Harry Potter: The Dark Forest

From time immemorial

A long time ago...

Albus Dumbledore (Voice on Off): "It is said that since time immemorial ... the darkness already existed ... and from it arose ... the Dementors horrible beings of great stature, covered by a black cape. feared because they feed on happiness and happy memories, leaving only sadness and desolation ... Long ago ... their leader, the most terrible of magicians: Igor Karkarov ... would seek to return the world to the dark age This cruel act would only be possible ... with the power ... of the Goblet of Fire ... a magic chalice with the power of unique destruction ".

His right hand was a renegade magician, very strong and of African descent named Lurtz. Igor along with the Dementors attacked innocent lands and.

Lurtz: "Igor, Hogwarts is coming."

That's right, a great bolt of lightning ... fired from the Cup of the Three Mages landed and from there, they left ... soldiers of Hogwarts.

Igor Karkarov: "Kill them!"

Albus Dumbledore (Voice in Off): "The pure and noble troops of Hogwarts were present, led by my father: Percival Dumbledore, they were involved in a bloody battle against the Dementors".

In battle, there are both casualties from the Dementors and the Hogwarts troops.

Albus Dumbledore (Voice on Off): "But when nine stars alined in the sky, Igor was able to liberate ... the chalice and its power".

But when Igor was going to use the power of the chalice, the reinforcements of Hogwarts appeared ... although Igor annihilated them, with the help of the cup of the three magicians ... they took the chalice.

Albus Dumbledore (Voice on Off): "Fortunately, Hogwarts snatched the Chalice of Fire and without it ... the Dementors fell."

And so it was ... the soldiers of Hogwarts annihilated every Dementor that was on their way.

Albus Dumbledore (Voiceover): "When he realized he was on the verge of defeat, Igor ... resorted to a desperate tactic, sacrificing his own people."

Igor Karkarov: "Let's go! ... in the end, we'll be back".

Lurtz: "You look very sure of that."

Igor and Lurtz left the battle zone in a dark flying chariot.

Albus Dumbledore (Voice in Off): "Igor, was defeated ... and the chalice ceased to exist ... or at least that made them believe".

Soldier of Hogwarts: "Master, the chalice ... do we destroy it?"

Percival Dumbledore: "If there was any way, I would ... but its power is too great, bury the chalice! ... where no one can ever have it."

They buried the Chalice of Fire in a powerful rock in the deepest part of the earth ... and it continues to this day.