One Heart


He gently nudged Lily with his elbow and tilted his head.

"This isn't good." Lily muttered.

"Relax." one of the Aurors chuckled. "You two aren't in trouble. Though I would like to know where you got that portkey."

"My boss." Severus said, instantly. "at the Apothecary in Diagon Alley. We can't Apparate so he gave me this."

"I'll be checking that out." The other Auror grunted. "That has to be registered with the Ministry."

The younger Auror who'd asked the question rolled his eyes dramatically at them. Causing Lily to giggle.

"We're here about the abuse of a magical child." He then said. "I take it that's you, Mr. Snape?"

"Yes, sir." Severus replied giving Zeus to Lily. Lily quickly grabbed Petunia and Vector and ran upstairs. "Hello, Grandfather."

Ignotus bowed his head in recognition this muggle chair was comfortable.

Severus sat with Rose and Robert forcing himself not to fidget or be scared. Well, rather forcing himself to hide his fear. His head was soon spinning his father was in jail but his Grandfather wanted custody? Why would his Grandfather want custody of him? He'd only met the men once. Though Severus was the only thing that remained of his daughter. Maybe that was the reason. He stood and saw the Aurors and police officers out and wasn't present when the Aurors Obliviated the Officers. He shut the door and returned to the living room. His head still spinning.

"You okay there?" Ignotus asked his grandson.

"Yes, Grandfather." Severus replied automatically.

There was a suddenly noise from upstairs and Lily came bursting into the room followed by a blushing Petunia.

"Severus, why didn't you tell me you won the Potions Contest with your Wolvesbane entry?" Lily demanded, waving the letter at him.

"Tuny, how many times must I tell you it's rude to snoop?" Severus deadpanned.

"You left it on Lily's nightstand I wasn't snooping." Petunia huffed though she was still blushing as if embarrassed.

"Oh, did you now?" Ignotus took the letter. "First place at only 15. That is quite a feat."

"Thank you, Grandfather." Severus replied fighting off a blush. "I'm sure it's just a fluke or they judged wrong..."

"Do you have a Gringotts vault?" Ignotus wondered cutting him off. "It says you are do a sum of 2, 000 Galleons. " Severus shook his head. "Well, we'll have to get you one set up. You also need to write an article about your formula for Potions Weekly and it will be published along with the results of the contest. Good for you, boy, we're going out tonight my treat. Dress smart."

"I don't have "Smart" clothes." Severus replied staring at the floor.

"You can borrow a suit from me." Robert chuckled. "I'm sure you can shrink it to fit."


They were soon at some fancy Magical Restaurant and placing their drink orders.

"We have free refills on things like Pumpkin Juice but not Butterbeer." Their Server finished explaining.

"I'll have Coffee." Severus ordered.

Lily was frowning at the menu while Petunia nudged her.

"I'll have a Butterbeer and my sister will have a Pumpkin Juice."

Petunia frowned at her but then smiled at the Server. The adults placed their orders.

"I'm not a child." Petunia said when the Server was gone.

"Pumpkin Juice is good." Lily explained, "Even adults drink it." She nodded to a few other tables where adults were indeed drinking the orange liquid. "Besides it's not too sweet. Butterbeer on the other hand is way sweet." she smiled at her parents. "Don't worry there's no alcohol in it. It just has beer in the name like Root Beer does. "

They smiled at her for that. Then began asking all sorts of questions about the contest Severus had entered. Lily and Petunia jumped in while Ignotus told them what an honor it was and Severus tried to downplay it's importance. All in all they were having a good night. When the drinks arrived Petunia decided she loved Pumpkin Juice and wondered if she could pass it off as Orange Juice if she took it to school with her in a thermos.

"You probably could if Lily did a Charm to make it a lighter orange." Severus said, when Petunia finally asked. "I maybe be the best at Potions but no one beats Lily at Charms. "

Lily blushed at his words and promised to do this for Petunia. They were finally asked for their orders. Lily had to order Petunia's desert for her because the choices were "Magical Food" as Petunia put it and she didn't know what to get.

It turned out to be a five course meal.

Lily glanced at Severus worried he just gave her a strained smile they both thinking the same thing. There was no way that Severus was going to be able to eat five courses. He hardly ate anything at school at meal times.

They chatted happily amoungest themselves until Rabastan came over to the table.

"I am sorry to interrupt." He said, "I would like to ask Petunia to dance."

He bowed to her kissing the back of her hand.

"Yes." Petunia said, dreamily, and let herself be lead away.

Lily fell into a giggle fit.

"No help at all." Severus deadpanned giving her an annoyed look. "You do know who his family is don't you?"

"Of course I do." Lily sighed, recovering. "But you said it yourself he'll protect her. She's the other part of his soul."

"Excuse me please explain that." Robert asked.

So Severus did he could tell that he was impressing his grandfather with his knowledge.

"Okay, I'll put in simple terms." Severus finally said, though he could tell everyone had followed what he'd been saying. "Soul Mates are revered in this world because it's rare to find them these days. Tuny is safe because Rabastan's family would never go and destroy their sons one chance at pure happiness."

"But you are still worried for some reason." Rose said.

"the LeStrange family are big supporters of You-Know-Who a terrorist in our world." Lily sighed, "Or at least most of them are. I'm givin to believe there are a few who are not like Lord LeStrange his Grandfather."

That was news to Ignotus he thought all the LeStrange's were Dark. Maybe he should call Lord LeStrange over for tea. His grandson would need Allies in Slytherin. Why had his daughter not contacted him and told him the boy had been sorted in to that house and not Ravenclaw? He should have. He could have helped Severus. Now he was going to make it his mission to do just that.

Petunia was back and blushing when the first course arrived. Soup.

"Did Rabastan say why he was here?" Severus wondered.

"His older brother is getting married." Petunia replied.

"Rodolphus LeStrange is getting married." Severus repeated. Petunia nodded. "Did he by chance say to whom?"

Lily shot him a hot glare.

"Some one named Bellatrix Black." Petunia replied. "Why?"

Severus had a smug smirk on his face as Lily smacked two Galleons into his hand. He tucked them away.

"You bet on this?" Ignotus wondered.

"There were rumors of an arranged marriage." Severus replied. "Bellatrix isn't right in the head but then what female of the Black family is?" Ignotus snorted at that. " Plus, his father is a known Lover of the current Lady Black and Bellatrix's mother both. So I figured the rumor would be true."

"I on the other hand did not based on the fact that LeStrange was the only guy Bella Black wouldn't have sex with when she was in school." Lily explained. "In fact she couldn't stand him and I figured their feelings would be taken into account."

"Hardly." Ignotus replied, with a nod. "Families like that only care about a pure-blood hair." Petunia stared into her soup. "Do not worry, Petunia, Rabastan LeStrange is not Heir to the LeStrange family his brother is. There will be no pressure on the two of you."

It was during their final course and when Severus was slipping a Stomach Soother into his drink. When Ignotus announced that Severus would becoming to live with him in his Marsh and that the Evans family would be staying the rest of the summer with them as well. He did not let them refuse the invitation.