Harry Potter: Wizard of Kamar-Taj

Wizard of Kamar-Taj Chapter 2

Harry Potter: Wizard of Kamar-Taj

Chapter 2

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In an outdoor arena within the walls of Kamar-Taj, two individuals wearing white robes faced off against each other under the watchful eye of their instructor, Master Wong. The first of these two figures was a teen with an athletic build and tanned skin with long blonde hair tied back in a loose ponytail, and his opponent was a young boy with short but messy black hair and striking green eyes. The two students regarded their opponent stoically as the first light of dawn crept over the horizon.

"Bow!" commanded Wong, prompting the two to bow in respect towards each other.

"Take your stances," continued the Master, causing the two combatants to fall into ready positions, "BEGIN!"

The older fighter charged at his younger opponent, swinging a roundhouse at his head, but his opponent took advantage of his diminutive stature to duck under the kick, sliding across the ground before springing to his feet behind his older opponent. Said opponent recovered quickly and spun around in time to block several quick jabs from the shorter student, before snapping out a punch of his own that sent the younger boy skidding back across the ground.

Not letting this keep him down, the younger fighter rushed forward and jumped into the air, delivering an aerial spinning jump kick that smacked into his opponent's guard, before using his blocking arms as a springboard to leap backwards and land in a crouch. Seeing the level of skill his opponent had, the older of the two combatants weaved his hands through the air, calling upon his magic to conjure up an Eldritch whip of glowing energy that he used as a lash as he swung it at his opponent.

The younger of the two didn't let this intimidate him though, and he quickly cast his own spell, creating Tao Mandalas behind his hands that he utilized as shields to defend against the attacks from the Eldritch whips, fiery sparks of energy shooting forth as the magical constructs clashed.

Seeing an opening, the older student, lashed out with his whip, catching his opponent around the ankle and made to pull the mystical cord back in order to yank him off his feet. Thinking quickly, the younger student jumped as his feet were pulled out from under him, twisting in the air to roll with the momentum, while at the same time using said momentum to throw one of the Mandalas he had formed, curving it through the air where it caught his opponent off guard as it clipped his temple, disrupting his concentration and causing the spell he had cast to end as his opponent landed on his feet, arm outstretched to catch the Mandala as it flew back towards him."

Dispelling his Mandalas, the younger fighter created an Eldritch whip of his own and threw it at his opponent like a bola, tangling up his legs and causing him to fall to the ground.

"Enough!" declared Wong, causing both fighters to stop and dispel their constructs before moving back to their original positions, "Novice Jacob, what happened?"

"He caught me off guard," said the blond student.

"Indeed," said Wong, "remember that, so that next time, it will not happen again. Dismissed."

The blond student bowed to his instructor and walked off to go meditate while Wong turned to face the younger of the two.

"Novice Adin," he said, "you have done quite well for someone so young. Your talent for the Mystic Artes is exceptional."

"Thank you, Master Wong," said Adin with a bow.

"You have more than proven that you are ready for the next step of your training," continued Wong before waving his hand, causing Adin's robes to change from plain white to a crimson red, "by my authority as a Master of the Mystic Arts, I hereby promote you from the rank of Novice to Apprentice. Congratulations."

"Congratulations indeed," said the Ancient One as she approached Adin and Wong.

"Ancient One," said Adin with a respectful bow.

"Now now," said the Sorcerer Supreme with a light chuckle, "there's no need for that. I'm merely here to check on the progress of one of my younger pupils."

"I am honored Ancient One," said Adin, causing the Master of the Mystic Artes to smile.

"You have come a long way from where you began years ago," said the Ancient One, "not many can say that they have progressed to the rank of Apprentice by the age of Eleven."

"Young Adin is a dedicated student," agreed Wong, "he has earned the rank he has been given."

Before their conversation could continue further though, the group was interrupted by a large barn owl flying into the training grounds with a letter clutched in its talons. As the bird flew by overhead, it dropped the sealed envelope into a surprised Adin's hands before swinging round and flying off again.

"Well," said the Ancient One as Adin inspected the letter, which was sealed shut with a red wax seal that bore an impressive coat of arms, "that was unexpected."

"What is this?" asked Adin.

"It seems to be a letter," said the Ancient One with an amused smile, "perhaps you should open it?"

Adin nodded and broke the wax seal, removing the parchment from inside the envelope and reading through the contents.

"Is something wrong?" asked the Ancient One, noticing the confusion on her student's face.

"It looks like an acceptance letter for some sort of magic school," said Adin, "but it's addressed to someone named Harry Potter."

"Perhaps it was delivered to the wrong address?" suggested Wong.

