Malfoy family avoiding a trip to Azkaban after not one but two different wizarding wars was nothing short of a miracle. Their service to Voldemort had not exactly been a secret, but Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy had snaked their way out of prosecution yet again, partly by selling out other families to the Ministry, partly by insisting they had been 'pressed' into service with their son Draco and all he'd been forced to do helping back up their case, and partly, rumours said, through their deep pockets and 'generous' backroom dealings. They had stuck it out, and Harry always felt like the one golden case he could have had land in front of him was one that could actually prove the Malfoys responsible for their actions and fully aware of what they were doing, that maybe one day he could have actually locked them up and had the last word in his high school rivalry with Draco.

There would be no case, and he knew that, but he also knew that there was a meeting every two weeks of the Malfoys and some of the other families who had escaped imprisonment. Families who still held to the ideals of blood purity even after Voldemort had fallen, maybe not acting on those beliefs, but certainly still meeting, a danger that was hardly lost on Harry. But when he showed up at the door of Malfoy manor it wasn't those meetings that interested Harry; it was who wasn't at the meeting.

It was a simple enough plan: seduce Narcissa Malfoy by letting her believe she was providing a distraction to prevent Harry from finding out about the meetings. It had been almost too easy for him to believe, as he marveled at the sight of Narcissa Malfoy's wrists tied to the bedposts, the slender blonde completely naked before him and opening up the opportunity for him to unravel a wicked plan more potent and harsh than he could have ever hoped for.

"Is that too tight?" Harry asked, fingers trailing down from Narcissa's wrist along her body, teasing steadily down along until he could caress one of her breasts, smaller than any woman he'd ever been with before, but he was fine with that; he could find other things to enjoy about her body instead. "I can loosen it for you if it is."

"I'm fine," Narcissa said, shivering as she stared at Harry, feeling like she had definitely gotten into more than she was ready to deal with in handling any part of this mess. Harry's hands caressed further down, spreading out her legs and opening her up to his touch, and she let him. She didn't even question it, letting him spread her legs out as she stared up at him, nervous and hot as she wondered where he was going with this.

Harry sized her up one last time to make sure this was all just as it should be before his fingers quite abruptly pushed inside of her. Narcissa hadn't been expecting that at all, gasping suddenly under the pressure of his touch as he so quickly and harshly moved. His fingers shoved right into her and began to pump back and forth, a quick and eager motion that Narcissa could not have been less prepared for. Her shoulders lifted off the bed and her body trembled, whining loudly as Harry began to fingerfuck her without warning or a care in the world for anything now but making her feel his touch. It was all he wanted as he pumped on and whipped her immediately into a hot frenzy with his touch.

Narcissa couldn't have been more surprised by the rush of sudden sensation that washed over her. Unprepared for such sudden flare of attention Harry gave her, she could feel herself burning with need and heat. Harry was merciless with his deft fingers, shocking her most of all with the raw 'selflessness' behind the way his fingers bore down upon her so quickly and he didn't even bother to deal with his pants, staying half-dressed as his fingers bore down feverishly upon her. Unprepared for the tension and the aggression bearing down upon her as she was fingered so roughly, all she could do was stare up at Harry and wonder how to respond to this properly, how to answer back the insanity suddenly surging up through her as he went on feverishly.

'I want to hear my name," Harry growled, admiring the squirming and wriggling of Narcissa's body beneath his touch. He had kept her legs unbound so that he could enjoy the way they squirmed, letting her have some way to work out all the tensions and frustrations taking hold of her. "Say it, Narcissa. Say it like you love it."

"Harry," Narcissa whined. Frustration gripped her tightly as she did so, opening up the frustration and heat that began to take tight hold of her. She wanted so badly to understand what his angle was as he stood over her, pounding into her with eager fingers and a desire to completely unravel her at his touch. His hands couldn't stop, and he was happy to let her feel the pressure and the heat of being overwhelmed by need, which only made her whine more. "Harry... My husband hasn't touched me this way in years."

"Tell me about it," he growled, leaning in closer and admiring the sight of Narcissa squirming beneath his touch. "Tell me all about what he won't do. I want to know all of it."

