Black Lady


"Ria! Let me go!"

The heads of students and their families at Kings Cross all turned to the commotion on the platform minutes before the train was supposed to depart. Those closest to the scene could see sixth year, Cedric Diggory, struggling against the grip of another teen. Her dark hair disheveled as he tried prying her away from her away from her iron grip around his waist. Their parents only stood a little way away, smiling at the pair. Knowing that in a few short hours the house would be empty of their bantering for another few months. A routine they've gotten used to since their youngest started her schooling four years ago.

"Cedy, please!" Their youngest whined but didn't release her hold "Just take Uncle with you this year! Mum's starting her new job and Daddy's going on assignment!" Moving quickly, she rushed him, catching him off guard and falling to the floor where she wanted him "You know they don't allow pets at my school! He'll be lonely!"

Cedric had been avoiding her gaze the entire time because he knew better. He also knew, that she knew, exactly what she was doing. One look in her wide molten chocolate brown eyes would have him deflating in defeat and slamming his head back on to the concrete.

Cedric Amos Diggory, was a complete sap for his younger sister.

"je promets de t'aimer pour toujours! tu es mon héros si tu le fais!"(1) Ria grabbed the front of his shirt and began shaking him as her French spilled out of her at in impossible speed "si vous ne le faites pas, je dirai à tout le monde comment vous avez mouillé le lit jusqu'à ce que vous ayez dix ans"(2)

Violet and Amos were in stitches at her threats but even more do to the clueless face on Cedric's face. Violet taught Amos her native tongue in the early stages of their relationship but never thought Cedric would need it, but with Ariadna fluent in seven languages the poor boy stood no chance against her bilingual insults.

Speaking in French caught Cedric off guard, just like Ria planned and for a second, he glanced at her face. Turning on the puppy eyes, her secret weapon, she could literally feel Cedric turn into putty beneath her and she inwardly smiled.

"Merlin!" He screamed "I'll take the bloody cat! Now get off me before you make me miss the train!"

Ria was off him in a second, a calm grace to her as she adjusted her baby blue school issued athletic uniform. It was usually reserved for quidditch and Ski club, but students wore it during the commute to and from school.

As Cedric got to his feet Ria handed him the handle of Uncle's carrying case. "See? Not so hard mon chou"(3) she grinned and placed a quick kiss to his cheek "Have fun at school this year blaireau"(4)

"Ariadna Diggory!" Both teenagers turned to look at their mother who was giving her daughter a disapproving look "Enough with the insults"

Cedric looked between the two confused be for settling for his mischievous sister "I thought blare-bl-baire"

"Blaireau" she corrected

"Yes, that," he looked back to his mother "meant badger?"

Amos chuckled behind his wife, who continued to glare at her daughter "In a literal translation yes" she looked back to her son in pity "It's the equivalent of jackass and donkey"

"Ariadna!" Her brother yelled out. She had been using the word as a 'term of endearment' since her first Christmas back during her first year.

Ria looked around in surprise "Merlin, what time is it? Shouldn't you board the train?" She placed a hand on his shoulder "Send your friends my love, especially Edward" she winked "Also, take care of Uncle! See you soon! Mon chou"

"And what's that mean?" He yelled out but her small form had disappeared into the crowd before she gave him an answer.

Violet smiled as she stepped over to hug her son goodbye "Have a good year son" she released him and placed a kiss on his cheek "I'll make sure to chide her before she leaves for school for that little stunt" placing a gentle hand on his cheek she smiled at him "Write your poor mum more often love, you're letters are so scarce mon chou"

"Is that another insult too then?" He asked but she only winked at him as she backed away enough for Amos to clap a hand on his shoulder "They've dubbed you cream puff my boy"

"They've what?!"

After calming his son down and sending him off with a smile Amos joined his wife and daughter outside. He came just as Violet concluded one of her famous lectures their children loathed, and from the look on Ria's face that fact hasn't changed as they've grown older. Deciding to spare her from anymore he walked up behind her and threw an arm around his youngest child.

"Let's get this last one on her way so we can take that holiday we've been talking about, love"

Ariadna grinned and leaned into her father as he steered them towards Diagon Alley where they would send Ria to the Delacour family house via floo network so she could join the sisters in the carriage to school.

"And why was this not a family holiday?" She nudged him as her mother joined them. "Mum and you only? That's hardly fair"

Violet smirked at her daughter "If you wanted a family holiday, you would have gone with your father and brother to the World Cup this year. Not frolicked in the countryside of Italy this August"

Amos grimaced at his wife's suggestion, remembering the events that transpired at the World Cup. "I, for one, am glad she didn't go. I was anxious enough with Cedric there when the rioting started" he gripped Ria a little tighter "I would have gone absolutely mad with anxiety if Ria was there also"

Ria's face dropped "See, it was a good thing I didn't go. Besides I get enough quidditch at school Mum."

