Harry Potter: Electric Boogaloo

Electric Boogaloo Chapter 2

Harry Potter : Electric Boogaloo

"Harry Potter."

Well, it appears that Ron is 5 galleons richer.

He's on my right, with Hermione on his right, holding his hand giving me an apologetic look.

I eyeball him beside me, his face in his hand. I'm numb, but not frozen. I stand up, walk briskly to Ron, ruffle his hair as he just sighs. I keep moving and Hermione gives me a nod. I know that look.

I reckon the second I get back with them, they're gonna have some sort of plan for this. Bless them.

I keep moving, watching those around me and their expressions. Looking at Hufflepuff, it's plain as day but they are livid. Mmm, enemies right off the bat.

Nope, can't be thinking like that just yet.

Glancing over to Slytherin, I can see Malfoy looking conflicted. Another thing to add to my list, get him on my side. Last thing I need is Malfoy influence as well as Hufflepuff on my ass.

Next thing I know, I'm in front of Dumbledore. He's just giving me a dead stare. And let me tell you that when arguably one of the most powerful wizards in modern history is staring you down, it's a bit more than terrifying.

"Well..through the door, Harry," said Dumbledore. He wasn't smiling.

Taking a deep breath through my nose, I puff my chest, square my shoulders, and set my jaw, and walk down through the doors.

Viktor Krum, Cederic Diggory, and Fleur Delacour, the pretty girl that made eye contact with me, were grouped around the fire.

Let me be the first to admit that they look impressive with the glow of the fire and their mature figures definitely helped out.

Viktor hunched over his knees on a chair, his impressive figure coiled with power, and stern, hard gaze which looked impassively into the distance.

Cederic, standing tall, chin up, jaw set like mine, and eyes gazing down at the fire. Hands held behind his back, his figure demanded dominance.

And Fleur, the French beauty, sat, staring impassively into the fire, legs crossed, her shoulders set, hands in one another, and gaze on me.

Her stance begins to relax, which I suppose is nice. She gives me a charming smile, and shifts her body language to give me her attention.

"Ello…'arry is it?" She greets me. Nice to know she knows my name, though anyone could just look at me and identify me. Still it's nice to be known. "Do zey want us back in ze Hall?"

I blow air out of my nose in mild amusement.

The other 2 notice my presence. Cederic nods to me, but returns back to his brooding. Viktor stares at me. Mmm, that's unsettling.

And what's more unsettling is the adults rushing in and harassing me about me entering the tournament.

I just space them all out.

Rubbing my eyes, I let my glasses fall back onto my nose.

What a mess that was.

I've pissed off all three champions to an extent, as well as the headmasters. Fleur was easily the worst one. She seemed so pleasant, though that quickly turned around. And getting called a little boy. I don't know what it is, but that just really threw me off. As well as Moody being...well, Moody. Something about him just isn't right, but that's a mystery for another day I suppose.

Though what he suggested was very real. Someone trying to kill me that is. Though that doesn't really narrow anything down, as I could probably count everyone that wants me six feet under on both my hands and toes.

Hell, what if Moody wants me dead? Wouldn't surprise me.

Letting out an aggressive sigh, I stuff one hand into my pocket, and let the other one run through my hair, letting it reach my neck and massage the kinks out of it.

Sneakers squeaking on the ancient floor, I climb a marble stairwell.

Now who could actively be gunning for me? Ol' Voldy is a prime suspect, though he can only manipulate the people who are actively changing the scene. Wormtail? No, I doubt he could confound the goblet. Though with Voldemort's guidance on the other hand?

Well, I guess I'll have to put those aside and let events unfold, as I'm certainly lacking information. Now, about this tournament.

Really we should call it something like 'Quad Wizard Qualifiers' or something like that. Though what would they be qualifying for?

Living with money and fame?


And before I knew it, I had arrived at the Fat Lady, who seemed in high spirits.

"Well, well, well," said the Fat Lady, "Violets just told me everything. Who's just been chosen champion."

I shrug good humoredly. "Well I can guarantee it isn't me. School Champion belongs to Cederic Diggory."

The Fat Lady just rolls her eyes. "Always humble I see."

I chuckle, then brace myself. "Balderdash."

She swings open.

This...isn't quite what I was expecting.

The whole room was abuzz with activity, that was a given as I was chosen as Champion. But the ones close to me and my friend group seemed to be hunched over themselves, whether it be books or materials.

Hermione seemed to be leading this intellectual charge, as her hair was tied in a high ponytail and was flitting around the room, adding her two cents here and there when need be.

Ron was actually bounding down from the boys dorm with something in hand, only to see me.

Grabbing hold of the railing, he catches himself, before bellowing:

"Oi you lot! Harry's back!"

The whole common room snapped their attention from what they were doing to me as the portrait shut closed behind me.



"Harry look here!"

"Harry come over here!"

"You guys-"

"Heya Harry, could you look at this?"

"So how'd you do it?"

"Yeah! How'd you manage it?"

"What are yo-"

"OI IDIOTS!" Ron roars, from the fireplace. He sighs and runs a hand through his hair. "You're choking him, let him come in, for christ's sake."

