Problems of the Past

A New Beginning

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Chapter One - A New Beginning

The magical clock flashed 2:03 AM. Harry was in bed shirtless, his chest scarred from the final fight between him and Voldemort. Tonks lay with him, her head resting on his chest. She absentmindedly traced one of his scars, causing him to shiver. They were in the master bedroom at Potter Manor. The room was originally painted red and gold but the couple had decided to paint it light blue. There was a bathroom off to the corner, it was bigger than Harry's room at Number 4 Privet Drive. He has lived in Dudley's second room, that he kept all his toys that didn't fit into his first room in. Harry stroked her, currently, dirty blond hair with his fingers. Tonks shuddered despite the heating charms placed on the room and the blankets they were under, not to mention the body heat radiating off of Harry.

A green light flew in through the window, it circled them, not caring about the two wands pointing at it. Cautiously Harry asked, "Who, what, are you and what do you want with us?"

"Oh you'll find out what I want in a few minutes," a disembodied voice said in a deep voice, probably belonging to the orb. I wonder what it wants. Why am I not scared. What the fuck is that thing anyways. I sure hope it doesn't hurt Tonks. Harry's mind raced a mile a minute trying to figure out the countless questions he had.

The voice continued even as the aurors thought, "Get dressed. Put on anything, it doesn't matter what."

"Well, if it doesn't matter than I am fine as I am, thank you very much," Tonks challenged. How dare this break into our home and demand us what to do. How did it even get in, we have had the best wards in Britan since the Malfoys redid their home and had to strip the wards after a worker died.

"Unless you want to be completely naked when you arrive, then it does matter. I'm trying to save Magical Britan here so chop chop, lazy asses," the orb appeared to have a mouth as it spoke.

Harry and Tonks hurried to oblige. The second they were done and had their wands again, the orb swooped towards them, engulfing them in a green glowing ooze. Then everything was dark


"The train leaves in 10 minutes," the conductor announced, his magically amplified voice bouncing off the walls of platform 9 and 3/4.

Harry spotted Tonks with her parents, her hair flowing from purple to green to blond. Harry laughed and made his way over to her. She spotted him and rushed over to greet him, her hair changing to maroon in excitement, "Wow, Harry, is it really you? I didn't expect you to come to Hogwarts for another year. I'm so excited to see what house I'm going to be in! What house do you want to be in? I especially want to be in Slytherin. Oh… I'm ranting aren't I," the part about Slytherin was said with a wink, earning a raised eyebrow from Harry.

"Tonks. We need to talk privately. It's important." straying closer to greet her parents, he whispered in her ear, "I'll ward a train car for us to talk."

"Hello, young man. What's your name," inquired Ted.

"Harry. Harry Potter sir."

"Is it true you have, you know," Tonks gestured towards his forehead.

Harry noted Tonks was doing an amazing job at pretending to be an eleven-year-old girl. He pulled his bangs out of the way, with a grin he said, "Guilty."

"So it's true," said Andromeda, "Such a dreadful night. From what I have heard since we moved is that by the time Dumbledore got there all that was left was you and Voldemort's body."

"Am I interrupting anything," coughed Sirius, "Harry, you are just like your father, giving me the slip and all."


"Don't be ashamed," chuckled Sirius, "Be proud you managed to escape your godfather."

Harry stole a glance at Tonks who was watching the encounter with a bemused expression on her pretty face, "Sirius this is Tonks and her parents."

"Pleased to meet you," Sirius said, wiggling his eyebrows, "And how do you know Miss Tonks here."

"Dad!" exclaimed Harry, his cheeks reddening, "We just met."

Looking at him Tonks couldn't help but admire her boyfriends acting skills.


"Silencio. Muffliato. Now we should be ok. First of all, Tonks, I need to see if it is really you. What was the last thing you remember before," Harry shrugged helplessly?

"We got dressed, then that thing" Tonks shuddered, "Did whatever the fuck it did, now we're here. Not much to say."

Harry leaned in and gave her a quick peck on her cheek, "I'm glad it's really you. I don't know what I would do without you."

"Ditto," Tonks said, leaning on him.

"Well. What do we know about this world so far?"

"Ummm. We know Voldemort is really dead since Sirius found his body. We know Siriu... Oh that was obvious." said Tonks.

