Even magic can be rewritten

Chapter 2

Even magic can be rewritten

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Chapter 2

The Slytherin wizards all shook their heads and that was when the castle started to shake. The five of them looked around trying to figure out if they were safe in the DADA room or should make a run for a safer place in the castle.

A horse patronus came galloping into view and stopped by Hermione and Ginny's voice rang out through the silent room 'Hermione please tell me you are somewhere safe.'

Hermione sent back her otter informing Ginny that she was safe for now inside the defence classroom.

The classroom began to shake heavily, they all looked at each other and silently agreed that the defence room was not safe enough for them, the next safe place for them would be the Slytherin dungeons, and Hermione knew the Slytherin wizards would be safe there.

Hermione looked at them "whatever is happening this room isn't safe."

Goyle looked at the Gryffindor witch "there isn't anywhere else to go."

Hermione sighed "the common rooms are the safest place; you guys will make it to the dungeons."

Draco looked at her and shook his head "you'll never make it to your tower, you'll come with us."

Hermione nodded she started to follow the wizards until they were all out of the classroom, she slammed and warded the door, she shook her head "focus Hermione focus, you only get one shot at this."

The Slytherin wizards knew they couldn't break through her wards so they ran towards their common room as they knew that Professor Snape would be able to easily break through the wards that Hermione had put up.

Draco sent his patronus out to pre-warn Severus, Salazar Slytherin's portrait swung open, Draco looked for his godfather and explained to him that Hermione had warded herself into the defence room and it wasn't safe in there.

Severus then sent out his own patronus to warn the teachers mainly Minerva, he then warded the dungeons so that only he could open them, he hurried to the defence room only to see Hermione making a run for the main doors of the castle.

Severus whipped his wand out to stop her "GRANGER."

Hermione spun around "I'll be right back Professor."

Then in a flash, she was gone…

~ Malfoy Manor ~

The trio was enjoying the surprising light conversation that the dark lord had started; Narcissa just kept thinking soon it would all be over; she just had to keep strong for a few more minutes.

Voldemort started to sip on his elf wine "this is a very good elf wine Narcissa."

Narcissa smiled "thank you, I believe it is from our private collection, we collected bottles from special years."

Voldemort nodded and drank the rest of his elf wine "that was a lovely meal, now shall we adjoin to the ballroom."

Lucius pulled out Narcissa's chair for her and helped her up, Voldemort smiled and nodded at the pair; they truly were the kind of followers that he wanted. The trio headed towards the ballroom, the Malfoy pair knew that Aurors were surrounding the ballroom so that they could capture Bellatrix after she had unbeknown to her killed her precious dark lord, the anti-apparition wards had also been put into place so that she couldn't escape.

As on cue, Bellatrix also entered the ballroom and bowed to Voldemort. Voldemort twirled his wand around and said he didn't want Bellatrix to go easy on him, there would be no repercussions; stating he needed a fair fight for when he went up against the Potter boy.

Bellatrix smirked, "as you wish my lord."

Lucius and Narcissa stood on the side lines as always, surrounded by a protection bubble in case any spells got deflected and headed towards them.

The pair bowed to each other and the duel began, it was light and easy spells at first but then Voldemort nodded to Bellatrix giving her the hint that he needed more.

The spells then got heavier and darker, the Malfoy couple just waited until Voldemort didn't deflect a spell or got caught off guard which he rarely did, but he was weak and his magic wasn't as strong or as powerful as he believed it to be.

Narcissa just held on to Lucius's hand and every time Bellatrix would cast a spell towards Voldemort; she would squeeze his hand hoping it would be the spell to kill him.

Bellatrix didn't wanna push her luck as she knew that the dark lord could switch at any time and even though he promised her nothing would happen to her, she didn't wanna put that to chance.

Voldemort knew that Bellatrix was holding back, so he decided to make the first dirty move to try and get Bellatrix mad enough that she would forget who she was duelling.

Voldemort waved his wand and Bellatrix went flying across the ballroom and slammed hard on to the floor, Voldemort grinned knowing that she would get mad and he was right.

Bellatrix got up and threw spell after spell at him, he suddenly realised that something was wrong when he nearly missed one of the spells she had sent his way; his reactions were slower.

Voldemort was about to speak up and stop the duel, but Bellatrix had sent her most powerful cruciatus curse towards him which hit him square in the chest just where his 'heart' was; that was the kill spot for anyone, let alone a weakened wizard (which everyone including Bellatrix knew).

No one had time to react, the horror set in- Bellatrix went white and gasped at what she had done, Narcissa was squeezing Lucius's hand hard like pregnant woman going into labour, Lucius was trying to keep his face neutral, Voldemort on the other hand just fell to the floor he was motionless and silent.

Bellatrix looked over at her sister and brother in law for guidance "I I I"

Lucius took down the protection bubble and rolled his eyes "you probably just stunned him Bella; honestly, you know how powerful the dark lord is."

The Aurors slowly crept out of their hiding places with their wands drawn so that they could quickly disarm and capture Bellatrix. Bellatrix dropped her wand on the floor and walked towards Voldemort's body, Narcissa took this opportunity to kick the dropped wand over to the Aurors.

Bellatrix knelt down beside the body "He's dead; I killed the dark lord, but how"

Narcissa looked at her sister with her own wand in her hand "he was weak Bellatrix, he spouted power and yet he had none."

Bellatrix turned and stood toe to toe with her sister, that was when she saw the Aurors and that they all had their wands pointed at the older sister, Bellatrix sneered and shook her head "what have you done Cissa, Draco will pay for this."

Narcissa sighed "I did what I had to do for my family and for everyone else Bella, please go quietly and don't even think about threatening my son."

The older sister went to get her wand out then realised she had dropped it when she went to the dark lord's side, due to her emotions (mainly anger) she couldn't really remember any wandless spells and Narcissa knew that her sister would never truly hurt her anyway.

Aurors intercepted and took the deranged witch away back to Azkaban where she would receive the dementors kiss after sentencing.

Narcissa crumbled into Lucius's arms and mourned for the loss of her sister and the realisation kicked it that everyone was safe and free; Voldemort was dead and dead for good.

Some of the Aurors had already taken his body and even set fire to him to make sure that nothing like this happened again.

Lucius sent out his patronus to everyone at Hogwarts and the Ministry that Riddle was dead, everyone was free.

~ Hogwarts ~

Minerva turned to the potions teacher "you are telling me that Miss Granger disappeared in a flash of light."

Severus nodded "yes any idea what is going on in her head Minerva?"

Minerva shook her head "No, I will warn the order to start a search."

Where is Hermione?

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