8 Outta 7

Chapter 1

Chapter 1/7

Death is scary. Death is scary just like everyone knows the sky is blue, we just know it no matter what people say. Death is scary for a number of reasons, fear of the unknown, the thought of leaving with unfinished business or thought of what it would do to the people they care about.

For me, my fear of is the fear of the dark, blank prison that it trapped me in. Now that may confuse some of you, what could death have done to you? You would have to be dead first. Well I'll tell you a secret I'm dead, but not. All I know is that I died, don't know how, don't know when.

All I know is that I can't move and there is something next to me. It's terrifying, not knowing what had happened. I wasn't religious but seeing this dark place made me think. If this wasn't heaven, was I in the other place?

My next thoughts were a blur as I felt myself lurch towards an opening, the thing moved closer and after what seemed like hours it was gone. And I was next. Out into the freezing cold, what felt like giant hands gripped me, words were shouted and it took me a moment to translate what they were saying. "It's a boy! It's a boy!"

My mind processed the information quickly enough and thinking through all possible solutions. 'Ahh fuck.' I had been reincarnated, I had just been birthed. 'kill me' went through my head.

But then I remembered the thing, if it wasn't a demon out to eat my soul, did that mean I had a twin? I wasn't ready to be a sibling. I'd never had one before, young or old. And then the worrying fact that I couldn't see was brought to my attention

The next few days (or at least I think they were days?) my eyes started to work again. My days weren't that interesting between the cooing words that I suspected came from parents and something hairy, a pet maybe?

After waking up from sleep, I came to the realisation that I could finally see. I finally got to see my parent's faces, which was strange because I didn't actually see them as my parents.

Feeling the weird hairy thing to my right, I froze as I noticed the sight. A big, fat rat was nuzzling my twin(female I absently noticed along with the fact she was ginger). Fear struck me as I realised who would allow a rat to be in close proximity to children, looking round the room I noticed it looked run down and like a shack, please god don't tell me we're not in the same time as the plague.

The rat started moving towards me, and I started panicking. I didn't want to die again. But this weird thing inside of me had different ideas. It pulsed and with a red light, the rat was flung away from me.' W-what' ran through my mind as two people ran in. Both ginger.

They looked at the rat that collided with the wall harshly, Instead of being scared or angry they started laughing. "Oh Arthur, look at poor scabbers, all he wanted to do was say hello" The women said as she looked at her laughing husband out of the corner of her eye.

"Molly do know how wonderful this is!? Our baby was able to do accidental magic at two weeks old! Not even Dumbledore had been able to do that" The male, Arthur, said to his wife, his whole face lighting up.

The conversation between the two had set off alarm bells in my mind. Ginger? Their names? Scabbers? Dumbledore? The thing!? I was in Harry Potter, and if the girl lying next to me was any clue, I'd guess that I was the sibling of Ginny Weasley. You know, the one not meant to exist!

'Was that weird thing magic?' At my thought, the thing seemed to become alive twisting around and pulsing, reminded me of a child playing, somehow. How had I never noticed it before? It felt so foreign a-and alive. It seemed like it was inactive until I was panicking.

How Harry Potter not mentioned this, how had Hermione not? 'Because to them it's always been there' That was my theory 'they've never know anything different, but to me it was an entirely new process' My magic seemed to applaud me, again somehow, like it was happy I figured it out.

I tentatively tried to feel where the thi-magic was coming from. Something pulled me into somewhere were my magic was waiting for me. It bounded up like a puppy and I gave it a hesitant poke and it giggled, like it was ticklish.

This was the beginning to my life as a wizard, a full magic throwing, Gandalf referencing wizard.

Over the next few days I met the Weasley family in its entirety, they all managed to look exactly like their movie counterparts. I worked hard to keep Scabbers away from me and Ginny because a grown man sleeping in a child's bed was something I wanted to prevent.

After a while Arthur and Molly stopped putting the rat in the room after I attempted to chuck it out the window, bastard was lucky that my muscles were still developing.

My life was boring, apart from torturing Scabbers, and I couldn't even torment Scabbers. I was practically begging for something interesting to happen, no matter how much that might be a bad idea.

Waiting for a couple of moments, I sighed as nothing happened. This was going to be great, why couldn't I be able to walk or something, I was supposed to be magic so why couldn't I fuck up the laws of reality.

In the few moments were something interesting happened I tried to draw it out for as long as possible, this led to me discovering that the twins, Fred and George (not me and Ginny), were the best at entertaining. Something I could have guessed easily.

When they caused trouble I used that to my advantage, which often led me to being their accomplice, after all who would blame a baby? Obviously Percy, as I learned.

After the twins learned about my ability to cause mischief as I attempted to walk, they started to recruit me to their cause. This caused me to become slightly… annoying. After Percy saw me tip a bottle of spice into Molly and Arthurs food I assumed that he wouldn't do anything.

I was proven wrong when he woke me in the middle of the night by grabbing me and charging into our parent's room and pronouncing my guilt in the spice incident. I waved at them when they stared at me.

The entire house was woken by Mol-Mom's screams of rage.

And that signalled the start of my new life.