Problems of the Past

Trial and errors

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The Slytherin common room was especially warm, considering it was under a lake. The lush green carpet, inscribed with Salazar Slytherin's face and a phrase in parseltongue. It read $There is no good or evil, only power and those too weak to see it$. So that's where Voldemort got his saying.

The students had all been sent to their respective houses. The teachers were in a panic. Harry had lingered to watch the aftermath, apparently, Dumbledore was going to wait to see what happened and if necessary, duel him with Tonks help. Tonks spoke up from next to him on the green couch, "What the fuck is happening."

"I don't know, I thought Grindelwald died this time. Either he escaped from Nurmengard, however unlikely, or one of his old followers broke him out. He probably built in a passage in case he ever got trapped. Though I wonder what took him so long to get out if that's the case," Harry's mind raced faster than the eye could see, if it was possible to see thoughts. This was due to his extensive training as an auror, to become one, not only did you have to be an amazing duelist, good at school, and brave. You also had to be quick-witted, something Harry was. After watching Snape die during the battle and then finding he was a spy all along, changed the then boy. It was almost like the potions master's cunning and quick wit had resided in Harry. This skill had saved him, Tonks and countless others in the line of duty. Another odd side effect of watching the memories was he FUCKING HATED Dumbledore for leaving him on a doorstep and for refusing to be the secret keeper for the Potters. He had to hold himself back from killing the man every time he saw him, the only thing holding him back was the reminder that this wasn't the same man he knew and trusted, only to learn he partially in fault for his parent's murder and him living with abusive relatives. At least this time he stopped Sirius from going to Azkaban for a crime he didn't commit, and once again, Harry swore to destroy Albus FUCKING Dumbledore.

"Cmon, get your robes on, we're going after him," Harry called behind him to Tonks, as he walked, no ran, up the dorm stairs to change into clothes more suitable for combat. Harry was exercising his brain, repeating over and over the code, all aurors followed, if only as a distraction. He planned on doing what the senile headmaster wasn't capable of, killing. I mean, really, making a pact not to kill the fucking death eaters, it would have been different if they weren't casting a barrage of fucking killing cursed at us, and what? Were supposed to retaliate with stunners, really sane that man. I mean he's left me on a fucking doorstep in the middle of the night twice, at least the second time it wasn't permanent since he got Black off.

Harry grumbled to himself about how Dumbledore and how fucking stupid he was all while changing. He grabbed his wand holster, made of dragonhide, Harry checked it for curses before buckling it onto his wrist. Better safe than sorry, since I didn't buy any of this. Still grumbling, the so called pre-teen laced his boots. Harry jumped up, the only good thing about this whole situation is that, for one, he was be twenty or so times more powerful than before. The only other thing was that he had his eleven year old body back, and he was in far better shape than before from all the training, added with the rituals he and Tonks had done. He had increased strength, heightened senses and higher stamina, both physical and magical.

Harry pulled on a dragonhide robe before bounding down the steps. He jumped the final three steps, as any boy would do. Harry slammed into Draco who sneered, "Watch where you're going," he paused before spitting on the ground, "Potter."

Harry just rolled his eyes. Why the fuck is he up this late, and where was he. Draco paid no mind to the gesture and continued, "Where are you going? To fuck that scummy whore that attaches herself to the oh, so powerful Boy Who Lived."

Harry drew his wand and pointed it at the blonde haired boy, but before he could curse the bitch into next year, a red light flew beneath his outstretched arm and hit Draco in the chest. He toppled over, hitting his head hard on the silver carpeted stairs. Tonks walked forwards, a sheepish grin on her face, turned smirk when she saw the look in the boys eyes. Taking great pleasure in his pain, Tonks just laughed, but a grimace crossed her face as the thought. Oh my god, I enjoyed his pain. Well, more than usual at the very least. Draco, however, mistaken it for Tonks thinking twice about hexing him, and through his now free mouth he spat, "Wait till my father hears about this," before storming up the stairs. He turned and sent a full body bind curse at Tonks, that somehow found its mark. Harry muttered the counter curse.

