Sexy Shots

Chapter 4

Narcissa sipped her drink as she surveyed the crowd. It was another Ministry function and her husband had left her to 'negotiate' with a few people. She had been to so many of these things over the years that she got bored quickly. She sighed once again and as she placed her now empty drink on a table.

"Hello, Mrs. Malfoy"

Narcissa turned to find one Harry Potter standing behind her.

"Mr. Potter" she said politely.

"It's lord Potter Mrs. Malfoy" Harry said.

"I'm sorry, lord Potter" Narcissa said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Tell me, where is your slime ball of a husband? Rubbing one off the Minister? Or is he blowing the Minister this time" Harry asked.

Narcissa's eyes narrowed.

"Tell me lord Potter, are you always this charming?" she asked sarcastically.

"I'm full of surprises Mrs. Malfoy" Harry said.

"Really, because all I see is an immature boy" Narcissa said haughtily.

Harry stepped closer to Narcissa.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yes" Narcissa said.

"Would an immature boy do this" Harry said.

Narcissa was ready to say something, but Harry grabbed her by the waist, spun her around quickly and pushed her hard against the nearby table. She felt the bottom of her dress being torn as it was pulled up. Her panties were rip off and she was filled to the brim by Harry's monstrous cock. Narcissa's eyes bugged out. It had been so long since she had been shagged that it was all too much. Harry didn't seem to care as he began pound away ruthlessly.

Harry was amazed at how tight Narcissa was even after giving birth to the ponce Draco. But figured she never had been touch since that and that was why she was so tight even now. He felt her pussy squeeze him like a python and he had to grit his teeth from coming too soon. He wanted to enjoy this cunt for a while.

Narcissa was panting and moaning. Her hands was clutching the table tightly making her knuckles turn white. She never had something so big inside her before. Lucius was a little below average and he came after just a few pumps then dozed off. But Harry, he was pounding her hard and didn't seem to let up. She knew she must've had already come several times by now judging by how much of her juices were leaking out of her and dripping down her legs. She didn't see Harry cast a fertility charm on her wandlessly.

"You're so fucking tight" Harry grunted.

Narcissa just let out a loud guttural moan in response.

She was so consumed by the pleasure that she didn't know that she was beginning to drool. She knew she had already orgasmed multiple times with Harry continuously pounding her.

"Fuck me Potter, fucking pound me" Narcissa demanded not caring if she was heard or not.

No one seemed to noticed what was going and they just walked by. Harry had cast a Notice-Me-Not charm around himself and Narcissa, but Narcissa didn't even seem to care nor notice. She then began to hear Harry mumble something, but her mind so far gone she couldn't hear him correctly.

She orgasmed for a sixth time she thinks, but she had lost count and was amazed how long Harry was going. His cock touched everyplace inside her. Every time he slid in her he touched her throbbing clit causing her to have a small orgasm in-between her big ones. She had no idea how long she was going to last.

Soon she felt Harry's hands move up and pull down the top of her dress to reveal her creamy white breasts. For her age Narcissa's breasts were still high and firm. She kept herself in good condition and was the wet dream of most of her son's friends. She felt Harry's hands mold and grip her breasts. It felt so good having her breasts being manhandled. His hands were calloused so the roughness just send a tingling sensation through her body thus increasing her already overly soaked pleasure mind.

Harry was enjoying this as his hands kept working Narcissa's breasts. He pinched and tugged on her harden nipples and grunted out each of his thrusts into her sopping wet pureblood pussy.

"Do you want this whore?" Harry asked.

Narcissa grunted, but didn't respond.

"I said do you want this whore?" Harry barked.

"Yes, oh fucking yes" Narcissa moaned.

"Are you mine, are you my whore, are you my personal slut?" Harry asked.

Again Narcissa didn't answer right away.

"Are you mine, my whore, my slut?" Harry asked again.

"Yes, I am your whore, I am your slut. You can do anything you want with me" Narcissa moaned.

Unnoticed to her, but a bright light engulfed them signaling a magical bond. Harry grinned and pumped in and out of Narcissa faster and harder than before. This only got Narcissa to come a couple more times. Soon Harry emptied himself within Narcissa. He left her there gasping for air, drooling, looking brain dead.

Out from the shadows a pregnant Hermione came. She had her hands rubbing her big belly and smiling.

"I know you enjoyed that Harry. You always wanted to fuck her" she said.

Harry just nodded.

"But what I want to know is will you enjoy fucking Narcissa or killing the Malfoys along with the other pureblood bigots and taking their wives and daughters as your own?" Hermione asked.

Harry grinned and pulled Hermione into a heated kiss.

"Don't know love, but I'll enjoy everything being under the Potters. This world will be much better than the one Dumbledore wanted" Harry said.