Vera Black


What if Sirius Black had a child? Vera makes friends with Harry Potter. But dark secrets will arise, and she will have to choose . The one where she is destined to be, or the other where her loyalty lies? Rated T

This world belongs to only J. K. Rowling herself


Sirius Black was sitting in the living room. Once in a while he liked relaxing a little, but in war, he had little time to do that. The wind was blowing outside, and it was cold for a spring night.

Suddenly, he heard a muffled cry. He jumped up. Who could that be? Rushing out of the door, he found a package. An infant was in there, holding what it looked like a letter. When he picked up the bundle of blankets, the baby instanty relaxed.

In the house, the man read the letter.

Dear Sirius,

This is your daughter Vera Shaula Black. She was born on the 18 of march. The Death Eaters are after me, and she will be safer with you. You will be a wonderful father.


He looked at the baby with concern at first, then he decided. He put it down, and moved to the package. Then he decided. He sat next to the baby whose face was dimly lit by the fire.

"Welcome to the world, Vera Black."