He the devil on his left shoulder and the angel on his right shoulder battling it out in his mind, a curse was on the tip of his tongue before he decided he might as well not waste his magical power on the sucmy bitch in front of him. However, Harry swore that he would kill Draco, but first torture his family while forcing him to watch. A mad laugh escaped his slightly parted lips, causing the arrogant blind to turn and look at him. Tonks put a hand on his shoulder, "What are you going to do to him. I know how you get when you have that look."

"I'm going to kill that bastard and his family, but Grindelwald is my first priority here."

"Mr. Potter and Miss Tonks, may I ask why you are going to kill my godson and his family."

Before Harry could start talking, Tonk replied, "He called me a whore and tried to curse me when I hit him with a stinging hex. If it wasn't for Harry here, I would have been at that bastards mercy, if he would even touch a," Tonks voice got dangerously low, "Half-blood like me."

"Very well, five points from Slytherin for his actions and I shall be having words with him, though may I ask, why are two first years like yourself going after Grindelwald," Snape said, his voice going from understanding to dangerous. Harry and Tonks both knew one wrong move and they were dead, figuratively speaking. Even though Snape was powerful, he was no match for Harry, who has absorbed the potion master's strength through accidental blood magic the night he had died before. This was combined with the fact that he had the lock taken off his magical core. That multiplied his strength by tenfold, and Snape's as well.

Speaking carefully, Harry started, "We are more than first years, I believe I could best you in a duel easily, and even Dumbledore, it would be close with him, but I would win."

Snape considered this for a moment, "I know you are powerful Mr. Potter, but that is impossible for anyone to do, yet a first year like yourself. I'm sorry to break it to you, but it wouldn't work."

"If you insist, Sir, let us compromise," Harry said.

Tonks cut in, "You really think you could best Dumbledore. I know your one of the most powerful wizards ever but really? Dumbledore is second only to Merlin himself from what is know about both of them."

"It is true Potter, what makes you so confident? What is the so called compromise you have," Snape said, sneering at the audacity and nerve the boy showed. How dare James's son come and claim to be a better wizard than Dumbledore and himself. He, Severus Snape, was the most accomplished potions master and Occlumens in history. He was the one who had tricked the greatest dark wizard in history into thinking he was loyal and that he was telling truth and the whole truth. He had invented Veritasium and made it legal in court, he had invented spells and potions at age sixteen. He, Severus (Or as his bullies had called him, Snivellus) Snape was the second greatest wizard alive, since voldemort was truely dead. His dark mark had faded the day of the Potter brats duel, in which he had dominated two seventh years.

"You stop Dumbledore from taking action against Grindelwald unless necessary, and we shall duel next saturday at the tournament. If you win, I will announce you to be the better wizard, and I will give you a third of my fortune. If I win, you shall set up a duel between Dumbledore and I, and you will make sure Grindelwald is mine. Also you have to get me into the Gryffindor common room. Deal," Harry spoke with such confidence that Snape dropped his sneer and looked in awe at the boy, he was willing to risk hundreds of thousands, if not millions of galleons in a single duel.

"I won't ask where you will get the skill, or what you are going to do in the Gryfindor common room but I accept," Snape stuck out his hand to the boy, who he had newfound respect for. The temptation was to great to refuse. He would have been able to settle down, set for life, and experiment and brew for aslong as he lived, another hundred years or so. He stared at the boy, "I ask you keep your hands off my godson though. I will keep Dumbledore from taking action against Grindelwald for now, but I won't stop him from if it becomes necessary, agreed?"

"No, if it becomes necessary, alert me. He's already dead to me," Harry said, "Oh and if he insults Tonks again, I'll kill him."

Snape gulped, "I guess I better go talk to him."

Harry called after the man who made him what he was, "I don't make idle threats so I would tell him what I said."

Tonks turned to her boyfriend, "You wouldn't actually kill him, would you?"

"I would do anything to keep you safe."

