Hands to Hold You


Charlotte stood in line ready to walk onto the grounds. As directed this morning, she was towards the front, standing with Luna. Both girls wore their Order of Merlin medallions around their necks as instructed in the letters delivered earlier this week. Charlotte tried to forgo the stipulation and remain with Gillian, but was vetoed by both of her roommates as they dressed today for the ceremony. None of the other Ravenclaws next to them had been honored as highly as they.

In the next line over, none of the Slytherin students were happy. The other two houses, of course, boasted the majority of the students who stayed and fought that night. Be that as it may, all four houses would march out together, a united front. They would be led by Ginny and Luna who were the remnants of the Dumbledore's Army leadership still attending school this year.

Hermione left late last night. The trio decided they would spend the evening together sequester away from the rest of the world. For all of their fronts, the three still had not completely come to terms with what they did. Hermione worked hard on the speech she would deliver today. All three were asked to speak. They elected to deliver the speech the same way they fought their battles and won the war. Together.

The clock chimed, the student bodies signal to proceed. the doors of the Great Hall opened. Before them, members of the Order of the Phoenix, the Hogwarts staff and the other members of the magical community were also assembled ready to proceed. Luna and Ginny stood forward between the lines of houses. Charlotte took her place at the front of Ravenclaw and led her housemates out into the grounds.

Much like her fifth year, the grounds by the lake were covered with chairs. In front of her, Charlotte noted the red heads of the Weasley's near the start of the processional. She could make out Bill, Arthur and Percy due to their height. The rest were harder to distinguish since they were obscured by the people between them.

The general student population began to split off into their designated seating with the rest of the crowd assembled to honor the date. Those who had been at the battle, filed towards the front. As they gained their designated rows, Ginny reached back and captured Charlotte's hand. The pair, guided by Ginny, walked to the front rows where they joined the remaining family.

"Really, Charlotte. Did you really think you would not sit with the rest of us? " Ginny rolled her eyes and walked to the empty seat next to her mother.

Charlotte continued down the row to the space left next to Charlie. His focus was currently on George, who stood between him and Bill in case he needed support. As she took her place, Charlie reached down and took her hand. He was shaking, which shocked Charlotte. She squeezed his hand in comfort. He looked down at her with a sad smile and pulled her close to him.

The commemoration was gloomy. Too many awful memories which were too recent. George broke down at one point and Bill and Charlie both held him through his tears. Down the row, Ginny and Molly held each other close and never let go. Finally, thankfully, it was over and the assembly began to disburse. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were whisked away. George was in his mother's arms, or she in his, it was too hard to tell, comforting one another. Charlie took a deep breath and faced his wife still holding back the tears. Charlotte reached up and cupped his cheek and smoothed away the lone escapee.

He leaned down and placed a kiss upon her brow. "Good afternoon, wife."

She smiled at him making him smile back. "Good afternoon, Charlie."

In front of her, Arthur beamed at the interaction. Other family members took time to greet Charlotte and Ginny since they had not seen them prior to the ceremony. Everybody asked how they were fairing at school with their exam preparations.

Fleur hugged both of them and stepped back. Before she could speak, she drew a slight breath and gave a little moan.

Ginny laughed. "Still a beater, you think."

Fleur rubbed her belly. "Wee. Today more than most. He is running out of room."

"Still think it's a boy?" Charlotte smiled at her sister-in-law.

The veela looked behind her at the assembly of red headed brothers. Charlotte nodded her concession.

Fleur looked back at Charlotte and grinned mischievously. "Where will Charles be stealing you away to this evening to try for a cousin for this one to play with?"

Ginny mockingly gagged. Charlotte blushed. "I don't know. Mrs. Weasley is being persistent we stay at the Burrow. Charlie is not happy about her being so pushy."

Fleur chuckled then grabbed her belly in shock. She looked at the women in front of her and doubled over in pain. Charlotte jumped forward and supported her. "Breathe. Just breathe. Mrs. Weasley."

"Charlotte, how many times…" The matriarch stopped short of her scolding taking in the situation. "Right then. Ginny, go and fetch Madam Pomfrey. Bill! Fleur needs you here. Fleur, sweetheart, how close have the contractions been."

Fleur looked at her in wide eyed horror, unable to speak. Charlotte began to think. "Every three minutes or so, maybe. She was rubbing her belly a moment ago, but thought it was the baby kicking."

Bill swept in and relieved Charlotte of her supporting roll. Molly looked Fleur over with a critical eye. "I think we need to have Poppy take a look at you before we try to go to St. Mungo's. Your veela side may have masked the worst of the pain until the end. Let's go, my dear. Charlotte, collect the others. Arthur knows where Ron is."

Charlotte nodded as the group split.

Madam Pomfrey made the decision Fleur was too far along to transfer her to St. Mungo's. Instead, she requested assistance come to Hogwarts. "Stay close, Cooper, I mean, Weasley. You know how they are about sending help when we need it."

So, now the family was assembled in the hallway outside the hospital wing, waiting for the next Weasley to come into the world. Hermione and Charlotte thought it best not to forgo the time to study and, after a harsh look from Molly, Ginny sighed and joined them. Charlie joined Charlotte on the ground and watched her complete her schoolwork. When she picked up a book to read, he drew her into the space between his legs and pulled her back against his chest. Every time she turned a page, he rewarded her with a kiss to the side of her neck, her shoulder, the top of her head. She was too comfortable there and nodded off once. Charlie caught the book just before it hit the floor. Charlotte jerked awake.

Charlie prevented her from retaking the book. "Rest some. You are driving yourself too hard. You're exhausted."

Molly looked her over with concern. "Charlotte, darling, have you been to Madam Pomfrey recently.

"Yes, ma'am. I'm not." Charlotte confirmed knowing Molly's concern. It had been Madam Pomfrey's as well. "Stress. Forgetting or forgoing meals and my schedule are catching up with me. That is all."

