I Love You

The row between best friends


After the prefects meeting, Arthur and his friends were joined by Alyssa Williams, a girl with dark brown hairs and grey eyes. She was very pretty and had half of the male population at Hogwarts drooling over her.

She seemed to have a soft corner for Arthur and they got on well together. "We could always prank Amy Wright" she told Arthur mischievously. Everyone considered Arthur to be a sincere student and only a few knew that he was the master mind behind some of the epic pranks conducted at Hogwarts. "It's her last year. I guess she deserves some peace" Arthur told her making her clap her hands enthusiastically. "You know my definition of peace, Arthur" she laughed.

"And of course, we'll be getting help from Edward Williams, the best prankster at Hogwarts" she said punching Edward lightly on the arms. "I can't help you" Edward declared in a serious tome which made all of them laugh again. Edward was a fun loving personality and he looked quite comical when he was serious. "What? Stop laughing. I am serious. I am sure Molly will like if I act like an idol or something like that. I need to be a bit more responsible" he said making them burst into laughter again as Arthur patted his sympathetically.

"I am so sorry to hurt you Edward but I don't think that's going to work. Ever heard of Jack Francis, he's what you would call to be the 'most handsome bloke at Hogwarts' and he certainly has some interest in Molly if you know what I mean. It is just a matter of time before you see Molly running through the corridors in his arms" Alyssa smirked. "If you are suggesting that Molly is a kind of girl who'd fall for any man in her way, I think you are wrong" Arthur told Alyssa seriously. "You barely know her, Arthur. This is practically the first time you have talked to her" Alyssa shook her head. "Don't be silly Alyssa. We have been sharing the same common room for past five years. Of course we have talked to her before. You, on the other hand, are a Ravenclaw. I surely know more about her than you do" Arthur told her sternly. He didn't know why it hurt him to hear nasty things about Molly. "Fine, whatever you say Arthur but I know a few things about Molly that you don't" Alyssa seemed to give up. "They are nothing but baseless rumors Alyssa. You could do better than to believe them" Arthur snapped. "I don't know why you are being so protective about her. I could understand Edward acting this way since he likes Molly but I didn't know you fancied her too" Alyssa said aggressively. "I don't fancy Molly, Alyssa. If anyone would have said such rubbish about you I would have surely taken your side" Arthur said angrily. "Now you are comparing me with her. I am your best friend whereas you barely know her" Alyssa said annoyed. "So what if you are my best friend you don't have a right to spread such horrible things about anyone" Arthur said his voice rising. "Why don't we get this straight? You fancy her and that's it. You like her and you are just too embarrassed to accept it" she said violently pushing her trunk as she stood up. "I don't fancy her, haven't I told you that already" Arthur said standing up as well.

He was easily a foot taller than her and he looked intimidating when he was angry. His eyes seemed to convey all of his anger to Alyssa who somehow managed to maintain her posture in front of him. "I think both of you should calm down" Ernest suggested softly but Arthur and Alyssa were adamant. Now that it had gone to such a great extent, Arthur was not going to back out.

"She is not exactly the good type Arthur. You'll find better girls out there" Alyssa told him taking a step forward. "I think I can decide that for myself" Arthur told her. "Arthur, I am supposed to help you. Trust me Arthur" she said softly as she leaned in. Conscious of sudden closeness between both of them, Arthur leaned away from her. "No, Alyssa, I don't think I can trust you regarding this matter. I demand you to take back the words you said about Molly and accept the fact we don't fancy each other. Don't make me rethink about our status of friendship" Arthur told her firmly. Looking hurt, she passed him without saying another word. Arthur saw her wipe a tear as she exited the compartment to find another one.

"I think you took it way too far" Ernest commented once Arthur sat down on his seat. "She had it coming. You should have heard the things she said about Molly. I can guarantee you, there is absolutely no truth in her words. She better take back her words or else she'll have to face the consequences" Edward said angrily. "Calm down there, Edward. You know she didn't mean what she said" Ernest smiled at his friends. "She better not" Edward growled.

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