Eyes Like Mine

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

"I don't care what you do, just keep your freaky stuff far from me." A young Petunia hissed, face twisted into a sneer of disgust directed at her younger and tearful sister, Lily.

Having gotten the final word in Petunia stormed out of the Living room and upstairs, a door slammed, and silence descended on the house. Lily sat down heavily on the couch, in her hands she held a beautiful blue butterfly hair-clip that was meant to be a gift to her sister, a peace offering really. It was an apology for the potion that had exploded on petunia balding her temporarily. Gladiolus stepped forward wishing she could comfort he young Lilly. But it wasn't real. With that thought Gladiolus was pulled out of the scene and opened her eyes. she exhaled heavily and sat up, grabbing the slightly worn journal on her nightstand and began to write.

This memory was of a young petunia and Lily Evans. During the summer, both girls had to be in their early teen. Toke place in the living room of the Evans household. Lily was trying to give petunia and beautiful blue butterfly hair clip to apologize for when petunia had been temporally bald because of a potion accident. (should be noted that the only reason the potion exploded is because petunia tried to mix it, and she mixed it in the wrong direction) Petunia reacted unreasonably telling Lily she didn't want the gift and to keep her freaky stuff away from her.

Gladiolus paused and once again ran through the dream making sure she didn't miss anything. She nodded to herself in confirmation and closed the dream journal finally leaving the comfort of her bed. She planted herself in front of the full body mirror and began to observe herself. She had long wavy dark red hair, bright green eyes, and pale unblemished skin, in-fact if you placed Gladiolus and Lily side by side at the same age you would say they were sisters, twins even. It was a strange thing. Gladiolus shock her head leaving her thoughts and began to get ready for the day. She slipped into one of her many dresses and combed her hair into a high ponytail. She finally left her bedroom and headed down the stairs and into the kitchen where harry was cooking under the sharp eyes of her mother. "Good morning mother, good morning Harry." Gladiolus murmured and began to set the table.

"Gladiolus dear, let the bo- Harry do that." Her mother stated.

"It's fine mum. I can do it." Gladiolus spoke through clenched teeth, they had this disagreement almost every morning since Gladiolus and Dudley had begun to help Harry with the Housework.

Petunia pursed her lips in disapproval but let Gladiolus be.

Over the last two months things had changed drastically in the Dursley household. Gladiolus with her strange dreams to guide her had begun to see what was wrong with the Dursley way of life. So, she did what she could do, she began to help Harry with his chores pulling a reluctant Dudley with her. she explained it away when her parents questioned them to wanting to be responsible which built character. Her parents had eaten it up which ended up with an allowance being established as a reward and Petunia cooing about how responsible her little angels were and how good they were.

After a particularly upsetting dream about an abused Severus Snape, Gladiolus had convinced Dudley he needed to share his room with Harry. They then moved all of Harry's things into Dudley's room (barley anything and not a single toy to Dudley's horror). They had simply said that they wouldn't want to sleep in the cupboard under the stairs so why should Harry?

Neither Vernon nor Petunia had a good answer for that, so the matter was dropped.

When school started up Gladiolus and Dudley didn't allow anyone to bully Harry. Despite his weight lose Dudley still had a plenty of strength behind his punches and no one wanted a black eye. So, Harry was left be, Harry Hunting was cancelled, and the children found other ways to torment one another.

"Why?" Harry asked Gladiolus and Dudley one day. He was trying on one of the shirts Dudley had gotten him at the store while shopping.

Gladiolus raised an eyebrow, and Dudley grunted in confusion.

"Why are you being so nice? What did I do that you decided you liked me? I'm not complaining or anything I just don't understand."

For a moment, Gladiolus was struck with the overwhelming need to tell the two closest people to her about her dreams. But fear held her back. She didn't want them to reject her, or think she was lying. She just didn't know how she could explain it and not sound like a total lone.

"Because I thought, what if that was me? And I didn't like it. I- I- I just don't want to be treated like I treated you, you know. It's the golden rule, right? Do to others what you want done to you." Dudley muttered awkwardly.

Gladiolus smiled and nodded in agreement. "If there is no one else, you should at least be able to rely on us, right? We're family, and family should look out for each other."

Harry's eyes watered, and he sniffed. "Y-Yeah, I guess so."

Gladiolus returned to helping Dudley with his Latin homework and that was the last time the matter came up between the trio.

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