Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Rules

(Voldemort P.O.V)

Breakfast was served by the house elves. They were as cautious as ever around me, but knowing Harry's appreciation for the creatures I looked to him instead of them. It made them less nervous, and I was less likely to torture them for nothing more than entertainment. My young lover already looked uncomfortable sat with me, it would not do well for our relationship if I fed his hate for me so early on. It'll be best to slowly introduce him to how I handle things as a Dark Lord. Spoon feed the child as it were. It would do well to be cautious.

"I can't tell if you're lost in thought or staring at me to make me uncomfortable."

My gaze refocused. Breakfast was all laid out, Harry had food on his plate but was looking down at it instead of eating. His cheeks were flushed, so I assumed my 'staring' bothered him. I explained my thoughts of taking it slow with him in my fight. A nervous lip was sucked between his teeth, as though he'd forgotten what it meant to be here. It meant more than giving his life away, it meant changing sides. Losing his friends. The reminder struck a nerve, Severus bring up the young Weasley girl had a crush on the boy in front of me, not that I can pin blame on her for such a thing. But he was mine, and she was not to have him.

"I hope you are aware that in aligning yourself with me your betrothal contract to the Weasley's female child is void."

"Ginny? What betrothal contract?" He frowned.

A laugh escaped me. It was malicious but also relieved. His confusion didn't reflect he returned her admiration, fewer obstacles for a steady relationship. I explained the purpose of a betrothal contract. Guardians or parents signed a contract which was a basic agreement that their children would be encouraged to marry each other, though cannot be enforced as a marriage contract can because the individuals in the match don't sign. Severus Snape had been told by Dumbledore that the old man had signed a contract pairing Harry to this Ginny girl for their future, which I was putting a firm stop to. He was mine, not her's.

"So he was even trying to take my choice of who to love away?" Harry scowled, "Has he not done enough already? And now I'm losing control of my life again, handing the reigns from a dictator to a heartless tyrant. I'm only good for being used, only ever wanted as a pathetic slave."

The reaction was unexpected. Even more so when his anger faded and silent tears flowed. The old man must have been like a grandfather to him, a caring figure when he didn't have one, and now he finds he was manipulating his life. Pulling the strings like a master puppeteer. He had reason to feel upset. The emotions on display were foreign to me, I didn't know what would comfort him and what would bother him, so I stayed still. I thought it better to verbally reassure him rather than push a boundary unset on physical contact.

"You aren't handing reigns to anyone. I have some rules that must be kept to, as I'm sure you will, but your life is yours. You are free to do as you please, as long as it doesn't break my rules. I demand your loyalty, meaning you aren't allowed to run off back to the light and fight against me. I require you to be faithful, I am territorial and possessive so I will react quite badly to someone else touching you. You will need to share my bedchamber, sleep with me, eat with me and shower with me if I want you. The rest of your life is yours."

His eyes met mine and I held nothing back. I stood to lean over the table and take his sad little face in my hands. I kissed him tenderly, a treatment I withheld for when I'd been too rough with Lucius and he was in pain. It was uncharacteristic of me, not something he should expect. But Harry was different. Being young meant a lack of experience, nerves about being with a man for the first time, and he was already so fragile. I couldn't be tough on him, which may become a challenge but we would see how it goes. I can always switch to being harsh and cold like with others.

I pulled back slowly, kissing his cheek before releasing his and sitting back in my seat. The tears had stopped. He was absent-mindedly stroking his lips, it almost made me assume he'd never been kissed before. But that was highly unlikely, defeating a powerful threat gives one a certain level of admirers. Gryffindors weren't usually the type to waste an opportunity.

"Thank you. I'd want you to be faithful and loyal in return. Give as well as take from me," he mumbled. "And I can't be a Death Eater. I will be loyal to you, but I'm not going to be another mindless follower, and you won't brand me like a cow. You've already agreed not to hurt me, which I appreciate, but I wanted to bring up again. Lover or not, I won't be abused by you too, I at least deserve to be treated right. I agree to all your rules, I'll follow them willingly if you can follow mine."

It was reasonable. I didn't need to give him the mark, the hickeys will make the point that he is mine. I wanted to question "too" but it didn't seem appropriate. He was what I craved now, the offer had been dangled and I was snapping it up. No turning back for either of us. I could accept only sleeping with him. The pain may be a problem, but it'll take testing his pain threshold before I could be sure. Rough fucking was my default, it would be difficult to do anything else, but unwise to give him more than he could take. Finding things out about our relationship will be entertaining for the next few days at least.

I instructed him to stand and come to stand beside me. He fidgeted nervously as he stood by my chair, and flinched when I moved it back with a loud screech. I pulled him to straddle my thighs, placing light kisses and licks up his neck. I felt his shiver against my groin, and his breathing became heavier on my ear. He pressed down and rubbed himself on my growing erection. He was brave, I had to give him that.

"I want to show you how to make a deal with a Dark Lord," I smirked.

I wasn't as gentle this time. My lips pressed on his with more force and I parted his lips with my tongue to invade his mouth. I was pleasantly surprised when he hesitated for only a moment before kissing back. He had little experience, but with practice, he would learn, and I was enjoying kissing practice. My hands gripped his ass firmly and he pressed into my touch. Not quite the bashful virgin he had portrayed before this.

A knock on the door had Harry springing off my lap. If the interruption didn't anger me, that definitely did. Bellatrix entered unannounced and stared at my lover in shock. I had only returned the shirt too that was too big for him, enjoying the sight of his legs. She reminded me I had a meeting to discuss important plans, her eyes trailing his blushing face and exposed legs. It was annoying but true. I would need to play with my young lover later.

"I will see you for dinner this evening," I stated, placing a kiss to his cheek as he turned his face away. That wasn't good.

If Bellatrix had somehow ruined the fragile bridge I had built this morning, I would burn it down when he heard her screams from the other side of the manor. I can always rebuild tonight when I can get my hands back on that undeniably gorgeous boy and his perfect round ass.

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