Eyes Like Mine

Chapter 1

This story will follow the books,(sort of) with my own twist. The first few chapter will focus on Gladiolus, Dudley, and Harry discovering their magical abilities and bonding. I've always wished Harry had someone to look out for him as a child. This is me fulfilling my wish. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Awakening

In an overly pink bedroom slept, quite fitfully, the daughter of Petunia and Vernon Dursley. A perfectly normal couple with a perfectly normal life if you asked them. That day had been Gladiolus and Dudley, the twin children of Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, birthday. The tenth to be exact. And despite all the presents (36 to be exact) and the sugar eaten (plenty). Little Gladiolus Dursley and the not so little Dudley Dursley had felt quite unwell. The twins skin was hot to the touch, and if you asked them, they will tell you it felt like something inside was trying to get out.

That was because something was.

You see, when the twins were old enough to understand, they realized their parents hated anything unusual. Saying magic in their parent's presence was reacted to worse than any foul word. So, in an attempt to please the normalcy loving parents the children suppressed their magic to the best of their ability. And they did quite well. The punishments of their strange cousin only reinforcing the suppression. But you cannot suppress what is a part of your very being forever. It is well known that your magic will do all it can to protect you, manifesting into whatever you need. So, magic knowing that if it allows the suppression to continue will only result in explosive like reaction, magic, much likes one's immune system, began to ease up the pressure by letting go of magic where it could. Resulting in the symptoms the Dursley children felt. It also resulted in the children staying in a coma for a week much to the distress of Mrs. and Mr. Dursley.

The hospital staff couldn't explain what was happening, Gladiolus Dursley who had always been much to thin for a child her age began to gain weight, while Dudley Dursley, who had always been much too fat for a child his weight was dropping weight rapidly. The fever remained, and the children never once made a sound or responded to any outside stimulation. The doctors were quite shocked and baffled, whatever the Dursley children had it seemed to be improving their bodies physically. The children were outward the healthiest they had ever been beside the fever and coma.

At exactly 7:13 am the Dursley children woke at the exact same time from dreams they couldn't remember. It looked like they were glowing, which everyone present attributed to the light coming in through the window. After many tests confirming, that yes, the children were perfecting healthy, the hospital finally let the twins go home with their parents.

It wasn't till a week after returning home did their cousin Harry approach them, head bowed, skinner than ever, (it seems the week the twins were at the hospital wasn't kind to harry.)

"I'm glad you're ok." Was all he said to the twins. The twins were surprised to say the least, they had never been kind to harry. Never done anything to earn his concern.

"Harry…" Gladiolus began, and then feel silent unsure how to continue. Unsure how to say what she had never said before.

Harry raised his head hesitantly, curiously. Gladiolus swallowed thickly when her eyes meet Harry's mouth suddenly dry. Harry's eyes widened behind his broken glasses in recognition.

"Your eyes….," Harry began.

", are just like mine." Gladiolus finished.

Neither spoke for a moment. Gladiolus eyes before the coma had been a grey that changed to blue or green. But after the coma, well, they stayed in the same vibrant shade of green. (She also noticed her mom had a hard time staring into her eyes lately.) Dudley had a similar experience, it was just that his blue eyes which had been dull had become an intense shade of blue.

Gladiolus shock her head slightly before smiling at Harry hesitantly.

"Do you want to go to the park with us?" Harry's blanched in surprise before brightening in barely hidden hope.

Harry was aware that for the first time a branch of friendship was being extended.

"Y-Yeah, I would like that." Harry murmured shyly after a glance at Dudley who had smiled awkwardly in return.

Unfelt and unseen, the blood wards around the Dursley residence strengthened in response to the sudden acceptance of Harry Potter by Gladiolus and Dudley Dursley.

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