Eyes Like Mine

Chapter 3

Several months had passed and the children were in the last week of school before Winter Break. Despite the festive mood and promise of fun to come, Little Gladiolus (recently nicknamed Glad by Harry), was not feeling the holiday spirit. Which was much to everyone in the Dursley household's distress. She had fallen quiet, choosing to instead observe the world with a numb detachment. She flinched at any loud noise and her brilliant green eyes were now framed by permanent dark bags from sleepless nights. She never had an appetite and seemed to just be going through the motions. All in all, Glad was not well. No one knew what was wrong, much less how to help her.

Currently, Glad was in class trying her best not to fall asleep at her desk, she had spent the last several nights staying up as long as possible to prevent the dreams, which had quickly become nightmares. Whenever she closed her eyes she began to see things no child and most adults couldn't even to begin to comprehend. Things no child should have to see. She now knew words, spells, that could cause unbearable pain, knew how to make people obey, knew the words that could kill any living thing.

Glad's eyes were growing heavier, but she couldn't fight it anymore. Her eyes closed in the physical realm and opened in the dream realm.

It was cold, and wet. The ground damp from recent rain. Glad could tell she was in a forest. Immediately she was on edge. Her dreams hadn't been pleasant, and it wasn't natural for a forest to be so… still. Slowly she turned in a circle taking note of the full moon in the sky and the lack of trail. She slowly began to move listening intently for any sort of sound. All too soon she hears a sound, but it didn't bring any comfort. It was a scream of terror followed by the sound of running. Despite her better judgement Glad toke off toward the scream, she prayed that for once, someone would be saved instead of killed.

"NO, PLEASE LEAVE ME AL- "The screaming cut off with the horrible wet sound of something being torn.

Gladiolus froze. Slowly, she began to move forward, a stone sat heavy in her stomach and bile rose to her throat as she listened to wet, sloppy sound of something being ripped apart and eaten. When she arrived at the scene she wished she had stayed away.

A young woman lay mutilated and naked on the forest floor. Her throat torn out and a beast of some sorts was tearing into her guts. The scene painted red in blood.

A twig snapped and the best, the werewolves bloodied snout snapped up, it's hungry eyes staring straight through Gladiolus. Slowly Gladiolus turned around to see a man, Incrediblly tall and dressed in billowing black robes, the Dark Lord himself. He seemed amused at the scene before him. And that Gladiolus thought was almost worse.

"I see your enjoying your Treat, Greyback." His voice always managed to captivate and repulse Gladiolus at the same time.

The werewolf only snarled in response and The Dark Lord chucked. He clearly was expecting that.

It was all a game to him. A sick, twisted game.

"Well, I hope you're not full, I've brought another treat for you."

With that the Dark Lord waved his wand and a small child appeared at his feet. The boy was sobbing, great hiccupping that shoke his whole small frame, not even past the age of four. Gladiolus felt weak, "Don't" She sobbed even though she knew there was nothing she could do.

"Run Mudblood." The dark lord snarled, his lips pulling into a cruel smirk.

Gladiolus could only scream as the werewolf pounced.

Glad woke screaming, a terrible heart wrenching scream of fright and pain that caused immediate panic in the classroom. Several students burst into tears overcome by an unexplainable feeling of helplessness, fear, and panic. It was chaos as Ms. Bell tried her best to calm the class of now hysterical children.

Dudley had never been so terrified before. He had never heard his sister scream like that. Without even realizing it, he was out of his seat and wrapping his arms around his hysterical sister pulling her onto his lap.

"It's alright Glad, I got you, you're safe." He whispered into her hair, her head tucked under his chin.

He continued to repeat the phrase to Glad hoping she would finally comprehend what he was saying. Someone nudged into him slightly and Dudley snarled in response his eyes meeting Glad's, no, Harry's. He nodded to Harry who returned the gesture. Harry began to also whisper the same calming words to Glad, rubbing her back, the same way Mum would when Dudley or Glad needed comforting. Several moments later Glad stopped shacking and blinked several times finally seeing her surroundings. Horrified she toke in the crying classroom, her whole body slumped in guilt.

