I'm not described by my blood!

Chapter 1

A/N: The Harry Potter books, world and characters belong to JKR. I take no credit for any repeated quote or event from the original source.

Bad Faith


I'm an overachiever. Always have been, always will be.

Usually, when hearing a baby scream I'd jump up and run towards them, it's one of the many things mum taught me. Always extend a hand to those that need it, or they wont extend there's when you need them.

In this case, I don't think that's possible. Not because I don't won't to, but rather, I think I may have lost my body...

I had finally succeeded as well.

I was the kid that was always timid, the one that was always left out, the one that barely had clothes that kept together.

Ha! Even then I still made it! As I said, I'm an overachiever, built my very own business empire before it eventually spread throughout the world. If there was a king of the world, it was me.

My apologies, I realise I'm coming of as a rather snobbish person. I'm not...or rather I wasn't. I made dam sure that poverty was destroyed, especially those that inherited debt. It's why I wasn't one of the richest people in the world, I gave myself the average wage, and left most of the rest for different charities, protecting our world, education, but most importantly, the children.

It's also why I died before I even reached my thirties, a drunk...I think it was a drunk man? Anyway, simple point? I got hit by a car crash, even got to watch my own funeral.

For most, it would probably be greatly disturbing, for me? While I hate making people cry, I couldn't help but fill with pride, the whole world mourned my death. I realised that I'm sounding snobbish again, but I changed millions of life's for the better, so cut me some slack. So yes, surprisingly enough I enjoyed my funeral. That, and watching some of the 'higher up's' reaction when they realised that they wouldn't keep my business. Ha! I made dam sure that no one would be able to take that from me! My business, while holding a slightly unmoral structure, is impossible to own for those that would want corruption. It will last for roughly another two century's, give or take some few year's.

I'm an overachiever, and I made dam sure to achieve something that no one had ever achieved before! World peace.

So now I find myself in complete pitch darkness wondering what exactly was going on. I mean, I'd always wondered what came after death, did you soul remain in the body? Did you 'pass on'? I admit it. I was scared of dying. It's probably why I wanted to leave my mark on the world.

How many people do you know that can say that? I did everything I wanted to in my life, I left my mark.

My thoughts came to a halt when I suddenly felt some tightness around my body, an incredible amount of pain, and the inability to breath. I felt pain before, and with my grand experience with pain that was a big statement.

And I woke up. My eyes, burning from the light. My skin, shivering from the air, and my lungs feeling the sharp blade of air, taking a gasp of breath as the screaming slowly stopped as I regain my conscious.

Nefeli Selene Malfoy had been born.


Mum had died from exhaustion when I was sixteen trying to repay the debt her husband had left her in. I never knew how to feel about him. He was a good man, but he was also an alcoholic, which made him a terrible father. I don't think I hate him. I don't think I ever did. But that doesn't mean that I love him.

My bias alone probably wouldn't have caused me any problem's, I believed in second chances, so I would have let it go.

No, the problem was that my father was Lucius Malfoy. The murderer, who was completely fine with murdering an eleven year old to discredit an old man.

And wasn't that a surprise? Harry Potter was real...or I was in the Harry Potter world...

Anyway, point being I was slightly thrilled with the amount of nostalgia simply by the thought. The number of times my mother would read those books to me before I fall asleep was enough to make me mentally giggle like a madman.

Sorry, madwomen.

I had just started figuring my gender identity when my mother had died, so It probably took longer than most. But I was gender fluid, so the lack of, as Shakespeare put it, my longsword wasn't a particular problem. I will admit that it was slightly strange thought. The whole situation was strange to start with after all.

However that brought me back to the Malfoy family. Four member's, with me being the younger twin of Draco Malfoy, was not a happy one.

That being said, I would proudly say that I was a mummy's boy.

Sorry, girl.

