Even magic can be rewritten

Chapter 1

Even magic can be rewritten

Chapter 1

Narcissa could see the toll that the war was taking on not only her family but others, she sat in the library alone and started to wonder if any of this was worth it, too many people had died and for what cause no one was better than someone else. Magic was a gift and should be celebrated not torn down.

Narcissa grabbed her cloak and straightened out her dress before stepping through the floo; she looked around the new surroundings and walked the familiar route that hadn't changed since she used to walk these corridors as a student.

Narcissa knocked on the door in front of her, she heard 'the enter' and shut the door behind her as she looked at the 3 adults in front of her. She handed a piece of parchment to the wizard in front of her.

The wizard nodded and read the parchment "are you sure Mrs Malfoy?"

Narcissa faintly smiled "yes Albus, I gave it to him myself, it is time this stupid war ended."

The others in the office looked at the pureblood witch, they were both confused but they trusted Albus and knew whatever plan he had that included Narcissa Malfoy involved Voldemort and his soon to be death.

Narcissa faintly smiled "We should have never allowed children to fight of their right; that is our job, Albus."

Albus nodded "I agree Mrs Malfoy but prophecies are prophecies."

Narcissa straightened herself "I understand that but some prophecies can be broken and this prophecy I intend to break it with or without your help."

Albus turned to Minerva who was present in the office "Minerva please make sure Harry and his friends get to the tower and stand guard, this is going to get worse before it ends."

Minerva nodded "of course Albus."

Albus sent out his patronus and told all the teachers and students to report to their common rooms and to stay there as Hogwarts was now on lockdown for the first time.

Narcissa nodded "I shall head back and when it is over I shall send my patronus Albus."

Narcissa left the office and headed towards the Slytherin dungeons as she had entered the castle via the floo in Severus's private rooms, the Slytherin head of house caught up with his friend, once the portrait was shut behind them; she turned to face him.

Narcissa smiled "it ends tonight Severus, stay here and keep the little snakes safe; I have weakened Riddle just so that anyone can kill him to save Mr Potter from that dreadful fate."

Severus hugged her "You are insane Narcissa."

Narcissa nodded "it's the Black blood" She then placed her hand on his cheek "you need to hold on for a little while longer please."

Narcissa knew how hard these entire 16 years had been on him, she knew he was close to giving up and falling into a dark hole, that was the other reason why she was finally stepping up to the plate.

Narcissa had recently started to see a seer as she wanted to know which side would win the war before it unfurled, but the latest vision she had been showed, she saw Draco finally happy with the witch that he loved, the vision had also shown Lucius as the old Lucius that she had fallen in love with all those years ago, the best part was that there was no darkness = no Riddle.

~ Malfoy Manor ~

Narcissa arrived back in the library; she saw that her husband was leant against the doors with his snakehead cane. She removed her cloak and walked over to him, she placed her hand on his cheek; Lucius leant into her warm and loving hand, he placed a kiss into her palm.

Narcissa smiled "it will be over soon my love."

She leant forward and kissed his cheek "Draco's safe, Severus is watching over him."

The clock in the library chimed out that it was dinner; it was the only time that Voldemort was alone with the Malfoy duo. Narcissa exhaled then exited the library with Lucius and headed towards the dining room where Voldemort was just sitting down.

The pair bowed to him "good evening my lord."

Voldemort bowed back to them "good evening Lucius, Narcissa."

The trio waited for the house elves to serve the food, the Malfoy duo waited for Voldemort to have the first bite, they counted down the minutes to when dinner would be over and Voldemort's after dinner duel with Bellatrix would take part and that would be his downfall.

Voldemort looked up at the Malfoy duo "I wish to have an audience with young Draco during the summer, to discuss the next line of followers."

Lucius faintly smiled "I shall send him an owl tomorrow to have him make up a list of potential followers my lord."

Voldemort nodded "very good Lucius, I like that idea."

~ Hogwarts ~

Minerva looked around the Gryffindor common room, she could see Harry as he was surrounded by the Weasley family, however, as she continued to look around she could not see Hermione.

Minerva started to panic but did not let it show "Hermione Granger?"


That was not what she needed to hear, this caused the Weasley & Potter corner to become worried and they tried to reason with their head of house but Minerva sent out her patronus asking the other heads of house if Hermione had ran into the nearest common room to the library as that was her place.

Meanwhile, with Hermione, she ran through the corridors trying to get to the Gryffindor portrait but she could see all the portraits were empty meaning they were locked from the inside and could only be opened from the inside.

She quickly looked around for an open classroom, she had her back to the DADA room, she felt a hand grab her arm and pull her backwards into the room, and the door was then shut and warded behind her as she just came face to face with Slytherin uniform.

She looked up at her rescuer and became speechless "erm thanks Malfoy."

The Slytherin prince nodded "your welcome Granger."

He walked back over to his minions and sat on the duelling stage, Blaise walked towards her, the pair had become sort of friends over the last few years as they had been paired together during a Muggle studies assignment.

Blaise faintly smiled "you okay Hermione?"

She nodded "yeah confused but I'm okay, any idea what is going on?"

The Slytherin wizards all shook their heads and that was when the castle started to shake…

What is gonna happen?

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