"I'm sure you get enough of that Alessandro boy at school too, love" her mother winked "That hardly stopped you from spending a month with his family"

"Nicolo?" Ria screeched "Mother you don't think that… That..." The young girl was at a loss for words as her parents both smiled at her struggle to form coherent sentences "He's a friend! His mother needed help on the farm! Daddy tell her!"

Amos laughed quite loudly as he opened the door for his girls to enter the Leaky Cauldron "Do you think I'd let you spend the summer with a boy if I had an inkling that you fancied him?"

The family laughed together as they made their way to the back of the wizarding pub, but a voice stopped them. "Diggory?"

The three Diggory family members looked to see two red headed men enjoying a drink at the bar, one stood from his stool and grinned as he confirmed Amos's identity. "It is you!"

"Charlie!" Amos released Ria and met the Weasley sibling halfway "I haven't seen you since that dragon raid in Germany!" They gripped hands in an eager handshake "Saved my life, you did!"

Charlie grinned in a cool manner that had Ria admiring his dimples. She looked back to the other man she assumed was also a Weasley due to the flaming red hair and admired him as well. But while Charlie was short and built like a Greek god, the other sibling was tall, with long red hair pulled into a low ponytail and dragon fang earring hanging from his ear.

She thought back on to the time she met a different set of Weasley siblings when she was only nine and smiled as these two radiated the same feeling of familiarity and friendliness.

She finally started to tune back into the conversation when her father began talking again "What are you doing around these parts?"

Charlie crossed his arms almost as if to get comfortable in his standing position "Spent some time home during the Cup. Then had to finalize a few things at the ministry for the-"

"Thing" Amos cut off eyeing his daughter.

Charlie only just noticed that Amos was not alone and smiled at Violet and her daughter "Yes. The thing. Figured I'd come bid Ginny, Ron, and the twins off this school year. Bill and I just left King's Cross and planned on sharing another drink before I head to Romania if you and your family would like to join"

"We'd love to" Violet spoke up with a polite smile "but we've got to get Ariadna off to school now. Maybe during the break, you and your family could join us all for dinner?"

"Thank you for the invitation Mrs. Diggory, I'll run it by mum" he looked to the youngest Diggory sibling with a grin "Don't cause too much trouble over at Beauxbatons little Digs" he reached out and tugged a strand of her hair, making Ria blush "You're starting to make a name for yourself as bad as the twins. And that's saying a lot considering there are two of those blokes and one tiny Diggory"

After bidding their farewells and good wishes the family made the short walk to the floo network in Diagon Alley with last minute reminders. Owl her parents before bed so they knew she was safe. She reminded them that they were so unbearably overprotective, but she still loved them. Promises not to get too many detentions this year. 'No Boys' from her father, 'You should give that boy a chance' from her mother. And promises to send anything Ria may have forgotten when she checks her luggage the school house elves had picked up the week before.

Before they knew it, they were standing before the busy public fireplaces and Ria was hugging her parent's goodbye. Amos held her tightly before pulling away and coughing as his throat tightened. Ariadna was quite used to it by now, the man was the same every year since she started school and hadn't changed.

Violet pulled her daughter into her loving embrace and held her for a moment. "Be good Ria. I don't see the Madam taking it easy on you this year, especially not after the end of the year prank you pulled"

Ria pulled away from her mother smiling "I'm sure all the graduates teeth grew back before the middle of July" Violet gave her a stern glare that had Ariadna wincing "but it was wrong. So, no more cursed pumpkin juice pranks." She grinned and stepped back with a cheeky grin "I promise this year the Beauxbatons castle will not see a single prank, or my name is not Ariadna Aurelia Diggory"

Before her parents could question her Ria stepped back into the empty fireplace and grabbed a handful of floo powder "Delacour estate!"


Ria relished in the homey feeling of the girl's dorms. She had come to love her second home at Beauxbatons not soon after she first entered it during her first year.

The student living quarters took up four towers of the school. Two towers for each sex, each divided respectively by years. Year 1-4 students in the north and east towers and year 5-7 in the south and west towers. Each year separated on their own floor in ascending order. This year Ria would be on the top floor of her tower but if her plans went accordingly, she wouldn't be spending more than two months in the castle this year.