The confidence in which he said that scarred Tonks, causing her to shiver. She looked into Harry's eyes, only to see he had changed them from green to all black. There was no white, just two black lifeless eyes.


All potions class Snape stared at Harry and Tonks trying to judge and read the young couple. He stood over their shoulders while they diced their salamander tail and while they added boomslang skin to their bubbling cauldron. Snape looked with a intense gaze that made him look haunted when combined with the flickering candles and bags under his eyes, "Potter, it seems you inherited your mothers talent in potions, your father barely passed, it's a miracle he became an auror."

If only he knew where I really got the potions skills. Harry burst into laughter, causing the whole dungeon to turn and look at him oddly. Daphne gave him a cold calculating look before turning back to her potion.

"Did I say something, amusing," Snape said with a cold look on his face. Harry turned and looked him in the eyes, something any sensible man wouldn't do. Snape reached out with his mind, only to find a thick barrier their, all he could divulge from the 'teens' mind was the recipy for the potion. Harry watched Severus's eyes widen in shock. A look of amusement crossed Harry's face, it was then when the potions master noticed his cold, lifeless eyes. A gasp escaped the head of houses mouth, causing everyone to look at them, once again.


"I'm telling you, he had a defense around his mind that was so alien to me I couldn't penetrate it. And his eyes," a shudder racked his spine, "Those eyes were pure black. They were almost radiating death from them."

"I understand you're worried, but, Severus, please refrain from using occlumency on students again," the aged headmaster stroked his beard thoughtfully, "Lemon drop?"

"No thank you. I have to ask you to not take action against Grindelwald for now. Harry and I have a sort of bet," Snape emphasize his point with air quotes, much to Dumbledore's amusement. He refrained from letting on that Harry was going to kill Grindelwald himself, "We are going to duel next saturday, he really does stand a chance from what he says, if Harry wins, he gets to duel you and Grindelwald is his. The duel with you is up to you to schedule."

Dumbledore actually snorted in amusement, a rare occurrence, "He actually thinks he can take me, Dumbledore on."



Harry and Tonks grabbed Snape's arms, one on each side. Both the 'teens' could apparate, but they didn't want to as to not draw any more attention to themselves. Since they were the main witnesses, they were being apparated there. Thomas was in a ministry holding cell, waiting for the trial. The rest of the school was being flooed into the ministry, as witnesses, the teachers where overseeing the process. Students lined up at Mcgonagall's and Flitwick's offices.

The familiar pulling sensation filled Harry and Tonks, even though they were experienced, you never fully got used to it. A few seconds later, they appeared in the lobby where students and employees where streaming out of the fireplaces.

Once the three had arrived at the courtroom, it took another three hours for each student to give their final testimony. Once each student was done, they waited in groups until a teacher escorted them back to the castle.


Once the Wizengamot had assembled, Amelia bones started, "This is the six hundred and fifty sixth meeting of the Wizengamot. We are here on the trial of the orphan Tomas who cast the killing curse during a non lethal duel at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The spell was cast at a golem, Harry James Potter invented them just days before the duel, but missed. The spell would have killed Nymphadora Tonks," Tonks blushed furiously at the mention of her first name, "But was saved by the heroic actions of Harry James Potter," it was Harry's turn to blush," Who survived the killing curse for the second time, still the only to have survived it, and definitely the only to survive it twice. The charges go as, using a lethal curse in a non-lethal duel, and use of an unforgivable curse on a minor. How do you plead?"

The lawyer that was assigned to Thomas stepped forward, "My client pleads guilty."

A gasp rang through the Wizengamot, someone pleading guilty was unheard of, especially in recent times.

It took a second for Madam Bones to collect herself, "Very well, the accused will receive a life sentence for his actions."

Harry leaned towards Tonks, "I'm going to kill him for almost harming you, even if it's the last thing I do, that and kill Draco if he harms you again. I would wade through a ocean of blood for you, even if it kills me."

Snape looked on with respect as the confession of love played out in front of him."

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