"It's been so many years since the last time he ever thought to truly make love to me. Over a decade. He'll fuck me, sure, but it's all so simple. All direct. He'll just lie on top of me, do his business, then roll over and go to sleep. It's dull, it's passionless, and I can't--" She moaned loudly again, as Harry's fingers worked quicker into her, bearing down upon her body so quick and so harsh that she really had no idea how to deal with any of it. That only gave Narcissa all the more reason to want to twist through the hot, needy indulgence of Harry's touch. Back and forth she squirmed, heaving and rocking through the want and the desire that took hold of her. "I've forgotten what this feels like."

Harry smirked brighter, fingers working faster and needier into her waiting pussy, refusing to slow down the pressure that he subjected her to. "I'm going to fix that," he said, leaning in closer, eyes flickering with excitement as he beheld the sight of her at work against his touch. Narcissa's confession was music to his ears, as he felt the exciting prospect of laying into her firmer with his touch, admiring the sorry sight of her so sore and hot before him. Another loveless marriage gone cold that he could storm into and reignite. "I'm going to make you feel the passion Lucius never did."

The promise felt so good to Narcissa that she was just about ready to believe him. She was so desperate, so hot, and the more she felt of his deft fingers working at her needy twat, the more ready Narcissa was to accept him and his terms, to accept his madness. This was a dream come true to her, and she didn't slow herself down for anything as she let herself wind up in feverish indulgence. Her eyes locked with Harry's, and the intensity she beheld in his striking green eyes was far more than she had been prepared for, watching in excitement and curiosity as the pleasure tore through her. It was all just so sudden and fiery, and she wanted nothing more than to give herself up to it.

And give up she did. Narcissa was pushed over the edge with a swiftness and heat so striking it surprised her. She'd forgotten just how good it felt to be fingerfucked into quick, efficient submission. It was everything she'd been hoping it would be, overwhelmed by sensation and heat so powerfully and so primally she didn't know what to do about it. Her body shook and shivered, wound up into surrender and excitement as she was taken and pounded into. The pleasure held onto her brutally, the tight, throbbing excitement overwhelming her sore and needy body as her orgasm struck hard. She whined and yelled and twisted in ecstasy, the crushing thrill of her orgasm taking hold of her as she was fucked into such blissful delight that she felt her body lit up with need.

"Harry!" Narcissa howled again. Louder this time, hotter and needier and more genuine in its utter adoration of him. The throbbing, overwhelming heat left her more full of excitement and lust than she'd been able to feel in forever. "Oh, yes! I haven't enjoyed an orgasm like this in so long, please, don't stop. Don't--" She whined as Harry's fingers pulled out of her at precisely that moment, leaving her to shiver in want as frustration took hold. She was utterly unprepared for that kind of sensation, but she was too helpless now to stop. "What are you doing?"

Harry responded only with a smug smirk, with a wicked flare of excitement and desire as he began to undo his belt and get his pants open. He got himself ready, shoving his pants down and treading forward, wicked and eager and hot as he stalked in close and hot, ready to show off his hunger and his aggression without apology or shame. Eyes were on him, leaving him even more excited to show Narcissa what she was waiting for, his cock drawing a needy gasp from her that gave him exactly what he had been waiting for. "Impressed?"

The bite of Narcissa's lip said it all. He didn't need to draw much more from her than that, didn't need her to sell out her husband any further. Harry had what he needed, and as he stalked forward, the excitement took firm hold of him, burning him up from within as he began to crawl up onto the bed. Narcissa's eyes followed the motion of his cock as it moved. She was impressed, startled, and felt so ready to let herself go that she really couldn't help herself. Harry was impressing her even more with his every step, drawing her deeper into the haze of want that began to grip her tightly, leaving her so confused and eager that she felt like she just had to give in to it. Her mouth almost watered at the sight of his cock and wanted so badly to embrace the frustration and heat as she let herself go.

"Suck on it," he said, straddling her chest and bringing the tip of his cock against her lips, watching as Narcissa's mouth obediently opened and embraced the chance to give in to the excitement. He happily sank forward, groaning as his fingers tightened into Narcissa's hair, holding firmly onto the bound woman as he embraced the chance to lose himself so eagerly. Narcissa's mouth was hot, wet, and so ready to suck on his cock, which gave Harry all the reason he could have wanted or needed to wind up for the excitement he'd been holding out on.

