Just A Smile

James Potter


Before you proceed to this chapter, I will just point out some things to you that is extremely relevant in this story.

1.) Hermione is NOT a time traveler. She really is born in this time as Professor McGonagall's niece. So, no time turners, no conflict about changing the future, no horcrux hunting with the Marauders, no secrets hush-hush, and other things.

2.) As the story progress, you might find that some character POV's have different timeless. Some might be in the present but others are way back into the past. However, I will do my best to make you understand that the scenarios in the chapters are either in the present or in the past, however in subtle forms.

3.) I will update this book every day or twice a day, and that means, yes, every day there's a new chapter for you. I have already written a total of 21 chapters for this book and counting. So, yey!

4.) To my Vampirism readers that somehow made it to this book: I'm sorry to say this but Just A Smile will be my priority from now on although I will still update Vampirism, just not weekly anymore. I find that Just A Smile is very easy to update and it's consuming my every time that I find myself writing a new chapter for this book rather than Vampirism. But don't worry, once I get this out of my system, I will update my other book and I won't abandon it. I REPEAT I WON'T ABANDON VAMPIRISM! Promise.

5.) English is not my first language. I do not really know the correct usage of American English or the UK English so I apologise in advance if I use the UK English and then the American English. Also, sorry for the wrong grammars and wrong typos. I had the reasons above. Sorry people!

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Chapter One

James Potter

A familiar melodic laughter had somehow stood out amongst the buzzing chatter in the Great Hall and reached a Sixth Year Gryffindor with messy jet-black hair that stood out at odd angles. James Potter's ears perked up and he whipped his head to the direction of the sound, his heart soaring.

His hazel eyes, always gleaming with mischief but now dreamy and glazed, sought for the person responsible for the beautiful sound of laughter that made his stomach clench and his heart leap.

His eyes landed on her.

Soft tawny eyes. Brown wild and bushy hair. Pearly white teeth. Beautiful smile. Seeing her made his legs weak and his palms sweat. He began wiping them on his robes as he stared at her.

Her name was Hermione Granger and she was going to be his future wife.

Although she didn't know that last bit yet.

"Doesn't she look beautiful, Pads?" He questioned, a large smile on his lips. He hadn't received an answer so he began punching his companion repeatedly on the arm without removing his gaze from the unsuspecting witch. "Hey, Pads. Pads. Padfoot. Sirius. Black. Pads!"

"Oy!" James could hear the scowl on Sirius' voice. "Stop doing that! This is abuse of the highest level, mate!"

"Doesn't she look beautiful, Pads?" He only repeated.

"I heard you the first time!"

"Then why aren't you answering me then?" He quipped, still watching her talk to her housemates.

Her blue and bronze Ravenclaw uniform really brought out her tawny eyes and sun kissed skin. She never failed to bring warmth in his chest with her laughter or her smile. Her smile made him want to smile. Her laugh made him want to laugh. Everything about her made him feel light and content. He wondered if this was what muggle drugs felt like.

"Because I know you won't listen to my answer anyway!"

She was so beautiful. Everything about her was beautiful and enchanting in the most simple way, making her more special and precious to him. She had a certain grace in her movements. Her beauty was a quiet and hidden way that was breathtaking once you discovered it.

"See?!" Sirius harrumphed when his messy jet-black haired friend failed to give him a response yet again.

"Did you say something?" James smiled slowly as he watched her throw her head back, still laughing without care, her grin brightening her whole face.

Sirius exasperatedly threw his hands up in the air.