Girl Talk & Pettiness

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Girl Talk & Pettiness

"Good work, everyone! Until next time!" Christopher shouted from the front of the rehearsal hall. Sam wiped a bit of sweat from her brow and smiled as he looked over at her and offered a wink. "Sam, I'll see you in the private hall in say… five minutes?" She nodded and then quickly made her way over to the side of the room where her things were.

"How was the date with Adrian last night? Saw you were a bit sluggish this morning. Does that mean what I think it does?" Ellie asked, shooting a cheeky grin towards Moira.

"Most certainly does not," Moira said, her pale cheeks going pink as she looked at the now chuckling redhead. Sam whipped her head over to look at the two, surprised. Adrian had come over a few days ago and hadn't mentioned anything about Moira. Though she supposed this explained why he hadn't been coming over as much. "Just means the conversation went well…"

"And when are you seeing loverboy again?" Ellie asked.

"This weekend," Moira said as she reached down and grabbed a sweater, pulling it on.

"It's been a month… will the next date be the one you finally ask Mr. Hottie to stay over?" Ellie asked. Sam froze for a moment, feeling the same odd churning in her stomach as she glanced over at Moira, whose cheeks were now a brilliant red.

"Ellie! Stop!" she nearly shouted, glancing around the room to make sure no one else had overheard.

"It's about time, is all I'm saying," Ellia said, as she picked up her dance shoes and slid into her flats. "You haven't seriously dated anyone since Robert…"

"It's none of your business," Moira replied, following her out of the room. Sam scurried to catch up.

"I didn't know you guys were still seeing each other," Sam said. Both women looked over at her.

"Sorry," Moira said softly. "It wasn't that we didn't want to tell you, just… well it was new and I didn't want to jinx it or anything… besides I thought maybe he already told you and Oliver by now." Sam shrugged and smiled.

"It's your business. But I'm happy to see you two getting along so well," she said, though part of her didn't really feel that way. Sam shook her head, mentally calling herself ridiculous. It was good that Adrian was dating. She had been thinking of setting him up before Moira mentioned asking him out, after all.

"I'm glad to hear it, because… well… with things going as well as they are, I was hoping that perhaps we could go on a double date with you and Oliver soon," Moira said, looping her arm through Sam's.

"Sure… sounds fun," Sam replied, hoping she sound more convincing to Moira than she did to herself.

"Good," Moira said. "Now, off to your private rehearsal. We'll see you later." She shooed Sam off while she and Ellie continued towards the locker rooms. Sam took a deep breath and walked into the smaller room, starting to stretch even though she was more than warmed up from the group rehearsal. It was a short rehearsal - only an hour tonight. Then she could head home.

But her mind was whirling as she thought of Adrian and Moira together. She hadn't predicted that would work out. For some reason she never thought the two would be that compatible and was curious as to how they had managed. Granted it had only been a month. There was no telling how long it would really last.

But it was the first time in a long time that Adrian had gone on more than one date with someone. Perhaps this was more serious...

"Ready to start?" Christopher asked, walking in and disrupting Sam's thoughts. She looked up at him and smiled, nodding.

She quickly moved to her first position for her first solo. Christopher waved his wand and music started. Sam began moving around the room, going through each of the moves. She had barely made it halfway through before the music stopped abruptly. She looked over at Christopher, her eyes asking him what was the matter.

"You're not feeling it, Sam. It's too stiff," he said, studying her. "You're just going through the motions."

"Sorry… must be tired," she said, quickly moving back to her starting position. Christopher kept watching her but started the music again. This time Sam only got through the first few moves before he stopped it again.

"No, something's on your mind. What is it?" he asked, stepping towards her.

"I'm absolutely fine," she replied automatically.

"Sam… I've been working with you for almost two years now. I know your tells. What is it? Because the sooner we deal with it, the sooner you get your head back into work," he said sternly. Sam sighed.

"It's silly," she started. Christopher just smiled and motioned for her to continue. "Well… I just found out that Moira's been seeing one of my best friends - Adrian - for the last month. And neither of them mentioned anything to me…"

"And you're upset by this?" he said. Sam shrugged and frowned.

