Even magic can be rewritten

Chapter 3

Even magic can be rewritten

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Chapter 3

Hermione wobbled a little on the landing, she looked around with her wand in hand in case there were any nasty surprises but there was none, the only thing she hadn't accounted for was that during a lockdown a person could 'apparate' out of Hogwarts however, no one could 'apparate' back inside during.

Hermione looked behind her "we're gonna have to walk to the castle I'm afraid, we must still be under lockdown."

All Hermione received was nods and they all happily walked towards the castle that hadn't changed since the last time that any of them had seen it. During the walk towards the castle doors, Hermione hissed in pain as she looked down at her neck and saw that her time turner that she had used was literally burnt and smoking.

She quickly removed it as the castle doors opened and stood in the doorway was a very furious Professor McGonagall; who saw the smoking and crispy time turner in the witch's hand.

Minerva shook her head "Miss Granger what have you done and gone this time?"

Hermione just smiled "I had to go get some people, Professor."

Minerva raised her eyebrow then became in shock when 3 people appeared behind the muggleborn witch, one of the people placed their hands on Hermione's shoulders and asked Minerva not to punish Hermione.

Minerva managed to compose herself "I suggest you all go get checked over then an explanation is in order Miss Granger, I, however, will have no control over what punishment you shall receive that will be decided by Professor Dumbledore, the head of governors and possibly the minister of magic."

Hermione nodded "I understand Professor but I do not regret my actions."

Minerva smiled "As long as you all get the all clear from Poppy then I have no doubt that the actions are not regrettable."

The Gryffindor head of house actually ran towards the great hall where everyone was, waiting on news of Hermione.

Minerva ran to the head table "Albus, she has returned with friends."

Albus looked at the witch "friends?" he then looked over at Harry and the family of red heads "she has other friends that I am not aware of."

Minerva got close to him and whispered "time turner friends."

~ Infirmary ~

Poppy looked up as the doors swung open and couldn't believe her eyes "what is the meaning of this!"

Hermione looked at the mediwitch "time turner Madam Pomfrey"

Poppy nodded as she looked at the 3 others that were with Hermione, she cleared her throat and proceeded to hug the 3 and happily cried.

Hermione flopped on to a hospital bed, she could tell that the adrenaline had worn off and that due to her actions and time turner her magic was exceedingly low.

Poppy turned herself to the young witch "Merlin's beard Miss Granger, what have you done to yourself?"

Hermione took a few deep breaths "I did none of this for me Madam Pomfrey, besides pretty sure I am going to be expelled, so might as well be for something expel worthy."

Poppy ran tests over all of them and explained what had happened and that they all needed rest and time to process everything. Hermione shook her head and said that she knew a way to replenish her magic and headed towards the prefect bathroom on the fifth floor.

~ Great hall ~

Harry waited until all the Weasley's were surrounding him so he felt safe enough to pull out an aged looking piece of parchment, which he put his wand to and whispered "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"

The parchment started to reveal the school map and that most of the names were in the great hall, it was Ginny that pointed out Hermione's name was now on the map and that she was heading towards the prefects' bathroom on the fifth floor.

It was Fred and George however that pointed out 3 certain names that appeared in the infirmary with Madam Pomfrey.

They all looked at each other and whispered: "the map never lies."

Harry became very confused "but, how, what?"

He then looked up at the teachers and caught Professor Dumbledore's eyes which twinkled.

Harry took a few deep breathes to remain calm "let's all stay here until we know what is going on."

Everyone looked at him as if he had 4 heads, then began talking at once mainly calling him crazy and that he should totally go investigate as the map never lied, it was broken up by someone clearing their throat; everyone looked up to see an arm reach over, a wand tap the map the words "Mischief managed" muttered and the map get taken.

Harry stood up "but Remus"

Remus looked at Harry "for once Harry, listen to the voice inside you, stay here." He then looked at everyone else "that goes for everyone"

~ Headmasters office ~

Albus looked at the wizards and witch that was currently present in his office "well"

Minerva sat down "I didn't think it was possible, but she did it, how I would love to know but Albus they are alive and with us."

Albus nodded "so be it may Minerva, Miss Granger could be facing some serious charges including banishment."

Lucius smirked, "to the muggle world yes such a punishment for a muggle-born such as herself, we should all hear her explanation and see the medical condition of everyone before any rash decisions are made."

Seeing as the minister had been under the control of Riddle, Kingsley Shacklebolt had taken his place.

Kingsley smiled "No punishment shall be brought against Hermione, not from the ministry anyway, she had done far too much for us and if this latest stunt has worked, she will bring happiness to one lucky wizard, who do we not all agree deserves it."

Everyone in the room nodded including Lucius, there was a knock at the door and in walked Poppy, who stated that everyone including Hermione was fine, magically drained and confused but in good health and had requested visits.

Albus nodded "Minerva you go, I shall break the news to our dear potions master."

Lucius stood up "Permission to visit my son?"

Albus smiled "Granted Lucius, I'm sure Draco will be happy to see you and hear news of his mother."

Minerva and Lucius walked into the great hall, Lucius walked towards the Slytherin table and Minerva walked to the Gryffindor table.

She stopped by Harry and the redheads "Mr Potter, please follow me."

She then monitored for Remus to do the same, Ginny asked if she could go find Hermione and Minerva said that would be a great idea, Ginny then stated that she would start her look on the fifth floor near the prefect's bathroom.

~ Slytherin table ~

Draco was being nudged from both sides and looked up to see his father walking towards him, straight away Draco got up and met his father halfway down the table, Lucius motioned towards the doors which Draco quickly followed him.

As soon as they had left the hall and were round the corner for privacy, Draco away asked his father for news on his mother.

Lucius smiled "She is fine Draco, impatiently waiting for your arrival back at the manor but fine; how are you?"

Draco shrugged "Fine, the castle went into lockdown, I ran to the dungeons, apparently, Granger left and no one knew where or how."

Lucius nodded "that is why I am here; Professor Dumbledore called a meeting concerning the punishment for Miss Granger due to her actions."

Draco looked at his father "punishment? What punishment father?"

Lucius smirked, "ahh, your mother was right, you do harbour feelings for the Muggle-born, at the moment no punishment maybe a few points deducted or detention."

Draco rolled his shoulders "feelings please father; I have no idea what you are talking about."

Lucius laughed "Never lie to me Draco, your mother has been seeing a seer who has told her all about your future and yes it involves a certain muggle-born Gryffindor, well it did."

What has Hermione done?

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