I Love You

Chapter 1


Arthur grinned at his best friends Edward Thomas and Ernest Williams as he entered the Hogwarts Express. "We've missed you Arthur" Ernest said hugging Arthur tightly. "Don't tell me you both met each other during the holidays" Arthur asked Ernest threateningly hugging him too. "We wanted to invite you as well…but…since you were going on a vacation to France…" Ernest told him looking slightly embarrassed. "You should have at least written to me" Arthur told him sternly but gestured him to sit beside him anyways.

"I've got good news to share as well" Arthur said proudly "I have been made the Gryffindor prefect" he smiled. "Seriously mate! You are really lucky" Edward congratulated Arthur. "Not that you didn't deserve it mate, but still, I really envy you" Edward said excitedly. "And why so, may I ask" Arthur asked calmly though he knew where Edward was going. "There's this rumor going round the school that Molly Prewett has been chosen as the prefect. Patrolling around the corridors with such a prefect must truly be worth the effort" he told Arthur, a notorious gleam in his eyes.

Edward had a crush on Molly Prewett since his second year and he wasn't the only one. Molly Prewett was a beautiful girl who carried a bold personality along with her. She was quite popular and always had a group of friends circling around her.

"Let's see then" Arthur said checking his wrist watch that he had somehow convinced his father to buy for him. "It's time" he said as he stood and marched towards the Prefects carriage.

"Arthur" he heard a sweet female voice. He groaned. It was Emma Wright, a girl from his year who seemed to have taken the resolution of never leaving him alone. "How can I help you, Emma" he asked her as politely as he could. "Arthur, where are you going? I could come along you know. It's always good to have a company along with you. Gosh! Arthur, you've grown so much. You are so tall, Arthur" she said admiringly. "I am going to the Prefects carriage" he told her trying to somehow get past her. "How could I be so stupid? Of course you are the prefect. Well, I have a surprise for you. Just a minute…." She said now completely blocking his path.

"Make way, Emma" he heard a stern voice behind him and found himself face to face with Molly Prewett. "Nobody's blocking your way Molly. Just give me a minute" she said pushing her horrible hairs behind her hairs. "Whatever it is can wait. Arthur and I are the prefects and we do not want to be late for the first meeting" Molly told her. "Don't speak for Arthur. He wants to see this and he won't go….." "No, I...I don't want to be late" Arthur interrupted. Emma moved away looking very disappointed. "I'll wait for you after the meeting is over" she said hopefully. "Yeah. Ok" Arthur nodded as he triumphantly began walking towards the prefects meeting.

"Thanks a lot Molly. I really owe you for getting me out of there" Arthur said looking relieved. Molly laughed. She looked much more beautiful when she laughed. "It was nothing" she told him. "Just treat her the way she deserves it and she'll remain quiet" she smiled at him. "I really try to treat her that way. I really do. But the way she throws herself at me makes me really awkward" he told her and Molly patted his arm. "It's fine Arthur. It won't last long, I am sure". Her touch seemed reassuring. Arthur nodded. "I do hope it gets over quickly because I don't think I can digest it anymore" he told her. "I understand. But just don't lose your calm all right. Now that you are a prefect, you should behave like an idol" she told him calmly. They had now reached the prefects compartment.

"I hope we're not late" Molly murmured as she entered. "Arthur, mate! I was waiting for you. I knew you would the one from your house. Hi Molly, how's Gideon?" Daaim Allway, the Ravenclaw prefect waved at them. "In a good mood like always" Molly replied as he approached them. "How's Maria?" she asked him. Maria was Daaim's girlfriend who was a Muggle. "Fine. She almost found out my secret this summer when I received my Prefect's batch. She's very smart and sometimes I do wish she were like us" he told Molly who smiled at him fondly. "It's alright Daaim. At least she's away from all this mess" Molly said referring to the prejudice against Muggle borns in the wizarding world. "Yeah. I guess you're right" he agreed.

"Thank god you guys came. I was getting bored sitting with her" he said pointing towards a girl sitting on one of the seats reading a book. "Isn't that Hannah Mathews? The girl who came third last year "Arthur asked Daaim. "She is" Daaim nodded "And she seems to have taken it as a personal insult that she couldn't top last year". "Oh!" was all that Molly could say. "By the way, Congrats Molly for becoming the topper once again" Arthur congratulated Molly who smiled back at him. "You shouldn't be saying that since you topped as well" she told him and Arthur grinned. "I'll take that as a compliment though it's hard to believe…."

Arthur was interrupted by a shrill female voice. "Hello to all of you" Amy Wright, Emma's elder sister's voice echoed all around the compartment.

"Please be seated so that we can start our meeting right away. Adras, if you would help me as well…" she ordered. "Oh! No. Please not her. Please. Please, Please" Arthur thought desperately. Amy Wright was known for the dangerous tasks she assigned students and how she misused her authority. No wonder she was a Slytherin. Adras on the other hand was a fun loving, joyous personality. Arthur had talked to him only twice, but whenever he had seen him, he was always a generous man. He was a Huffelpuff.

After everyone was settled she smiled at them showing off her well-shaped teeth. "Hello to everyone sitting over here. I am Amy Wright, your head girl. Now if all of you would please pair up with your house prefect, I would like that". Everyone followed her instructions obediently and sat down next to their partners. "Good. Now I don't have much time to waste so let's get to our business quickly. The most important tasks of the prefects are to maintain the discipline. You will maintain the discipline of your respected houses and present me a weekly report individually. You can also mention the name of a disobedient student. As far as the patrolling is concerned, you will patrol alternate days with your partners. The Ravenclaws will patrol on Monday and Friday, Hufflepuffs on Tuesday and Wednesday, Gryffindors on Thursday and Sunday and the Slytherins will patrol on Saturday. And I want no argument regarding. You will be notified one week before the Hogsmeade trip and the password for the prefect's bathroom is Pineapple" she told all the students sitting there tonelessly.

"Now all of you can go" she told them and stepped out of the compartment. "We've got a lot of work to do" Arthur sighed looking at Molly.