"You have to take care of yourself better." Molly scolded lightly. "If you do get pregnant, and you are worn out already, it will not be good for either of you."

Charlie looked between the women in confusion. Charlotte looked down at her hands. "I am not allowed contraceptives right now. The Ministry has a birth rate they are trying to achieve for the next three years. Until they hit the annual number, the law allows for the decision to be made not to allow them to married couples."

Charlie blanched. "Surly they considered you are still in school."

"No exceptions." Charlotte mumbled. "Professor McGonagall tried to argue the married students at Hogwarts didn't need the additional stress their seventh year, but to no avail."

Charlie groaned against her back. He never thought about Charlotte getting pregnant since he had resigned himself to the marriage.

Charlotte looked at Charlie over her shoulder, worried about his reaction. "Madam Pomfrey does not think I will be able to conceive until after exams. I am under too much stress. She also thinks we may not be together during the right times for me to get pregnant. The window is very narrow and we only see each other for two days every two months. We never switched our dates, so it is possible."

"Good." Charlie nodded. "This time will be no different. If we can get through tonight, you will be finished with school. It's not that I do not want children, I just don't want them to interfere with your goals."

"What comes, comes. We have no options currently. The child cannot be faulted for the poor decisions of adults." Charlotte sighed as she retrieved her book again.

Charlie kissed the top of her head again. "No and ours will not be anything but loved. Look around you. How could a child think in any way they were not wanted?"

Charlotte looked up at the assembled family. She looked back and smiled at Charlie. He reached down and pecked her on the lips before she turned back to her book. Half paying attention to Charlotte so he would not forget her reward kisses for studying, Charlie in the back of his mind he tried to imagine the child the two of them would create.

Time passed slowly, but eventually after several tense moments of Fleur telling Bill off in French, there was a loud cry of a baby. Everyone stood and looked at the door.

After thirty minutes, Madam Pomfrey opened it just a crack and smiled at the waiting family. "They would like just the grandparents for now."

Molly, Arthur and the newly arriving Delacours rushed into the room. Another thirty minutes passed and the door opened again.

"Charlie, your brother wants you." Molly beamed with excitement.

"Mum, what is it?" Ginny asked.

Molly smiled at her daughter, mischievously. "You'll have to be patient."

Charlie walked forward towards the door trying to pull Charlotte along. Charlotte released his hand. Charlie looked back at her in exasperation. "He asked for you. Go."

He rolled his eyes reaching back again. Ginny reached the end of her patience. "For Merlin's sake, go already. He will not let the rest of us know until he tells you. Get moving so the rest of us can find out already."

He looked at Ginny ready to argue, but Molly stopped the family squabble. "She's right, Charlie. Come on. Charlotte will manage without you."

His mother grabbed him and pulled him into the ward. The others began to pace, waiting.

"No shockers there. Those two were always thick as thieves." George commented to the group in general.

Charlotte looked at George in confusion.

"Charlie is the godfather, or at least that is what we are all thinking. The two have always been best friends. They were absolutely mental the two years they were separated when Bill started Hogwarts. Just marginally better the last two years after Bill left." George clarified.

"It's so hard to imagine, a baby Weasley," Ginny gushed. Hermione nodded in approval.

"Maybe it is for you, Ginny, but to the rest of us, it happened a few times." Percy smiled. "I believe this will be interesting. Ginny no longer mum's favorite."

Ginny stuck out her tongue at Percy. The rest of the brothers squabbled and laughed amongst themselves. Charlotte, Ginny and Hermione were standing together debating who the new baby would look like when Molly again opened the door and looked out.

"Alright you lot, your turn. Behave yourselves and be quiet."

The group crossed the doors in their normal disarray. Ginny left Hermione to rush forward to see the baby as soon as possible. They proceeded down the ward towards Bill and Charlie, the latter who had his back to them cradling something in his arms. Bill beamed at the remainder of his family.

Charlie heard them and turned, his face alight with joy, "Meet my goddaughter, Victoire"

The entire group stopped short and looked.

"A girl?" Percy asked in shock. "Another girl?"

Ginny laughed. "I did it, I broke the curse!"

Bill grinned at his sister and they hugged. Ginny approached Charlie and looked closely at the blanketed baby. The others were soon following suit. Charlotte stood back and waited, watching Charlie's awed reaction. After Percy and Audrey finally stepped aside, Charlotte approached. Charlie met he eyes and smiled. She could see something in them. Desire. Want. She could not tell.

It was Bill who finally put the emotion into words as the couple stood side by side looking at the tiny bundle together. "You'll be next."

Charlie smiled with greedy desire. "I hope so. Soon. After exams. After July."

Turning away from Charlie's face and looking at the tiny blue unfocused eyes below her, Charlotte smiled with anticipation when it was their child Charlie was holding in his arms.

After a few more moments a hungry Victoire was handed back to her mother. The group made their goodbyes so she could feed her new daughter in peace and left the ward walking towards the exit.

"Charlotte, do you have your overnight bag? We can apparate to the Burrow straight way if you do." Molly asked over her shoulder.

"Going to Shell Cottage, mum." Charlie argued with his mother. "Someone should stay with the Delacours."

"There is lots of room at the Burrow." Molly argued back.

"No, mum." Charlie said firmly.

"Charlotte, where is your bag?" Molly turned back to look at her.

"Ah! Here they are," Kingsley Shacklebolt turned the corner ahead. Beside him Professor McGonagall and a shorter, balding man looked at the assembled family.

It was the balding man who spoke up. "Weasley, I'm glad I found you. We have a situation."

Most of the family looked confused. Only Arthur, Percy and, surprisingly, Charlie were not.

Charlie walked to the gentleman concerned. "What is it, Mr. Norton?"

"I'm afraid we have a rogue in the Alps again. Been terrorizing hikers and a village. Need your team there right away. The others are already assembling. They sent word to me to send you straight to them as soon as you can. We have a portkey arranged in an hour."

