Pride and Family

Chapter 1

Well, I'm on board to write something in English. A story based on the fifth year of Harry Potter. Non-canon, obviously since a lot of things are going to be totally erased. (Absolutely no remorses). On this, enjoy and post a review!


Everything began at dinner time, in the Great Hall. The candles floating above them, glowing slightly, noisy discussions and laughs of Hogwarts people - specifically from Gryffindor's table - with the familiar scent of pumpkins, sugar and old magic always there. Draco was listening to Pansy, smoothing invisible folds on his clothes, as she told him everything about her new shoes, knee-high black leather boots with a glistening dragon's hide.

She paid no mind to the fact that he was barely listening to her actually because he was worried by the arrival of someone to Hogwarts today, someone who wasn't in the train. Someone Draco knew very well and didn't have the best relations with this person, a student from Beauxbatons Academy, who harassed his father to come with him to Hogwarts this particular year. After the denied return of Voldemort and the efforts of the Daily Prophet to ruin Albus Dumbledore's integrity. Draco wasn't a fool, his parents started acting strangely since his second year. And the fact that she left her great school to come back to England was proof that something was off because he knew how much she loved her school, and above all how much she loved being so far away from him.

Yes, Draco was aware of Voldemort return, even if his parents didn't tell him anything, because in spite of his deep hatred for Harry Potter, from far he knew him, the boy never lied. Too much chivalry in his Griffindor's heart for such behaviour, lies or secrets are definitely not for this house. And Draco wasn't the kind of people blinded by his feelings. He hated the Gryffindor, fine. He was jealous of Harry Potter, also acceptable somewhat. He'll never lie to himself, it was the best way to become a very stupid and envious teen. And Draco appreciated think of himself as a smart one.

Right now, with an apprehensive bellyache, the blonde was glaring at Dumbledore. The old man was standing in front of the staff table, facing the children to make his speech. He was going to introduce her to everyone and Draco thought that maybe - maybe - he should have told his friends what was going on. Well, perhaps they will enjoy the surprise.

"Before we start enjoying our dinner, I would like to introduce a new student to our great school." Dumbledore started to speak, ignoring Dolores Umbridge when she hummed two times behind him.

"She came from the French Academy of Beauxbatons and will be sorted like all of you."

At this moment, Professor McGonagall stood too to open the doors behind the staff's seats. When she came back, a beautiful girl with a flawless pale complexion apparated with her extremely long hairs, perfectly combed. Draco snorted audibly, jealousy swelling inside him. Blaise gave him a strange look before returning to stare at her with a transfixed face. The blonde rolled his eyes and sighed. Then it started again, she came and stole to him every light. No wonder why he couldn't suffer her presence, his lovely sister, Diadem Narcissa Malfoy.

"Let me introduce to you, Diadem Malfoy!" Dumbledore proclaimed, turning everyone's gazes towards him. Draco raised an eyebrow at them as he was asking: something's wrong?

"I didn't know you had a sister!" Pansy hissed right to his ears. Draco shrugged, still watching his twin, she was sitting on the sorting chair with a speaking hat on her head.

"What makes you think she's my sister?" He retorted dryly to his schoolmate.

"Yeah, you're right," Pansy shrugged back to him. "She's far prettier than you. Is she your cousin? I didn't know you had french cousins."

Draco glared at her, just to see her smirking. Blaise looked only slightly confused, and the blonde resisted to the urge to roll his eyes again.

His sister took her time under the Sorting Hat, and Draco frowned. Not a good sign to say the least.

"Shut up, Pansy." He replied. "She's my sister twin. She can't be more gorgeous than me." Even if, she always managed to be more brilliant than him, at literally every single thing.

Both Blaise and Pansy gaped at that, understandably shocked.

"We're friends for five years and you never told us that you had a twin?" Pansy exclaimed, looking scandalized.

"Well," he said flatly. " you never asked and she was at Beauxbatons anyway."

Pansy looked affronted at that, and Blaise was finally returned to his bored headspace. Draco smirked, he could guess what Pansy was thinking. She could have had a girl best-friend, all these years instead of bearing Blaise and him. If she knew that she would have a pureblood heiress with her as a confidant. Pansy would have demanded to go at Beauxbatons with his perfect sister. Before she could retort anything, the Sorting Hat eventually made his decision with his wondrous sister twin.


Diadem stood gracefully as Slytherin's table applauded enthusiastically to its new addition. Draco did the same, more coldly to be honest, and as expected her svelte figure came straight to him. Long shining hair surrounded her like a halo, moon-kissed, they say. Diadem shot him a cold smile that he gave her back before she sat beside Pansy who made her some space.

"Brother of mine," she greeted him with a sweet voice, smiling charmingly at his friends. "It has been a long time since our last encounter. How are you?"

