A Cheesy Drarry Valentine's day

Chapter 1

Valentine's Day:

Hai, hows your valentines day been folks? This is just a cheesy valentines themed Drarry one-shot! btw, Draco is supposed to be the potions teacher and Harry teaches DADA.

It was Valentine's Day, love was in the air. Birds were singing songs of love, while wizards and witches were enchanting little objects to recite love poems. Muggles were sending love letters to their crushes and blushing furiously. More then the usual flock of owls swooped down to particular students eating their breakfasts. Harry Potter watched the smiling young couples from his chair next to Professor McGonagall.

"Teenagers," Harry muttered rolling his eyes as he spied a young Ravenclaw couple snogging.

"You where one once," McGonagall remarked.

"Yeah, but I don't know what I do now." He responded then added silently 'love never prevails, it will end in pain.'

"Your still too young to understand much about love, Potter." McGonagall responded.

Harry rolled his eyes and continued to eat his breakfast. He heard a shuffling beside him and turned his head to glare at the newly seated professor Malfoy.

"Why all the long looks Potter?" Malfoy asked, his voice dripping in sarcasm.

Harry chuckled, letting his facade of hating Malfoy fade. Harry realized that the Potions professor wasn't that bad of a conversationalist. Oh, professor Malfoy was... well, how to describe the person you've hated for nearly 7 years only to realize you have a massive crush on them? Harry decided not to dwell on it to much.

"I hate Valentine's Day." Harry muttered bitterly after regaining control of his emotions.

"Aww, is Potter all alone?" Malfoy chuckled.

"The only reason anyone wants me is because of my fame..." Harry mumbled.

Malfoy looked at him, and grabbed a card out of his pocket. Malfoy probably was going to brag about how he got a card from one of his students. Harry sent a mock-glare his way.

"Potter, I figured, since you are utterly hopeless at finding love... that... well... I could be your valentine?" Malfoy asked blushing and hurriedly passed him the card.

Harry was gaping, but he decided to just open the card and read it.

Harry Potter,

The boy who never seems to die,

The love I feel for you is very similar Potter,

Annoying, and won't go away.

Harry was blushing by the end of it, and turned to Malfoy.

"Aww, that's so... cheesy... yet so you, I guess thats what I like about you..." Harry trailed off.

"So will you be my valentine?" Malfoy asked.

"One condition, lets stop calling each other by our last names. It's unnerving." Harry replied but couldn't stifle the little laugh he gave.

"Deal." Mal- no Draco replied, blushing as well.

"And to think Professor Potter, you where just complaining about cheesy romances." McGonagall broke in with a slight laugh.

Harry laughed as well, but he didn't care he had been proved wrong. Valentine's Day was the best holiday ever.