• Robes of Green, The Triwizard King

    Part 2 of my revised 'Robes of Green' series, featuring Slytherin!Harry. Fourth year has arrived, and with it comes new friendships, adventure, and danger — as expected. Features gradual H/Hr build-up, as well as some Harry/Pansy and Harry/Fleur. Not a harem fic. No Dumbledore or Weasley bashing in here. Story starts immediately after the events of its predecessor.
  • Robes of Green, Heart of Gold (Past-Tense Version)

    The first entry into my revised 'Robes of Green' series. Here we have a Slytherin!Harry who simply tries to be himself, in the end. This story's essentially a past-tense version, but there will be other changes (especially with various characters) compared to the original as well. Again, there's no Weasley, Dursley (except Marge), Hermione, nor Dumbledore bashing in here.
  • Robes of Green, The Half-Blood King

    Sequel to 'Robes of Green, The Scarlet Snake'. One year ago, Harry Potter had been branded a murderer by the Ministry of Magic. Now, the Chosen One intends to push on with his life as sixth-year arrives. Slytherin!Harry, Good!Dumbledore, No Weasley Bashing. Present tense.
  • Robes of Green, Heart of Gold

    Harry Potter, sorted into Slytherin. Though robes be green and disappointments remain, life goes on. He's fairly witty and somewhat charming, but perhaps still the Boy we know. Just how different, if at all, will he turn out to be? Pairings may come later, it's still only Year 3, after all.
  • Robes of Green, The Scarlet Snake

    Sequel to 'Robes of Green, The King of Slytherin'. Following a most unfortunate misunderstanding at the conclusion of the Triwizard Tournament, events take a somewhat unexpected turn. Although Harry's faced with the reality of his previous actions, he tries to move on and better his life as fifth-year arrives. Slytherin!Harry, Good!Dumbledore, No Weasley Bashing. Present tense.
  • Robes of Green, The King of Slytherin

    Sequel to 'Robes of Green, Heart of Gold'. Life goes on for Harry as the summer holidays gradually fade to another year at Hogwarts. How will the year of '94-'95 go for the boy sorted into Slytherin House? Contains Harry/Fleur, Harry/Pansy, as well as hinting at other pairings. Story formatted in present tense. Reviews may contain some spoilers.
  • Another World, Another Time

    Pansy Parkinson is a young woman who struggles to find peace with herself. One day whilst seeking advice from yet another witch she receives a strangely enchanted ring known to alter one's dreams upon sleeping. What effect will these strange new dreams have upon Pansy who constantly thinks about her past?
  • Just another Harry

    I've read many excellent Slytherin!Harry fics especially those by the author named 'Dethryl'. I won't try and compete but here's my little input into the collection of Slytherin!Harry AU! Enjoy!