Charlie stepped away like he had been hit with a stinging hex. He looked over his shoulder at Charlotte and back to Mr. Norton. "Sir, I need to delay until morning."

"Can't do that, Weasley. This beast is a menace. We are already having a time trying to keep it under wraps. No, you must go now. I'm sorry. I know you get so little time with your family." Mr. Norton didn't really seem concerned at all.

Charlie looked back at Charlotte again. He sighed and closed his eyes trying to think. "I'll leave at midnight. It's the best I can do."

"Mr. Weasley, I have ordered you to leave in an hour. It is not negotiable. If you want to continue your employment, you will be at the travel office in an hour." Mr. Norton snapped back.

Charlie turned back to the man and steeled himself. "I'm more afraid of having my wand snapped and expelled than losing my job, Mr. Norton."

Norton looked at him in concern. Kingsley looked at Charlie and then back at Charlotte realizing the situation. "Oh, yes. I had forgotten you have just been married recently, Charlie. I signed the warrant for your requirements waiver."

Norton studied the Minister for a moment, then Charlie and then Charlotte. He bristled. "Are we going to let people die so Weasley can sleep with his pretty bride? Seriously, Minister, allowances must be made in the interest of public safety. He can come home and bed the chit another time or go now and be quick about it. Shouldn't take more than five minutes. We have a dragon to contain."

Kingsley looked at the man with exasperation then turned to Charlie. "For all of his discourtesy, Mr. Norton is correct. Your requirements were relaxed to once a month for the duration of your new wife's attendance at school. It is only May 2nd. You have time."

"Her exams are in a month. She should not have come to Romania for the Easter Holiday." Charlie argued.

Kingsley shook his head. "Marriage is a compromise, Charlie."

Charlie rounded on them to argue, but stopped at a light touch on his arm. He looked down into the dark eyes of his wife. She smiled at him, calming his nerves. "Go. It would be hypocritical of us to have fought so hard for me to continue my education to become a healer if we ignore the deaths of others to obtain it. Go, I will come to you, it will be a break from studying."

"But, Charlotte…" Charlie's protest was cut off.

"Oh, I'm sure Mr. Norton can make arrangements with the reserve so Charlie to return to England briefly after the mission is completed. Can't you, Mr. Norton?" Kingsley smiled down at the man.

"I will…see what I can do." Mr. Norton appeared irritated at the indirect edict of his boss.

"Good," Kingsley smiled again. "Charlie, that should address the issue so you can leave today to join your team and Charlotte will not miss anymore school. Is everybody in agreement."

Charlie looked far from agreement. Charlotte pulled him down to her height and whispered in his ear. Charlie's eyes glazed over at her words. He smirked as his Weasley blush reached his ears. He locked eyes with her and grinned a feral grin.


"Of course. I am your dutiful wife." Charlotte lowered her eyes coyly. Charlie grinned and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her for a very long, long time.

He placed her back on the ground and looked into her stormy eyes. "Good bye, wife. I'll be back soon."

"Be careful. Catch a dragon just for me." Charlotte smiled back at him.

He grabbed her again and kissed her once more. He turned and began to stalk down the hall towards the exit. "Let's go. I have a dragon to catch."

Mr. Norton hurried to catch up as they left. Charlie looked over his shoulder at Charlotte one last time before he rounded the corner. Charlotte made sure he was gone before she let the radiant smile leave her face. Ginny and Hermione were soon at her side holding her close. Charlotte finally let her guard down and her sobs out.

Minerva McGonagall sighed and patted the young woman on the shoulder. "Less than two months, Charlotte, then you can be together without interruptions. It is almost over. Focus on the end. You have thirty four days until your exams and you go home on June 26th. Things may seem impossible right now, but your goals are attainable."

Charlie's boots hit solidly on the ground from his portkey. He reached an arm out and caught the small child about to fall. The mother smiled from her location on the ground. Charlie, ever the gentleman on English soil, reached down to help her up. The bond flared, indicating her attraction. He tried not to grimace. Once she was solidly on her feet, he let her go. She bustled off to collect the rest of her brood and husband.

Charlie strode purposefully to the desk. He had a schedule to keep. Kingsley guaranteed him an hour to get out of the Ministry. The portkey already left late due to the family's paperwork, he wasn't waiting for them again. To his benefit, Kingsley made Horton complete his paperwork in advance. Delbert, the daytime attendant in the office slid it across the counter for Charlie's signature. Charlie executed the locations needed and slid it back across the counter with his documents. Delbert didn't even look twice stamped the documents approved and swished his wand at the small travel bag Charlie was carrying. Nothing more exciting than a change of clothes was in it, so he was sent on his way without a word.

He moved expertly through the Ministry staying on the periphery, not wanting to be seen by anyone who would mention his presence to his father or brothers. In the atrium, he took the floo to the Three Broomsticks. After a brief meeting with Madam Rosmerta, Charlie was out the door and up the street to the castle. He sent his patronus ahead and hoped someone could meet him straight away. Though he loathed to admit it, he hoped it was not Hagrid. He adored the gamekeeper, but truly did not want to spend time with the man today. Only one person held that coveted spot in his mind, and she should currently be on her way to dinner in the Great Hall not knowing he was on his way to collect her for an evening way from the castle.

His mind went instantly to the memory which sustained him for the past three weeks.

He turned to Norton, intending on quitting his job then and there, but a small, firm pressure on his arm stopped him. He looked down into the deep calming storms of Charlotte's eyes and all his anger evaporated.

