Shattered Crystal

Chapter 2

The next few days went by without a hitch. Hermione had hardly even seen Draco in passing. She sometimes heard the door and the shower turn on, but mostly it was like she was living with a ghost. She thought this was a good thing, maybe she'd get the year she had planned after all. But for some reason she wanted to know where he went till late in the nights and wished she still had access to the marauder's map.

But curiosity aside she was beginning to think this year could be good, even though she missed Harry and Ron Terribly. Ron was working in the joke shop with George and from the letters he sent her he seemed to be doing ok, but she always worried about him. She decided to write to him and ask him to visit her in Hogsmeade next week. When she hurried up to the owlery it was past 11pm, but she knew she wouldn't sleep without sending the letter. As she got closer to the top of the spiral staircase she could hear muted moaning sounds. She thought someone was in pain for a moment, and had to remind herself that the war was over. It was probably just a ghost milling around.

And then she saw them, his pale skin was illuminated by the moonlight drifting through an open window behind them. His hands were in her hair as he kissed her furiously. He picked her up with ease and brought her up against the wall. Hermione was glued to the spot, she wanted to run back down the stairs but her eyes couldn't tear themselves away. He bunched up the girl's frizzy hair in one hand and forced her head backwards, then began working his way down her body with his mouth. The girl moaned again, and that's when Hermione moved to run away. But the movement caught the boy's attention and for a split second Draco's eyes found Hermione's.

After a night of not so great sleep, Hermione got up early, determined to get out of the apartment and avoid any awkward run-ins with Malfoy. She moved quietly toward the kitchen to grab some coffee to take with her on her spontaneous walk around the grounds. As she started up the coffee machine Draco's voice nearly gave her a heart attack. He was sitting at a small wooden table in the corner, with his arms folded and a smirk on his face.

"Hi" he stated simply.

Regaining her composure she lowered her hand from her heart and replied.

"Erm hi.,, I'm just heading out in a sec don't worry".

She stared at her brewing coffee and willed it to speed up its process.

"So about last night, can you not tell anyone about it?"

"Don't worry I'm trying to erase it from my memory, I was even considering getting someone to obliviate it from me"

"Bit drastic don't you think? Especially since you lingered there for a while. In fact anyone observing might say you liked what you saw. Get much sleep last night?"

"I did not linger!"

"Yeh you did pervert"

He sat smiling away at Hermione who was turning red and becoming more and more flustered.

"Your sex life, with whoever the girl was, does not interest me in the slightest Malfoy"

Malfoy held up his hands in surrender.

"Ok ok, I'll pretend to believe you. Just don't say anything to anyone, I reckon Lavender doesn't want her fellow Gryffindor's to know she's fucking a former death eater"

"Lavender Brown?! I didn't even know she was back here. And honestly, she's who you choose to sleep with? She's desperate and pathetic and just ridiculous!"

Malfoy looked thoughtful for a minute, "She's not like that anymore, since Greyback almost killed her and she became a werewolf she doesn't want all the gooey stuff anymore, she just needs a distraction sometimes like I do. It's only sex Granger, surely even you can understand that. And anyway, thought you weren't concerned with my sex life".

Hermione went quiet, poured herself a coffee and took a small sip.

"What is that? It smells amazing!"

"It is, better than any sex you are having"

"Granger! Did you just bring up sex without blushing? I'm appalled and yet impressed".

Hermione laughed, "Want to try some"

Draco looked at her confused, "Try….."

"The coffee Draco! Do you want to try some coffee?"

He looked almost disappointed for a second but recovered quickly, "get another mug then, I don't want your cooties",

Hermione shook her head in bewilderment at where the conversation had gone.

"Did you just say cooties?! Who are you?" She laughed and got him another mug. "You'd be lucky to get my muggleborn cooties, might raise your grades and make you slightly more tolerable"

He stole the mug from her hand and quickly licked the rim of it. Hermione looked at him like he was a maniac,

"What? You said it might raise my grades" he gave her a cheeky grin and Hermione marvelled how it made him look like a completely different person.

He took a sip of the coffee and quickly ran to the sink to spit it out.

"That's disgusting, how the hell to you drink this?"

Hermione laughed and took the cup from him,

"It grows on you, some things take a while to get to like I guess".