"I don't think so," said Adin as he checked the envelope, "it says here, Mr. H. Potter. Kamar Taj. Kathmandu, Nepal."

"How curious," said the Ancient One, "are you certain it's addressed to Harry Potter?"

"Definitely," replied Adin.

"Curious," the Sorcerer Supreme said again, "I believe I understand now."

"Ancient One," said Wong, "what is going on?"

"Please, follow me," said the Ancient One, "I believe I have an explanation for what is going on."

The Master and Apprentice followed the Sorcerer Supreme as she led them through the halls of Kamar Taj until they arrived at a large set of doors.

"Adin," said the Ancient One as they stopped outside the doors, "I will ask you to be discreet about what you are about to see. The contents of this room are not to be spoken of lightly and would normally not be revealed to you until you are deemed ready. I am making an exception in this case, because what's inside will make things easier to understand."

Adin nodded and the Ancient One led them into the room, which was empty save for a pedestal in the center that held an ornate amulet made of golden metal and a large stone globe that floated above the pedestal. Around the room were several doors, four in total, including the one they entered through. The Ancient One walked over to the pedestal and removed the amulet from the stand and placed it around her neck.

"The Eye of Agamotto will reveal all," said the Ancient One as she weaved her hands in an intricate motion, causing a magic circle to form around her wrist out of green energy as the pendant shifted to reveal a glowing green gem at the center, "it all starts several years ago, across the ocean in Great Britain."

Gesturing with her arms, the Sorcerer Supreme caused the room to fall away around the three of them as the world around them sped by until they found themselves on a cobbled street in a medieval-themed village.

"Magic is more widespread than one would initially believe," said the Ancient One, "in fact, there exists an entire community of magic users throughout the world that keep their distance from the everyday life of the rest of humanity. These, Wizards and Witches, as they call themselves, typically remain isolated from practitioners of our art and have lived in relative peace for years. But, all that changed twenty-one years ago…"

Adin jumped slightly as one of the cottages nearby burst into flames and an emerald green aurora borealis appeared in the sky overhead in the shape of a human skull with a snake emerging from its maw. Adin watched as several figures wearing black hooded robes with masks covering their faces walked down the street, launching jets of light that Adin recognized as magical energy from sticks of wood that they carried in their hands.

"The rise of the Dark Lord Voldemort caused a darkness to sweep over the British Wizarding World," narrated the Ancient One, "the terrible actions of himself and his followers eventually ignited the flames of the First Wizarding War."

The image changed to a group of men and women opposing these masked wizards, using magic of their own, but their spells were unable to force back the Dark Lord's followers and they were cut down by a barrage of emerald energies fired from the masked ones' wands.

"For 10 years, Voldemort led a reign of terror as he swept across the land," continued the Ancient One, "despite the best efforts of the British Ministry of Magic, they were only able to slow the spread of the Dark Lord's influence. This dark age continued until suddenly, a miracle occurred."

"On the eve of Halloween, 1981, the Dark Lord's power was broken," said the Ancient One, "his followers scattered, and the man himself vanished without a trace. Word spread of a child that did what no one else could, a child that survived the unlockable Killing Curse. The Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter."

The Ancient One canceled the spell, causing the room to reappear around them, but Adin was still confused.

"Ancient One," said Adin, "I don't understand. Who is this Harry Potter and why did you tell us his story?"

"Adin," said the Sorcerer Supreme, "you remember how you came to be here?"

"Yes of course," said Adin, "you found me one night when I was an infant, and you brought me here to be raised."

"And I named you, Adin," said the Ancient One with a nod, "but it wasn't just some night when I found you. I found you outside the London Sanctum on October 31, 1981. The night the Dark Lord Voldemort's power was broken."

"Adin," explained Wong gently, realizing what the Sorcerer Supreme had come to understand, "your true name, your birth name, is Harry Potter."

Now, to answer a few questions before people complain in the reviews.

For the Eye of Agamotto, the reason I made it restricted knowledge here, is because it's common sense to keep the knowledge that the Masters of the Mystic Arts have access to that kind of power a secret. Dr. Strange found out due to reading the Book of Cagliostro and probably saw the pendant while venturing around in his astral form. Besides, he was a Disciple at that point, one rank below Master.

As for the Ancient One's knowledge of the war and how she was unable to realize that Adin was Harry, was because of how she kept to the sidelines during the war, except to defend the Sanctum from the fallout. She didn't keep fully apprised of the Wizarding World's news, so, while she knew of the Boy Who Lived, she didn't know of his physical description or defining features. Just the story that managed to make it to her ears.

Finally, as for why she used the Eye to explain things, it was mainly to provide visual aid to help illustrate the events. Plus, it's more fun to write than pure exposition.