One Heart

Ministry of Magic

On Sunday the Evans family and Severus went to London and to the Ministry of Magic. Upon arriving Lily and Severus checked their wands and tried to get someone to tell them where they were going. Severus got so angry at the guy that he was willing to chance it and start hexing.

"Severus Snape?" A gruff old voice asked. He turned to see a very old man who looked older than dirt coming towards them leaning heavily on a cane. "Well, are you Severus Snape, boy?"

"Yes, sir." Severus answered. He glanced above the man's head.

Ignotus Prince

Title: Lord Prince

Level: ?

"Oh, Grandfather." Severus said quickly.

"That's right." the old man nodded. Then eyed the boy. "and how do you know that?"

"My mother kept a picture." Severus lied.


"I saw her looking at it from time to time." Severus continued. "Once I asked who that happy family was and she showed me and told me it was her and her parents. She wouldn't tell me much else, sir."

Ignotus shrugged and lead them along to where they needed to go.

Severus cursed himself for not remembering that he'd contacted his grandfather telling him that he and Lily and her family would be at the Ministry today signing the paperwork to let Lily use magic outside of school. But he hadn't expected his grandfather to show up in person. From what he'd heard of the old man he was a recluse who hated leaving his Manor and grounds and being around people. He'd been like that since his wife had died and his only child had married a muggle.

They had to go down several floors on an elevator.

"Why are you two in school robes?" Ignotus wondered.

Severus blushed.

"These are the only robes I own." He replied. "and Lily is Muggleborn so those are the only robes she owns."

Ignotus nodded. He noticed Severus and the girl both seemed uneasy about something and were standing very close together without actually touching. He smiled to himself. At least Severus wasn't following in his mother's footsteps at least this girl had magic and she was rather cute to boot. They remained silent until they finally reached the floor they were heading to then left the elevator and began working their way toward the right office.

Severus and Lily were almost literally dragging Petunia along both of them holding a wrist. Petunia had agreed to come on this little excursion but it was proving to be too much for her and she was trying to escape and go home. They couldn't have her running around the Ministry lost so they were keeping her with them.

"This'll be so much easier once I can use magic." Lily hissed giving Petunia a vicious tug. "Come on, Tuny, we're almost there then you can sit down and relax. I assure you using magic on a muggle without consent is against our laws. No one here will hurt you."

She heard several people chuckle as they entered an office full of cubicles. They lined up with a bunch of other Muggleborns and Halfbloods raised in the Muggle world.

"Oh, Lily you made it." A Pureblood Gryffindor Alice Greenwood came over with a few girls from other houses, except for Slytherin. "I'm so glad your parents are agreeing to this."

"H-Hi, Snape." A Hufflepuff girl said, blushing and tucking hair behind her ear. "Lily."

Severus was startled. Girls didn't normally notice him or if they did it was to pick on and bully him. He glanced above her head.

"Hello, Snow." He drawled. He greeted each girl sending most of them into giggles. He was so confused. "Hello, Greenwood."

"Hey, Snape." Alice beamed. "I'm so glad you two made up. Lily was getting to unbearable."

"ALICE!" Lily cried, blushing.

Severus looked away blushing as well though he had no idea why that would make him blush. He suddenly groaned.

"What's wrong?" The girls, Alice, and Lily chorused.

"Marauders." Severus bit out.

Lily peeked around him then moaned herself.

"Ugh, I was hoping that they wouldn't be here." Lily sighed.

"Looks like only three of them." Severus said, "Potter, Pettigrew, and Lupin. Where's Black?"

"I saw him." Snow said, batting her eyes at Severus. "He was with his parents, brother and the Black sisters. Just over that way. Lady Black was threatening to send Sirius to stay with with her side of the family for the summer."

Severus didn't need that explained to him but the confused look on Lily's face said that she did.

"Almost all of the Black's are huge supporters of You-Know-Who." Severus said in a low tone.

Lily nodded rapidly.

Ignotus listened and watched the interaction it was clear is grandson was only comfortable around the Evans girl as most of the others were flirting and he was obviously getting more and more uncomfortable by it. He watched as the three boys his grandson had mentioned came closer. The Potter brat was unmistakable and very hard to miss. The one with his nose in a book looked a lot like Lyall Lupin and the last boy looked like a rat he couldn't think of which family the teen might belong to but his grandson had Pettigrew he couldn't see it. Mrs. Pettigrew was a very beautiful woman and her husband wasn't bad either. Their son hadn't inherited their looks. They were suddenly joined by the Black heir who greeted them with a big grin. He turned his attention back to Severus who was talking Potions with the Snow girl she had to be Muggleborn because the Snow Pureblood family had died out twenty years ago. He soon learned that his grandson was very knowledgeable when it came to Potions. He smirked to himself well it was a Prince trait.

"Yes, I sent in an entree to the contest before school let out." Severus told Snow. "I doubt I'll even rank in the top 100 but I wanted to give it a try."

"What Potion was it?" Snow wondered. "I didn't enter this time so I didn't look."

"It was the Wolvesbane Potion." Severus replied, he was actually enjoying talking to this girl now.

"That's beyond N.E.W.T. " Snow cried.

"Yes, but I brewed it and made a few to the formula." Several of the girls giggled. Lily smiled at him fondly. "If I'm right then it should cause a werewolf less pain during the initial transformation as well as helping them to better keep their mind after the transformation."

"Therefore making them less dangerous while in wolf form." Snow concluded.


For talking to others so long, 1 Char.

The marauders arrived.