Then she pulled him down to her level by the lapel of his dress robes so she could whisper into his ear so no one could hear her comments. "I feel bad for his wife if he can have the deed done in five minutes. Even exhausted from a hard day's work, you last no less than a half hour. She can never be as satisfied as you make me. I think a reward for your attentiveness to my satisfaction is in order. Remember what I did to you in the shower the first morning of the Easter hols. I think I deserve another chance. You see, you always tell me that I taste like honey and treacle. I deserve to know what you taste like, my husband. Go, accomplish your task, and then come back to me. I will be ready and waiting. If fact, the girls and I have been shopping again. I have enough of those little knicker sets or negligées for a whole week's wear under my school uniforms. Oh, and two new sets of heels to match them. Every day I will be dressed for your return. Consider that while you are away. I will be prepared every single day in anticipation of your return. Come back and collect me. Surprise me and see I keep my word."

Charlie was happy for the dress robes to cover the signs of what her promise did to his body. He left. He hurried. He caught the dragon and now the beast was back in Romania in a temper at her new home with other handlers stepped in two days ago. One day's worth of paperwork later and Charlie was on his way to England to his wife. For once, he was excited the whole world was not privy to his private life, no one but Kingsley.

Minerva met him at the gate smiling knowingly. "I almost collected her to meet you with me, but maybe the surprise will raise her spirits. She has missed you greatly."

Charlie bowed his head. "I should have asked for the sabbatical like I have planned."

"No," Minerva shook her head. "I think this situation is better. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I wonder if you really would have come to terms with the situation otherwise without her being a fleeting addition to your home then gone. Most people do not realized what they had until it is missing."

Charlie contemplated her words. As much as he wished to deny his old professor's words, her wisdom was sound. He would never have been happy living above George's shop in Hogsmeade working at the joke shop. Charlotte would have been the perfect little wife keeping his hearth and home. Their interactions would have been perfunctory, even expected.

"You are, as always, correct, Professor." He bowed to her mockingly.

She chuckled as she walked up the steps. The chaos of students moving from class to the Great Hall or back to their dorms dominated the area. Charlie began to look around for his target.

"Hopefully, she is not skipping the meal again. I was forced to intervene last week with her and Ms. Granger." Minerva looked around the entrance hall.

"Was there an issue?" Charlie looked at her in concern.

"No," Minerva said slowly, "The heads of houses watch the fifth and seventh year students to make sure they are not overdoing it. We have especially been watching our married female students."

Charlie looked at her, concerned. Minerva sighed. "We have one pregnant student already. The board of governors were moving for her immediate dismissal, but I fought them. It is not the poor girl's fault the Ministry acted foolishly. Concessions were made here at school. The testing officials were giving me grief, but Kingsley interceded for her. He did go to the Wizengamot with the issue. It is not going to accomplish anything this year, but we hope the married couples here next year will have an option for preventing the issue."

Charlie looked up at her in concern. "It could have easily been Charlotte."

"But it was not. Don't worry about what could have happened," Minerva admonished.

"She could get pregnant tonight," Charlie blushed thinking too late of what he admitted.

"Yes, but no one will be the wiser until after exams are completed," Minerva grinned at his blush, "Oh, there she is. Really, those damn red shoes again. What has gotten into that girl?"

Carlie looked up the stairs in the direction and his jaw dropped. "Red."

Minerva looked at Charlie's expression and moaned. "I don't want to know."

She then directed her attention to the bottom of the stairs where Charlotte and her friends were. "Ms. Weasley."

Ginny and Charlotte both looked up. Ginny squealed and launched herself at Charlie. He opened his arms and caught her like a toddler. She hugged him continuing her excited squeals. He looked over his sister's shoulder at his wife then pointedly at the shoes and back up. She grinned and slowly she crossed the hall until she was in front of him.

He managed to extract himself from Ginny and pulled her close. His lips met hers. Minerva cleared her throat. Charlie pulled back and whispered in her ear. "Red?"

She did not answer, just smiled.

Charlie pulled away from her face and greeted the others never once letting go of Charlotte's hands. He conversed politely with everyone until Luna spoke up.

"Come along, ladies. Charlie will want to leave with Charlotte."

Ginny pouted. "Why? Stay for a while Charlie. Have dinner with us."

Luna grabbed the red head's hand. "Would you be happy with Charlie if he was delaying your evening with Harry?"

Ginny looked between Luna, Charlie and Charlotte. Then at Charlotte's shoes and grinned. "That's why you've been wearing them every day, waiting for him to come back."

"Of course," Luna replied, "The shoes match the underclothes. I think Charlie will especially like this set."

Charlotte blushed. "Have a nice dinner, Luna. See you in the morning."

Luna waved in her usual dreamy way and drifted to the great hall. Hermione and Gillian followed. Ginny looked at Charlie with longing. "Will you come for breakfast, at least?"

Charlie looked forlorn at his baby sister. "Can't, Gin. I have to leave by 4 am to be back for work on time. I've put in for a few extra days for Luna's wedding. I promise I'll be around then."

Ginny pouted, but nodded her head. Dejected, she followed her friends into the hall. Charlie sighed and looked back at Charlotte. She smiled at him excitedly. "Let's go get your things and we can be off."

"All set." Charlotte patted the side of her school bag. "I have been keeping spare clothes in the bag. I told you, my husband, I would be awaiting your return."

Charlie's feral grin was cut off by an unexpected comment. "Hopefully that change of clothes includes dress code appropriate footwear as well, Mrs. Weasley."

Charlotte blushed and dropped her head. "Yes, Headmistress."

McGonagall rolled her eyes. "Off you get then. Charlotte, the gates will not be open until 8:30. Mrs. Picket usually comes in through the floo at the Three Broomsticks about 20 past. You can always join her and walk back together. I am sure she would enjoy the company."

Charlotte frowned and nodded her assent. "I'll make sure to be at the Three Broomsticks at that time."

"Good, I'm sure she would appreciate having someone to talk to about what is happening. The two of you at least have some common ground." Minerva signed. "I'll see you in the morning, Mrs. Weasley. Charlie, safe travels."

"Thank you, Minerva." Charlie nodded. He grabbed Charlotte's hand and walked out the door.

The walked across the grounds to the gates of the school. Charlotte was thoughtful as they went.