Fingering Narcissa had left him so eager and so wanting, and now that he had his hooks in her, he wanted to assert himself, wanted to press on and use to his advantage the excitement of taking her on and making her serve him. She was already wanting, already selling out her husband with frustration and desperation, but now he was ready to lay into her harder, taking his pleasure from her mouth after he'd given her some, and he was relentless about chasing it, groaning and bucking through the excitement as his body bore down upon her swiftly. Filled with want, he knew he had her right where he wanted her.

One thing Harry had learned in fucking Daphne was that pent up, horny women in loveless marriages were more desperate than anything else in the world. Narcissa was pent up, having waited too long and wanted too much, and that gave Harry something he could savour and tap into. He was here for more than just extorting silence through 'distraction'. He was instead seeking to do something wicked and cruel, something rooted in the gleeful thrill of making her his. It was oh so satisfying, and he took firm, vulgar hold of her as his cock sank in further, eager to find out what she was willing to do for his pleasure and to attain more favour and affection. This was everything to him, and he wasn't afraid now of opening himself up completely and harshly.

Primed now to give Harry whatever he wanted, Narcissa's mouth was obedient and hot, moaning in adoration around the big dick waiting for her touch, so ready to feel the excitement and the want that took hold of her. She was so hungry and so needy, wanting to give her everything to the chance to service Harry's cock, having no idea what to do but just letting him guide her. She sucked, her lips wrapping tightly around his cock as she let him take care of the motion, her head pretty stuck in place given the circumstances of being tied up and how he positioned himself upon her, but she was fine with that, accepting his ample cock down as she stared on impressed by just how well endowed he was and how much she wanted so badly to give herself up to the madness, wondering what awaited her as he had his fun with her mouth.

Pushing on quicker and more eagerly, Harry gave himself up to the excitement, letting the pleasure take hold of him as he bore down upon her, relishing in the opportunity to fuck her hot mouth into submission. Broad strokes pushed on quickly and without a care, focusing on letting her feel the pressure and intensity of his body hammering on. Watching Narcissa suck his cock down deeper and accepting him as hard as he went on was far more enticing than he knew what to do with, pressing in faster as he felt himself losing control and giving himself up shamelessly.

"I wish I knew back in Hogwarts that one day you'd have my cock in your mouth," Harry teased, unable to keep from pushing against the boundaries of decency. "I would have loved to tell Draco I'd have his mom tied up to her bed and sucking me off." Helping to prove his point and test the boundaries, he pushed forward harshly and shoved his dick down her throat, abrupt and intense, making Narcissa's body shiver and twist as he began to press down into her feverishly and let the pleasure take hold. Back and forth he bucked, relishing in the opportunity and in the excitement of being able to fuck Narcissa's mouth and indulge in the most depraved of indulgences. "That his mom would be choking on my cock one day."

The twisted excitement behind Harry's motions was almost infectious, and Narcissa found herself excited by the way Harry leveraged his tenuous, strained acquaintance with her son. It was wrong and she knew it, but there was something she couldn't deny about the pleasure taking hold of her, the vulgar pressure of how she was pounded and hammered into, coming slowly unraveled under the pressure and excitement of sucking his cock, on the way she gagged loudly on his shaft and thrashing under the pressure taking hold of her. She couldn't believe how swiftly and hotly this happened, how much she felt herself giving in to the chaos of sucking Harry's cock and surrendering to his aggression, to the madness and frustration taking hold of her. She happily let Harry do whatever he wanted to her, let him bring her down to her knees and make her shiver and twist as he refused to slow himself, refused to stop the bright, hot excitement he brought onto her with such ferocity.

Harry couldn't stop, groaning louder and hotter, fingers tangling into Narcissa's hair as he let himself go and let the pleasure take hold of her, let the sensations burn him up. He was loving every second of this, seeing her eyes widen and seeing her expression soften. Narcissa was his, and he could celebrate it all so thoroughly as he pounded away, made her moan and whine around his cock even amid the gagging noises she made, even as spit bubbled up around his lips.

It was a lot. Harry was in control, and his dominant use of her mouth was hardly an everyday experience for Narcissa, something that she felt confused by the frustration of, but it was so much more than she'd had for so long that she felt herself ready to embrace it, succumbing to Harry's dominance and his wickedness, ready to let him take hold of her body and use it thoroughly, use it however he wanted. This was just too good, and she had gone unloved for so long by her husband that she was just happy to accept it, thrashing harder as she embraced the madness. Harry's dominance was more than she'd had in so long, and he was brimming with so much passion and so much excitement that she wanted to just give in to it, wanted to soak in his madness and the insanity that took hold of her.