Draco took the distraction given by the apparition of the food to take his time before responding to her. Smirking as she grimaced at the taste of pumpkin's juice because Frenchies are more grapes and red fruits than pumpkins, witches or not.

"I'm fine," he said rather shortly seeing her pick the water pitcher, not giving back her the politeness to ask her how she was. She smirked like she expected this coldness from him before she shook her head and glanced pointedly to his friends.

"So Pansy, Blaise. This is my twin sister Diadem. As you know, she performed the last five years at Beauxbatons. It was a familial decision but as news issues came to light during this vacation, my parents decided that she needed to be closer."


Yes, it was official. Her brother hatred did not diminish at all these past five years, still profoundly anchored in him. Diadem told herself that perhaps it was how he was alike, nothing amiss with this. But... She surely wasn't going to be treated like shit.

Draco was acting unfairly to her, he needed to remember that she was his sister, not some random people he could keep ignoring or throw away. She was part of his family and Father always told them how the family was paramount. Something that Draco seemed to have completely forgotten, judging by the coldness of his greeting.

But his friends warmed her up, Pansy was lovely and Blaise pleasant. Theodore was mostly quiet if you don't speak about his centres of interests but he was clever and cultured. They showed her the Slytherin's common room, explaining her every aspect of the regular Hogwarts student's life. Pansy giggled when she spoke about the bedrooms' spell who keep the boys outside, starting to tell her about funny anecdotes where the bold boys ended up stuck to the ceiling. Theodore made a very full explanation of the different houses and people characters, giving her the advice to avoid the Gryffindors and ignore the Hufflepuffs ways.

Then Blaise told her about the house elves kitchen, the moving staircases, Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom. Describing the houses' ghosts, the innumerable floors, the bearded half-giant professor of Care of Magical Creatures and the Forbidden Forest. Diadem ended fascinated, Hogwarts was so raw and crazy compared to Beauxbatons where every single detail was supervised to be perfect with a rigid authority. Fleur Delacour didn't exaggerate her tales when she came back. Pansy told her about the hilarious exploded potions cases provoked by a stupid Gryffindor boy named Neville Longbottom. At Beauxbatons, this boy would have been expulsed from this class for endangering his comrades.

And during all this time, Draco stood there silent with no intent to speak to her. It was like, he was barely tolerating her proximity, and even if she may have been mean to him before it was years before. He was acting like every horrible thing she said and do to him when they were little still had a meaning for him. It was completely immature, they both changed since then, she grew gentler and less careless. His behaviour rapidly started to annoy her, especially when he dismissed everyone to rejoin his bedroom and his friends just followed him. Well, at least, their loyalty was admirable.

Before bed, Pansy apparently wanted to cheer her up by exhibiting her news clothes, especially these sexy boots. She made a show, walking between the beds like a model. The two others girls, Greengrass and Davis looked mildly annoyed by her antics while they made their sleeper's braids.

"So Diadem," Tracey Davis said suddenly after Pansy's departure to the bathroom. "Why absolutely no one knew of your existence before today?"

"If your information source is my brother," she replied quietly, picking her silver comb. "No wonder why you never heard a word about me. We always had a very difficult relationship, this is why my parents decided that some space between us will be for the best."

Tracey nodded, seeming deep in thoughts. And it was actually Daphne who responded apparently well-informed.

"It's astonishing to see wizards twins who don't have a fusional relation, your both magics are pretty much the same. The connection between twins may provoke bad things when it's broken or bruised by wrath or even worse hatred."

Diadem stopped her combing for a while, caught off guard. Yes, she suspected that their bond was dead long before assuming they even had a twin's bond previously.

"No worry, ours is safe."


The following day started with Defence Against Dark Arts. England's History kicking in brightly, with Grindelwald and Voldemort's ascendances, the country has always been the heart of magical civilisation and its sins. Art of Magical Combat and Defence was the name's lesson in France because it was as much practical as artistic for public entertainment. The greatest enjoyment in Magical France. Duelling's Art attracted people from everywhere worldwide to France's nationals events, thus children were drawn to be prodigious in this field. In England, abilities to raw fights like Aurors need to be trained for is more valued, in a sense, history explained this. Diadem also valued raw magical power over sophisticate duelling abilities, both are useful, but power is a gift, abilities are at everyone's reach, well everyone who work hard for it.