Charlie wondered at the possibility. "Minerva mentioned one of the married students is pregnant. Is it Picket?"

Charlotte nodded. "She has been having a difficult time with it. She has terrible morning sickness that is lasting all day long. She feels she is falling behind. All of us are trying to help. We are duplicating notes and helping her with assignments. The board of Governors is not allowing her to stay at the school any longer after they found out. They were going to chuck her out at first, but the headmistress went mental on them. She is running herself ragged. Professor Sprout made her stay home today to try to get some rest."

Charlie blanched and nodded. He pulled Charlotte into his embrace. She gladly collapsed against his chest. They stood like that for some time. Charlotte sniffed a couple of times as Charlie stroked her back.

"We'll make it through. You're so close, we can make it. Worse case, you live above George's shop. It will save the travel every morning. I'm sure the floo network is doing her no favors if she is as ill as you say she is."

"I know. I just worry about everything." She mumbled into his chest.

Charlie put on a brave front and pulled her chin up. "None of that. You have on your red shoes. I do not remember anything red in your trunk from Easter."

Charlotte's sad smile turned evil. "Well, Mr. Weasley. I do believe I promised you something to come home to."

Charlie chuckled and turned back to the gate. "Let's get you out of here so you can fulfill that promise, my wife."

"Oh, really?" Charlotte teased. "You don't want to head to the locker room for old time's sake?"

Charlie stopped and pulled her into his arms. He looked at the new quidditch pitch. "It just wouldn't be the same. It's not the same locker rooms."

"Charles Weasley! Really! I was joking." Charlotte scolded teasingly.

Charlie grinned. "You're the one that brought the idea up, not me."

He pulled her close again and kissed her long, hard and demanding. She yielded into his arms. Charlie finally pulled away and turned toward the gate pulling her quickly behind him. "Let's go. I need you. Need more than I can take here on the lawn of the damn school."

The minute they were beyond the gates, Charlie had her pulled close again into the darkness. The minute they were on solid footing again, he recaptured her lips. They stayed like that until they were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. Both looked towards the culprit.

An older wizard holding a walking stick tried not looking up into the couples eyes. "I think, young man, you should continue these pursuits in another location. Possibly, at home."

Charlotte blushed and hide her face in Charlie's strong chest. Charlie laughed embarrassed. "Right you are, mate. Come along, my wife. I have us a room at the Three Broomsticks for the evening."

Charlie nodded to the man and Charlotte said a shy good evening as he held the door of the pub open for the couple. Rosmerta had a few customers in for dinner. When she noticed Charlie as she crossed the room with a tray of drinks, she removed a key from her pocket placing it in his hand.

"Room 5. End of the hall. I have dinner waiting for you in there."

Charlie thanked the woman and pulled his wife along to the stairway to the rooms above. As soon as they were out of site of the other patrons, Charlie pulled Charlotte back into his arms. He attached himself back to her lips and began kissing her again. Somehow they managed to get into Room 5, but neither knew how.

Charlie pulled away from her just enough to pull her school robes off of her body. "We should have dinner."

"Later." Charlotte breathed as she pulled Charlie's shirt over his head. "I have been kept waiting and wanting long enough. I am hungry, but not for food. I need you. For three weeks I have been preparing for your arrival. Three weeks of want and anticipation. I am waiting no longer."

Charlie looked at her in shock. His shy, inexperienced wife had never been so forward before. This Charlotte, was heated and demanding. Her nails ran down his chest teasing as she went. She stopped at the waistband of the pants he wore and looked up longingly into his eyes, begging for permission. Charlie nodded as a shiver ran down his body from her demanding eyes.

Her hands began to fumble with the belt. He moved to help her, and she gently slapped him away. She managed it loose and tugged at the button of the pants as she led him to the bed across the room. He followed docile and complacent anticipating his reward. She smiled at him before turning them around. The button popped free and she slowly drew the zipper down.

His erection sprang free. She ignored its presence and ran her hands over his toned hips and began to lower his remaining clothes. As soon as they cleared his tight ass, she brought her hands back to his chest and gently shoved him back on the bed.

Charlie watched her with hooded eyes. She worked to remove his work boots and jeans before she stepped back. Charlie swallowed hard. She looked like one of his dragons just before they pounced trying to kill you.

Her feral grin did not leave as she undid the blue and bronze tie around her neck. It dropped to the floor. Her skirt was next pooling around her ankles. Charlie looked at her with anticipation of what lay beneath her white dress shirt. Slowly, button by button, she undid the shirt leaving it closed. Charlie groaned wanting to know her secret. She only continued to smile her evil little smile at him.

Finally, only after the last button was undone, did she let the shirt slip off her shoulders, still holding the front closed. Charlie's eyes snapped to her shoulders to the newly exposed red and black lace.

He groaned sitting up to grab her, but she stepped away. "Oh, no, my dear husband. You do not get to touch. Not yet. Gillian says I have to make you work for it. So lie back down and wait your turn. I have had to."

Charlie pouted but complied. He wasn't entirely sure he was happy with Gillian at this exact second. Charlotte continued to smirk evilly at him. He allowed his eyes to wander down the shirt hoping for any glimpse of what was to come. He was rewarded. Her stocking were not the traditional tights worn by most of the female students when they wore their skirts, they were black hosiery held in place by garters of black lace and red silk. He moaned again as his erection bobbed in need. As far as Charlie could tell, she was pure sin sent to drive him mad with wanton desire.

She took no pity, instead began to slowly lower the shirt inch by inch down her arms. The further she progressed, the more she exposed. The bra was part of a set with red satin and black lace. Slowly, teasingly, she exposed her promised garments. When the damned white shirt finally hit the ground, Charlie was a quivering mess of anticipation. There was more to the garters then the knickers. He was sure if she turned around, they would be a thong. He anticipated finding out if he was correct.