I will admit that my expectations where low for Lucius. That being said it really wasn't my fault that my father had only looked at me twice in the past week. I really couldn't bring myself to care when the only thing the man had done for me was spear me a glance.

Enough about my situation. Planning! Now where to go from here?

I was a Harry Potter fanatic, so I knew every corner from cannon to fanfiction.

The thought alone made a smile spread on the new-borns feature's in an almost creepy-like manner.

Right now there was only one thing that she was capable of achieving...

I spent almost twenty years thinking about what magic was, meant and could be. That alongside other fans research and 'published papers' that other fans had published.

By the dictionary, Magic was the power of influence by using mysterious or supernatural forces. But here? In this world? It's so much more. Why could children use accidental magic?

It is safe to assume that magic was either part of an individual or that said individual had the ability to harness magic. However, there was Obscurials. They were defined as a young witch or wizard who developed a dark parasitical magical force. The use of the word parasitical meant that, at least to an extent, the magic came from within the human body.

Accidental magic, for example, was based from emotion, strong emotion's such as fear. One of his favourite teachers in school had told him that humans weren't programmed to be happy, they were programmed to survive. Nefeli was about to put that quote to the test.

Riddle had been able to use magic willingly before the age of eleven, so she knew it wasn't impossible. That added to the fact that the existence of Hogwarts proved that learning a spell depended on talent, magical power, magical skill and time. And she was about to she how much time it would take to learn.









She felt something from within her, losing conscious as her vision became dark.






She was an overachiever, a mere month wasn't about to shake her resolve, however she was also intelligent. The fact that nothing had occurred maenad that she was either doing something wrong or she was a squib. She would ignore the later option since it was useless now, however the fact that nothing had happened meant that something she had been doing was wrong.

She momentarily closed her eyes thoughtfully, she doubted that she didn't have magical power, the fact that she lost conscious after some few times proved that magic was mobbing within her, granted maybe not enough for Hogwarts, but she was definitely magic, which left the question where was she going wrong?

Maybe she was missing something? After all, her teacher had always said that the best way to solve a problem when you where stuck was to take a step back.

...What was accidental magic? It was magic that was caused by an underage student through a reaction.


No, that wasn't completely true. Magic was the emotional reaction that any magic human produced.

But what did that mean? How could that help her, it wasn't like she could do anything higher than Lumos, and it wasn't like Lumos worked on emotion.

So what did? The Patronum charm, possible the most iconic one too. It worked on happiness, but what did that mean...

No, Lumos didn't require an emotional trigger.

What had lupin said about the Patronum charm? She couldn't remember it accurately, but he had commented that it was an incredibly advanced spell, one that most adults couldn't count...but what if it emotion wasn't the trigger, but the source?

Could that work, emotion as a source of magic?

She thought of any scenario that could prove her theory. Ariana Dumbledore had been emotionally traumatised, and that had lead to her having magical bursts whenever she reacted emotionally...no, but that didn't mean that emotion's triggered a spell, it simply meant that they could be part of the cause...

Merope Gaunt! She was able to use magic when her father and brother where imprisoned, but then lost it when Riddle left her!

Emotion's did work as a trigger, possible even a cause!

Nefeli started going through her memories, trying to concentrate on that same emotion as she directed it to...well, towards her magic.


"Honey, that's beautiful!"


"...I'll always be with you, maybe not here, but definitely in here."


A very faint, almost non existent spark came to life.


"...I don't care who you are, where you come from, or who you want to be. I am your teacher, and Ill make dam sure I teach you to live."


"My happiest moment as a teacher was when you raised you hand as I wondered what the answer could be."



"I have many proud achievement's in my life. But my proudest will always be teaching you."


A small ball, no bigger than a marble sparked to life.

It wasn't as the books described it at all, it was a golden warm glow, kind of like a zinc flame test experiment, she felt safe.

The glow disappeared seconds after it was casted, but Nefeli was smiling like a madwomen. This was just the beginning.

She was an overachiever after all.