The more Harry gave in to the aggression, the more he felt satisfied and whipped into an eager frenzy by the chance to fuck Narcissa into such total submission that he could coax more remarks and confessions from her, to make her sell out her husband even more when his cock was out of her mouth. He saw the spark in her eye, saw the surrender and the heat that burned up inside of her, and he knew that Narcissa was going to give him everything he wanted. More than the mouth of his school rival around his cock, the idea he'd be coming in to stomp around his parents' marriage and really make something of it was so incredible that he just couldn't help himself. He wanted her, wanted to make her unravel and confess and burn up in excitement and bliss.

It was with that idea in mind, about the almost vulgar excitement taking hold of him as he let something burn up inside of him, felt himself ready to succumb. He burned up hotly, losing himself to the excitement of her mouth at work on his cock so perfectly that he didn't hesitate to blow a hefty load into her mouth. With a hot, excited groan, he flooded Narcissa's mouth with cum, excited and hot as he let himself go, let the excitement grip him tightly. "Swallow it," He groaned, pulling back from her mouth before he'd even finished cumming, blowing the last few shots of cum across his face and leaving his mark on her, as Narcissa writhed and shivered. She stared up at him, mouth closing obediently as she swallowed down Harry's load. "How does my cum taste?"

"Delicious," Narcissa admitted, biting her lip as she stared up hotly at the dominant auror hanging over her. "I can't even remember the last time I've given head. It's been so long. But your passion and energy is..." She drifted off, tense and hot as her body ached. There was something so exciting about this sensation that took hold of her, and she felt herself incapable of holding herself back now. "Please fuck me."

Harry could not have been more smug as he drifted down Narcissa's body, shifting in position and spreading her legs out wide. "What a dirty little thing you are." He grabbed hold of his cock and smacked it down against her pussy, which drew an eager yelp from her. "A married woman, begging a man the same age as her son to drill her pussy while her husband dances around with other Death Eaters..." Narcissa winced, and Harry marveled in excitement. "Oh, you thought I didn't know? No, Narcissa, I know your husband is in Mulciber's basement right now. I'm not here to ask about that. I'm here for you."

Narcissa shook under the pressure of Harry's smug, wicked reveal and the tension taking hold of her. She was horribly unprepared for this, not even remotely ready to contend with the idea of any of what Harry was saying. "You tricked me," she said, but her voice felt bereft of the anger she felt it should have had, her head dizzy as she felt oddly okay with it. There wasn't something that guilty or worried behind what she was doing.

"You wanted it," Harry said dismissively. "I gave you an excuse to admit it, but you happily submitted to me so quickly I know you wanted it, and I don't think you lied about Lucius, did you? He hasn't given you what you need, but I will. I just need to hear it." All the power was in his hand now, and he was eager to make her feel the pressure upon her. Leveling his gaze upon Narcissa with a firmness and heat more intense than he'd mustered up quite yet, he made her feel the tension even hotter, bringing down the fire and aggression of his desires as he made sure she knew with utter certainty that he was in absolute control.

There was something about being so utterly unable to deny it, even if she felt like she was in way over her head and had every reason to want to. This was her way out, her means of telling Harry it had been about distracting him, but she found herself unable to claim otherwise, struggling with her thoughts and the pressure taking hold of her. The pressure was intense, hot and sudden and more feverish than she knew what to do with. There was something she just felt incapable of fighting, and there was nothing she could do but accept it and give in to the pressure within her. "I need you," she confessed. "I need your cock and your passion. I need the man who killed Voldemort to fuck me. Conquer this pure blood princess and show me why I've been wrong all this time."

Harry gave a wicked, almost dismissive, "Gladly," before he proceeded to shove forward on that very primal and succinct note, giving her exactly what she wanted, letting her gasp in excitement as he took her. His body pressed down upon her so feverishly and fiercely that hew knew she wasn't going to be able to deal with it all. Harry had been prepared to give her his worst, and without a care he pounded harshly forward, burying his cock into her waiting pussy and beginning to hammer into her with brutal efficiency, groaning his way through the pleasure of taking charge of the situation. He didn't need to do much more, just taking to fucking her hard and hot and without apology, letting Narcissa sort out her head and the mess of need swimming through it.