She walked forward and crawled between his legs onto the bed. He sat up to drag her into his embrace only to be stopped with her hands on his chest again. She lowered him back again allowing him to stay up on his arms. Again, her nails dragged down his body teasing him as she went. She riled up the lion, teased Gladys into a temper, put Wilber the Horntail into a tizzy of ruptured desire. She finally made it to his hips. She continued to slide her hands around the hip bones and, finally, up his straight, proud manhood. He groaned and dropped his head back in pleasure.

She stroke him slowly, teasingly never quite enough to bring him to completion, dragging him along through equal parts of pleasure and frustration. Charlie continued to arch into her touch, trying to end the maddeningly slow pace she had set to drive him to insanity.

"Do you remember…?" Her husky voice shocked him back into realization again. "What I promised you for catching me a dragon."

Charlie looked at her with wanton lust. "Every word. It drove me like a man possessed every day I was gone."

She smiled slyly at him. "Good."

He watched her drop her head down to his erection. She stopped just before her lips could touch the tip and smiled up at him. He begged her with his eyes anticipating her lips around him again. Without breaking her gaze, she lowered the last inches drew him into her warm inviting mouth. Charlie panted, trying to prevent himself from coming undone too quickly. She smiled around his girth and drew her lips almost off of him before sucking him back down. Charlie closed his eyes to allow himself full appreciation of her skills on his cock. She suckled him strongly, taking time to lavish his head with licks and caresses as she worked him over.

"Charlotte. Stop. Close. Too close." He tried to warn her but she teased him for too long, her mouth was too warm and moist around his shaft and she was too erotically beautiful in those knickers.

Charlotte had no intentions of letting him pull her away from him again. Instead she remembered the conversation from long ago and rolled her knuckles along the underside of his quickly tightening sac and hummed in anticipation of having him come undone in her mouth. Charlie would have been lost at either one of the actions. Both together spiraled him into his orgasm. His hips buck up into her mouth catching her off guard. She gagged slightly as think streams of cum shot into the back of her throat and tongue. She continued to stroke him while trying to swallow all he had to offer her. His bitter taste caught her slightly off guard, but it was not too unpleasant. He eventually ended his thrust and melted back into the mattress like he was boneless. Charlotte drew herself off of him making to make sure she captured every ounce of his offerings.

Charlie cracked his eyes open to look down at her. She looked up at him cautiously wondering at his reaction to what she had done. He reached for her and she crawled up to meet his hands. He drew her up to his face and pulled her down on top of him. His hands carded her hair and drew her to his lips again. He kissed her with desire and passion his tongue tasting the spunky taste still on her lips and tongue.

"You are amazing," he said as he pulled her down to lay her head on his chest.

"I did it right then," she asked shyly.

Charlie smiled at her insecurity. "You did it perfectly. Too perfectly, seeing as how I have received all the enjoyment and you are still wanting."

"I'm fine." She blushed.

"Give me a few minutes to recover and I will show you my appreciation." Charlie purred to her.

She propped herself up on her forearms across his chest and looked him in the eyes. He smiled up at her wondering what was on her mind. "You were so detailed in your promise to me before I left of what you wanted to do to me. Did it live up to your expectations, my wife?"

She smirked at him and nodded. "I have been dreaming of what it would be like for weeks. Every morning I would put on a set of my new knickers awaiting your return and think of what your response would be to them. I have read article after article in those magazines my friends have been reading to me and envisioning what your responses would be to everything they suggested."

He groaned at the scene his mind conjured of her standing in front of the mirrors in the dorm bathrooms dressing every morning. "Did I live up to your fantasies?"

"No," she sighed. Charlie looked at her worried. She grinned. "It was even better than I could have ever dreamed."

Charlie smiled at her radiantly. "So, you might consider, maybe, just doing something like that again?"

She looked at him seductively. "Can I now?"

Charlie laughed and rolled her under him. "I think I have created a monster."

She looked at him dubiously. He reached down and kissed her fervently. "Tell me wife, when you were having your naughty daydreams, did you ever imagine what I would do for you in return."

Charlotte blushed trying not to look Charlie in the eyes. He captured her chin and turned her back. He looked into her embarrassed face and raised his eyebrow inquiringly.

She blushed again and looked down.

Charlie leaned down kissing her on the neck before whispering into her ear. "Tell me."

He could feel the heat of her blush against his own skin.

"Tell me." He whispered his demands against the skin of her shoulders as he kissed a path along them.

He looked into her eyes again and she raised them trying not to look at him. "History of Magic is a very difficult class to pay attention in."

"Agreed." Charlie continued to kiss along her shoulders and up her neck.

"It is quite easy to get lost in ones fantasies as you are sitting in class feeling the lace and satin or silk of whichever set of knickers you are wearing. No one even knows you are doing it." She blushed again looking at Charlie. He smirked.

She found her bravery and looked his in the eyes. "I now understand why Katie warns against sitting in wet panties."

Charlie groaned. He recovered from her previous attention and was growing hard again ready to please her this time.

"Tell me what soaked your beautiful knickers, Charlotte." Charlie demanded again.

She looked at him trying to find her courage. Charlie locked eyes with her. When she tried to turn away, he trapped her head between his hands holding her in place.

Charlotte's hand glided up his ribs and stopped at his right pec. The Gryffindor tattoo reacted to her attentions. Charlie thought she was trying to draw forth the mighty lion's bravery into her own body. He willed it to her.

She drew a deep breath and continued. "People talk, Charlie. There are people in that school who have older brothers and sisters who went to school with the great Charlie Weasley. My classmates talk about what they heard from their older siblings, what those siblings heard, or saw, or even did."

Charlie suddenly couldn't look her in the face, ashamed of his scandalous past. This time it was Charlotte who drew his chin up to look her in the eyes. There was no judgement, only understanding. "A lifetime ago. One which gave you knowledge I have very much enjoyed, and I know I alone will enjoy until one of us has parted from this earth."

