One Heart

The truth comes out a little at a time

"I want to learn about ...your world." Petunia finally said, shocking the family. "If I am Rabastan's soulmate and if he's a Pureblood and that means what I think it means I need to learn about your world. So teach me."

"Er...Okay." Severus said, nodding. "I have some stuff to teach Lily anyway so I'll just throw you into the lessons though you're not going to like a lot of it and I can tell you that now." He sighed to himself he needed some supplies to teach the girls the least of which was books but how was he going to get them with the little amount of money he had. "but you see the thing is I was thinking of getting a job this summer."

"In the Muggle World?" Lily frowned.

"No in the Alley Snow told me the Apothecary is hiring someone to stock shelves at and if they hire an underage witch or wizard that person will get a portkey to take them to work." Severus explained. "her uncle runs the Apothecary she said. That's how she knew."

"I think that's a great idea." Rose said, kindly. "Oh, why don't we go to the alley now we're in London after all and Lily needs some treats for her cat and I did promise to buy her cat a magical playground."

Lily blushed and didn't know why.

"Mother, father I'd like to get a job too." Lily declared. "I think it would be a good thing if I earned my own pocket money and it would help me to be more responsible. But I don't think I'm cut out for the Apothecary. I wonder who else has summer jobs."

The answer was just about every business in Diagon Alley.

After going to the Apothecary and stopping Snow's uncle from poisoning himself picking up some rare ingredient and a little interview Severus was hired on the spot.

You've been hired as 'Stock Boy' at the Apothecary.

Level the job up and get raises and promotions.

Lily decided on Flourish and Blotts. All she really had to do was prove she knew the layout of the store and where most of the sections were she'd be stock shelves too. Lily came out of the bookstore beaming to find Petunia, Rose and Robert frowning at a sign. Lily and Severus rushed over cursing themselves for leaving the three alone in the Alley unprotected.

"This says they're looking for a Muggle Gossip columnist." Petunia said.

"The Daily Prophet is our newspaper." Severus said, "Our main one that is. It's one of the most popular in the U.K. Tuny, I think you might be good for this. You are majoring in Writing aren't you?"

"Well, yes." Petunia said, "But it's a Magic newspaper."

They drug her inside and talked with the editor. Petunia stated her worry.

"and we're looking for information on the Muggle World it doesn't matter what kind as long as you spice it up and make it sound good." The Editor said.

"So if I wanted to write a story on Muggle Politics or the British Monarchy I cold and you'd have no problem with that at all?" Petunia wondered. The Editor agreed. "Okay then I'll take the job."

Robert was so thrilled the kids had gotten jobs he took them all out to celebrate before they went home that night.

Severus slipped into his house. It was after eight and he was hoping beyond hope that his father was passed out drunk. Luck was not on his side of course. As soon as he came through the door he met his father's fist and hit the ground. He cursed silently to himself he could tell that his nose was broken again. He looked up at the man. Severus didn't remember much after that just leaving the house when his father was done and making his way to Lily's he remembered nothing after that.

Severus woke with a moan he was on his stomach which was odd because he always slept on his back.

Physical Endurance-5

Blocks out 5% of pain you take.

'5% isn't enough.' Severus thought to himself.

He managed to get to his feet and look around he knew where he was. He was in the Evan's house in the spare bedroom. He pulled a clean shirt out of his bag and made his way downstairs and to the dinning room. Petunia was trying to convince Zeus to let her feed him. Severus and Lily both found this amusing. Zeus though did not.

"Tuny, I think it would be best if you left Zeus alone." Severus said, stepping into the room. The family looked at him. "He's not very friendly."

He likes Lily well enough." Petunia protested. "He gave her your mail when we wouldn't let him in the spare bedroom window."

Severus cocked and eyebrow. Zeus had never done that before. He always waited until a good time to give Severus his mail but had never given it to someone else. Not even Lily. He walked over and petted his bird. He pulled Zeus' cage out of his bag and set it up with food and a full water bowl. Before sitting down at breakfast. He'd come here before when he was hurt but he had the feeling that telling them that he was once again attacked on the way home was out of the question they weren't going to buy it this time.

They ate breakfast in silence while Lily and Severus also read their mail. Severus was suddenly choking on his food.

"Severus, dear what's wrong?" Rose asked.

But before Severus could answer her there was pounding on the door and Tobias, Severus' drunken father, was yelling for him. Severus slid low in his seat blushing deeply. He sighed and got up but Robert grabbed his arm and made him sit down again. He went for the phone and called to Police.

"You three go upstairs." Robert ordered. "Go start your lessons."

The three teens quickly did ending up in Lily's room all of them sitting on her bed.