The fullness that hit Narcissa as she felt the thick cock sink into her and pound away at her needy, neglected, tight pussy was more than she could handle. Narcissa let out an eager howl, so frustrated and hot that she felt no capacity to restrain herself, just too hot to handle herself. Her body was so ready to burn up in the tension and excitement of everything that she had left pent up and waiting for so long. Her body was ready to give in, embracing to the excitement and heat without question as moans rumbled up hotter and needier from within. She was startled by how easily this all happened, by how good it felt to give herself up to the pleasure as she bucked against the madness, rocking back and forth needily against his thrusts.

"Take me," she whined. Narcissa was out of control, unable to help the pleasure taking hold of her. "Fuck me, Harry! Fuck me so hard that when I tell my husband goodnight, your cum is leaking out of me and I know that I'm no longer his woman!" All of the stress had taken such firm hold of her that she couldn't do anything to keep herself and her needs at bay. She had always been waiting and pushing her priorities and her needs to the side, but now she had the chance to do something else, to work for her pleasure and get what she had been denied for so long.

Hearing Narcissa tell him just what he wanted to hear, Harry was eager to take on the opportunity to fuck even harder, to pound her into violated, desperate need so intense that he could hardly believe how easily this was all going, and he couldn't get enough of it. Pounding on madly through the excitement that followed, he took to ravaging the needy pussy so snug and eager around his cock that he couldn't slow down. "You've needed this for years, and I'm going to leave you so horny that you show up on my doorstep again begging to worship my cock." It was a twisted promise, a cocky certainty and wickedness that made Narcissa shiver, but she couldn't deny the chance he was certainly on the right track there. Harry was doing to her things so primal and satisfying that she just wanted more, and he was fucking her well enough that she definitely hadn't the slightest idea how she would be recovering from this madness.

"I'll do it," she whined. "I'll sneak around behind Lucius's back. I'll let you fuck me when he's off chasing his dreams again. I'll stay home and stop going to meetings just so I can know what it's like to be fucked properly! By a strong, young stud who knows how to treat a woman!" Narcissa tugged against her bindings, bucking and shivering in need and heat as she surrendered herself up to Harry's touch and his wickedness, not knowing what she could do aside from beg for more, embracing the insanity inherent in everything he was doing to her.

"I'll be here, balls deep inside of you every time your husband goes off to play Death Eater again. Turn you into my secret pure blood whore." Working his hips on faster and harsher as he felt himself taking brutal hold of him, the ways that Narcissa let herself go and opened up to her body to his touch and the pleasure that followed was just too good to control. He didn't let himself go, bearing down feverishly onto her waiting and needy body. She was giving up her everything to him, and he was so happy to bear down upon her with all he had, breaking his way right into the middle of this marriage. He wasn't afraid or ashamed of it at all, rushing on with guiltless vigor as he broke her down with his wicked touch.

"So cum in me!" Narcissa howled, gasping in ecstatic want and excitement as she reached her peak. "Cum in my pure blood pussy Harry! I've never known cum from anyone less, but I want to be yours!" Harry was happy to give her precisely that, cramming his cock with one harsh, needy push right into her needy hole. She came stuffed full of fat dick and loving every second of it, bucking and thrashing hotly, the howls of need and excitement taking hold of her just too much to bear. The sensation of his cum flooding into her hot cunt only made it even better, something she was completely out of control of. But it felt too good for her to do anything but moan louder.

"You enjoy that?" Harry asked, leaning in close and admiring Narcissa's face with the cum streaked across her cheeks, eyes widening and a broad smirk breaking across his face.

"Please fuck me again," she whimpered, just too hot to care, pushing on past any sense of control as she gave herself up to the idea of submitting to him even harder. Answering his question was wasting valuable time.

"I will, but I want you to make me a promise," Harry growled.


"You're going to do me a favour, and put me into contact with Astoria. It's not enough that I've stomped all over your marriage; you're going to serve up your hot little daughter in law to me on a silver platter, and let your son's wife feel this big cock you love so much." He knew she was going to say yes, knew she was going to give him exactly what she wanted. Narcissa had that look of readiness in her eyes, and he was going to use it to break through anything resembling sense or decency to make something special happen.