"I heard Ron talking about how the students are sorted in pairs. Guess we are going to have to go together in case it remembers us. Speaking of which, what house do you want to be in this time? It listens to your input you know." Harry rambled.

"I was thinking"

"Always a dangerous pastime" Harry interrupted.

"Anyways… before I was interrupted, I was thinking that it would be fun to be in Slytherin this time. Give em a fun time." laughed Tonks.

"Well I'm in." chuckled Harry, "We should recruit the twins. We could call ourselves the Marauders V2, but that's to be decided later. At Least no Voldemort we have to kill this time."

Harry pulled her closer, kissing her on her cherry red, and flavored, lips, "I love you, Tonks."


"Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger please come forth," rang out Mcgonagall's shrill voice.

Harry watched as they both quickly walked up and McGonagall placed the massive hat on their heads.

"BOTH GRYFFINDOR!" The hat shouted immediately.

They both ran towards a cheering Gryffindor table as Harry sadly watched, remembering the old times. Tonks put a comforting hand on his arm and kissed him on the cheek, "Don't worry. You'll be able to be friends with them. At least you can try."

That earned them a few questioning looks from panicky first years, "Susan Bones and Draco Malfoy."

"Harry turned to Tonks, "How do the two people thing even work. I mean, really?"

"I was having the same thought."

The hat was placed on their heads and after a few seconds, it yelled, "SUSAN HUFFLEPUFF. DRACO SLYTHERIN."

McGonagall called them forward, "Harry Potter and Nymphadora Tonks."

They walked forward as the students started whispering. He risked a glance at Dumbledore who smiled encouragingly at him. "If only he knew what about to happen," whispered Harry to his girlfriend.

McGonagall placed the hat on their heads. Back again?

Good to see you to Harry thought passive aggressively.

Harry. Tonks said warningly, do you still want to be in Slytherin?

Yes. Wanna have a hat stall?

Of course. Can you do it? Tonks thought excitedly.

So let me get this straight. You want a hat stall than to be placed in Slytherin The hat asked.

Yep, the couple happily answered in unison.

The hall was deathly quiet, you could have heard a pin drop. They all knew they what they were witnessing. Hat stalls occurred one in a lifetime, there, in fact, had been two. The one now, and when the Transfiguration professor was sorted, the other person had been sorted immediately but she was under the hat for ten minutes, disputing between Gryfyndor and Ravenclaw

After fifteen minuted the hat interrupted their conversation, Fun is up, or whatever you two are, better be "Slytherin."

An audible gasp rang out through the hall, then the whispering started up again. Harry glanced at Dumbledore who looked like he had walked through a ghost.

They ran to the correct table who was clapping like mad, both of their cheeks flushing crimson.


"Follow me. Excuse me. Prefect here." the older student walked up to the dungeon wall, "Salazar."

They walked into the lushly decorated room with the other students. "Wow. So much green" commented Harry dryly, "I'm gonna go get my stuff set up. Meet back here in twenty or so?"


Harry walked up the stairs, pretending not to hear the whispers behind him. He opened the door. The room was huge, at least twice as big as his dorm in Gryffindor he guessed. His stuff that he never bought was already in his room. "Well let's see what I have."

After he set up his room, he went back downstairs to meet Tonks. He spotted her lounging on a chair by the fire and walked over. She saw him coming and scooted over. When Harry sat down next to her, she scooted on to his lap, a move seen by the whole common room.

One student cleared his throat on the other side of the stone room, "We were talking while you were gone and umm… how do I say this? Uhh, we don't think you belong since you… Well we don't think you belong"

A second seventh year next to him stood up sneering, "And we challenge you both to a duel."

Harry and Tonks, looked at each other grinning, Harry spoke first, "I don't think you know what you just did."

Tonks cut in before he could dig them deeper into the hole, "We accept."

Authors Note - Now to address the plot holes I already have. My excuse for the fact Harry and Tonks being in the same year is the timeline got warped when the thing sent them back. Also how Sirius didn't know Ted and his family already is because in this timeline they aren't related and Tonks and her family were living in the US and had moved to the UK just before the story starts. Enough of my excuses. Don't forget to favorite and follow the story.

Rewritten 2-13-19 It really sucked at first didn't it. Lol hope this is better