Tears of Phoenix

Chapter 6

Before any of the boys could confront her and she could finally tell them about the nightmares, they stopped. It was as if they'd never even happened. She started paying more attention in class and dedicating most of her time in the library or with her friends. Just like that, a month passed by and Halloween was just around the corner.

She knew Sirius wanted to ask her for help, but James was holding him back because of his pride. Still, he came around and Sirius asked her during breakfast. "Come on Hermione, you agreed to help us."

She'd already given it a thought and knew of a prank that could work for the whole school. However, she didn't want to be caught being involved with it. She very much treasured the respect gained by her Transfiguration professor. So she took a piece of parchment and quill from her bag and wrote it down.

Her brother took it from her hands when she was done and let out a bark of laughter. Looking very curiously between her and Sirius, James snatched it from his hands and read it.

With one of her eyebrows raised, she asked, "Does this satisfy your goal?"

By the end of the meal, she received a beaming smile and bone crushing hug, before her brother separated them both.

When her and Lily reached their Potions class, she realized she had forgotten her book. Mentally cursing herself, she quickly told her and ran to her dorm. In a few seconds of making her journey up her bed and going back to an irritated Fat Lady, she sprinted to the dungeons. She was checking her bag to make sure she wasn't missing anything when she slammed into something, or actually someone. She looked up to see the same boy that interrupted her and Snape on the train. After finding out he was a Prefect, she'd made sure not to run into him again. But here she was, after running into him literally.

The blonde glared at her, "Watch it, Black. What are you doing out of class? Where are the rest of your lions?"

"I'm sorry for that Mr. Prefect, but I don't see why I owe you an explanation."

He gaped at her, as if she was crazy. "How does the daughter of Orion Black not know the name of the heir of Abraxas Malfoy?"

She inwardly groaned. Out of all people, she really had to deal with someone who knew her parents personally. She only hoped that they won't hear of it. Still, I doubt they haven't put a spy at Hogwarts to check if I'm behaving like a proper lady anyways, she mused. She snapped out of her thoughts when she saw him expecting an answer. With a roll of her eyes, she said, "I have more interesting things to read about. Your family tree can get a bit boring."

"Keep that tongue in check before you regret it. I'm letting you go now, but next time your brother might have to pay the price for your cheek. 10 points from Gryffindor."

Refusing to control the rage building inside of her, she slapped him hard. She was not going to let a pompous arse go around threatening her brother. "No, you listen! The next time you find it smart to even think about hurting my brother, you will regret it faster than your parents regret having your conceited arse."

Without waiting for a response, she left for her Potions class.

Later that day, she ended up helping Sirius and James with their Charms essay, while Remus helped Peter. Lily still refused to hang around the boys and Hermione didn't blame her. They could get very frustrating and right now, she wanted to anything other than repeat the correct pronunciation of spells over and over again.

"Sirius, stop sticking your wand in your ear! James, please it's Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa. Make the 'gar' nice and long," she said, her voice sounding more like a screech as time passed.

By the end when Remus came back, the Common Room was a mess. He looked very amused so she guessed Peter wasn't as bad. When he asked her how did it go, she didn't even feel bad saying that she wanted to rip her hair out.

James laughed at her, "That would be a favour for all of us."

She walked towards him, with the sweetest fake smile she could put on. Sirius looked at both of them and groaned. "Oh no, mate you should know better than to say that."

Once he finished saying that, the boy addressed took off and she ran after him. Eventually, the rest of the Gryffindor students chanted after them, as they both ran in circles. James was trying his best to safely make his way towards his dorm without slowing down, while Hermione was running with the sole goal of stopping him.

Finally, James sat on the couch with his arms up in surrender. With slow breaths, he looked at her and said, "I'm sorry, did I ever tell you how much I love your hair?"

She grinned at him and put a hand on his cheek, "One day, you will actually mean it." With that, she walked away as people cheered for her.

James wheezed, looking at the other twin who was laughing with his finger pointing at him. "Bloody hell."