Charlie nodded his head both in understanding and confirmation before he leaned down to capture her lips in a kiss to seal the pact with her again. When they separated, she looked back into his eyes. He nodded to prompt her to continue. She looked at him stealing her nerve. Charlie waited for her to continue.

"There was talk you use to have several rendezvous you used. The locker rooms for one." She smiled. He grinned back, understanding her previous comment finally, still confused where this was going. Unless… Charlie groaned.

"You heard about Binn's desk?" He asked sheepishly.

Her answering smile was confirmation enough.

He was the one blushing this time as he chuckled. "I don't know if I will ever be able to completely make that particular fantasy come true."

"It's not as much the desk, or even the room. It was how they said you were taking the girl that had my attention." Charlotte replied.

Charlie racked his brain trying to remember the names of classmates Ginny mentioned to narrow down the possibilities. Even then, it was going to be a bit of an effort to remember exactly what he had been doing with what girl. Damn his wayward ways.

Charlotte must have read his expression. She giggled. "Would you like a name? Or maybe what you were doing instead, since that is all I am interested in."

Charlie locked eyes with her again smirking irritated. "You are spending entirely too much time with my sister. She is rubbing off on you."

"Is that bad?" Charlotte asked with fictitious concern.

"I don't know. I'm still debating." Charlie answered truthfully.

Charlotte smiled as she pulled Charlie down so she could whisper in his ear. She didn't know if she could look him in the eyes as she told him what she had dreamed about during those long dull lectures that made her insides burn and her knickers wet as she rubbed her legs together for relief. "This particular girl told her Hufflepuff sister in great detail how you had placed her hands on Binn's desk, lifted her skirt, pushed her knickers aside and took her from behind. I must say, I am intrigued by the idea. I have never heard of such a thing before. What does it feel like, Charlie? Will you teach me another lesson?"

Charlie groaned and devoured her mouth. He was ravenous for her now after she turned his own words on him, pleading for another lesson on how to make love. He knew he would have to take her again before their time was up. He had to look into the midnight storms of her eyes as she came undone under his touches and strokes, but for now, he would indulge her fantasy.

He pulled away from her with effort and sat up on his knees. He pulled her after him casting a quick look about the room. The table was filled with their dinner. The wardrobe was too tall for her small stature. At home, they would have made use of the footboard of the bed, but here there was not one. He looked in front of him and grinned.

"Not quite the same, but it will do for today." He grinned. Charlotte eyed him with confusion. He pulled her against his chest and bowed down to take her lips again. She complied pulling his hair to make him press her closer. His hand slide down her body and into the knickers. A few strokes of his fingers proved she was more than ready for her fantasy to become a reality.

He pulled back from her groaning again at the loss of her lips. "Ready to be a good girl, Charlotte?"

She looked up at him confused, but nodded. He smirked at her as he took her hand and maneuvered her around. She looked back at him over her shoulder. He captured one last quick kiss before completing her turn towards the headboard. He leaned over her and whispered in her ear from behind. "Just a small modification for tonight. We will stay on the bed. Just as effective. If you like this, and I am sure you will, I have a better spot in mind when we get home."

She shivered in anticipation. Charlie reached on both sides of her body and captured her hands. Slowly, he drew them up and placed them around the top rail of the headboard. "Don't let go. Good girls always listen to what they are told to do, and you're a good girl, my beautiful Ravenclaw."

He looked at her spread out from behind ready to do his bidding. His eyes continued down to confirm what he was already sure of, the new black and red panties were thongs.

She trembled and groaned as Charlie kissed her shoulder again before placing kisses along her backbone. Charlotte gasped as he continued down her back. She arched into his lips with every drop lower. When Charlie reached the middle of her back, he positioned himself behind her guiding her legs apart to accommodate him between hers. He then captured her hips in his large hands. He frowned for a moment noticing she had lost more weight. He let it go for the time being, not wanting to ruin what they had happening. He leaned over her again and began to complete the path he began earlier down her back. She moaned and arched into him with every kiss. She bent her neck around and watched his progress. When he came to her firm ass, he looked up at her and lowered his head to plant a kiss on each of the cheeks facing him. She gasped at the feel. His hand grabbed each cheek and kneaded. She dropped her head as she concentrated on his actions.

"Keep your hands on the rail. I'll know if you don't and I will have to punish you." He whispered to her again.

She nodded her hands grasping the railing tighter. Charlie grinned. He reached the central strap of the thong and pulled it up from where it lay tucked between those lovely cheeks. He tugged it just a little to catch her attention against her center. She moaned again. Slowly, he slipped the strap out of the way and allowed his fisted fingers to caress the cleft of her ass as he went.

She gasped and looked back over her shoulder. Charlie grinned. Too much for now with her inexperience. This would be a lesson for another day far, far into the future. At least her lust filled eyes showed interest at the touches. He allowed his thumb to trace after the fingers, pausing just briefly at the puckered entrance. She shivered under his attentions. He grinned again. Yes. Very receptive, but not ready yet. A couple of years of experience would put her at greater ease with that request.

He slid the panties over and away from his target and prompted her legs even further apart. He ghosted his fingers over her core. She was trembling even more than before as he finally parted her lower lips and ran his rough fingers over her tight entrance preparing her for his entry. She moaned and buck against him appreciating his touches finally. His fingers were soaked. She was more than ready for him.

He adjusted her position slightly to allow him better access and guided his demanding erection into her tight entrance. They both moaned as he slide into her fully. One thing was for certain, whoever the bird was that inspired this little fantasy, she was never this tight or responsive. Charlie shuttered and held her hips, preventing her from moving so much he spilled into her before he could give her the pleasure she deserved. Finally, after a moment to fight off his orgasm, he began a slow tempo. She gasped as each stroke hit her just right. Charlie slowly built up his speed changing his depth or angle every so often to make her keen in ecstasy or moan his name.