They back off, which I am beyond grateful for. I sit down in a cushioned chair in front of the fireplace. Sighing I kick off my shoes and remove my robe, leaving me sock clad and in my button up with my tie loosened.

Rubbing my eyes again, I start back up the conversation.

"What're you doing? Studying while I was away?" I eye up whatever Ron was holding, which happened to be my invisibility cloak, "And where are you going with that Ronald?"

He just snorts at me calling him Ronald. "Well the missus was concerned for you, so once we got back to the common room, we started prepping a 'schedule' if you would. Getting some more advanced spells into your arsenal as well as hopefully some protective trinkets," he motions with his head to Fred and George.

"They were toying with runes, but it's still just an idea." He turns his attention to me. "I was gonna sneak out to Snape's potion stock to see if we could gather some basic materials for potions, or see if we could find gillyweed."

"Gillyweed?" I ask. Sounds like they were preparing me for war.

"It's basically a weed that, depending on the volume, allows you to breath and maneuver underwater for a specified amount of time," Neville speaks up. But shrinks again when the room shifts its attention to him. Good on him though for speaking up.

"Now, I assume this is for the tournament?"

"Of course it is," Hermione chooses to make her appearance. Undoing her ponytail, she lets her hair wild, and drops down next to Ron. "I'm a bit over having to scramble for an advantage or even a fighting chance when these sort of situations roll around, so I'm just trying to cover our bases if you would."

Ah good ole thinking Hermione. Love her to bits. And it looks like my earlier assumption was correct.

My stomach sinks.

Why're they putting all this work in? They have no benefit from trying to protect me.

"Well, I won't say I don't appreciate this, but really you shouldn't have put all this effort in. I can manage-"

"Let me stop you right there mate." Ron cuts me off. My eyes widen a smidge, but I remain silent. Ron hardens his eyes.

"Every year since you've arrived there have been dangers and trouble afoot in this castle. Now that isn't to say that this is your fault, as it isn't. Most of the people coming after you were around much longer than you, and by a sheer miracle did you set them off. But this preparation is both for your safety, as it is ours. We need this running start." He wraps his arm around Hermione as if to reinforce the true gravity of the future yet to come.

"We've all seen, and to some extent, experienced the true danger of the outside world. Whether or not you-know-who is around the corner, we also need this preparation. So if not for you, then us." Ron finishes. My eyes are wider than they could ever be at this point. Slowly they close and I drop my face into my hands.

They wait a beat.

Then I look up, and smile. Ron smiles back. Hermione lets a smile bloom as well. I take a deep breath, then lean back, looking around me.

The people around me, believe in me, or at least believe me, that I'm innocent. And wish for my best. I have a family.

Gryffindor, The Weasleys, Neville, Hermione, Ron.

I have a family.

"But it's mostly for us," Ron decides to add in smartly. Hermione gives him a good tug on his hair. Huh, so that's why she likes it.

"What he means to say, is that we're here for you, and you should trust us to fall back on. Harry you're one person. So let us help," Hermione reinforces what I've already come to realize.


When did these guys get so mature?

Ron must've read my mind or something, because as he rises, rubbing his head, he smiles easily.

"We've seen you put up with all this bull-" Hermione reaches for his head, "Nonsense! And decided to pull our weight a bit more. Think nothing of it mate, really."

I must've looked worn, because Hermione dismisses everyone out of the room, leaving us three.

"Wow...just wow. Thanks for that slap in the face guys," They both just roll their eyes. I chuckle. "But seriously, I appreciate you guys being here for me, I just want you guys to know. And I gotcha, I'll trust you guys, so don't worry."

Ron looked satisfied at my minimal but honest response. He gets it, bro to bro. Hermione doesn't look sold although. She pops out her pinky to my face. I lean back so I don't get poked in the eye.

Ron and I furrow our brow together.

"Pinky promise."


Hermione is dead serious, and we both just guffaw. Ron rolls to his side taking up the sofa, and lets out a laugh. It's not a boisterous one, more so disbelieving what he sees in front of him.

I roll my eyes. Deciding to humor her, I straightened my face, firmly outset my pinky and intertwined mine with hers.

Now Ron is really laughing.

"Look at you two! You look so stupid!" He's clutching his stomach, which I'm about to slam if he doesn't shut up. Hermione beats me, and slaps him hard in the nose.

It works to some effect, but now he's just laughing, crying, and on the ground clutching his nose.

"Oh get up you big ginger baby," Hermione chides. Ron calmed down, and slowly gathered himself, wiping his eyes and daintily touching his nose.

"Eheheh I'm your baby," Ron draps himself over her and smooches her ear. Much to my dismay she squeals delightfully. Good lord what's happened to them.

"Alright...well, I guess i'm gonna head to bed and leave you guys to do….whatever it is you do? Sin?" They're so wrapped up in themselves they don't notice me pick up my belongings and leave for my dorm.

Opening the door to the 4th year dorms, I pack my shoes away, and hang my robe. Opening my curtain, I reflect on that whole ordeal.

'It was a good pick me up,' I decided. Gryffindor was still standing by me, my friends had become family, and maybe, just maybe, I'd survive this year.

'Shut eye, here I come', I vaguely think as I pull my cover shut and my duvet over myself.