The elder wand and the snake

Chapter 1

Hi! I've been living under a rock for most of my youth because I've just learned about Harry Potter fanfictions and fell in love with the concept. I've read so many and loved them all fiercly, Dramione being my favorites.

I'm a huge... HUUUGE fan of the original books, which I've read in Italian. If you see messed up names (besides the ones of the characters I made up myself) please let me know, names of places and characters are different in my mother tongue so I might get confused and use the wrong ones.

I felt like trying it out as an execise to improve my English, I'm sorry about my vocabulary being so poor, I'll hopefully get better at it. I'll appreciate any suggestion since this is the first time I write something in a different language; you'll notice I made my characters speak French here and there, I felt like it would be more interesting to have them communicate in different languages, of course my French is pretty much GoogleTranslate level... feel free to correct it whenever... I might get rid of it later on.

That said, I own nothing, all the characters are J.K. Rowling's pride and joy etc...

Please don't get mad if the story doesn't follow the canons of the original storyline. I was fascinated with the character of Grindelwald and tried to immagine a world in which he has an offspring leading to different events. Hopefully I don't mess it up too much. Tom Riddle will be there somewhere, I'm not sure where I'm going with this yet so bear with me please. I have many chapters ready to go but I'm not sure if anyone will enjoy this enough, so let me know if I should kill it or keep going.


The last rays of sun lingered on the water coloring it of an intense red. Maya lost herself in the sound of the waves, summer was fading away slowly. She took in a deep breath welcoming the smell of the warm sand and the brackish of the seaweeds that had brushed on the shore. A flock of seagulls cawed somewhere in the distance.

Maya felt her magic crackling through her body and meeting with the Earth under her bare feet. It was such an intimate feeling, the knowledge of possessing that energy and the humbleness of letting it flow back to where it came from, to let it rest with the energy of the world in the endless cycle.

Magic was not something to cling onto, it was a fluid energy to let flow. A life without it wasn't worth living. The old man had told her that once, and the words had echoed in her head ever since.

Her eyes fell on the boy sitting on the small dock further up the beach. His shoulder were growing wider, she thought, and still it felt like he was bearing a burden too big for those shoulders to hold. The wind brought the voices from the big white house on the beach, Maya looked from the house to the lonely boy on the dock and decided to gift him with some more solitude before weighing on his crowded back.

Stepping silently on the cold majolica floor of the front patio the small girl spied on the four adults sitting on the deckchairs. The clang of wine glasses suggested that dinner was going to be served soon. She run to her room and grabbed a hoodie, in the shade of the house her tanned skin seemed darker than it actually was and the white of her eyes sparkled when she met them in the large mirror.

Her hair had lightened with the long days in the sun. She tried to fix what she could about her appearance, knowing far too well Narcissa and Leonie would have made a tragedy over how dry her skin was because of the salty air.

Maya almost gasped when she found him sitting on the stairs of the patio upon exiting the house again. The blonde boy was patting on the light hair of his leg, trying to get rid of the sand, he had his shirt on backwards and inside out. His grey eyes met hers for a brief moment. Neither of them said anything. Draco kept fighting off the fine sand while she leaned on the wall waiting for him to be done. The smell of fig trees came with the light breeze of the evening.

"What's for dinner?" he asked giving up on the sand and standing back up. Maya shrugged, his eyes wandered over her, looking for something mean to say. She knew Draco like the back of her hands by now. Before he'd find something she stood up closing the space between them. He sighed at the motion and placed his chin over her curly and salty hair.

"S'il vous plaît, ne retournez pas à l'école."[Please don't go back to school] She begged, each year it was sheer torture. Each summer that scene repeated itself and each and every time he had gone back to school. Five times already she had waved goodbye on the platform in London and it seemed the sixth wouldn't be any different from the previous. She could already hear the sound of the paparazzi, the eyes of the crowd glued to her family as the only person she cared about boarded the train leaving her alone again.

Draco pushed back, his diamond eyes melting in hers for a second. He grabbed her cheeks with one hand pushing her lips together, she could taste the sand on his skin, his fingers were salty when they slipped on her tongue. Slowly he leaned in and bit her lower lip, his devilish eyes melted her insides. Maya gasped at the much awaited and cruel kiss; slowly he let go of her face, both of his hands slipping under her shirt while his lips claimed hers in a battle of tongues and spit. Draco tasted of something warm and feral, of peppery spices and sun.

His hands found her small breast and he laughed in her mouth breaking the kiss. Maya blushed pulling her shirt back down as he removed his hands. His wolfish smile seemed brighter in the low lit garden.

"You better grow those some more or else…" he mocked, his eyes filled with mirth as the dimple on his cheek forewarn her of the incoming smirk.

"I'm just fourteen. It will come." Maya muttered the words. Draco's shoulder bounced and he glanced at the four adults on the patio.

"Donne m'en un autre." [Give me another one] she demanded, his grin grew wider as he moved pushing her against the wall of the house. Maya felt his hardness pressing against her stomach, her hand brushed on it as Draco devoured her lips, but he stopped her motion soon enough grabbing her wrists, that was not the day she would've learned more about that.