She finally made it to the top floor and to her assigned triple suite hoping her friends were already there. As Ria approached the door she barely touched the knob before it swung open and she was smacked in the face with an avalanche of snacks and candy.

"Delphie no!" Ariadna recognized the horrified voice of one of her best friends, Odette. "How will I possibly survive without snacks! I need a minimum of one every hour! Minimum Del!" She watched as O slumped to the floor "How will you explain to my maman (5) that you were the cause of my death?"

Delphine wiped her hands clean if any sugar residue and placed them on her hips giving O a stern glare "Your mother was the one who asked me to make sure you didn't fall into a diabetic coma! Again!"

"You're both being dramatic! It was a severe upset stomach!"

"If I recall" Ariadna spoke up, making her presence known "You were in so much pain you begged Madam Marguerite to bring you to a muggle hospital and pump your stomach"

Odette's face brightened considerably at the sight of her best friend, but dropped just as fast in confusion "Muggle?"

Delphine rolled her eyes at O's forgetful nature "It's the English word for non-magique. (6)" She turned her attention to Ria and assessed the snacks scattered around her "Sorry about that by the way"

The smallest of the trio shrugged and stepped into the three-bedroom suite. Private rooms for each of the girls with a small sitting area that connected them, complete with an antique couch and fireplace. "I see you both missed each other immensely" she reached a hand down to Odette and pulled her up to her feet "You're already fighting like an old married couple"

"I'm the maman!" O called excitedly "Del is the papa (7), she hasn't a maternal bone in her body!"

Del ignored Odette already fed up with the girl, and they had only been in the suite for half an hour. She focused on Ria with a grin and wiggled her brows "Funny, I seem to have gotten word that a certain Miss Diggory spent her summer holiday honeymooning with our dear friend Nicolo in Tuscany." She blinked innocently "Who seems more likely to have shared vows in our quartet?"

Odette gasped dramatically and grabbed Ria, roughly, by the shoulders and forced the small girl to face her. "As your maman, I do not bless your union! You are not to see the boy again! Understand?"

"Merlin has everyone lost it?" She pulled away from her tallest friend and turned to her other across the room "Why do people keep thinking Nico and I spending time together this summer means more than that? This is Nicolo we're talking about! Blimey, not to mention he's Cedric's age!"

Odette threw an arm over Ria's shoulder while facing Delphine "I believe her. Nico's hot Italian blood is full of passion! He's about to be seventeen. His sexual prime!" With her other hand she cupped Ria's breast closest to her "Her underdeveloped chest would do nothing to ignite that"

"O!" Ria Screeched, pulling away from her unwanted touch. She covered her chest as her face burned red "It's not underdeveloped!" She fidgeted and became very interested in the beautiful Parisian rug beneath her feet "Mum says that some girls are late bloomers is all"

Delphine couldn't take it anymore and suddenly burst out in laughter. She rushed over and pulled the two girls into one of her rare hugs "I really missed you both this summer!"

Pulling away Odette and Ria nodded in agreement, the girls had become fast friends four years ago and this was the first summer since their meeting that they didn't visit each other. Odette fell back into the couch with a sigh "You've no idea what I've had to deal with" she stared into the fire with a faraway look, making her other two friends concerned "My Papa doesn't know I know but…" she looked at the two with tears in her eyes "His health is getting a bit bad"

"Oh Odette" Ria sat on one side of her friend while Del sat on the opposite. Both placing their hands on her knees "I had no idea"

"Why didn't you say anything in your letters" Delphine's voice took on a softer tone the other two rarely heard from the usually stern and cold girl.

O shrugged her shoulders "It wasn't a big deal before, but…" she dropped her head into her hands and rubbed at her face "but now…"

Ria looked over Odette to Del who's only focus was the distraught girl on the couch. Delphine rubbed Odette's back in small circles "You can tell us O"

After a moment of silence, Odette finally spoke "Now that his cholesterol is up he's asking the family to take on a vegetarian diet! It's just awful!"


"What's happened to your face?"

All three girls looked up as the beautiful tunes of the wood nymphs' songs, sung during mealtimes, was interrupted.

Standing by their section of table was the final piece of their quartet. A tall, rather muscular, tanned boy whose focus was on Odette's disfigured nose. "Is that a pig snout?"

Ria tried to hide the giggle that racked through her body by looking down into her lap. Odette on the other hand rolled her eyes and refused to answer the boy. Delphine answered Nico who had finally taken a seat across from her and next to Ria. "Her eating habits have gone too far. I thought visual therapy would be good for her"

Nicolo looked over to Ria while the other two got into another heated debate. "Do I even want to know?"