It must be her Malfoy's mindset, but truth be told someone with both great abilities and enormous raw power is almost undefeatable. This person will be able to do greats things; becoming great, drawing attention, even support and followers. It's a person born to be a leader, these kind of persons were incredibly rare. Deep down she might have always wanted to be one of them, she worked hard to be one of the best scholars at Beauxbatons but some people are just so insufferably naturally powerful or skilled without any efforts. Worse some even become lazy. She thoughts about one of her closest friends, Fleur Delacour, strong magical creature inheritance who gave her the ability to be so mighty, controlling a large part of the population with a wink, skilled in domains related to her veela blood like mind's magic to manipulate at will people's perception, but her friend just don't care. She would be the happiest veela in some big house with three children and a husband, doing a job she wanted. She is not a Malfoy, she isn't obsessed with the desire of finding the purpose of her life. She never thoughts when she was little: I want to be great.

When Diadem gets to the actual DADA's lesson, she had to contain her disappointment. What was the point of a reading lesson when students must learn how to defend themselves? And this mockery of a teacher, wasn't she a minister's employee? Umbridge, her father named her once, the Undersecretary. The teacher made a repetitive speech about how You-Know-Who didn't come back, showing the Minister's assurances of her. Explaining that this year, they do not really need concrete applications of their knowledge in Defence Against Dark Arts because... there's no danger waiting for them outside.

For some reason, the Malfoys daughter didn't believe her at all, her insistence was becoming suspicious. Actually, she was confused by her daring, but even more when the Golden Boy stood claiming loudly that they need to know how to protect themselves because He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was back, with training and not reading. Mrs Umbridge called it lies, angering even more the very much annoyed Gryffindor's Prince by waving his claims away.

"DETENTION, MR POTTER!" She finally screamed when she saw she was losing her authority and by thus, her credibility to the most clever of them. When the Gryffindor finally fall silent, she asked smugly to the other students. "Someone else wants to add something?"

The question was undoubtedly rhetorical but Diadem smirked, in a way that always makes her look like the clone of her brother. She raised her hand and Umbridge immediately glared at her.

"Miss Malfoy?" She reluctantly questioned her.

"I don't know for sure if You-Know-Who is back or definitely dead. But I know something else, Poudlard is millennia old." The unknown's twin said loudly, rising in turn like her Gryffindor classmate. "For I know Defence has been taught and practised there for centuries before your birth, Professor. Most of the magical schools in the world have been fonded by greats witches and wizards even before the construction of our magical governments. Actually, the students of those schools are originally the ministries' founders. Poudlard has never been and will never be under the minister authority, so I must ask you, Dolores Umbridge." She resumed, getting bold. "Who gave you the right to change the ways of a millennia-old school who build our actual society?"

The Undersecretary was left speechless for a deafening minute, she struggled to recompose herself and her only response was a furious: "DETENTION MISS MALFOY! SOMEONE ELSE?"

Diadem eyes widened, redness sprouting all over her face at the see of her words being so carelessly ignored just like Potter.


"Another word, Miss Malfoy and you're not only in detention but also expelled from this class!" Umbridge cut her right away, her lips curled in the utmost distaste. No one dared to come at her help at this threat, except one.

"The girl's right, changing Poudlard's ways is the greatest insult to our legacy. And you can't expulse her indefinitely, only the headmaster can do such a thing," said the Boy-Who-Lived, but again Umbridge was deaf to reason in her short-sighted conception of the world.


Startled by her outburst, they left but not without some glares sent back. On her way to the entrance, Diadem noticed her brother silently mouthing something: "Father is going to murder you. He hates Harry Potter."

And he didn't see the necessity of mentioning that in his cold letters before she somehow associated her with him? Her father must have been harsh, the boy spooks true, didn't he?


"Never thought a Malfoy can possibly be brave, isn't it against your biology or something?" The boy said when the doors slammed behind them.

Diadem turned around, looking closely at him as if she could tell if he deserves an answer or not.

"Every witch and wizard have to be brave, it's a part of our history." She replied quietly before she starts her way to the dungeons or more likely the library, or even to the owlery. Wherever those stranges corridors would be happy to lead her.

"Wait," the Gryffindor called after her, grasping her wrist. "Do you really think what you said?"

Diadem blinked at him, surprised. "Why would I say something I don't really think?" She said so like he asked the stupidest question ever.

The Golden Boy was going to reply as an unexpected burn in her wrist make her flinch, she tore off her wrist from his grip, jumping away instinctively.

He shot her a funny look, brows furrowed at her reaction.

After an awkward silence when Diadem finally took her eyes of her writs, seeing nothing unusual in there, the Golden Boy scornfully said to her.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe because you're a Malfoy," he taunted her. "Manipulating people to have your way, I guess. Because your family is just a bunch of cowards too afraid to strike people in the face. You might prefer stabbing from the shadows just like your brother."

Diadem actually smirked at him, seemingly untouched by his harsh words. "Well, you seem to hold a lot of grudge against my family. But I don't think we have been properly introduced to each other."

"I already know you, Dumbledore introduced you to everyone." The boy cut her before she could repeat her name.