One Heart

I hate dealing with emotions

Severus toed the floor.

"Maybe we should go downstairs?" he looked hopefully at Robert and Rose both of whom chuckled.

Severus normally would have killed for a chance to be in Lily's room. He managed a look around before they went downstairs. It was more girly than he remembered.

"I'll make some tea." Rose said, pulling Robert into the kitchen with her as Lily and Severus sat in the den.

Neither spoke for awhile. Severus was beating himself up here he was she was in front of him and he couldn't say anything. He watched her glance up at him hope in those wonderful emerald eyes.

"Please, accept my apology." He said, "I really am sorry. I didn't even mean to say that foul word. It's just I was in such a compromising position...when they assaulted me ...I was embarrassed...I was ...scared and at that very moment you were the last person I wanted to see. The last person I wanted to see me like that." He blushed he couldn't believe he was telling her all of this and yet it was the truth and some part of him wanted her to hear it. Wanted her to accept his feelings for her. "Not to mention they used my own spell against me..."

"That was my fault." Lily said, and he almost shivered at the sound of her voice. "James had caught me reading your potions book he took it and they were looking through it when they came across the spell. I hexed them but apparently not fast enough and I don't think they actually realized that it was yours. Well, maybe Remus did."

Severus nodded. He'd wondered how they'd learned his spell now he had an answer. He looked at her willing her to accept his apology.

"I'm so sorry." Lily cried. "I should have listened to your apology, I..."

"This is my fault not yours." Severus said, cutting her off. "Do you accept my apology? Are we friends again?"

His answer was Lily throwing herself on him and hugging him. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her back. The dark feelings of depression were leaving just like that. He had his bright sunshine back. He had the only thing that could keep him sane back. They finally let go of each other and Lily sat beside him on the couch. She was drying her eyes which were red a puffy telling him that she'd been crying a lot. He hated being the reason that she was upset. He wanted her to be nothing but happy. She deserved to be nothing but happy.

Rose and Robert finally returned with tea both looking relieved to see them sitting by each other. Severus sipped his tea he didn't really like it he preferred a nice strong cup of coffee but he wouldn't be rude.

"Now, Severus maybe you can help us." Robert said, Severus wondered what they needed help with and how he could help. "We got a letter saying that the Ministry is going to allow underage magic as we are in a time of war but we need to go to the Ministry..."

"Yes, I can get you there." Severus nodded. "I got the same letter I've been trying out how to get my dad to sign it. Then I just sent it off to my mothers father. It's best if signed by a magical guardian and that would be grandfather in my case since my mother is..." He cleared his throat. "Since you are both muggle you have to go into the Ministry so they can witness you signing it. I can get you there no problem."

The Evans all looked pleased with the news. They began discussing when they should go and set the date for that Sunday. When Petunia came home she was asked if she had anything to do that day. She broke down crying instantly and buried her head in Lily's shoulder. Lily held her and rubbed her back trying to calm her down. No one could get Petunia to tell them what was wrong and everyone was beyond shocked that Petunia was clinging to Lily of all people.

"er...Tuny?" Severus finally said, when he surfaced from digging in his backpack. "I know you despise magic but could you please drink this? " He asked trying his best to be nice. "You see, it's a Calming Drought. It will ... well calm you down..."

"Is that okay?" Lily hissed.

"It's a really weak one so it should be safe for a muggle." Severus nodded.

It took some coaxing but Petunia finally swallowed the contents and was almost sick.

"I forgot to warn you about that." Lily sighed. "Potions are dead useful but taste awful."

Petunia gave her a dead look.

"What's wrong, dear?" Rose asked softly.

"Vernon." Petunia sniffled unable to cry anymore do to the potion she'd just taken. In fact it was as they had said, she was very calm right now. "He tried"

"Force himself on you?" Severus supplied.

He flinched at Lily's glare but Petunia just nodded.

"If I could use my magic!" Lily raged.

"You'd be in Azkaban before you finished the spell." Severus sighed. "He's a muggle and doesn't know about our world."

Lily pouted it was true but that didn't mean she had to like it. She watched her father phone the police as Petunia sat there in shock. She leaned closer to Severus as Rose comforted Petunia and watched them closely."

"How long will that Potion last?"

"I said, it was weak it should be wearing off in a few minutes ." Severus muttered.

He understood why she was asking. He could see bruises on Petunia's arms and even on her thighs as she was wearing a torn skirt. He made out the bruises forming on her face and a split lip as well. He sighed he guessed that he could spare her some Bruise Balm even if he had stock piled it for himself. After all it was thanks to Petunia that Lily had finally sat down long enough to listen to his apology. It was thanks to Petunia that he and Lily were once again friends. So he owed her and he hated owing people.

By the time the police arrived Petunia was having hysterics again and Severus was searching his bag for a stronger calming drought so he wouldn't have to put up with her once they left.