Heal me

Chapter 1

A/N:And I now present you a much better , new dramione ! This is a fic where Draco Malfoy is a werewolf . Thank you !

Draco Malfoy strode through the Malfoy Gardens in Greece , with pride only he could hold . His each step was inclined to make all the spying girls drool .

He knew there were a few young ladies spying on him from a distance , hence he walked with an unbelievable amount of elegance and pride , which only a Malfoy could hold .

After all these weeks of high pressure of work , he had decided that a vacation in Greece could do something .

But apparently , all his plans were destroyed when his parents decided to tag along.

He still remembered his mother's words .

"Come on , we could always use this as a family gathering."

Family gathering his ass.

Maybe he could charm a few of the girls and get them home for a night stand . He could definitely use this to release some of his pent up tension .


He smirked , trying to make a plan already .

But before he could even make another move , a loud pop was heard in the gardens as an elf bowed in front of Draco .

"Master Draco," the elf squeaked ,"Master and Mistress Malfoy ask for your presence immediately."

"Right now ?" Draco let out a dejected sigh .

"Yes master. Immediately."

Damn ... Draco thought , before making his way to the most obvious place his parents would be : The living room .

He passed multiple hallways before stopping in front of huge oak doors. He pushed them open to reveal a divine room , almost half the size of Hogwarts' Great Hall .

The rooms had a huge fireplace , above which was a picture of his family . A year after the war .

The fireplace had many photoframes above it ; quite surprisingly .

There was a set of black leather couch with comfy cushions and chairs nearby . It was arranged in a circular Manner . In the middle of it was a huge glass table filled with lemon pops , a copy of Daily prophet and some firewhiskey .

By the far corner of the room was grand piano , by the left corner and the other side of the wall was the Kitchen , separated by a thin layer of pure silk curtain .

There was a closet nearby , along with many tables to keep antiques on them .

The walls were textured and beautifully crafted , with cream shades on it .

The ceiling had a huge chandelier in the center , other designs and spotlights following it .

Over all , it had a homey and warm atmosphere .

Once the war was over , Narcissa Malfoy had redecorated all their villas , manor, and other housing place across the world .

Since The Malfoy family played as secret agents for the Order , they were all pardoned , including Lucius Malfoy .

And hence everyone looked at him with awe , which did nothing but inflate his ego .

Everywhere he went , he was blasted with many reporters.

It was like he was some kind of celebrity.

And now with his family company crossing the heights of success , he sure was a celebrity.

Another factor was that he was very handsome and hot , with his flawless skin , muscular abs and pale hair.

And he was craved by every single girl in in Britain . He was a very rich bachelor , after all .

Draco found the living room empty , but the fireplace on . He made his way to kitchen , where again there was no sign of his parents .

Agitated , he made his way to the door that connected the kitchen to the dining room .

The door swung open to reveal two heavily snogging Lucius and Narcissa .

This time Draco felt nauseous . All he managed to choke out was a groan.

"Call me once you are done ," he yelled loudly , before slamming the door shut.

Damn old and horny couples ! He thought . Draco had lost his appetite long ago , so he decided to continue his leftover stroll .

When he made his way out , it had tried from evening to night . Was I in there for so long ?

He made his way into the Greenland , failing to notice a full moon gaping at him .

Draco felt his muscles ripple very uncomfortably . He soon realised what was going on.

No . It couldn't be , right ?

He looked up , dreading to see his assumptions come true .

All he found was a full moon gaping at him openly .

"Oh for fucks'-AAHHHHHHH!" He couldn't complete his sentence as he had already begun transforming .

The last thing he saw was Lucius and Narcissa running towards him before everything blacked out .


Ring ! Ring !

Hermione sloppily rubbed her eyes , since her phone had woken her up . She looked at her nightstand and looked at the time

It read 3:00 am

It was BLOODY 3:00 am in the fucking MORNING!

She checked her phone , and found it was a missed call from Sierra Madhovin , a fellow healer .

Oh no!

Hermione jumped out of the bed to get dressed . Sierra calling her so late in the night only meant one thing ; a very badly injured patient.

She made her way to the closet , which was almost the size of a room. She picked up freshly - pressed healer robes and went to the bathroom to quickly brush her teeth and scourgifyed herself .

Hermione Granger , 22 , was a professional healer and the head of her department at 's . She lived in a muggle London's expensive penthouse which had a very homely feeling to it .

She quickly got out of the shower and apparated to 's as soon as she could .

She apparated directly to her floor and surged towards the office.

She soon spotted Sierra along with two blondes . One was Platinum , the other was strawberry blonde .

Oh hell ...

She tentatively took steps towards them . She reached out to Sierra and tapped on her shoulder .

She whirled around and faced her .

"Hermione ," she began , leaving out the formalities . "We have a patient in critical condition . Here are Mr. And Mrs. Malfoy , his parents." Than she turned to the other pair .

"Mr. and , this is Healer Granger , the head of this department . "

"We are aware ," Lucius said , nodding awkwardly .

"Okay so you will have to give all the details to . I will take my leave for now. " And with that , she left .

Hermione motioned both of them to follow her . They both did .

The door swung open to reveal a thoroughly distangled Draco Malfoy.

Aw Fuck...