"I'm sorry, I didn't, I didn't mean to frighten everyone." Her small voice was loud in the stillness of the classroom, the weight that seemed to press her down noticed more so than ever before.

"I think it's time for you to go home, Ms. Dursley." Ms. Bell spoke almost like one would to a wild animal.

Glad's eyes dropped in submission. Dudley frowned, today was the last straw. He couldn't bear to see his sister so, so…. weak. The word itself made him feel sick to say. Dursley's weren't weak. It was one of the first things they had learned. Something their father had ingrained into them. While Dudley toke after his father in the aspects of physical strength and brute force. Glad was like their mother. Her words were sharper than any sword and could inflict as much if not more damage than Dudley's fists. Her being so silent, so mute, it was- Wrong. As unnatural as-

Dudley shaked his head cutting off that train of thought. He would do anything for his sister. 'Dursley men are family men, Dudley 'his father had told him. He would so anything for his sister. Today it would end. His sister's secrets, they were hurting her, and he couldn't let it continue. Not anymore.

After Dinner, the three children escaped from under Petunia and Vernon concerned eye and slipped into Glad's room. It was partly undone. Her desk covered in drawings that trailed to the floor. Her curtains were drawn tight and books of all sorts, some in Latin tottered dangerously in random corners of her room. Despite the pink and white the room was decorated in it was…. Dull. Glad sat Indian style on the round carpet next to her bed. Harry and Dudley flowed her example.

"What's going on Glad?" Dudley questioned, his voice quiet but firm.

Glad exhaled heavily her eyes fluttering shut for a moment as she collected herself.

"I, I've been having these, dreams. They are unlike anything I've experienced before." She paused a small wobble in her voice. "Did you know Harry that you look exactly like your Father, you just have your mother's eyes."

Harry's eyes widened in surprise. "H-How do you know that?"

"The dreams' I've been having, their like memories. From who I don't know. But when I'm in them, I see everything like if I'm watching a movie. I can't change anything. I can't even interact with them. They don't even know I'm there." Gladiolus paused her voice laced with a bitter undercurrent.

"It's so strange. There Is a world within our own, or next to full of – magic. Of witches and wizards, of war and death. A whole society…." Gladiolus shock her head, she was trembling slightly, and Dudley toke her hand, she barely noticed so immersed in memories.

"These memories are explaining everything. Laying out a picture to a mystery we didn't even know existed. Harry, you are the only child of James and Lily Potter. Lily and James attended and graduated Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and wizardly. They married and had you in the middle of war against a dark wizard. Ten years ago, he killed your parents and tried to kill you. But your mother, Harry she was brilliant. The smartest witch of her age. She found a way to make sure you survived. With a ritual and her sacrifice, the curse that was meant to kill you only gave you that scar instead." Her hand brushed gently against Harry's scar, Harry was staring at her face white in shock. He blinked, and a tear slid down his cheek.

"We are all magical. You, Dudley and me. I'm just the one cursed with these, nightmares."

No one spoke for a moment.

"In class, what did you dream about?" Dudley questioned.

Glad's face twisted into a grimace as her eyes watered. "Werewolves. They were allied with the dark lord in the war." Glad shuddered and shock her head. It was clear she wouldn't say anymore on the subject.

"I believe you, even though I don't understand. I, I, noticed that we're not… Normal. Not since the coma." Dudley explained haltingly.

Promptly Glad, burst into tears the events of the day, the confession, her brother's belief all needed to send her over the edge. Dudley wrapped her into a tight hug understanding that she needed it.

Harry joined after moment, "I believe you too. It's crazy and that's how I know it's got to be real. You Gladiolus have never lied to us before and I will do all I can to help you."

Gladiolus began to cry harder at that and pulled Harry closer into the group hug.

The nightmares would most likely continue and may even get worse. But she was no longer alone. And that alone gave Gladiolus the strength to move forward. The strength to willingly close her eyes.

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