I'm not described by my blood!

Chapter 3

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Bad Faith

Chapter 2

Nefeli had a very amused smile as she looked trough the envelope she was holding. Granted, some would probably count it as cheating, but she saw it as simply using her cards in the best way possible.

"I will admit, when you first entered through that door I was not expecting you to make such a fortune for yourself." The Goblin said in amusement.

"What can I say? It's a talent." She said proudly as she put the enveloped on the table.

"Arrogant human." He said in fake annoyance. Nefeli knew it was the closest a human would get as a compliment from a goblin.

"Maybe a little bit, Izuct, but I've made almost a quarter of the Malfoy fortune in just over a year, I think I have safe ground to say I'm good." She said cheerfully as she looked proudly at the digits.

37,251,437 galleons was close to two billion sterling, and that was the lowest she would ever get if things went as planes, which they would.

Occlumency was such a beautiful art. She wouldn't have remembered even a tenth of the companies if it hadn't been for her now superhuman level mind. As it was, she remembered every single detail from when and where they where founded to how the business went and succeeded.

Of course, shed been incredible careful bout it, making sure that the companies actually went down the same rote, and that her investment didn't change it to greatly to the point they would fail.

"Is there any knew investment you would like to make?" Izuct asked her. She looked at him in a way that would have made most feel idiotic, raising her eyebrow as he let out an amused snort.

She took out a folder, taking out one single paper, quickly skimming through it as she showed a satisfied smile.

"You'll enjoy this one, we working in china. Ren Zhengfei is starting a company names Huawei. I want to invest in this one in particular, but..." She trailed of as she took out another six separate papers. "There's also this, and they could prove to be more time consuming that our previous projects."

That was what the goblin liked about the girl. 'Our' not 'my'. The number of client's they nation had almost always went from them either thinking they where superior, or to leaving everything to them. Nefeli was a genius when it came to money, but she took his opinion into account, and they could easily spend hours arguing and debating the best whey to work in an investment as equals. That was something that really happened between a human and a goblin.

Thought what had one his respect was the fact that the investment's had eventually not been Nefeli's, but a joint between Nefeli and Gringotts. There was a reason that she was the first 'goblin friend' in centuries.

"I could bring some few different goblin's that have recently graduated. They eager to prove themselves, and working with the 'Aurum Empress' is something that every goblin knows is an advantage." The goblin commented as Nefeli's lip twitched in amusement. He would never compliment, nor would any goblin, however calling a human an advantage was an equivalent, especially as she had gained the nickname of 'Aurum Empress' meaning Gold. The fact that the goblins loved gold said everything by itself.

"How many are we talking about?" She asked thoughtfully as the goblin scratched his chin.

"I would say somewhere between three to five, there are more, but to many would make it ineffective." He finally stated as Nefeli nodded.

"Let's start with three, until I finish my first year we won't start any major projects. Well work with them for some few month's, if things still don't work will work up that number."

"Very well, I'll send in a request to the head goblin. Now as for the investments..." Izuct said as they spent the next few hours discussing the start of a economical empire.


Nefeli was very close to hexing someone. She liked to think of herself as a patient and kind person that wasn't scared of putting a knife on the table to protect those that needed protecting. But right now? She was really, really close to losing it.

And it was her seventh birthday!

Unfortunately, that meant she had to start socialising. That alone wasn't to big of a problem, no, the problem was that every single person that had greeted her had looked at her in a way that clearly screamed 'how much money will you cost?'. Pigs! The lot of them! She almost passed the braking point when she spotted a certain someone in the shadow's, her lip twitching in amusement as she discreetly moved from the spot of attention, allowing the 'heir' of prats take it. As she joined him.

"Potion master Snape, I'm relieved that at least someone of intelligence managed to join this 'marvellous' celebration." She said with a slight bow.

"I found myself in need of a decent conversation, Ms Malfoy." He said with amusement of her opinion. She hid it well, but the fact that she had hated every second of her birthday was still visible.

"I will gladly offer one if I can escape this nightmare." She commented as they walked into the edge of the unnecessarily huge garden.

To his great amusement, Nefeli took a much less graceful standing, leaning on one of her legs as she stretched in a very un-lady like manner. He was slightly proud that she trusted him enough to not care about etiquette. He knew that Narcissa was aware of her daughter's personality, but Lucius and his son where still none the wiser, which served to his great amusement.

