Is this a dream or a nightmare

Chapter 1

Chapter 1-Let's just go back to normal.

Harry,Ron and Hermione had finally settled down in, the now somewhat homely on the first three floors, Grimwalds Place and now they were leaving again.

It was after the war, they had won with minor loss and it felt good. They still had to go to more funerals than anyone should attend in a lifetime- including Remus Lupin's. Tonks, Remus' fiance and mother to his new born child, had cried on Hermione's shoulder the entire time and all she could do was stroke Tonk's now shoulder length jet black hair. But considering the circumstances it was a miracle that none of the Weasleys had died, although Fred had suffered an awful blow to the head of the cruciatus which had scrambled his brain so he was on bed rest going in and out of consciousness. The Weasleys when not at Fred's side had helped Harry and Hermione fix up the house. Their friends often came to help as well.

Today Neville and Luna were coming for lunch, they were a couple now and were almost never seen without each other. Neville had introduced Luna to his parents, who had been in St. Mungos since Neville was small. They were rather mad and didn't really ever speak, but Luna had had full conversations with them and Harry thought it would be a good idea to celebrate. So here they were: Harry cooking because he was the only one of the three who knew how, Hermione and Ron were at the hospital where they were meeting Ginny to bring her to the lunch after checking on Fred. Fred seemed to be improving day by day, baby steps.

Ron and Hermione arrived talking with Ginny about Quidditch.

"...Merlin i'm constantly exhausted! We've been Training EVERYDAY all week!" Ginny said exasperated. She had been accepted as a Holyhead Harpy and had been training all week for their game next Saturday.

"What are you going to do when school starts back up?" Hermione asked not really seeming to care but going along all the same.

"Well we only have games in holidays and the girls have decided to train hogwarts in term time if i come out to our training pitch on weekends." Ginny explained entering the kitchen.

"Hey." Harry and Ginny shared a quick kiss before she said next to Hermione at the table.

"So how's your quidditch training going?" Ginny asked Harry. Harry although still wishing to become an auror next year had also accepted the invitation to join the Falmouth Falcons.

"Well, we won last game, as you know, and our next game isn't until half term like Ginny's, but the team won't be coming to school, i'm going to our training pitch on weekends."

"Well you need less practise than Gin." Ron joked. Ginny punched Ron ho swore loudly.