Just A Smile

Hogwarts Academy II

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Chapter Four

Hogwarts Academy II

They hadn't noticed it at first and it took a long while however they realised as time passed that James' grand declarations of love for Lily had somehow dwindled. Once it was every single day, now it was once a week, and then there was once in a month, until there was nothing in the next month and the month after that. It was odd to expect something to happen only to realize at the end of the day that nothing occurred.

Where was the bad poetry? Where were the very corny love songs? Where were the love letters, or the incessant date and marriage proposals? Where had it all gone? Not even Albus Dumbledore could answer that. There were no shouts, no fireworks, no explosions, and no creative hexes. Nothing. It was quite impossibly the quietest year that they had ever since the Marauders had stepped foot into the school.

Lily was convinced that they had a big prank coming on, that's why James hadn't put more effort into courting her. So, everyone waited for it to happen. A day passed, then a week, then a month. Clearly, there was no prank going on unless you counted their usual pranks to the Slytherins which it didn't count at all. Then Lily assumed that it was going to be the biggest marriage proposal to date.

But there was still nothing.

Some had asked Lily what happened. Why wasn't James' declaring his love for her for many months? What did she do? Did she finally broke him? Lily would flush red and started yelling that she didn't care if James stopped, and that in fact, she would like it very much if it was permanent. Everyone noticed that she only shouted those answers if James was within earshot.

It was December when they finally knew the reason why James had acted quite out of his character that year.

They were having their dinner when Hermione Granger went to the Gryffindor table and stopped in front of the famous Marauders.

A number of people had noticed the bushy haired girl because of her blue and bronze uniform that stood out amongst the sea of red and gold. James was talking to Sirius when she approached them and everyone had seen when he clamped his mouth shut when he saw her and started staring at the Ravenclaw student.

"Hey, Remus," Hermione had said to the sandy haired boy. She was carrying an Ancient Runes book. "You forgot this in class earlier."

Remus smiled shyly at the Ravenclaw as he took the book from her slender hands. "Thanks, Hermione."

A conversation about Ancient Runes soon followed. James was silent throughout the whole exchange, still staring at Hermione. By that time, most of the people in the Great Hall had noticed this peculiar occurrence. James was a friendly person who would greet anyone who would talk to him. He should've been jumping and introducing himself to the brown haired Ravenclaw, but he was unnaturally and uncharacteristically silent.

"What happened to him?" Frank Longbottom was heard asking Sirius.

Sirius snorted. "What do you think?"

They had all pieced it all together by that time; even Lily who was beginning to look red in the face. Sirius had smirked at her expression.

Hermione smiled and waved goodbye, having already finished the conversation. She was about to leave when she caught James' eye and she waved tentatively at him before walking back to the Ravenclaw table.

She never saw the wide, blinding smile that James sported after that but everyone else sure did.

"She waved at me," James said, voice full of wonder.

Remus chuckled. Sirius patted him on the back. Peter continued eating his kidney pie.

Frank looked astonished. "You like Hermione?" He asked to the leader of the Marauders.

James still had his wide smile on, not hearing Frank's question. "She waved at me." He looked positively giddy.

The mystery was finally solved.

Poor Lily, they all had thought that night.