"I'm not sure how I feel about it," she said. "It's none of my business if they date, but I had just assumed one of them would have mentioned something. You'd think they would, anyway. Adrian's at my place a few times a week as it is and I see Moira every day practically..." Christopher chuckled, causing Sam to look up at him, perplexed.

"Sam… it sounds like you're jealous," he said. Her eyes widened.

"I most certainly am not!" she said indignantly.

"That's not what I meant," Christopher said, though he was studying her curiously. "I just meant, Adrian is one of your closest friends. And I know you're always mucking about with Ellie and Moira. You feel a bit betrayed that they didn't tell you about the relationship. And it's natural that you might be a bit protective of either one of them. But… you can't let that get in the way of your art." Sam looked to the ground, nodding.

"I'm sorry," she said softly.

"Stop looking so dejected. I'm not scolding you, Sam," Christopher said with a laugh. Sam looked up at him. This was another reason she liked Christopher - she could talk to him about these sort of things without being chided. He just understood. "In fact, I think you should latch on to that feeling - betrayal, hurt, even a bit of jealousy. Use it. It's exactly the emotions I need to see coming through in this first piece."

Sam couldn't help but chuckle.

"Sorry, it's just… Finn said something similar to me before our audition," she said.

"It's sound advice. And really, Sam, what other job can you channel everything you are and are feeling into what you do?" Christopher asked.

"This is true," Sam said.

"Alright. From the top. And this time… let your feelings guide you through the steps," he said. Sam nodded and moved back into the first position.

The music started and she began moving across the floor, this time throwing herself into the movements.

"That's it! That's the Sam Abbott I know!" Christopher shouted. "Perfect!"

Later that night, Sam was lost in her thoughts again as she set the table. Oliver watched her from the living room, wondering had her thinking so hard. She didn't usually go about things the muggle way, but that night she had come in from work and insisted she wanted to cook without magic.

"It's ready," she said despondently as she moved back to the kitchen to get the last of the food and carry it in. Oliver hopped up from the sofa and walked over to the table, sitting down.

"What's got you, Sammie?" he asked. Sam looked over at him, eyes wide.

"Nothing," she said.

"Come on, I know you better than that," he replied before taking a bite. Sam sighed and propped her chin in her hand as she started moving her food around her plate.

"Has Adrian talked to you about Moira?" she asked, glancing up at him.

"Here and there, yea. Said today they are going out again this weekend," he replied.

"Apparently no one thought to tell me anything," she said, still pushing her vegetables around.

"Are you seriously put out about that?" he asked, a slight smile on his face. It wasn't like Sam to be childish about these sorts of things. Sam looked up at him, frowning.

"Considering I practically helped them get together, yes! I thought maybe someone would mention it by now," she replied. "It's been a month."

"I thought Moira asked him out," he said.

"After talking about it with me," Sam said. "She asked if she could ask him out and I gave her my blessing. It wouldn't have happened if I hadn't mentioned it." Oliver chuckled.

"Are you looking for a thank you?" he asked.

"This isn't funny, Oliver!" she said, putting her fork down. He just continued chuckling.

"Look, Sammie. It's still pretty new, at least from what I'm getting from Adrian. He wasn't even sure if it would go past a couple dates," he said. "Maybe they didn't want to tell you until they knew that it was going to be something."

"But Adrian's been over loads of times since they started dating!" Sam said, very much on the verge of pouting. "And I see Moira every day!"

"And the way I see it, it's their relationship. They can decide when and who they are going to tell," Oliver said.

"He told you!" Sam said. "By the way, how come you never said anything to me?"

"Wasn't my place to say," Oliver replied. "And he asked me to keep it between us for the time being." Sam did pout at that and returned to playing with her food. "Seriously, Sammie..."

"Just don't like being left out of things," she said, not looking up at him.

"You're being ridiculous," Oliver said. Sam looked over at him, her eyes flashing in anger.

"Oh, I am?" she said. "Sorry. Can't help but get upset when my boyfriend and best friends keep things from me." She then pushed up from the table and started towards the bedroom.

"Come on, Sammie. It's not a big deal!" Oliver called out.

"Maybe to you," Sam called over her shoulder.

"They've only been out a few times!" Oliver shouted.

"It's been a month!" she retorted.

"It's not like they're getting married!"

"I don't care!"

