Flames of Resistance

Chapter 4

Author's note – This is a bit of a shorter chapter, but there is a lot contained in it. And this is where we get the first real in depth interaction between Dahlia and Umbridge, there will be more but this is just the first Tet-a-Tet.

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Dumbledore's niece heaved a sigh hoping that Albus would take her words into consideration. Turning from the fireplace she let loose another sigh, this one was more agitated than hopeless. She made her way to Dolores' office to pick up the syllabus and then she'd be off to Diagon Alley to pick up her supplies for the upcoming school year.

"Not with your felon I see," a voice coated in velvet contempt rang in the lilac haired witch's ears.

She turned as Lucius stalked uncomfortably close to the teaching assistant, "No, he knows I can handle petty annoyances," she smiled turning back down the hallway. The last thing she wanted to do was exchange witty insults with Malfoy.

His cane bit her upper arm turning her around quickly and Malfoy pulled her into him, "You should be careful my dear, there are more dangers around you than you know," he spit out in his forced whisper.

"Dahlia," the voice of Kingsley interrupted the assault.

Malfoy let her go, "Saved once again," he told her with a grin, "let's hope your luck holds out," he turned as Dahlia sprinted to Shacklebolt.

"What was that about," he took the girl under his arm.

"Something much more sinister than I care to admit," she told the Auror.

"Miss Dumbledore," the sickly sweet voice of Umbridge carried across the room. She gave a stern look before turning sharply and walking away to her office.

"The dragon calls," Dahlia told Kingsley, "I'll see you back at headquarters."

Dahlia walked into the office of the Undersecretary to be greeted by several excited mews from the kittens on the hundreds of pink china plates that lined the fairy pink painted stones. It was an immediate discomfort being in this office alone with Umbridge, if Dahlia had a choice she'd choose Lucius Malfoy over this. The hair on the back of her neck rose as she walked forward, she did not trust Dolores even the tiniest bit.

"Here is the syllabus and the list of supplies you will need," Dolores handed her a piece of parchment from her desk, not looking at Dahlia or standing to give it to her.

Dumbledore's niece took the parchment, "Thank you Madame Undersecretary," she turned to leave.

"Oh and Dahlia," Umbridge called and Dumbledore's niece turned back, "Sirius Black is not to be anywhere near Hogwarts or my classroom."

"I'm sorry?" the lilac haired witch said, the incredulousness seeping through.

"I was informed that Mr. Black was staying at your father's bar and then in Gryffindor tower last year," she put her pen down and perfectly aligned it with her set on the desk before standing, "I will not allow him to be near Hogwarts," she moved around her desk slowly, "he is a distraction with a criminal past and I will not have it."

Dahlia swallowed the anger she felt bubbling up inside her like bile, "That is for the headmaster of the school to decide."

Dolores gave an evil grin, "I have talked to Albus, he agrees."

"He didn't tell me," She snapped, "you would think that his niece would be the first person he talked to." Umbridge opened her mouth with a scowl plastered on her face due to Dahlia's insubordination but the teaching assistant cut her off, "I will speak with my uncle. Thank you for the supply list and the syllabus, I will see you in a week."

Dahlia spun on her heels and nearly raced to the Floo corridor, grabbed a handful of powder yelled out "Hogwarts, Dumbledore's office" and was transported to her uncle's office.

"Dahlia," Albus said somewhat surprised.

"Did you agree to ban Sirius from the grounds?" her voice was edgy as she stood rigid in front of his desk.

Albus nodded slightly, "I did," he said solemnly getting up to comfort his niece, "I wanted to keep you both safe with Voldemort back, you distract each other and I need you both sharp." He sat on the edge of his desk with his hands clasped together in front of him.

"When were you going to tell me?"

"Tonight," he answered.

"And Hogsmeade?" Dahlia was still fuming.

"I asked Aberforth to turn him down if he asked."

The lilac haired witch let out an annoyed and loud sigh that turned into a frustrated growl, "Albus," she squared her shoulders looking at his bright blue eyes, "Can you please inform me of what's going on so I'm not taken off guard."

Dumbledore crossed to his niece, "My dear Dahlia, I sincerely apologize for having Dolores caught you unaware. You are more than welcome and encouraged to use my office Floo to see him any time you wish. However I need you to control your disgust for the newly appointed DADA professor, the students of this school need you to keep your head." He pulled her into a hug and felt her relax, "I trust you with their well being and with the reputation of this school and its teachers."

Dahlia wrapped her arms around Albus, "I understand, forgive my impropriety."

The Headmaster raised her eyes to his, "You never need to ask for forgiveness Dahlia. Go, I'm sure he's missing you."

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