She was so damn tight, and it had been too damn long since he had been in her. Combine that to her earlier actions, her playful revealing of this fantasy and her body's response to his attentions, Charlie was too close to the edge again. He grasped her hips roughly in his big hands and began a pounding assault into her body. She gasped at the new sensation and began to scream his name in pleasure. Her tight channel began to pulse around him again and he could hold back no longer. He pounded into her deeply, unable to withdraw from her again before he was back with his hard fast assault. He roared his completion and drug her back against his chest forcing her hands free of the metal headboard. Her hands needing to be filled, reach behind him and drug his head down to meet her turned head in a brutal kiss that lasted for only a few seconds before they half collapsed on the bed again.

It took them longer to recover this time, both exhausted. It was Charlie this time who pulled himself up on his elbows to look at her better. She lay on her belly panting in an orgasm induced stupor next to him. His eyes traced her body, remembering every line and curve. He grimaced when he came to her hips, worried.

"I hurt you!" he breathed as he placed his large hands on her hips where he had brutally grabbed her in his excitement.

"Hmm?" She hummed as she looked over her shoulder sleepily.

"I left bruises." He replied sheepishly. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be so rough."

"Ah." Charlotte replied. She reached up and kissed him on the lips, hoping to take away his frown. "I don't mind the bruises if it is the trade for the pleasure you brought me."

He still looked at her in concern. "I shouldn't be so rough, I could have hurt you worse."

Charlotte looked sheepish and worried. "Is it wrong to feel as good as I do about...?"

Charlie cut her worries off with another kiss. "No. Don't ever think that. Ever. If what we do brings you pleasure it is not wrong. As long as we both agree to it and it makes us both feel good. There is no shame in what we are doing."

Charlotte looked at him in doubt. "Then why are you upset?"

"Entirely too much time with my sister." He looked at her chagrined.

She smiled her shy grin. "You are not being reasonable. If we both enjoyed it. At least I think we both did. I know I really enjoyed it."

He rolled his eyes at her. "Do I have to prove to you again how much I enjoyed what we did?"

"Well, that was part of my reasoning for believing you enjoyed yourself." She grinned in triumph.

Charlie groaned. "Bloody Ravenclaw."

She rolled to her side and grinned at him. "Stubborn Gryffindor."

He reached over and pulled her to his lips again. Pulling away, he looked searchingly into her face. "You promise to tell me if I am ever hurting you. If I am taking things too far?"

She nodded her assent. "Promise."

Seeing no deceit in her face, he pulled her tight to his side. They shared unrushed kisses and caresses until Charlie's stomach protested its lack of dinner.

Charlotte laughed. "What is it with you Weasleys? At least you don't get grumpy like Ginny."

Charlie chuckled and pulled her from the bed. "Mum always feeds us well. Missing meals is hard on us. I'm probably the best about it as dragons are not always concerned about mealtimes for us. I've gotten better about meals being late, just so long as they come. Which reminds me. You need to eat. Thayer will go spare if I don't get you fed. You have to eat. Regularly."

She looked vulnerable with only her knickers on under his scrutiny. He reached down and pulled up the t-shirt he had on earlier and drew it over her head. She smiled her appreciation. He kissed her again and drew on his jeans not bothering to do them up.

"Let's eat." He pulled her towards the table Rosmerta had laid out earlier for them. Luckily, she had placed their dinner under a warming spell, awaiting their return.

They ate, laughing and talking about all of the events which transpired since they last were together. Charlie told an animated story about how they caught the dragon. Charlotte laughed at Louis' antics with the townswomen. Charlotte produced photos Fleur had been sending of Victoire. Charlie looked at his small god daughter with awe then back to Charlotte with unbridled longing and anticipation.

His looks turned heated as he stood from his seat and pulled Charlotte out of her chair and up into his arms. He laid her on the bed and proceeded to strip her of her remaining clothes and make love to her again, slow and gentle looking deep into her eyes. He held her close not even letting go after they were both satisfied and drifted into a deep sleep enjoying her presence for the limited time they were together.

His early morning came too soon. He could not help himself but to wake her again to have one more chance to have her body joined with his. She complied wantonly as well. There was no time for long and drawn out, but he did not leave her wanting. Reluctantly, he pulled himself way and into the shower.

She joined him minutes later with an evil smirk asking if he was lonely, because she was. That led to more tender moments and another fast and frenzied shag leaving them both drained.

He reluctantly dressed as she sat wrapped in a towel watching him get ready to leave. Their time was up. More than up. He would have to hurry if he was going to make his portkey.

He pulled her against him one last time and kissed her long and hard, hoping it would last them both a month. "Good bye, wife."

Charlotte tried to smile. Tried and failed to keep the tears at bay this time. "Good bye, Charlie."

He groaned and wiped the tears from her face. "A little over one more month. One more, then we are together. Your exams are coming. Fast. Study hard and the time will fly by. We will be together proper after that. No more crazy travel and quick fumbles. You will be in my bed every night. Remember, I promised you a full day in that bed when you arrive. I plan on keeping my word, Charlotte. Let that idea hold you over until we are together again."

She smile and laughed. "That and Binn's desk?"

Charlie groaned. "OK, we may have the leave the bed once, but only for that."

He kissed her one more time and pulled away quickly moving to the door. He looked back briefly over his shoulder. "We can make it, Charlotte. We are so close. Just a few more weeks. Eat! Study for your exams. Eat some more. Help Luna with her wedding plans. Help Ginny pass at least a couple of exams so mum doesn't go mental. Take a break and walk around the lake a few times. There if not much time left to do all those things before I have you in my arms again. Don't plan on being out of them for some time once I have you there."

He couldn't turn back to her, knowing she was probably crying at their parting. He would lose any resolve to leave her if he did. He opened the door and walked out into the cold hallway with a hole in his chest. For the first time, he wondered how she survived being the one leaving all the prior times. With all of his inner strength, he pulled the door of the room shut and left for the Ministry to go back to Romania.

For the first time ever, he hated having to leave.