One Heart


Severus Snape rolled over on his small narrow bed with a sigh. His mind once again drifting back to the day of his DADA exam when he'd called Lily his only friend a 'Mudblood'. The Slytherins had congratulated him for finally seeing the light as they put it but he was beyond messed up about it. He'd tried to apologize but she just hadn't wanted to hear it. That was fine he guessed she already thought he was heading down a dark path and without her he might as well do just that.

He heard the door slam from downstairs and his father yell out for him. He quickly got his shoes on and grabbed his magically enhanced school bag and went out his window. He'd spent all year making sure his school bag was bottomless and weightless and that only he could get into it so that he could hide everything in there away from his father and everyone else.

He'd recieved an owl a few months ago informing him that his mother was dead that she'd died in an accident the one and only time Severus' father had used an owl. But Severus wasn't stupid he knew his father had beaten her to death.

He moved swiftly along the roof and made it safely to the strong, wide old tree branch that was hanging close by. He'd used this method of escape for years.


As he reached the trunk of the tree he caught sight of his owl, Zeus, on another branch watching him. He got into his bag and pulled out his potions kit. He tossed Zeus a rat. The owl hooted happily as Severus put the Potions kit away and proceeded to finish climbing down the tree. When Severus reached the old birdbath which had seen better days he used a bottle of water to fill it for Zeus. Zeus flew down with his rat and hooted his thanks again. Severus petted him gently.

"Don't let my dad catch you." He reminded his friend then set out for the park down the street

. He kept his head down and ignored what was going on around him. He still hurt from his fathers last beating. He wanted to see her. He wanted to see Lily. He came to the park but she wasn't there so he headed back home with a sigh guessing he'd sleep in the shed again tonight.

"Severus?" he heard a soft voice call. "Severus?"

He turned but it wasn't Lily it was her sister Petunia. Severus moaned to himself he wasn't sure if he could put up with her right now. She grabbed his arm and began pulling him toward her house.

"I don't know what you did to Lily but you had better fix it." Petunia snapped her voice finally taking on it's normal harsh tone.

"I've tried." Severus replied, depression coating his voice. "Believe me I've tried. I didn't even mean to say it. She refuses to listen to my apology."

Petunia was interested she still wasn't quite sure why she was here dragging the Snape boy to her house or what had caused her to come and find him. She'd seen Lily crying and moping for days now and it was driving her crazy.

"Well, you're going to try again!" She snapped.

They entered the yard of the Evans family and Petunia marched him inside past her parents, and her boyfriend and straight up to Lily's room where she shoved him inside sure enough Lily was sitting on the bed crying. Her parents and Vernon had followed.

"No you two are going to stay in this room until you make up!" Petunia scolded. "I'll break the knob if I have to!"

Severus and Lily looked at her in shock.

"START TALKING!" Petunia raged.

"Tuny, Thank you." Severus said, "But this is sort of a personal matter not to be heard by those who don't understand...

Petunia hated that name but quickly understood.

"Mother and Father will watch over you!" Petunia snapped. "Vernon and I are going to a movie!"

She took her boyfriend and left.

Robert and Rose looked expectantly at the two sixteen year olds.

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