The bedroom door slammed shut behind her, leaving a stunned Oliver sitting alone at the table, wondering what had just happened. He and Sam rarely fought. Especially about something like this. Part of him knew she wasn't all that angry at him - more so angry that she had been left in the dark. But he couldn't understand why she would be upset by that either. If anything, he thought she would be thrilled by the news that Adrian was happily dating someone.

There was a knock at the door, drawing Oliver out of his staring contest with the bedroom door. He stood and walked over, not sure who would be coming over at that time. He opened the door, almost wanting to laugh at the new hilarity of the situation when he saw Adrian standing there.

"Warrington's working late again and I'm tired of Chinese," he said, walking in without waiting to be invited. He was over enough that he often didn't need it. "Remembered you said Sam was cooking tonight. No offense, but she's a bit better than you..."

Adrian stopped and looked around, noticing Sam wasn't there.

"She's in the bedroom," Oliver said, shutting the door and walking into the kitchen to get another plate and settings.

"You two fight?" Adrian asked.

"Sort of," Oliver said, putting the plate down on the table and sitting down. "Moira finally told her about you two today and she's upset you waited this long to let her in on it. Especially since Ellie and I knew about it before she did." Adrian frowned as he sat down and started filling his plate.

"Why would she care about that?" he asked. "I mean, Moira and Ellie are best friends. And you're one of my best mates."

"She's a bit protective of her friends," Oliver replied. "Especially since she's of the mind Moira only had the courage to ask you out after talking to her about it." Adrian looked towards the closed door. "And she's not happy that I knew and didn't tell her."

"I honestly didn't think you'd not tell her," Adrian said, looking back at Oliver. "You can't keep a secret from Sam to save your life."

"I've been able to," Oliver said, frowning.

"Not telling her you were in love with her for several months is a bit different… Outside that, you tell her everything. Always have from what I hear," Adrian said before shoveling food into his mouth. Oliver just shrugged and started eating, sending glances towards the door.

"Think it's got something to do with her time of the month?" Adrian asked. Oliver stopped eating and stared at him. "What? I heard birds are a bit testy about then."

"I've been living with her nearly two years and I can tell you that has nothing to do with it," Oliver said.

About that time the door opened and Sam popped her head out, frowning at the two.

"I can hear you, you know," she said.

"Please don't be angry about this, Sam," Adrian said. Sam opened the door all the way and stood in the doorway, her arms crossed in front of her.

"Adrian Frederick Pucey, you do not keep secrets from me," she said, narrowing her eyes at him.

"I wasn't trying to!" he said.

"You told Oliver not to tell me," she retorted.

"I didn't honestly think he'd keep it from you," he said. "Figured he'd of told you everything that night after practice!"

"Why even keep it a secret in the first place?" Sam asked.

"Because I wasn't even sure if it would work out!" Adrian replied. "Really, Sammie. There's no reason to be upset. I swear it wasn't for any bad reasons. I just wanted a chance to see where things were going before I announced it to the world."

"But I'm not the world! I'm your friend," she retorted. "I wouldn't have told everyone!"

"I know you wouldn't of… but… it's not really something I felt comfortable discussing with you," he said.

Sam stared at him a moment. At this point even she had to admit she was being childish about the whole thing. But she was still a bit hurt the couple had kept it from her. Especially Adrian. They had gotten close since Hogwarts and it surprised her that he didn't feel comfortable enough to discuss Moira with her.

What's more, Ellie and Oliver knew before she did. She was still upset about this.

"I know for a fact that Moira only told Ellie about it yesterday," Adrian added.

Sam sighed and walked over to the table, sitting across from Adrian.

"Fine. Suppose I am getting a bit too worked up about it," she conceded, pulling her wand out to quickly reheat her food. "When exactly were you two planning on making this public anyway?"

"I wanted to say something a couple weeks ago, but Moira was a bit shy about it," Adrian said. "She didn't know that I had already been talking to Oliver." Sam glanced at the man in question who raised his hands up.

"He was asking me for advice about where to take her," he replied.

"And other things," Adrian added. Sam looked over at him. "Which I am not divulging because they are… men things." Sam rolled her eyes and started eating.

"As long as you tell me before you propose, I suppose I can forgive you," she said, a hint of a smile on her face. Adrian's eyes widened as his face paled slightly.