"Dobby" Nefeli called as a soft pop resounded in the garden.

"How can Dobby help Ms Fely?" The house elf said in a much more cheerful way that Severus ever saw with Lucius.

"Bring the book under my bed and something to eat and drink, the usual please." She said kindly as the house elf repapered with said snacks before disappearing with a bow.

Another mystery of the girl in front of him. This where muggle drinks and food.

"How may I help you Ms...Fely?" He said the last part in amusement as the girl's lip twitched. She opened the book at a certain page and sowed it to him.

"I was wondering if you could explain to me how silent casting differs from verbal casting." She explained to him. He wasn't even surprised that she had started a sixth year book as he thought on his answer.

"I would have thought that you would have figured It out on yourself." He stated as she nodded.

"I think it's a catalyst of shorts. The fact that silent casting works proves it. I suppose I'm asking if silent casting requires more magic to make it work." She explained as he nodded slowly.

"It does, take the unforgivable for example. The Dark Lord himself couldn't cast them silently, but he very really pronounced any other spell. Of course, just like every spell, the more used a spell is, the more proficient we become with it." He explained as Nefeli nodded thoughtfully.

Ironically, he ended up lecturing her until the end of her birthday. Perhaps that's why he took a liking to her. Because her mind was that much more ahead of her time, much like a friend he had once had.


Nefeli was lost in her mind remembering the family tree Iruk had showed her but an hour ago.

Arcturus Black was the current Lord of the house of Black, and his only descendent was Sirius Black, that was currently in prison.

That would mean that Lordship would go to one of his siblings, however none of them, or they descendants, where alive, which meant that it would go to one of the side branches, almost all of which where dead. Apart from Cygnus's Black three children. Bellatrix was in prison, Andromeda was disinherited, and Narcissa was married, which meant that it went to one of their two children. And Draco was the Malfoy heir, which meant that by default, I was the only candidate for the house of Black Lordship.

Now, usually there would be plans between manipulation and bribes for the two families, however Arcturus quite literally didn't care. I guess that's somewhat understandable, since his family used to be the highest power in Brittan, and he was now the only Black left. Honestly? I felt a little sorry for him, and if he had actually been a descent person I would have tried helping him. As things where, he allowed his daughter to destroy his family as they where either kicked out or murdered in the blood war following Tom.

That being said I was currently being forced to suffer in ways that I simply could not comprehend. Make up.

Never let it be said that a mummy's girl is an easy job, it really isn't.

The now ten year old was sitting down as her mother pretty much made her a doll with thousand of strange products of which she had no interest in. As someone that had more or less finished all of the seven year course books, and had even started unofficially studying different mastery's, she was at least intelligent. But she could not comprehend how this was fun! How? Yes, looking pretty was something she could understand, she would even encore it on a small scale. But a whole room for this was something she would never allow in her own life. Never.

"We done, dear." Narcissa said proudly as she stood in front of a full length mirror.

Okay she would admit that Narcissa was amazing with all those spells and products. Her Dark Blue eyes where matched with her eyeshadow, her doll like features gave her an cute and pretty like appearance. That was all enforced by her white-blue hair, giving her an aristocratic appearance. She wasn't sure how to feel about that. Shed been pretty plane in her past life and she had prided herself that looks didn't mean everything in ones life, but it was also slightly enjoyable...huh.

"Do you like it?" Narcissa asked as she nodded, still trying to grasp the reality of that she was now some underage model. "So are you going to tell me what you where thinking about?" She asked Nefeli as she raised a now delicate eyebrow.

"How secure is this place?" Nefeli finally asked as her mother gave her an amused smile.

"Why do you think I asked Lucius for a room filled with only make up." She said in amusement as Nefeli blinked in surprise. Clever.

"If I figured out a way to say, get us out of this family, would you be interested in taking it?" She asked not so rhetorically as her mother eyes widen in surprise and a very obvious hint of hope.

"Explain." Her mother asked as she nodded.

"Which is the only way that you can get a divorce?"

"Lord Black would have to do it?" She finally answered as she tried figuring out where the conversation was going to. Her eyes widened as she realised what her daughter was insinuating.

"And you know the requirements to inheriting a Lordship are, don't you mum?" I asked her in amusement.

Seconds later I was engulfed into a hug by my now crazy like giggling mother. She quite obviously had really wanted an out from the Malfoy family. Maybe even more than I did. Nefeli thought as she return her mother's embrace.