She smiled "Just the couple voted most likely to get married, proving they deserve their title"

Nico laughed out loud and the girls on the other side of the table glared at their mutual friend. "By the way" Nicolo looked back to Ria "Marie had her foal"

"Ha!" She cried out in victory "I told you she'd deliver before we came back to school! You owe me pain au chocolat!"(8)

He shoved her head to the side and rolled his eyes "Yes, yes. I'm a man of my word"

"And of passion" Odette whispered

He looked back at the girl whose face had been reverted to normal "What's that?"

"A man of ration!" O squeaked "because you… ration the animal's food? On the farm?"

Delphine rolled her eyes at O's terrible lying skills and decided to spare her anymore embarrassment "Did you all get it signed?" She asked changing the subject.

The students of Beauxbatons had been informed via letter over the summer of the Triwizard Tournament this upcoming school year. All, of age, witches and wizards were allowed to bring two students along as personal support and guidance if they were to be picked. As the girls were only fourth years, Nico had put O and Del down as his two and Ria had gone to Fleur, who agreed only because of her oddly good behavior this year. Every student participating, as a champion or support, was to have their permission slips signed.

"Too easy" Nico pulled a folded piece of paper from his uniform vest and slammed it on the table "I just told mamá that it was for school and she didn't even question it"

"Must be nice having a non-magique as a parent" O sighed "They don't understand the dangers of the tournament. My parents spent the whole summer debating letting me go and I was simply asking to go as Nico's moral support. They're afraid of what we might see and almost didn't sign my permission slip." Pulling out a very crumpled piece of paper she smiled "But I got it!"

Del smiled and placed her neatly pressed paper on the table. Where she pulled it out from, no one knew, but it was a very Delphine trait to have absolute organization in all aspects of her life. Why she had the friends she did, no one could understand.

"My parents were gone most of the summer with Auror work, so I had papa's secretary at the ministry sign in his place" she shrugged at how easy it had been. Not that she was worried to begin with. Delphie had grown up with busy parents who worked at the French ministry, she learned that she was in charge of most of her decisions from a young age.

All eyes turned to Ria who was looking down at the empty placemat the dishes would be placed on once dinner was served. "You guys know my parents, they're so annoyingly overprotective of me"

O shook her head "You're not even participating, and your own brother will be there, what's safer than that?"

Ria shrugged "No idea, I tried getting Uncle to help persuade them, but he was even more stern in his disapproval of me going" she had yet to look up to meet anyone's eyes.

Delphine sat back in her seat and brought a hand up to pinch her chin in a pensive manor "You'd be completely safe. What could they possibly be so worried about if you can't compete?"

Nico tossed an arm across her small shoulder and gave her a small shake "then I won't be turning my permission slip in. Hogwarts would be extremely lonely without you" Ria's shoulders began to shake underneath his touch and the friends all shared concerned looks for her.

Suddenly Ariadna was on her feet slamming a slightly disheveled paper on to the table "Hogwarts won't know what hit it! Because I'm going!" She yelled out.

Odette launched herself around the table and started hugging the life out of Ria while jumping. Ariadna laughed and joined in on the celebration causing quite the commotion in the now full dining hall. Delphine reached over and looked over to see her father's signature on the bottom of the Triwizard Tournament permission slip.

Nico grabbed it out of her hands and verified that she was telling the truth "But how? Your parents would never!"

Ria laughed as she pulled away from O. They all watched as her famously familiar smug smile spread across her face. "Begged daddy to take me to work and used his ministry stamp while he wasn't looking"

Nicolo jumped up and pulled her into a tight embrace "You sly dog, Diggory!"

Ria smiled that she and her friends would be having the experience of their lives this year at Hogwarts. "I can't wait to see the look on Ced's face!"


Ahhh I hoped you all liked the first chapter of my very first HP fanfic! So I hate AN's but because Beauxbatons is a multilingual school in northern France pulling students from different countries, for authenticity, I decided to insert some French and French terms here and there. If I do that in any chapter, you can rest assured I'll include translations at the end of every chapter.

1. promets de t'aimer pour toujours - I promise to love you forever.

1.5 es mon héros si tu le fais - You're my hero if you do it.

ne le faites pas, je dirai à tout le monde comment vous avez mouillé le lit jusqu'à ce que vous ayez dix ans - If you don't do it I'll tell everyone you wet the bed until you were ten!

3. Blaireau - Badger (but in an insulting way)

4. mon chou - Cream puff

5. maman - Mom

6. non-magique - Muggle (Basically, I'm not going to insert the literal translation)

7. papa- dad

8. pan au chocolat - Chocolate Croissant