"Christ, it's only been a month," he said, causing Oliver to laugh.

"Not so fun when you're on the receiving end, is it?" he said.

"You two have been together two years! Not so out there that you'd propose sooner rather than later," Adrian retorted. "We've been on five dates!"

"So… spill. Just how have things been going with Moira?" Sam asked.

"Good," Adrian said. Sam fought off the urge to roll her eyes and instead just stared pointedly at him. "Well, she's easy to talk to… I feel like I don't have to tiptoe around the more sordid details of my life."

"The fact that you ran away and got disinherited? Or that you're from Slytherin and used to be best friends with the worst sort in Hogwarts?" Sam replied with a cheeky grin.

"Flint's changed! And Warrington was never that bad," Adrian said. "But yea, she was a bit surprised to find out I was Slytherin and pureblood. Didn't have too many fond memories of the house even though she's a few years ahead of us."

"Not many of us do," Oliver said, earning a scowl from Adrian. "It's true!"

"As I was saying… most girls turn and run as soon as they find out I was Slytherin or as soon as they find out I willingly walked away from a fortune," he said. "Depending on which side they fall on…"

"Surprised you come out with it this early on," Sam said.

"Usually I don't… definitely learned to be careful with that information… but we sort of ran into my dad while I was walking her home on the first date," Adrian said. "Couldn't really hide it after that…" Sam sat up in her chair, dropping her fork.

"Kind of something important to mention, don't you think?" she said. Adrian shrugged.

"Whole interaction lasted a total of 30 seconds," he said.

"But still… you haven't seen or spoken with your father in over two years, Adrian," Sam said, her brow furrowed.

"Nothing to worry about, Sam," Adrian said, smiling at her. She glanced over at Oliver who shook his head slightly, warning her from pushing it. "Speaking of parents, how are yours?"

"Same as usual. Dad's busy at the quidditch offices. Mum's home tending her garden," Oliver said, eager to move on to other subjects.

"Dad hasn't been around as much lately, come to think of it," Sam said, thinking of her own father. "Surprised, actually. He's usually here every other week to fiddle with the protection wards. Suspect the Ministry is keeping him busy."

"Isn't that a good thing?" Adrian asked. "As much as you complain about him, figured you'd be happy he's not popping over as much."

"Trust me, I am. Just a bit confused as to why," Sam said. "Even Mum said he's been out more often than usual… but seriously, why didn't you tell us you ran into your father?"

"Sam," Oliver said in warning. She just shot him a glare. Adrian sighed.

"Because I still don't know what to make of it," he replied. "Neither of them have attempted to contact me since I left home. Then last month I get an owl from my mother and run into my father on the street and he's saying they want me over for dinner."

"What do you suppose that's about?" Oliver asked. Adrian shrugged.

"Beats me. But with the way things are going, I'd rather not find out. Flint's said he's been getting owls from his father. There are still a fair amount of rumors and whispers going around the pureblood circle according to him and Warrington. At this point I'd rather stay far away," Adrian said. Sam glanced at Oliver and looked back at Adrian.

"Well, you know you've got us behind you," she said, smiling at him.

"Appreciate it. Really. You two have helped keep me sane these last two years," he said, looking between the two. "And kept me from going hungry as well."

"Moira might be helping out there before long if things keep going the way they are," Oliver said.

"She is a great cook," Sam added, reaching for her water glass. Adrian just chuckled.

"Again. Only been a month. Let's not get ahead of ourselves," he replied. Oliver reached over and grabbed Sam's hand, squeezing it. She glanced at him and he nodded towards Adrian.

"It's good that you've found someone," she said, meeting Adrian's eyes. "Despite my earlier outburst, I'm happy you two are dating."

"Thanks, Sam," he said.

Sam looked down at her plate and started eating as Oliver and Adrian launched into a discussion about that day's practice. She studied Adrian, trying to get a good read on him. He had seemed a bit lighter lately, which she now supposed was thanks to Moira. She still wasn't sure why, but something just wasn't settling with her.

Sighing, Sam shook her head and returned her attention to her food. She was being silly. She knew Moira wasn't going to hurt Adrian. Nor would he hurt her. Best to just let this play out.

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